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February 06, 2010



"How can Republicans on the Hill say we’re better off just blocking anything from happening?”

What's funny about this is that law ALWAYS blocks activity. Why do we want more blocking and fewer options? We want less blocking and more options.

Danube of Thought

Like just about everything Obama tells us, this little parable won't withstand cross. If he'd ever been In a courtroom he'd know that.
But he hasn't.


--Her bills are now mostly paid by Medicare and Medicaid.--

So I guess her not being treated was her choice.
Bambi needs to find a better example if he thinks he's going to reanimate the corps of Obamacare.


How can Republicans on the Hill say we’re better off just blocking anything from happening?”

It's my understanding that the Republicans aren't attempting to forbid any legislative action, just the legislation that the Democrats have proposed.

As somebody once said, "I don't oppose all health care legislation. What I am opposed to is dumb health care legislation. What I am opposed to is rash health care legislation. What I am opposed to is the cynical attempt by George Soros and Rahm Emmanuel and other arm-chair, weekend doctors in this Administration to shove their own ideological agendas down our throats, irrespective of the costs in lives lost and in hardships borne."

Or something.


"How can Republicans on the Hill say we're better off just blocking anything from happening?"

Easy: 1) They are not saying that;
2) that is precisely how I, and apparently a majority of my fellow citizens, feel about it.

How can you say we need to pass this monstrous piece of carp no matter what, even though: a)it's a monstrous piece of carp, b) a solid majority of the American electorate opposes it; c) the health insurance "crisis" is not a crisis?


How can Republicans on the Hill say we’re better off just blocking anything from happening?

How can the executive in the White House say such monstrous lies as this?


Obama seems concerned about health-care reform dying. Perhaps we can allay his concerns if we promise to bury it in an Obama T-shirt.

Tom Maguire
As somebody once said, "I don't oppose all health care legislation. What I am opposed to is dumb health care legislation.

I'm going to steal that or die tryin'.


I don't like to judge and I hope I'm not being harsh, but if or when a woman finds a lump she can make an appointment with her family physician ($120 ?) so that he can order a mammogram (anywhere from $600 to $1,000?). If found to be malignant, the lump is removed (still financially doable, even for someone without insurance, and then other treatment starts, which approaches her deductible.)

In our small city, the local hospital sends a mobile mammogram van out several times a year to parks and other public places so that people can get a mammogram without even seeing a physician.

Doctors, et al. take credit cards now. As easy as it is to obtain several credit cards, I would think any woman (or man) with a tell-tale and suspicious breast lump would immediately find a way to obtain a diagnosis and early treatment.

The no-insurance and catastrophic deductible this lady had shouldn't have prevented her from obtaining treatment when she first felt the lump.

Something is puzzling and wrong here. Her decision to ignore a breast lump for several years makes no sense at all, no matter how much money she'd sunk into her business. The public is inundated with the danger in ignoring early warning signs of cancer, what with all of the publicity on TV, newspapers, etc. that our society provides.

This lady's decision making is truly troubling. And, I'll repeat, I don't want to sound judgmental or flippant or anything else -- it's just hard to believe and it's hard to blame the present health care available in the U.S. for this woman's untimely and sad death.


TM, I don't know if this will run but I blogged both your posts on the latest healthcare whopper.

The gullibility and sloth of the media knows no bounds, does it?

Jim Ryan

Palin gave a speech tonight, Breitbart introducing.


Smooches, Jim Ryan!

I missed most of it and was trying to find it online. Thankies.


Obamacare and dems legislation is all overseas. We entitle millions to free healthcare, housing, food, etc. if you have the right diseases like AIDS, Malaria, etc. Dems and Obama couldn't get healthcare in the states so they sent it overseas. Obama wants america to pay and they will when they're broke.

She should have been counting the money going overseas.

Gerry Olsen

Yes, Avastin is a relatively new and expensive drug. There was, and still is, hope for it in treating cancer. It was developed by Genentech as an anti-angiogenesis drug. It works by stopping the growth of new blood vessels. This is important for cancer since tumors need to constantly develop new blood vessels to feed themselves and grow. So until much chemo which looks to kill the cancer cells directly, Avastin tries to kill a cells food supply.

