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February 20, 2010


Jack is Back!

This is the NY Times news management process:

1. Assign one, young reporter with liberalistic stars still in her eyes from her 4 years at Wellesley, Smith or Bennington.

2. Tell her to go to CPAC, but wash your hands every many seconds in Purell while there.

3. Be visible but uninviting, do not smile, look vacant and serious at the same time (only libs can do this).

4. Find someone who looks like a possible "sturmfuhrer" but classic American in looks and demeanor.

5. Listen to speech with ear, brain and eyes tuned to the fine points of racial guilt and invective.

6. Play it back in the verbatim notes you have taken to see if there is any skip or suggestion of covert racism or fascism.

7. Highlight it with imagination.

8. Write it with pride.

9. Publish it with malignant intention.

10. Go home, snuggle with cat and a glass of Pinot, sleep like a log.

A typical white person.

It's beginning to be obvious that that is all he has or ever had; he's like a balloon filled with white guilt.


#4 replace 'but' with 'i.e.'.

In "Head of State", Chris Rock plays a completely unqualified local pol who's plucked from obscurity to run as the Democratic candidate for President. So I can see why Zernike heard "Barack Obama" and immediately thought "Chris Rock".


The Times keeps forgetting their are online videos and transcripts and they cannot pull off this carp as easily as once they did.

Cecil Turner

Per Glenn, there's a lot of feedback on this stupidity (along with rehashing her shoddy hit piece on the Boy Scouts in 2000, and the resulting mega-correction).

And while we're on the subject, who cares if the guy was actually racist or not? Not me. I thought we were going post-racial as a result of that historic election that put the least qualified candidate evah in the White House . . . oh wait, that makes me a racist, doesn't it (note the faux drawl, it's a giveaway; er, I don't normally talk like that, it just slipped out). Rats.


Love Breitbart's follow up to Zernike: ""Kate Zernike of the New York Times, are you in the room? Are you in the room? You're despicable. You're a despicable human being. You're the New York Times here. You came to CPAC to get your prey and here's your prey, Jason Mattera from HotAir and also from Young America's Foundation. This is the headline - ‘CPAC Speaker Bashes Obama, in Racial Tones.'"

Breitbart explained it wasn't a special persona Mattera was putting on for his audience, but his true personality.

"It goes into that does not express that he used a racial stereotype," Breitbart said. "It is just built upon a bed of lies. It said that he went into a Chris Rock voice. She's the one that correlated his voice to Chris Rock. He happens to be from Brooklyn. He's using his voice."

Breitbart detailed how, being in the news aggregation business, he was regularly meeting with journalists for cocktails and got a steady diet of their elitist world view. But no more, he said.

"But this is what these creeps do," Breitbart said. "I'm sick of having cocktails with them. I'm now at war with them. No more cocktails."

Good for Breitbart. We've needed someone like him for a long, long time.


Well the NYTimes probably wanted to have reporter Zachery Kouwe cover CPAC instead of this ding dong, but unfortunately Zack ">http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,586126,00.html"> Quit Last Week Because Of Plagiarism.


Wait till they start writing about the Thursday health care "summit," and how ear leader manhandled those troglodyte Republicans.

On second thought, those articles are probably already written.


I'm not sure why TM keeps refering to fish wrap Times content when the Pulitzer prize journalism is being done at the National Enquirer.


Seeing is believing but hearing is apparently completely subjective. Do we recall Joy Behar declaring that Rush was booed roundly at Miss America? An aural halucination but not as despicable as editing OUT the vicious booing rained down on Republicans who dared to show up at the Wellstone rally/fundraiser/embalming party. These doofs are as resistant to reality as ebola is to Bactine.


Btw, I used this Six Apart general contact form to suggest a simple change they could make to foil the spoofer who stunk up the place last night. The suggestion was to use IP address as the basis for the avatars, rather than the spoofable email field.

Don't know if they'll read it or care, and if they did it people would have to live with whatever ugly avatar they end up with (which would change depending on where they comment from), but it would help. Maybe there are better suggestions.

