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February 23, 2010



The Obama bill is the vehicle which will be used to call Republicans the party of no. It's the only thing he is going to salvage from this debacle. He may not know that yet, so but for everyone else the writing is on the wall.



Which will be entertaining seeing as how Obama launched himself into the White House and the Dems got themselves into power by being "the party of no".

Is the Obama Administration so delusional that he thinks he is helping the Democrats cause by either carrying around the dead husk of Obamacare or using it as a national issue if/when it fails?


"So what's the new Obama bill for, then?"

It's Obama's way of showing how he's going to focus like a laser on jobs, jobs, jobs. You know, like he said he was going to do for the rest of the year.


Sweetness & Light's Steve Gilbert has a point by point--almost--takedown of a blog on the NYT's called Prescriptions:

One point Steve Gilbert makes:

If anything, ‘reconciliation’ is date rape, since the rules of the Senate (and representative government) are being forced aside so that the Democrats can get their way despite the expressed will of the American people.
Fresh Air

If opposing ZeroCare makes the GOP "The Party of No," what do they have to do to earn "The Party of Hell No." If they can nail that moniker down, they just might run the table in the Senate, too.

Fresh Air


That's the "hard pivot," from one roundheel to the other.


If the Dems either can't or are pretending not to understand at this late date that "no" is the preferred answer of a majority of the country to this proposed legislation, then they fully deserve to get rolled by "the party of no" in November. (By then it will be "the party of hell no.")


Heh, Fresh Air, I was typing while you were posting. GMTA


Is the Obama Administration so delusional

You can stop right there cause you nailed it.

Danube of Thought

Hope Cantor is right. This whole thing is quite fascinating: imagine the sturm and drang if and when the whole thing finally does die. And equally so if they pass it through reconciliation.


Probably already noted - the line is "never sound retreat"...

Slight difference in meaning.


Probably shouldn't have attempted to answer DoT as it appears the Dems may not even know what they plan on doing.

In any event here is Byron Dorgan quoted at TPM via AmSpec saying what appears to be the opposite of what Kyl is saying regarding the sequence of events. And Dorgan, when reminded the House has said they won't do it the way he wants says "Fine, then it's dead."

We don't have a clue what they're doing cause they don't.

 Just Say No.

Yes, Gilbert's Date Rape idea is great: What is it about 'No' that you don't understand'?

 Pretend it wasn't a mistake.

You're gonna get it pretty soon, mojo.


LUN a McCain ad against JD Hayworth. McCain was unwilling to take the fight to Obama but there are no boundaries against Hayworth in the primary.
The ad ends...John McCain reducing the size of government, cutting spending, growing jobs.
Reducing the size of government?????

Danube of Thought

Beautiful, Ignatz. The Dorgan stuff is just superb.

Danube of Thought

I always thought it was "call" retreat.


--Beautiful, Ignatz. The Dorgan stuff is just superb.--

Just a bit of housekeeping on a dead thread, but I was incorrect. It was Kent Conrad not Dorgan.

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