In later stage breast cancer, Avastin has shown a significant benefit for progression free survival (I'm talking increasing from 12 months to 18 months - so big % but still short absolute time), but not a statistically significant benefit for overall survival (maybe 24 months or so with or without it). This translates into a better quality of life, but unfortunately, not a longer life. Avastin appears to go after one primary growth factor the allows cells to grow, however, the are other growth factors as well and cancer is relatively smart and will look for other ways to grow if one channel is cut off.

I believe Avastin is currently aprpoved for late stage breast cancer (and colon and lung cancers). It is now being tested on early stage breast cancers to see if it may help there.

But you can rest assured that if we had a more public run health care system it would be used much less. I believe it took Canada many years before approving it's use and in the UK, requests for Avastin are often declined (if I recall correctly). So yes it is expensive with questionable results, but it is still a relatively new drug and it will still take time to trial. The chances of Ms. Shouse getting Avastin in those public health care systems would have been even less.

I am not a doctor or in the medical profession.

P.S. I think once you are diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer your are eligible for SSDI (but I am not certain about that).


In a complete surprise, the BBC has already covered the Sarah Palin speech on their TV Broadcast I'm watching overseas. The conclusion: You Tea Party guys are angry about out of control government spending.

In addition the BBC is now actually doing a decent report on the collapse of Climategate. They are highlighting the errors, and actually pointing the finger, while at the same time giving skeptics the opportunity to comment without interruption. Amazing.

If the BBC is doing this, the wheels have completely come off the Climate Bus. At least in Europe.


Daddy I was flipping channels during halftime of the UW - ASU bball game and my jaw almost hit the floor when I saw the BBC fairly cover some of the errors in the IPCC report. Hell (Washington DC) must be freezing over.


That's really something, daddy..perhaps the impending collapse of the Euro is focusing the BBC's attention on some realities.



Nite nite Clarice. Stay warm.


That was it, all about the IPCC flaws, and allowing Pielke to comment unmolested while the number 2 at IPCC got grilled and babbled incoherently. Amazing. The BBC actually practicing Journalism. Who would have thunk it.


I hate quotes like this "...I'm standing here today thanks to the Missouri Medicaid program..." WRONG! You are standing there thanks to your fellow citizens who pay taxes and who pay more for their hospital bills because you made bad choices.

I'm also assuming the vaunted MO Medicaid program is actually paying healthcare providers unlike here in Illinois where providers wait MONTHS to receive their pittance from the state.

Finally, under the proposed socialization of medicine this person would not have received some fantastic life saving treatment, she would have been referred to an "end of life" counselor.

Danube of Thought

Isn't it delightful that no one has heard a peep out of the oaf Gore while the fraud he championed is being disemboweled?


I hear the Vancouver Olympics are so desperate for snow they have invited Gore to bring his vaunted chill effect. Vancouver is probably the only place on the planet experiencing global warming just when we don't need it. People were out in t-shirts today.

Perhaps the tea party movement can sue Gore and his buddies for fraud. The monies they have gotten from governments all over the world would almost pay for Obamacare.

Captain Hate

Speaking of glowbull warming acolytes, I'm reading an excellent book by Richard Powers, an immensely talented writer, which is unfortunately littered with sporadic "educated class" snarky comments which only serve to irritate me as I partake of his otherwise gifted prose. I'm hoping he's sufficiently lacking in hubris to subsequently eviscerate in print some of the false prophets that led him astray. Otherwise he'll drop a notch in my ultimate judgement..



Its amazing how different the European and North American media are with regards to the almost daily revelations of climate science hanky panky. Even the most lefty news media like the BBC and Guardian are doing serious stories. Over here absolutely nothing. It reminds me of the coverage of the surge in Iraq.


The surge in Iraq is Obama's smart power surge or 'pals of Obama and intelligence committee get cash for their NGOs,' especially in Afghanistan. The US are doing stories ons the failure of health care domestication too.

Where's the Europeans?

Fresh Air

Obama seems concerned about health-care reform dying. Perhaps we can allay his concerns if we promise to bury it in an Obama T-shirt.

No, that won't do. As Winston Churchill once said about a dead mother-in-law: "Embalm, cremate, bury at sea. Take no chances!"


Oooo, DoT, I like that word for Gore and Climategate - disemboweled.