Melinda Romanoff

Looks like everyone had a a warm welcome for the dysfunctional alcoholic last night.

I hope the avatar fix gets picked up, might make things less entertaining.


I think we may be in for a rash of new slogans from the Hope and Change crowd.

Operation Iraqi Freedom just turned into "Operation New Dawn."

Now Gordon Brown has unleashed his new Campaign Slogan, ">http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article7034362.ece"> "A Future Fair For All."

They may stink at governing but at important stuff like sloganeering they are hard to beat.


More on Zernike and her past misrepresentations from Jules Crittenden (via Instapundit). With updates referencing even more.

Melinda Romanoff

Have an Illinois summation for every one.

Wash after clicking.


Al Haig has died.

Cecil Turner

Have an Illinois summation for every one.

"NBC Chicago: Cook County a 'Dark Pool of Political Corruption.'”

A "Dark Pool"?!? RAAACISST!!! (Thought I might as well beat the rush.)

Dave (in MA)

Al Haig (1924-2010), dead at age 85...
Or 76 according to the Fox News Channel blonde attempting to do arithmetic on live TV.


RIP, Al Haig.

I love what Breitbart is doing - turning the bright light back upon the slandering journalists/reporters - and causing them the humiliation they so richly deserve. Bravo Andrew.


Extraneous, I did the same thing, on seeing your comment. At least now they've been asked twice.

Melinda Romanoff

That made some real sense.

Ise writes in English.



Thomas Collins

Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis dismembers the findings of misconduct rendered by the DOJ's Office of Professional Responsibility against John Yoo and Jay Bybee. See LUN.

My joy at having the misconduct charges against Yoo and Bybee put to rest is tempered by sadness at the fact that DOJ's OPR brought these ridiculous charges in the first place. The DOJ OPR lawyers who signed off on those charges are the lawyer equivalents of Zernike.

Thomas Collins

I don't have to wash after clicking Illinois corruption stories, Melinda Romanoff. Having grown up in Rhode Island and currently living in Massachusetts, I have built up an immunity to slimy operators, whether in politics or the real estate development business or wherever they operate!


More on Zernike and her past misrepresentations

I would love a "Discover the Networks" equivalent for journalists. Type in a name and get a list of past reporting, corrections, political donations, related family employment, education/work background.

Who's in charge here?

Oh, nice. A Rasmussen poll shows that only 21% of Americans believe our government still has the consent of the people.

Thomas Collins

I wonder whether lib media will take Zernike to task for holding a stereotype of Brooklyn accents as inherently belonging to African American male comedians.

Woo woo Yoo.

Thanks, TC K@ 9:53. Clarice will like this from p. 69: "OPR's findings for professional misconduct were based on a standard that was neither known or unambiguous:.

Where is Judy Holliday when we need her?

Bensonhurst buzzes.


"I would love a "Discover the Networks" equivalent for journalists. Type in a name and get a list of past reporting, corrections, political donations, related family employment, education/work background."

Great idea Janet.

Katie Couric was on tube today hammering somebody for being disingenuous and I thought "pot/kettle Black" because I remembered how she actually plagiarized somebody else's story and ran it as her own for her "Video Diary" segment.


Didn't MoDo also hallucinate , hearing "boy" at the end of "you lie"?

I do think someone's spraying lsd in the sir vents at the grey lady.

If you think this is something, Sally Quinn has taken it on the chin at the WaPo online and all around the web for her narcissistic self-absorption and idiotic piece on Friday.


Great catch,Kim. Thanks.

Cecil Turner

The DOJ OPR lawyers who signed off on those charges are the lawyer equivalents of Zernike.

Yes, exactly. Another successful character assassination without consequences for the assassins.

The utterly vacuous misrepresentations of Yoo and Bybee (e.g., as being torture enablers) were bad enough, trying to railroad them using the OPR (whose own standards were worse than theirs, per Margolis) is beyond the pale. But Yoo and Bybee are still being excoriated, and their political opponents (e.g., Conyers) lauded for their excesses.

