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February 14, 2010



The biggest drive in North America, can't cover that, and Keefums is actually saner
than Sullivan's offering

Jim Ryan

Why does everyone keep talking about inconsequential people like Sullivan, Olbermann? 99% of the electorate doesn't know or care about them.

I could easly find some narcissistic communist holed up somewhere and dilate on his ridiculous ravings. Other than the president, I mean. But what would be the point?

Cecil Turner

I believe this is called "projection".

Spot-on. Olbermann is so clueless on national security, he dares not even broach the subject. Cheney tells exactly what the considerations are, and whether or not they're being met.

As usual, Cheney provides a succinct statement of the threat:

“I think the biggest strategic threat the United States faces today is the possibility of another 9/11 with a nuclear weapon or a biological agent of some kind. And I think Al Qaeda is out there – even as we meet – trying to do that,” Cheney said to ABC’s Jonathan Karl.
Biden dismisses that as "unlikely." Okay, coaches, who would you rather have in charge of the defense?

On Afghanistan, a not-so-surprising bit of common ground:

“I’m a complete supporter of what they are doing in Afghanistan. I think the President made the right decision to send troops into Afghanistan,” Cheney said. “I thought it took him a while to get there.”
Which is again spot-on. The public dithering over the decision was actively counterproductive . . . but their final actions look just about right. Too early to say how well it'll turn out, but the early signs are heartening.

Olbermann views on strategy are nothing but a politically driven joke. (It's funny, though, in a watching-a-train-crash sort of way.)


Is Olberdouche any kind of actual expert on anything besides his own rage?


Except for Gigot, there does seem to be miasma
od stupidity on the This Week panel, Cheney lost some of these fights, yet he has been proven right, Plus they dwell too much on unpopularity over doing the right thing

Check the Palin thread for the Phoenix TCO

We are cooling, folks; for how long even kim doesn't know.


Cheney agrees with Obama on Afghanistan ...
Biden and NSC Jones disagree with Cheney, say he is misinformed.

Do these folks even bother to hear what Cheney said first ?

Danube of Thought

Just scrolling through the first few pages at Lucianne.com this morning, this would appear to be the single worst day ever for the warmist frauds. All sorts of devastating admissions from Phil Jones, and much, much more.


Lets hope DoT that there are many more to come.


Jim Ryan: I hear what you are saying, but making sure people know what they are saying is productive. Their voice represents what is currently driving the Democrat Party. Sullivan, Olbermann, O'Donnell, et al are what the party currently is all about. What they are syaing best represents the driving force, leadership and direction of Democrats.


Dot, I can't see how the North American MSM can cover the collapse of AGW theory without losing total credibility. My hunch is they will do what they did with the surge - just ignore it. Then in two or three years Joe Biden can can claim that Obama brought science back to the climate debate unlike the idiot Bush.

Rick Ballard

It's rather interesting to read Michael Barone provide a little color for the NYT Capitalist Swine of the Month effort.

Given rising public sentiment in Germany to throw out the Greek cheats, one might wonder if Goldman-Sachs and JPM will be justifiably targeted in the Eurozone as fraud enablers. They've certainly earned whatever comes their way.

Too Big To Fail is truly Too Large To Live.

Joseph Brown

If MSNBC was the best job I could get, I sure as heck wouldn't brag about it. Is that thing the sewer of tv news, or what?
I guess NBC had to put their riff-raff somewhere.

JM Hanes


"Do these folks even bother to hear what Cheney said first?"

Looks like that would be a no. Biden taped his MTP appearance last night, and Politico opened with this:

Former Vice President Cheney will appear on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday, and it’s a safe bet what he will say: President Barack Obama projects weakness to terrorists and puts American lives at risk.

It’s the kind of brutal charge — nuance-free and politically explosive — that has become a Cheney specialty since he left office 13 months ago.

Yesterday it was Vandehei & Martin stalking Palin and calling it love. Today it's Allen and.....Vandehei passing off Olberman, Sullivan, Walt et al as serious Cheney critics.

