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February 23, 2010



Under Obamacare, if you like your current insurance, you are allowed to take a photo of the policy as a keepsake.



Fantastico!! You can count on O's word..it's as good as feldspar.

Rick Ballard

So are all the previous promises made by YOU LIE! now "inoperable statements" or is there one that I missed?

Jack is Back!

As General Honore would tell him, "you're stuck on stupid, son".

Joseph Brown

Excuse me! In my family I AM the grandfather. In my family I AM the great grandfather! It would wise of the little boy in the borrowed suit in the WH not to try that with me. Period!

Rick Ballard


Robert Barro has a good opinion piece in taoday's WSJ which takes Romer to task (gently) for her obfuscation after achieving poodle status in the Obama maladministration:

Christina Romer, the chair of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, and her husband, David, have been major contributors to research on tax multipliers. Their results, which rely on the history of U.S. tax legislation since 1945, show tax multipliers of larger magnitude than the one I found. (So my conclusions here—based on the coming increases in taxes—would be strengthened if I switched to their estimates.) By contrast, I have not seen serious scientific research by Ms. Romer on spending multipliers, so I cannot understand her rationale for assuming values well above one, as she has apparently done when evaluating the fiscal stimulus plan. If the spending multiplier were really larger than one, it would mean that GDP would rise by even more than the rise in government spending.

I wonder if Romer noted the public notice of the self excision of her credibility?

William Teach

Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and Obama lying.

Captain Hate

Btw, is anybody having a hard time getting this wonderful software, with its multitudinous scripts, to load this morning? I would think "No" judging from all the other comments, and think it's merely my crummy computer. However other sites don't seem to be as balky.....


wow! Obama actually put his signature on a health bill finally. This is a major breakthrough.

Until recently, we had no idea where he really stood and now he owns it.

Hola Burso Abuelo.

I am a Motherfucker!

Jim Ryan

Matt, lookit (via Insty):

His plan is 11 pages long and, therefore, can’t be scored by the CBO or tested as to whether it really is deficit neutral. ”Also unclear is the extent and impact of new coverage requirements for individuals and businesses.”

That in a nutshell is Obama’s “governance” at work. He spent a year jawboning the issue only to convince most Americans they pretty much like the health-care system the way it is. He decries the lack of ideas on the other side, apparently unaware that they have lots of very detailed plans — and a website too. He then comes out with a not-very-different (except for the noxious federal regulation piece) and not-very-clear version of what voters have already rejected.


Zero is a zero. He is neither very bright nor competent as an executive. He neither is philosophically deep nor understands this country's political philosophy and character. He doesn't even rise to the level of president. It is a disgrace to the American presidents to consider him the worst president. We got very drunk and elected some guy we didn't know to the office. That doesn't count. We are living through a joke.

Jim Ryan

Nobel Peace Prize winners Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama.

You couldn't make that up. If Osama comes to the table he'll get the prize.


Nobel Peace Prize winners Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama.

To borrow a line from RedStateUpdate...Sounds like the Mt. Rushmore of Shut The Hell Up.

Danube of Thought

It's not a bill yet, Matt. But if we count it as a bill, then what are we to conclude is the Democratic healthcare bill? Obama's? The Senate's? The House's?

These guys are beginning to look more cluelessly amateurish every day.

Thomas Collins

Rick, I suppose I should be beyond being bothered by anything MSM writes. But I still get steamed when I read articles asserting that economists agree that Stimulus 2009 worked, and then see nothing in those articles analyzing the literature on whether the multiplier theory has any validity, and, if it may have validity under certain circumstances, whether the application of Stimulus 2009 funds was targeted to projects that might plausibly provide a multiplier.


Isn't this the conference bill, minus the conference?

We don't need no stinking conference.


There is only one thing you NEED to know about the lying sack of shit Obama.


If you are bright enough to know what a Marxist is, then you'll know that Obama NEVER tells the truth. CONTROL.
It's all about CONTROL.

Captain Hate

Gus do you post under the same moniker at AoS?

Frau Krankenkasse

This zombie is on the move NOW. We cannot stop it at the November ballot box. One of our local pols is lamenting the lack of single payer but embracing the Twit-in-Chief's "plan."


I'm feeling a bit verklempt. I predicted today on PJM that the Holder v, HLP case would end in a reversal but Reuters says it looks like the SCOTUIS considers this a tough case.

Good grief!


Blame Kennedy.


Forget November,Marxist worshiper!! From where I sit,there are currently enough of us waking up to make sure you are TOAST in 2012.You may be smooth and intelligent but common sense people will bring you down and we are just about irreversibly PISSED !!!

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