I've been away from JOM for a week - what's the latest in politics, humor and cooking?

Have you all been discussing how China's handing us Obama's impeachment on a plate? I think they realized it's nicer doing business with us than having a communist-in-chief messing up the money flows, so someone very smart in the PRC let slip about the quid pro quo - the stand-down on going after Chinese spies agreement.


Hope everyone is just sleeping late.

At American Thinker, Jack Cashill has come up with new thoughts on where Obama came

"." If this were the case, it would have caused far less societal stress for Ann Dunham to assume maternity of her little brother than for Stanley Dunham to assume paternity of his son. "

No comments have been posted yet on the article at American Thinker.

It's hard to believe that every MSM leftist is worried that there is a story behind the birth of a son to Sarah Palin, but no one dares question the made for politics story of the origins of Obama.


wow..Jack Cashill's always intriguing.


Since Obama inaugural, Republicans have had to face a series of "crap sandwiches" that they have been presented. HCR was just one more.

Besides if HCR had passed the afternoon of the Obama inaugural, Melanie Shouse would still have to wait 3 more years for the benefits part of the legislation to kick in, while her "friends," the Democrats collected (and spent) taxes and said there was nothing they could do.

Soylent Red

Not to speak ill of the dead, but...

As more of the story comes out, it seems to me that a person who would ask to be buried in an Obama t-shirt (not a suit with an Obama pin, not with a 5 x 7 glossy of Dear Leader clutched between her finger) might just be teh crazy enough to martyr herself for the proposition that "Government Owes Everything To Everyone".

"Embalm, cremate, bury at sea. Take no chances!"

The Ripley Solution


pagar...Obama's whole bio is sketchy. The latest WaPo article about how Obama is middle class couldn't even get his bio correct (the bio according to Obama in Dreams).
At the Nat'l Prayer breakfast Obama himself warned us away from questioning his faith or his birth.
His statement makes me question his faith, his birth, and his whole bio even more.
God bless Jack Cashill for at least bothering to ask serious questions.


It would be interesting to compare BO's appearance with those of his numerous African half-brothers and sisters. I have always been curious as to why BO seems so totally incurious about his African siblings if they are truly his family.

Войска ПВО

I am deeply sorry to hear of this woman's plight. May her spirit rest in peace. However, in being cremated in her Obama t-shirt, I fear she will not be the last person burned by this president before he leaves office.

ARC: Brian

And with this prize-winning pre-existing condition, I had no opportunity to seek a better private health plan, as I was now shut out of the market.

She wasn't shut out of any market. There is no market for insurance to cover for an already forgone conclusion. The price on such a policy, would, by definition, cost more than the treatment.

She's a moocher, who would rather have the rest of the country forgo their own personal dreams so that she could fulfill her dream (owning a store).

That it takes a blogger to point to these facts, instead of the MSM, is a crime.

Cecil Turner

And with this prize-winning pre-existing condition . . .

That whole paragraph makes no sense. There was actually nothing wrong with a high-deductible health plan; breast cancer is the metaphorical bus. Medicaid didn't save her life, nor could any treatment at that point. And her health care plan had little or nothing to do with her late diagnosis, since no plan provides for screenings as early as she needed (35?). Her touted public health plans propose checking even later.

In short, this case has absolutely nothing to do with the proposed fixes.


--P.S. I think once you are diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer your are eligible for SSDI (but I am not certain about that).--

Wanted to thank Gerry Olsen for pointing that out.

J. Peden

"I had to take the ultimate risk with my health in order to chase the American Dream..."

I hereby nominate Ms. Shouse for a Darwin award. Had she gotten checked quickly, she would have had a good chance for a long life and for still chasing the American Dream, but, as she admits, she instead traded it for an almost certain death and obviously not chasing the American Dream. Unsurprisingly, she makes no sense anywhere else either, but instead sounds like the average, and indeed uniformly "equal" Progressive.

Terry in Georgia

Sean Hannity just did a (partial) report on this story. He got thru the initial claim, but suggested next time the President do some research and he could at least report her name.

I waited for the rest of the story (figuring Hannity surely had the whole thing) but that was all he gave. Sheesh, two days after you and still only the basic report. Not only are you more thorough and complete than MSM and Cable, they don't even get it complete even late.

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