I've asked Chris Mooney if is next book will be 'The Democrats' War on Science'.

Fritz, you've really got some great stuff to say. I'm glad you're speaking up.

However, an epic and tragic battle has gone down the memory hole at his Intersection.

And I've also suggested that he should start researching it. Obama's science picks are all fierce idealogues and cannot help but make mistakes. Specifically, I told him its a gold mine.

I doubt his ideology will allow him to see it. However, he's a journalist, and a huge story is cracking open in front of him. I really think Andy Revkin is wondering.


Liz Cheney keeps stressing the word incompetent! LUN


Kim, you are making me blush - if blushing were an Olympic event I would be competing for gold.

Speaking of the Vancouver 2010 Spring Olympics the talk here is how global warming is wrecking the games. 98% of North America is freezing their butts off and 2% is unseasonably warm an that is proof of AGW!




Did you see this one? Bet you did!

HIGHLIGHTS-Greek FinMin unveils tax reform, wage policy



"From 1. Jan. 2011, every transaction above 1,500 euros between natural persons and businesses, or between businesses, will not be considered legal if it is done in cash. Transactions will have to be done through debit or credit cards"


"Deposits in banks outside Greece are exempted from audits of their origin if they are repatriated within six months of the passing of the tax bill and are taxed with a 5 percent rate"

Sounds like the Greeks are giving folks a year to clean up their acts.


Biden's eye-job is failing. Now, all of him is falling down....
narciso...did you trek to Daytona and see Sarah?
Dave(in MA)..I think today's race will NOT be bbbbboringgg :)
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all my sweethearts, here!


Sweetness & Light has a good article on the bafoon Biden. LUN

Sweetness & Light is a great site (just thought I'd add that).

Captain Hate

I guess NBC had to put their riff-raff somewhere.

The witless protection network.


writing that one down...witless....protection ...program

Captain Hate

Speaking of the Vancouver 2010 Spring Olympics the talk here is how global warming is wrecking the games.

The average Vancouver temp at this time of the year is a slushy 44 degrees; that's what I heard on NBC yesterday (Mrs Hate had it on). The IOC, in counting all the swag they were getting for locating their dog and pony show there, obviously didn't consider that a bad thing. Just because they deep-sixed Bammy doesn't mean they're anything other than grifters and lowlifes.

Captain Hate

Sweetness & Light has a good article on the bafoon Biden.

Bleeding brainstem Joe is such an ignorant tool; somebody should replay his VP debate "alternative history" of Lebanon and ask him to describe how any event mentioned is based on anything other than sheer lunacy.


I have been on the slopes of Whistler Blackcombe in February and it was not 44 degrees, even at the bottom of the hill. Now venues at lower altitude and longitude, ie closer to Vancouver proper might well be 44. The same weather that keeps SF temperate in the winter comes right up to Seattle and Vancouver, but getting up into the Canadian rockies is another story entirely.

Rick Ballard


I read it as a bluff for German consumption (it won't work). The 1,500 euro cash limit is an attempt to actually collect the VAT which the Greeks are so clever at avoiding. Without a Guardia di Finanza, like Italy, it's a joke, as is deposit repatriation. The postponement to 2011 (rather than immediate implementation) is a big tip off.

The Germans raised their retirement age to 67 in order to help balance their budget. They won't accept anything less from the Greeks, nor should they. It appears that the Ireland is the only country applying the measures necessary to bring their budget under control. The socialist rot must not have reached the roots there.


Is there a way to dis-interrogate someone, like Olby? So he'll STOP talking?


Vancouver itself is a port city with a generally mild maritime climate getting almost no snow. Vancouver is snuggled about against a mountain range. There are 3 ski hills (Cyprus, Grouse and Seymour) within 30 minutes of downtown Vancouver. Cyprus is the location of the freestyle ski events which have gotten all the media attention for trucked in snow. Whistler Mountain is 90 minutes inland and has lots of snow for the alpine events.

Last year Vancover had record cold with many feet of snow lasting for months (like the rest of NA this year). This year January has been record warm washing all the snow from Cyprus.

