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February 03, 2010


Jack is Back!

Unfortunately, a promise that Barry kept. He wanted to invade Pakistan back during the campaign and I guess he got his wish.

Jack is Back!

Forgot to add the link to his 2007 statement on invading Pakistan. LUN


There are mornings I think we can't kill these guys fast enough.

All day, every day.

LTC John

"As I grasp the current Obama/Holder logic, unless we give terrorists full civilian rights and a lawyer, Taliban and Al Qaeda recruiting will skyrocket. Meanwhile, they can bomb a girls school and its business as usual."

I wonder if the bully pulpit might be used to actually TALK ABOUT these kinds of atrocities. Not only is this "logic" present - it is all they talk about. We never hear our CinC or SecDef or Gibbs even mention what these AQ/Talib/HIG animals are doing and see any coverage of it.
I'm fuming too.

John Oh

Is there a better recruiting tool for these madmen than the World Trade Center collapsing in flames? I'm very weary of the argument that Guantanamo is a recruiting tool.

There can be no better way to discourage recruitment than winning.

Rob Crawford

We never hear our CinC or SecDef or Gibbs even mention what these AQ/Talib/HIG animals are doing and see any coverage of it.

Of course not. That would "enflame hatred of the 'other'".


I totally agree John Oh...There can be no better way to discourage recruitment than winning.
The narrative should be idiot losers kill children (those clips of Zarqawi in his new tennis shoes not knowing how to use a gun while yelling tough slogans) vs. strong men of honor (with clips of our military taking out the losers).
Mock and belittle the jihadis at every opportunity...
dressing like women to escape...losers.
killing children...losers.


Byron York catches the administration in a major fib re the underpants bomber. If he gave them everything he had in the first 50 minutes, why are they leaking that he's continuing to provide us with info now that the heat is on for mirandizing him?
< href=http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/Administration-changes-story-on-Christmas-Day-bomber-83431262.html>Do a little two step


Maybe he's reacting because he feels we might might move him to less 'comfy' accomodations
down South. Man we know this even from "Law
& Order" don't let the lawyer get near him,

Rob Crawford

dressing like women to escape...losers.

Now, now. They don't just dress like women to escape. They do it because it makes them feel "pretty".

And keeps them safe from the attentions of the Pashtun.



Melinda Romanoff

clarice's link.


true dat Rob!


I don't buy the story, until we know the details, particularly about his fellow trainees in the camps in Yemen; I know they are not going to give those details up


York: But on the issue of Abdulmutallab and what he has told investigators, the question remains: Were Gibbs, Axelrod and the Obama White House telling the whole story when they said Abdulmutallab had told authorities all he knew?

I thought the official report admitted that there were multiple intel "dots" that weren't connected until several days after Abdul lit himself up? The agents who questioned him for 50 min. couldn't have asked questions based on info they didn't yet have, so this claim only makes BO et al seem even more incompetent, if that's possible. I don't understand how this purposeful leak helps them in any way.

Cecil Turner

This just keeps getting better:

Mueller said none of the intelligence chiefs at Tuesday's hearing were consulted about the decision to read AbdulMutallab his Miranda rights. That decision was made by the chief security interrogator at the scene in consultation with the Department of Justice, Mueller said.
Oh, the FBI guy and the DOJ consulted? Good. How about the DoD, and intell folks . . . think they might have some input on a bombing attack originating on foreign soil? Can these ivy-legal types even think about anything except a court case?

In that vein, I'm reminded of My Cousin Vinny where the guy says he's a "fast cook." That's it? That's the best story they can come up with? Can they at least pretend they thought about stopping the next attack instead of unleashing the slavering prosecutors on the job of convicting this guy (apparently under the amusing theory that future suicide bombers will be deterred by the specter of being prosecuted in federal court . . . if their bombs don't go off)?

I wonder if the bully pulpit might be used to actually TALK ABOUT these kinds of atrocities.

Dream on. Even Bush didn't do it. All we did is hand-wring over the possibility that we were planting favorable stories in the Iraqi press (back when it might've done some good). The only propaganda anyone with a microphone is allowed to spout is enemy propaganda (but don't question their patriotism).