If they were commies, somebody would've come up with the "have you no shame" defense (even if they were guilty). As innocent righties, they are apparently fair game.

And nearly ten years on, we still have no definition for "torture" . . . except waterboarding apparently is (but not when we do it at SERE School, but we better stop doing it at SERE School, because that's really a hard sell) and the "due process for war criminals" program continues apace.

Jim Ryan

Michael Knox Beran is forming Ivy Leaguers for Palin. I hope I can join as an associate member with my mere Swarthmore degree.

Make it safe, legal, and rare.

McCarthy had a great piece at NRO yesterday about waterboarding not being torture.


Riddle me this, Batpeople?

How and Why are the Joker and Penguin, along with Poison Ivy, trying to ram through a secret health care bill with virtually no coverage in the press and in the face of massive public opposition?

Further, the Penguin wants to hold a face to face with the League of Justice (well, the Republicans, anyway) just prior to said ramming.

With Bayh and at least half a dozen in the Senate already throwing in the towel, it would seem that the chance for passage itself may be dire.

Holy Administration meltdown!


Somehow I think if getting the Ivy League endorsement will not help Palin with her base.


I would love a "Discover the Networks" equivalent for journalists.

How about a Consumer Reports Media and Journalists edition. Top 100 journalist rated for fairness and accuracy.

Jim Ryan

Oh, it would. It would show that even an Ivy League education can't ruin the mind of someone with enough common sense to support Palin.

Captain Hate

Yeah I agree JR; it would illustrate that some fresh air is circulating in those musty and dank echo chambers.

Jim Ryan

Robin, it's no mystery. When you have no common sense, no spine, no executive talent, and no experience in the private sector, then this is the sort of thing you do.

Things could not possibly be going any better over the last twelve months. A spectacular display of buffoonery from Nancy, Harry and Zero.

And she can gut it out like Billie.

Heh, Sarah Palin is Judy Holliday.


Jim, I agree that an Ivy Leaguer endorsement of Palin would help the endorser and improve the reputation of the Ivy League but I am not sure it works the other way.

Danube of Thought

Minus 17 at Ras today, with a record low 23% Strong Approval.

The GOP needs to have an appointed spokesman step forward and say, "in view of the announcements by the White House and Senator Reid concerning their intentions, we conclude that no 'summit' meeting could proceed in good faith, and we respectfully decline the invitation."


Now there's some good news,DoT!

So now you wanta talk about a revolution.

That 23%, DoT, is the same 21% who still believe that our government has the consent of the governed.

I just had to get that in, Tom.

The government is illegitimate. And now, so is Obama. He can't change that even if he shows a valid US birth certificate.

It would happen for sure but for our media.

I think there's a chance of impeachment. There are Democrats who'd be glad to see him gone, just as there were Republicans glad to see Nixon gone.

Cuz it is.

And I just love that we can ironically recycle 'It's the economy, Stupid'.

Thomas Collins

See LUN for a short summary of the status of the constitutional challenge to 18 U.S.C. 2339B(a)(1), which prohibits the knowing provision of material support to designated foreign terrorist organizations. SCOTUS will be hearing oral arguments on this case next Tuesday. Note that for those interested in getting a detailed look at the First Amendment/national security issues involved, the LUNed short summary has extensive links to case materials.

My view is that the constitutionality of the material support statute should be upheld. Whatever one's view, the materials make fascinating reading.


"The DOJ OPR lawyers who signed off on those charges are the lawyer equivalents of Zernike."

There is a good chance those lawyers did exactly what their clients wanted, IMO.

"Attorney General Eric Holder has now confirmed that at least nine Department of Justice appointees worked directly or indirectly (e.g., filing Amicus Curae briefs) as terrorist advocates. Other DOJ political appointees also worked for law firms that participated indirectly in the defense of Gitmo terrorists."

Every time you think of American lawyers for terrorists writing the rules that the terrorists want, remember AG Holder made this possible. But these Republicans made it possible for Holder to be AG.