With thousands of media, entertainers and politicians from around the world here for the Olympics it is politically correct central. (Remember Vancouver was the site of the Mark Steyn human rights kangaroo court and the birthplace of Greenpeace.) There is no doubt in these people's minds that the lack of snow at Cyprus is because of your SUV.

Danube of Thought

First ominous sign of an impending catastrophe:

"Sun columnist Jon Ralston is reporting that the Tea Party has qualified as a third party in Nevada and will have a candidate in the Senate race to battle for the seat held by Majority Leader Harry Reid. The party has filed a Certificate of Existence but needs to get 1 percent of the electorate to vote for its candidate in November to permanently qualify, according to the report. Ralston reported that Jon Ashjian will be the Tea Party's U.S. Senate candidate on the November ballot. Ashjian still must declare his candidacy."


The Greeks regularly vote in large numbers for openly Communist Party candidates. That is one place which just might thumb their nose at the EU weenies. They might take down the Euro as a common currency and rip down the drapes of the European Parliament at the same time. So there is some hope either way. Greece either responds to tough love, or the Europeans are forced to abandon there oneworld drive for a common government.


BBC scriptwriters tried to use Doctor Who to bring down Margaret Thatcher

Left wing scriptwriters hired by the BBC during the 1980s tried to inspire a 'Tardis revolution' by using Doctor Who as propaganda to undermine Baroness Thatcher.

In one series they caricatured the then Prime Minister as a vicious and egotistical alien ruler who banned outward displays of unhappiness among her downtrodden people and used a secret police to oppress dissidents.

An obvious failure


I actually believe Joe Biden and the liberals. If they had good clear intelligence that the underwear bomber was just one of 10 underwear bombers who trained together in Yemen and were all launching on Christmas weekend to carry out their bombings.

Obama and his adminstration would have simply read him his rights, told him he can shut up and given him a lawyer.

They had no intention of turning him over to the CIA or the military to find the other nine bombers and stop them...they didn't even have a HIG stood up to take a crack at him.

If that had happened, the other nine would have simply carried out their missions - successful or not with NO attempt to stop the on-going operation based on interrogation, period.

Anyone who still argues that Biden, Holder or Obama would have actually tried to stop the nine other bombers - SIMPLY HASN'T BEEN LISTENING TO WHAT THIS ADMINSTRATION HAS BEEN TELLING US FROM DAY ONE.



""The Greeks regularly vote in large numbers for openly Communist Party candidates""

Obvious question here - why does anyone lend to a government that proclaims itself Communist? Or even Socialist for that matter?

They don't believe in the very concept of 'lending' because they think the government should own everything to begin with....



What are the protesters protesting? I saw one sign that said "homes for all" and I nearly choked.


"""If Biden had any guts at all he would have made the principled liberal case that waterboarding is immoral and (arguably) illegal; the price paid, in terms of America's soul and world standing can not justify the value of any intelligence gained.

That, at least, is a coherent position based on a values others may or may not share, or at least, weight in the same way.

How can one possible argue that is immoral, while daily sending missiles into peoples houses clearly knowing women and children who are known to be innocent will be killed, wounded, maimed?

Everyone knows these terrorists travel/live with their families, everyone knows you bomb a house with an al queda guy in it, your going to kill innocent secondaries - that is a fact of life.

So how is that MORE moral then waterboarding an actual terrorist to save innocent lives.??

If you can't morally waterboard, then you can't morally bomb either.


They don't believe in the very concept of 'lending' because they think the government should own everything to begin with....

Yes, but they do believe in the concept of borrowing, at least by the government. The repayment part, well, that's considered optional.

But you're right, as far as I'm concerned any bank that made loans to that government must have known what it was getting into, and was counting on getting bailed out if the loans went south. They should be taught a lesson. And the chance of that happening is about as great as the chance of our resident troll supporting Sarah for president.


"this would appear to be the single worst day ever for the warmist frauds. All sorts of devastating admissions from Phil Jones, and much, much more."


