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February 04, 2010


Thomas Collins

So a high rolling gambler is a whale? I play the nickel and penny slots, so I guess I'm a minnow.

Jack is Back!

What Gail Collins doesn't know is that the American Association of Museums is an aggressive lobbying organization with a very liberal-left leaning membership. I have been to two national meetings of AAM - 2008 in Denver and 2009 in Philadelphia. You don't get Rush or Sean as keynoters. And the talk is always about using the Dems to leach more money to "culture, art, humanities" IOW's "Museums".

Danube of Thought

The whole thing is obscene. I have a hope, however faint, that this budget is going to get loudly trashed from both sides of the aisle.

Thomas Collins

Looks as if Ken Lewis is in the process of being Spitzerized by Andy Cuomo. See LUN.

If I'm Geithner or Paulson or any other big shot involved in the response to the 2009 financial panic, I'm not happy today. One can be sure that Lewis's high powered lawyers are going to make the claim that whatever Ken did or said was at the behest of the Feds.


NY could use some less aggressive assholesprosecutors who tie their political career trajectories to jailing Wall Street biggies.


this political cartoon nails it/ LUN

Rick Ballard


Perhaps the housing thief Cuomo is just envious of Lewis' bigger score? The suit is available here. It will be interesting to see if the bankster prop desks register their disapproval of Cuomo's stunt by refusing to step in at the last hour today.

They can always say that they were just anticipating tomorrow's job report or reacting to today's unemployment report.

Charlie (Colorado)

I'm pretty sure we never did much whaling with our blow guns and all.

Charlie (Colorado)

So, do you think the Obama Administration is going to assert a National Security exemption from Lewis's discovery on what he was or wasn't forced to do by Paulson and Geithner?


So, do you have to be exceptionally dim to be hired to write this stuff, or do they perform some sort of lobotomy on new hires?


Charlie, you know that could be a good pickup line with the right sort of cerebral gal--your offspring would have a much easier shot at top colleges..and of course especially at Dartmouth.

The very notion of Cuomo as a protector of the public interest is hilarious.
(Remember though, I believe it was Giuliani who started this pathway to the stars.)


peter, As usual, Ramirez is outstanding!


We're going to be hit soon with a blizzard and I have plenty of food and drink in the house..I just hope we don't lose power to cook with.
In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out a scam of my own so I can buy something fab on the Costa Brava..http://www.johntaylorspain.com/costabrava_country_houses.html

Every reasonable sounding scheme (regardless of legality, of course) will be considered.

Eric Essig

dude, turning stone, the niagara/seneca casino near canada, st. regis. there are casino's in NY. but I doubt Gail has been north of Bronxville.


You know I've never eaten whale but its just noon here in Narita (outside Tokyo) so if I do chow down on whale meat with the Japanese tonight, do you think QueeQueg would recommend Sapporo or Sake to wash it down?


Don't know, but i love Narita. I was there with my son when he was just two. I remember buying grilled squid and corn on the cob from street vendors outside the temple. Don't recall seeing whale meat.


Obviously I'm joking above Clarice,

But of interest is that the GreenPeacers, eco-Lawyer's, Government, etc are still trying to shut down use of the Cook Inlet, (The enormous body of water extending for hundreds of miles from Anchorage), by trying to see if they can get a population of Beluga Whales in the Knik/Turnagain arms of the Cook inlet listed as seperate Beluga Whale species.

The Beluga Whale population in the Turnagain ( the ones I wrote about seeing while biking last summer) are down supposedly to only 300 to 400 in number. If they can get them called a separate species, then immediately their numbers allow them endangered status, and you can kiss industry and fishing and natural gas wells and shipping and sewage and anything else you can think of as history in the Cook Inlet. Related story ">http://www.thealaskastandard.com/content/public-comment-period-belugas-extended"> here.


I hate those lying frauds, daddy..hate them..And the fact that almost anything on that shore is challenged in SF courts where the eco nuts are welcomed.


I would encourage any one of you to stay at the Oneida's Turning Stone hotel known as "The Lodge." It is a lovely, if expensive place to spend a weekend. The view is relaxing. The golf courses are PGA quality, the Spa is a worthy place to relax, often there is exceptional entertainment, the food is excellent. Oh, the gambling is there, too, but not my favorite entertainment.


I didn't say that Turning Stone is ten minutes away from my office.

(Remember though, I believe it was Giuliani who started this pathway to the stars.)
Nah, Big Jim Thompson did it in IL when Giuliani was still in short pants...

Others may have done it cathyf, but as wall St is in their purview, the SDNY mastered the art.

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