The usual suspects -- Susan Collins, Lindsay "Goober" Graham, John McCain and Olympia Snowe Job voted for Holder -- along with a bunch of more solid Republicans who definitely should have known better."

No American who has advocated for terrorists should be allowed in a US government IMO.


Don't overreach - it's what got Obama in trouble and gave Clinton his reprieve. Let them fall on their own swords.


Any picture of the crowd at Woodstock reveals a white trash gallery (no offense to any JOMers who may have been there) nearly as monochromatic as the gatherings Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd used to preside over.

Seems to me for this dope Zernike to see racial stereotypes in what Mattera said reveals considerably more about how she views black people than how he does.
Apparently if one mentions any negative aspect of human nature in virtually any context the default setting for the leftist brain is to pop up images of black stereotypes they harbor and then project onto others.
Isn't it particularly pernicious to try and expiate your own guilt by trying to tar (cue lefty racial pop up) someone innocent with your own stereotypes?

Captain Hate

I am not sure it works the other way.

I think it does, if only to counter the snots like Brooksie who yammer on endlessly about "the educated class".

Let me put it this way: I was disappointed in Dorothy Rabinowitz's article because she's somebody I respect for her work in the past, particularly in the Amirault case. That doesn't mean that we have to agree on everything but I value her opinion more than, say, MoDo's. So when she wrote her article I scrutinized it more than if written by the herd. I didn't agree with her but that's ok; for all I know she might be more right than I am. But I can't imagine any situation where it wouldn't be better for Sarah to have DR be in her corner than not. To know that there are some in the Ivy hive that think positively of Palin would be a similar situation. JMO of course.

And we got Murtha trashing Marines.

Pagar, isn't the continuity of care sweet of 'em?


10. Go home, snuggle with cat and a glass of Pinot, sleep like a log.

Hey, I do that too! But usually with a Zin.

Captain Hate

Lindsay "Goober" Graham

I love listening to Mark Levin

Rob Crawford

Apparently if one mentions any negative aspect of human nature in virtually any context the default setting for the leftist brain is to pop up images of black stereotypes they harbor and then project onto others.

There were lefties screeching "racism" over the orcs in the LotR movies; they looked at bloodthirsty, cruel creatures born by twisting the pure and good into a mockery of itself and thought "those are supposed to be black people!"


--The GOP needs to have an appointed spokesman step forward and say, "in view of the announcements by the White House and Senator Reid concerning their intentions, we conclude that no 'summit' meeting could proceed in good faith, and we respectfully decline the invitation."--

I'm torn between that option and actually going and then when Barry and Co start with the pinheaded hectoring getting up and walking out.

There is so much pathology.

Nice, nice point Ignatz. Over and over again, the left projects their evil.


ear leader

Love it!


A quote about the left from a friend -

"Malice is ever complex and paranoid. Conscious of its own designs, it suspects only malice in others."


I'm torn between that option and actually going, setting up a left- and right-side teleprompter for each of the dozen or so Republicans, and then when Barry and Co start with the pinheaded hectoring getting up and walking out.

Danube of Thought

Kantor has released a statement. It stops short of doing what it should do. Here it is:

“If the President is sincere about moving forward in a bipartisan fashion, he must take the reconciliation process – which will be used jam through legislation that a majority of Americans do not want – off the table. By using the reconciliation process, the Administration and Democrat leaders are sending a clear signal that they still refuse to listen to the American people and have no interest in bipartisanship. To be certain, by using the reconciliation process, the Administration makes clear that their promise of bipartisanship is dead.

“If the President's intention for the health care summit is to finally show that he is ready to listen and work in a bipartisan way to produce incremental reforms that the American people support, he is off to a rocky start. The health care bills that the Obama Administration has apparently combined to form a new plan - unfortunately again behind closed doors - have not only been rejected by the American people and Republicans, but by Democrats on Capitol Hill who have spent that past year arguing amongst themselves over them. I urge President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Leader Reid to stop trying to subvert the will of the American people and finally start listening to them.”