They aren't quite all on the run yet. Check out ">http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8511701.stm"> this wimpy BBC apology of a story on Jones to see how hard they are still working to 'hide the decline of the AGW meme'. Author Harraban is the guy who first got CRU e-mails sent to him but refused to publish them, and once again, concerning this post which demands to be ripped to shreds, the BBC allows no comments.

And as a bonus, the BBC has provided a platform for this alarmist to tar the failure of a Copenhagen agreement as equivalent to Neville Chamberlain coming back from Munich with a worthless piece of paper signed by Hitler claiming ">http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8490935.stm"> Peace In Our Time.

2 guesses whether the governments that didn't sign on to Copenhagen as the author wished are the equivalent of Nazi's in her scenario. And of course on her column you're allowed to comment as to whether, among others nations, the greedy US government "condemns the world to runaway climate change and declares war on our children."

Dave in OC


Thanks for the link to Sweetness. In an otherwise good summary there is one large mistake: Richard Reid is a citizen of Great Britain, not the US. This mistake if made commonly but it is definitely wrong. Per Wiki his mother is a Brit citizen and his father is/was a Jamaican immigrant, and he was born in Bromley, South London in the LUN.

Rick Ballard

"as far as I'm concerned any bank that made loans to that government must have known what it was getting into, and was counting on getting bailed out if the loans went south."

Yep - and just to double down and make sure, they strapped on a CDS suicide vest (no investment banker dare leave home without one).

It's interesting to tie the debt shenanigans to the desperate attempts to keep the CO2 Monster twitching. It's rather obvious that the commie/socialist world wide government dream will collapse more quickly without world wide Air Taxes to support the unicorns and rainbows scheme.

On a related subject, I've begun following Macroblog and I highly recommend it for it's readability and clarity. The piece describing Uncle Ben's exit plans is as clear as any I've seen. I would note that Step 2

Bankers spike the punch (by leveraging the quantity of bank reserves outstanding into a multiple quantity of loans to the private sector).
does not appear to be happening due to a rip roaring aversion to any further debt assumption on the part of corporations. CapEx plans are being cut continuously and cash hoarding remains become the order of the day. Deposits continue to climb as loan demand continues to fall.

Funny - it's almost as if capital is on strike. Capitalists are behaving as if there were a commie in the White House...


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - The wife of the late congressman John Murtha is being urged to run for the House seat that he held for nearly four decades, a newspaper reported Friday.


Boston guys,

Any new word uncovered on the family relations of the Harvard educated murderers non-prosecution in Braintree Mass in 1986?


First ominous sign of an impending catastrophe

No kidding, DoT. The best thing the Dems could ever hope for, and the one thing that could save their asses, is a real "Tea Party."

Soylent Red


Women's hockey. Never watched it before, but I'm digging it. U.S. is crushing China.


daddy, the BBC's pension funds are at stake om the climate gate fiasco..or at leaset a big portion of them.
Luckily they morphed from climate warming into climate change. Next step--just "climate"?

Carol Herman

A dead Hamas operative showed up in a hotel in Dubai. They say he had "electrocution marks" on his ankles, behind his ears. And, on his chest and genitals. They also said, he had left his room for 4 hours. Well? What if he didn't. What if the "leaving the room part was a decoy?" And, what if a "high value target talked for 4 hours? Was he waterboarded, first, in the bathtub?

The MOSSAD admits NOTHING. Our biggest mistake is that we 'advertised.'

Thomas Collins

Happy Valentine's Day, glenda. And Happy Valentine's Day to all the Women of JOM!


Lets not forget that the third party trick did Corzine no good in NJ, and I think Reid is in even worse shape with his constituents than Corzine, since a lot of NJ residents apparently like the unions at the trough of the taxpayer.

Even the most successful third party run in recent memory, with the money of a billionaire behind it, did not get to 20% of the vote.

So if you are like John Corzine, and cant get much above 40%, you have to hope that the third party candidate does something that is about three standard deviations or more from the norm and pulls 20% and you just squeek in.

In other words relax. The Ronulans may launch a bot in a few places. So much better to isolate them from the views of mainstream conservatives.


