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February 15, 2010


Alright, I'll go find it.

What did Shaw say about wanting another Ulster?

Bye, bye fer now.  I'm happiest among my books.

Oh, heck, too much Bernard, Red Pepper to Dynamite' Shaw lately. It was about Balfour.


--Obama addresses the opening of the 2010 U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar.--

I suspect this will have about as much success in encouraging moderation within Islam as cheerleading for the democrats in Germany and Italy would have in 1943.
History suggests the way to give moderates power is to kill and crush the extremists.

bio mom

Someone on another blog heard a rumor that Rahm Emmanuel may be leaving in favor of a more experienced, venerable hand. Just a rumor.

Jack is Back!

Well at least they had one Nobel prize winner there.

Joseph Brown

Rahmbo leaving "in favor of a more experienced hand?" You mean the "r" word had nothing to do with it? Yeah, right.
I wonder who O bowed down to this time? Or has he learned his lesson. Finally.

Thomas Collins
"a more experienced, venerable hand."

Could David Gergen be riding to the rescue of another Administration? :-))


David Gergen - the talking thumb. hitchin' a ride with another administration!


David Gergen - the father of the Miracle in Massachusetts. Bring it on.


I can't take three more years of this!

Jim Ryan

Clarice, it could not be going any better. The American people decided to pay big bucks for the admission to the nincompoop show. They are now clamoring for the exits.


The Purpose Driven Islamic Life...

Ah yes. This would be the one where an Islamic Life is gloriously ended by Purposely Driving into a High-Value Target Area and blowing oneself up.

Can we get "The One" to sign-up soon for this life-changing offer?


Hang in there Clarice. We in Massachusetts and naturally JOMers, are standing right with you through this entire experience. ;-)


I feel like I'm in some really stupid movie where an idiot sophomore takes over the place.


I feel like I'm in some really stupid movie where an idiot sophomore kindergartner takes over the place.



"...we are all bound together by common aspirations—to live with dignity..."

Christian">http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Christian-Filipino-migrants-forced-to-convert-to-Islam-17478.html">Christian Filipino migrants forced to convert to Islam.

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