Each teleprompter should have a single repeating message'''He lied''''!


Cantor's smart..He knows the "muddle" is easily upset by "partisanship" and wants kindergarten rules so he's doing a layup for that.

Melinda Romanoff

Pofarmer ought to be back up today, spoke to him a bit on Thursday. Sat dish feed went kablooey.

Back to work, but am using my ears.

You can play it, but don't get any ideas that things may have "started early".


More proof that the recession only affects the private sector.

Government Motors CEO Whitacre receives $9M pay package

Rick Ballard


He also knows that the reconciliation burble is the only thing keeping the MoveOn Morons from turning on Team BOzo in full force. It appears that Asolrod and Puffball are making the same error that led to the President assuring that Rio got the summer games and IPCC being revealed as a farce on wheels.

The Republicans exit interviews are going to be interesting. How many ways can they say "the American people don't want it and we're not voting for it"?


OT and related to nothing except the rampant insanity....

I received 2 mailings from our school system - a Bullying and Harassment brochure, and a Partnership For Children, Youth , and Families letter.

These "programs" with their surveys, discussions, and speakers take away time from PE. If obesity is such a national crisis perhaps we could do away with all this PC crap and have the kids play sports and run during PE? Just a thought.


Great Ras news DoT. That plus the Yoo/Bybee news and the story about Holder's terrorist defenders has set up my weekend nicely.

BTW I finally got around to watching Jon Stewart "interview" Yoo on the Daily Show. I think I'm in love. With Yoo, that is. Great stuff.


Rick, I think right now Reid's people are working on a proposal that they will be promised the parliamentarian will turn down..that way they have a bit of cover..


Oh, speaking of being in love and alleged GOP anti-intellectualism and Ivy Leaguers sticking up for Palin, Charles Murray had some great thoughts in the NYT awhile back:

Aren’t think tanks basically welfare for intellectuals? Actually, the interesting thing there is the extent to which it’s the think tanks in the last 15 years that have been producing the stuff that has had the most effect on the debate [over welfare], as opposed to colleges.

What do you make of the fact that John McCain was ranked 894 in a class of 899 when he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy?
I like to think that the reason he ranked so low is that he was out drinking beer, as opposed to just unable to learn stuff.

What do you think of Sarah Palin?
I’m in love. Truly and deeply in love.

She attended five colleges in six years.
So what?

Why is the McCain clan so eager to advertise its anti-intellectualism?
The last thing we need are more pointy-headed intellectuals running the government. Probably the smartest president we’ve had in terms of I.Q. in the last 50 years was Jimmy Carter, and I think he is the worst president of the last 50 years.

The article is dated 9/19/2008, so it would be interesting to know if Murray has since changed his mind about Carter being the worst president of the last 50 years.


How could anyone expect a reporter for the New York Times to recognize a Brooklyn accent?

JM Hanes


"I would love a "Discover the Networks" equivalent for journalists."

Zernike could be playing vacuous little sister to the Washington Post’s Dafna Linzer. As long time JOMmers may recall, that cynical sibling manqué should have won a prize for the most fact challenged, egregiously unbalanced coverage of the Libby trial in a Paper of Record. I don’t see how either of them could have survived this long without indulgent, personal mentors in the editorial ranks somewhere.

Shame on me.

Heh, are those 'indulgent, personal mentors' respectable?


As respectable as Bill Bradlee I'm sure.


He knows the "muddle" is easily upset by "partisanship"

Do you think that is still true? I don't thinkthe muddle is sitting back on it's heel lamenting "why can't we all get along". Rather I think they are on their feet or close to that, and grapping their pitchforks (which we learn today are okay>)



How does one make that typo?


Jane: I think the "muddle" has reorganized under Zero and is no longer the muddle of old. Most have chosen up sides and are cheering on the partisanship of their side.

The old order changeth . . . thank God.


It's catching,Jane.