Next step--just "climate"?

Nope next step is just "change". As in, got in your pocket, well hand it over.



KIm's link to ">http://wattsupwiththat.com/2010/02/14/phil-jones-momentous-qa-with-bbc-reopens-the-science-is-settle"> Watts Up is great because it really explores the consequences of Professor Jones replies to Harrabin's questions and allows readers to comment.

But Harrabin's story in the BBC about Jones is titled 'Climategate'">http://wattsupwiththat.com/2010/02/14/phil-jones-momentous-qa-with-bbc-reopens-the-science-is-settle">'Climategate' expert Jones says data not well organised and seems to me to be an effort to minimize the consequences of Jones walkbacks and thus lessen the damage. I think the standard lefty BBC reader could read the BBC Harraban story and conclude "Ah he just got his notes mixed up---the science is still reasonably settled, AGW is still correct," whereas reading Kim's much better and more in-depth link of the same interview you see the wheels falling off the AGW truck completely.

Anyhow, that's my biased view of how the games being played out by the AGWer's on 1 hand and the guys trying to get to the bottom of the scandal on the other. And just as you say, Harraban works for the BBC and the BBC pensions are all tied up in the Carbon Trading scheme by big coincidence headed by a BBC guy.


Any new word uncovered on the family relations of the Harvard educated murderers non-prosecution in Braintree Mass in 1986?

She was dating her husband when she killed her brother. I thought that was quite amazing.

And then there is this: Amy Bishop was a suspect
in 1993 mail bomb attempt

The University of Alabama professor accused of killing 3 colleagues Friday was a suspect in the 1993 attempted mail bombing of a Harvard Medical School professor, according to a law enforcement official.

Soylent, are you watching Olympic hockey? That's not on my TV.


USA Network, Jane.


Jane, you beat me to that link, that I found on Ace. so we have a junior leaguer Unabomber
in the quieue, huh


Here is a better link:

Bishop surfaced as a suspect because she was allegedly concerned that she was going to receive a negative evaluation from Rosenberg on her doctorate work, the official said. The official said investigators believed she had a motive to target Rosenberg and were concerned that she had a history of violence, given that she had shot her brother to death in 1986.

Investigators conducted a search of the home where Bishop and Anderson were living and questioned the couple, the official said. Anderson was questioned about whether he had purchased any of the components used to make the bombs, the official said.

During a search of Bishop's computer, authorities found a draft of a novel that Bisthop was writing about a female scientist who had killed her brother and was hoping to make amends by hoping to become a great scientist, according to a person who was briefed on the investigation and spoke to the Globe on the condition of anonymity.


Happy Valentine's day all....

One of the issues with the lack of snow, according to a friend of mine in Vancouver, is politics. In order to spread the events around Vancouver, some of the local hills weer given events, while the logical choice for most of the skiing events, Whistler, got only a portion.

In the spirit of citius, altius, fortius...

Style Difficulty Accuracy

Cheney 10 9 10

Biden 4 2 0

Thomas Collins

Jane, can you think of any prosecutor or judge in Massachusetts who could conduct a special investigation of how the Braintree killing was handled and have enough actual and perceived integrity so that his or her conclusions wouldn't be influenced by the politics (or perceived to be so influenced)? I wonder whether an outsider such as Mike Mukasey should be brought in.

Of course, I recognize that there will be pressure to keep any investigation, if it occurs at all, "in-house," so to speak.

    The official said investigators believed she had a motive to target Rosenberg and were concerned that she had a history of violence, given that she had shot her brother to death in 1986.

But, but, but, that can't be right, Delahunt would have prosecuted her if it hadn't been an accident.

Accident=Violence ????

How judgmental.

Danube of Thought

Problem with Nevada is we're not dealing with Ronulans. We're dealing with the Tea Party, for which every single vote would come from the GOP candidate, and there would be a lot more of them than there would be for a Ronulan nut. Harry Reid would pay these people to enter a candidate. And so would any other threatened Democrat. Terrible, iron-brained move.