If I were the idiot in charge I would be showing the Marines killed helping Pakistani children and working with their police to train civilians and reduce the pervasive graft.

That would win hearts and minds. But we have shown a more than incompetent PR streak in Afghanistan/Pakistan while the Taliban have made propaganda a centerpiece of their efforts.


Every time I hear about Mirandizing enemy combatants, I see this image (go to 4:08) of men running thru the battlefield yelling out the Miranda warning.

Danube of Thought

I was most fascinated by the exchange between McCain and Gates yesterday about the decision to go the civilian route. Gates's position was that the decision was one for the attorney general to make.

McCain didn't follow up on what was to me the implicit policy behind Gates's statement. We're all agreed that in these cases either course--federal court or military commission--is available. But it now appears that the Secretary of Defense has no input in the decision; it's up to the Attorney General. Supposedly these are two co-equal cabinet officers (I think technically the SecDef is the "senior"of the two).


We can't do a thing about AQ's positive recruiting methods. All we can do is put fear in the minds of possible recruits.
Nobody in AQ marketing makes a poster that says, "Join Us Because America Killed 50,000 of Us Last Year".
(I don't think they have one that says anything about Gitmo either)
I say we should put out some posters with some special forces operators pictured that says, "Raise Your Hand If You Want To Join AQ, We'll Come And Get You".


Stephen Hayes has some thoughts on this, too:



Recruiting tools.

None of these hyper-ventilating Leftists have ever explained why, during the Pax Clintona "Holiday from History", an estimated 20,000+ jihadists flocked to AQ training camps to learn how to kill Americans.

Let's remember: this was a time when we were doing all we could to help Muslims in Somalia, Bosnia/Kosovo, the Palestinian Authority, and elsewhere, and while we were basically either ignoring AQ terrorist actions or treating them as law enforcement problems.

Oh, that's right:

OBL and the jihadists were enraged that we were "occupying" the Muslim Holy Lands in Saudi Arabia.

Why were we in Saudi Arabia?

Because we were "containing" Saddam.

Why were we containing Saddam?

Because we left him in power after the first Gulf War.

Why did we leave him in power after Desert Storm?

Because Bush 1 wanted to respect the mandate of the UN in 1991 of just ejecting him from Kuwait, and was afraid that the "angry Muslim street" would force the Arab allies to pull out of the Coalition if we seized Baghdad and removed Saddam.

Why did we fight Desert Storm in the first place?

Because Saddam invaded Kuwait and threatened to move right along to the Saudi oil fields, which neither the US, Europe, or most of the rest of the world could allow because of a strategic energy resource.

And without the revenue they get from our dependence on this strategic energy resource, all these Muslim Arabs would be sitting on nothing but a bunch of sand, dirt poor, and poverty-stricken.

But if the Arab world was even more poor and poverty-stricken than they already are, wouldn't that just increase their use of terrorism against us, according to these same Leftists?


If they keep recruiting, we just need to keep killing them.

Eventually, they'll run out.


Odd,with all this nutball thinking on the left, they can't grasp that the enemy is motivated by--ahem--nutball thinking.

Malaysia Jane

Way OT:

A friend of mine tweeted this amateur video of the Challenger explosion - an event I recall as if it were yesterday.

Danube of Thought

Not much doubt that the seizure of the island of Iwo Jima was used as a recruiting tool for Kamikazes. Does that mean we shouldn't have taken Iwo Jima?

This defensive mindset is simply cuckoo.


Well the only nutball thinking they notice is in the tea party, and the supporters of you know who, I know projection. That is why they
associate 'tea parties' with an obscene act.

I still remember that moment when they said
'Go with throttle up"

Malaysia Jane

John Murtha is in intensive care.

Jack is Back!

I read or heard that the Fruit-of-the-Loom bomber has been tight lipped until his father showed up from Nigeria. Don't know when he showed up but since then he has been singing like a canary. The problem is that a lot of the information you can get out of these guys is perishable and has a short shelf life. Then again he may have met the so-called "ring of 25" and knows their names, features, intentions, etc. Lets hope so.