There's still a substantial "muddle" who wants to play can't we all get along game


Janet @ 12:20-

Let's remember that they are keeping Kevin Jennings as Safe Schools Czar in place despite all the unsavory and apparently undisputed details of his past interactions with students.

They must really want him to be able to implement his agenda. I am shocked at how many very involved parents who are politically astute and passionate about education have never heard of him.

That's dangerous.

Frau Faust der zweite Teil

Michael Knox Beran certainly nails our elitists by quoting Faust's boredom and dissatisfaction with intellectual pursuits. He failed to point out the life lessons Faust/Goethe learned as developed in the second part of the tragedy which was published at the very end of the author's life. It was only in hard physical and mental work --self-reliance in a *free* and even dangerous environment-- that Faust found his true lust for life, eager for each challenging day. Think reclamation of land from the sea or life on any raw frontier. Faust became a conservative!

It was this activity that afforded Faust salvation (along with the clever, lawyer's use of a conditional statement and female love from on high).


Yeah rse - A great example of our moral decline. If we can't get rid of Kevin Jennings there is no shame. I've written my Senators....what can a person do?


--Let's remember that they are keeping Kevin Jennings as Safe Schools Czar in place despite all the unsavory and apparently undisputed details of his past interactions with students.--

Let's also remember they have never gotten rid of anyone because of unsavory or undisputed details from their past.
Those details weren't unknown to them; in most cases they were nominated precisely for those details.
What they have done is given up on those who have become too large a political liability.


Kate makes mistakes...a lot!

scroll down to the bottom to see the corrections need for Kate's reporting










Kevin Jennings is back on the frontburner because of an interview published this week where he says that just like we need common federal "Standards around school climate because what gets measured is what gets done".

Now given his background, does anyone here think his idea of how to create an appropriate school climate will be consistent with what parents would support?

LUN is a link to a discussion on this and other concerns with what the feds are really trying to mandate in education.

I'd like to hear Seixon's thoughts

Hiya, Pooch. Ain't ClimateGate great?

hit and run


That your research? Who've you given it to? It deserves/needs to be picked up by those with traffic.


That's an impressive list of corrections. At least they bother to correct her.


TS--always good to see you and great work!


Well, now we know what it takes to write for the NYT--yu must be a plagiarist, a nutcase, a fantasist or a squish passing as a "conservative".

Danube of Thought

Thanks for that, TS.

For more on Zernike, here's Roger Simon as excerpted at Instapundit:

“So what’s the deal with this clinging to racism – or racial accusations – on the part of some liberals? Well, I think it reflects a significant and growing insecurity that they are no longer the cool guys. Via the Tea Party movement and other things, libertarianism – a rather attractive and even hip ideology – is taking over the right. People who love freedom are drifting rightward leaving the left with moribund unions and big government, neither of which seem to work. Liberals don’t have much of a belief system anymore and not enough reason to think highly of themselves, as they used to. Something’s wrong. Therefore, the other side has to be bad.”

Danube of Thought

Dan Riehl, also from Insty:

“I’d bet money that were Zernike to hear similar rhetoric with the same dialect from a friend or colleague, she wouldn’t give it a second thought, let alone mis-characterize it as racist. One way or another, that is what they do to all of us on the Right. And whether they do it intentionally, or not, doesn’t matter. We can’t allow them to keep getting away with it. We need the Andrew Breitbarts and Jason Matteras of the Right; they deserve our encouragement and support. They can help us move this movement forward in ways we never have before. The Left realizes it. So, don’t expect them to relent. Standing up to the Left always puts a target on your back. It’s long past time for the Right to shoot back.”

Where's my doll toucher?

I think even his handlers are realizing it; he's just a big fat balloon of white liberal guilt.

Danube of Thought

Looks like the Pakistanis are going to keep Baradar to themselves.


DOT I just love the Roger Simon piece. I'm really happy to be cool.

Rob Crawford

Looks like the Pakistanis are going to keep Baradar to themselves.

Well, that and one of the other cities of Mordor is enough to win them the game. I'm a little surprised they didn't get Minas Morgul on the way in, though.

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