You would think they would wait until after the primary to do something so boneheaded, something worthing of Biden


Gateway Pundit has an article showing one part of the Global Warming Fraud has sucked over a Million dollars a year out of England and the US for the past 20 years.

How long is this going to go on, before someone says enough of this fraud?


JIB, is this area, right


Jane, can you think of any prosecutor or judge in Massachusetts who could conduct a special investigation of how the Braintree killing was handled and have enough actual and perceived integrity so that his or her conclusions wouldn't be influenced by the politics

I could come up with a Judge or two, but I don't think we do it that way. The attempted bombing was in Newton which is Norfolk county. Delahunt was the DA of Norfolk county until '96 I think.

I'd like to know why her mother wielded such influnece.


She hated Harvard, so they didn't have anything to do with her tenure. It was probably an informant issue for a free education like the Obamas or job or something and they turned her down. Same as the 'terrorists' who wanted to immigrate after informing,only to find out that CIA don't want no real men. It's not like Obama immigrated illegally, but CIA had it declared legal as a national security issue cause dad was a good informant.

You really have to watch those bullets and stuff in a fire fight, it can be dangerous!

Thomas Collins

Jane, the mother didn't necessarily have to have clout at all of the Norfolk DA's office, local police and state police. Friends with local police who are friends with state police may have produced an "investigation" that allowed the DA's office to look the other way. Even if the DA's office wasn't compromised in this case, they are busy, and unlikely to focus on the Amy Bishops of the world (white collar types) if the investigative report wasn't clearly damning.



You will be happy to know the Olympic protesters have a name Olympic Resistance Network and a web site .

We are working towards a global anti-capitalist and anti-colonial convergence against the Games from February 10th-15th 2010. We call on all anti-capitalist, Indigenous, housing rights, labour, migrant justice, environmental, anti-war, community-loving, anti-poverty, civil libertarian, and anti colonial activists to come together to confront this two-week circus and the oppression it represents. We hope to see you all in Feb 2010 to demonstrate our indignation and resistance!

After reading that I tell you I am shocked SHOCKED that Obama sent Biden and didn't come himself. He's probably on a first name basis with all of them. I wonder how many are in his cabinet.

Thomas Collins

On the other hand, if the local and state police did their jobs but the facts weren't totally clear and the mother had clout in the DA's office, the investigation could have been squashed.

I hope this case continues to attract national attention, so that there will be continuing pressure to reopen the investigation into the Braintree shooting (not to mention the Rosenberg case).

Thomas Collins

The Massachusetts criminal justice system: the Kennedys and Amy Bishops get treated with deference, and the Amiraults get the shaft.

Dave (in MA)

As I recall, Delahunt got into Congress the same way Stuart Smalley did. Lost, recount ("found" "votes") and litigation.


I'm with DoT. A Tea Party candidate will take no votes from any Dem candidate, only from the Reps.


Dave in OC @ 3:26 - thanks for correcting that article.

I Won

The overwhelming scientific evidence of global warming is undeniable. Giant corporations can no longer be allowed to pollute the air that we all breathe and make billions of dollars in profits, money that could instead create four million high-paying green jobs that will free us from our dependence on foreign oil.

I Won

The tax revenue from these twelve million new green jobs will foster a budget surplus similar to what the previous administration was given when they assumed office and promptly spent on two wars of choice that they were unpatriotically losing until I stepped in.

Thomas Collins

Re the post by Dave(in MA), Source Watch states:

"Congressional career Delahunt was first elected to Congress after a bitter primary battle against Phil Johnston of Marshfield and Ian Bowles of Woods Hole. Johnston was initially declared the winner, but a recount, which ultimately ended up being done in court, gave the victory to Delahunt."

See LUN for the entire Source Watch bio of Delahunt.

Dave (in MA)

Mr. Maguire:
There's some odious libturd pornography and forgery on the previous thread.


Are you sure the Tea Party ( there is no such in reality so anyone with the filing fee can grab the name ) is not infiltrated in Nevada with Ronulans? You need to understand that Sue Lowden smacked them down when they tried to take over the convention there. The Ronulans hate her. They have been giddy over this result, with a potential candidate, something like Rajian, that I have never heard of, but I will bet money is a Ronulan.

Anyway, Harry gets 39% so it probably just makes his loss less crushing.

Strawman Cometh

Harry is polling poorly. his last legislative move and the emergence of a Tea Party candiatate are suspect.


On the other hand, if the local and state police did their jobs but the facts weren't totally clear and the mother had clout in the DA's office, the investigation could have been squashed.

It happened too fast for the fix to not be in. She was released before they finished booking her, minutes after the shooting - from what I can tell. There was a fix and it was a big one to move that quickly.

Fritz, Ya gotta love it - a bunch of people who have probably not worked a day in their lives demanding everyone else's money.

Fresh Air


You may be right. On the other hand, the Paulians are definitely movers behind many of the tea parties. I don't know to what extent they are controlling the party in Nevada, but I wouldn't bet against their putative candidate being just like Medina.

In short, a nut. I think GMax has this right. Let's block this stuff wherever it pops up, but worrying about it is just one notch above whether Nancy Pelosi's breasts will fall to earth in the Upper Midwest and cause a rouge wave on Lake Michigan.

Fresh Air

Come to think of it...Wow, that actually could happen.


I'll thank you not to get us thinking about Nancy Pelosi in *that* way!

Thomas Collins

Jane, I think you are probably correct about a big level fix and I am wrong about a lower level one. Your point about the quick release supports the high level fix and subsequent papering over to support the fix. I hadn't focused on that aspect (release before finishing booking). I wonder with whom the mother was tight. Did she have the influence to accomplish a quick fix, or did she have friends in higher places?

In any event, see LUN for another article on Bishop, this one from The Chronicle of Higher Education.


So who was the DA in Newton County in 1986



Thomas Collins

I think Newton is in Middlesex County and Braintree is in Norfolk County.

Dave (in MA)

Norfolk county.


Newton is Norfolk County. The Counties are all Jimmy-rigged so only democrats get elected.


You are also in Norfolk county aren't you TC?

Thomas Collins

Delahunt was the Norfolk County DA when Bishop shot her brother. Unless things changed, Newton is in Middlesex County.


That's what I meant, Coakley, Harshberger, Delahunt, the whole lot of them need to be out of the picture


You are right - wow - I can't believe that. I wonder what I was thinking of.

So Harshbarger (of ACORN fame)would have been the DA then.

Thomas Collins

I'm in Norfolk County, Jane. Needham is in Norfolk County and Newton is in Middlesex County. I believe Tom Reilly was Middlesex DA in 1993 when Bishop was investigated for the attempted bombing.


Nancy's had so many face lifts that her breasts are now on her shoulders.


TC - it takes more than three comments in that JHI article before anybody brings up W and Palin - and when they are mentioned, they're not even blamed for the murders (just pointed to as examples of white examples of affirmative action of some kind).

Thomas Collins

I recall that the US Attorney's office took the lead in the 1993 attempted bombing investigation.

Dave (in MA)

Newton is in Middlesex. The rigging isn't about counties; it's about picking setting up the congressional districts so that they pick up big chunks of blue-voting population out of cities and connecting them with less densely-populated areas that have little in common with them, allowing the worst politicians to stay in power forever, hi Barney.

Dave (in MA)

I need a proofreader.

Thomas Collins

In 1993, Reilly was Middlesex County DA and Harshbarger had ascended to the Massachusetts Attorney General's slot. Reilly then replaced Harshbarger as AG (I think in 1999).


I was just thinking of the "rotten barrel" of thE Untouchables and that name came to mind,
President of Common Cause right, now a fellow
named Tom Reilly was DA during the bomb allegation


I wonder if we will ever get rid of Barney.

Thomas Collins

Bgates, thanks for pointing that out; I hadn't noticed that in the article in The Chronicle of Higher Education on Bishop, one of the commenters took the opportunity to take a swipe at GWB and Palin. Talk about Bush and Palin Derangement Syndrome.

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