Also, they should give his father a medal. He is the true hero beside the Flying Dutchman in this whole stupid, incredibly lucky situation.


If anyone had any lingering doubts about our government getting into the automobile business, Ray LaHood has shot those doubts in the foot with his remarks regarding a rival automobile company. Each time he remarks about the Toyota recall, I have visions of bubble remarks above his head with GM prominently displayed, while he smiles. I'm sure, mostly, sort of, more probably than not, that there is a problem with Toyota's accelerator, each time LaHood says something I wonder isn't this good for GM?

Jack is Back!


GM and Ford sales are all up. Chrysler not so much. But all ships rise on a tide.


Started reading "I,Sniper" and in the opening some one starts knocking off the caricatures of Jane Fonda, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. The author even includes Hyde Park (Chicago) as the locale. Sniper gets them while they are in their Volvo. Just started the book but I couldn't believe how boldly the author, Stephen Hunter, drew such a precise description of Fonda, Ayers and Dorn. No mention or tie in to the One though.

Rick Ballard


It might animate the corpse of Govmo slightly for a month or two but it's great for Ford. It will be interesting to see if the net effect isn't just a postponement of purchase while Toyota finishes resolving the problem.

Rob Crawford

On the Toyota recall: At lunch yesterday, the restaurant had a TV tuned to CNN. Since it was either look at that or look at my co-workers, I caught a bit where they put a ranting letter about how horribly Toyota had handled the situation, and how the government should make it illegal to even drive a Toyota until they're all fixed. The author said he was from Milford, MI.

Which is a suburb of Detroit.

Yeah, that letter came from an unbiased source.

Rick Ballard

Toyota Recall Site

I would anticipate that Govmo will approach quality issues in the same manner as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the FHA. If you enjoy the service at the IRS, you'll love it at your Govmo dealer.


Is that before or after the next exploding gas tank situation, even the ones that Dateline didn't arrange


Heh, Milford, MI. which is about 20 miles from me, happens to be the home of Government Motors Proving Grounds.

Rob Crawford

SWarren -- I wonder if the writer was on his break or company time.


From Rick's link and also my better half--wouldn't taking out the floor mat on the driver's side solve the problem?


OT from Politico:

He hates us, he really hates us

President Obama's back is against the wall, so he's getting in touch with his inner Agnew, hitting the neo-nattering nabobs of cable and the net.

“If we could just -- excuse the press -- turn off the cameras," he told Democratic Senators at their annual retreat. "Turn off your CNN, your FOX, your MSNBC, your blogs, turn off this echo chamber … where the topic is politics. … We’ve got to get out of the echo chamber. That was a mistake I made last year – not getting out of here [Washington].”

I suppose he's right that Dems need to get out of Washington and listen to the people. Too bad he still isn't doing that.

I only read the first 25 comments, but every single one was negative toward Obama.

Rob Crawford

I suppose he's right that Dems need to get out of Washington and listen to the people.

I don't see where Obama says they need to listen to the people.


You're right Rob, I did kind of infer that.

JM Hanes


"Oh, the FBI guy and the DOJ consulted?"

What strikes me as bizarre is that the FBI guy apparently bypassed the FBI Director to consult with as yet unnamed DoJ officials.

This bit was also revealing.

FBI Director Robert Mueller [said] that providing a suspect with Miranda rights can bring better information than traditional military or intelligence interrogation.

Mueller noted that incentive agreements with suspects have many times resulted in gaining "actionable intelligence" that otherwise might never have come forward.

Unlike the risible Administration claim that 57 minutes with Abdulmutallab was sufficient, Mueller's observation is the first defense of the law enforcement track that is even remotely sensible so far. Unfortunately, assuming that plea bargains hold any fundamental attraction for terrorists is not.

I think we can mark this down as just another example of the paralysis that legal wrangling is engendering on every front.

Rick Ballard

Govmo Spokespimpperson LaHood Removes Foot From Mouth Did Geithner whisper something in his ear about Japan's purchase of Treasury bonds?

As an aside - the Toyota recall seems to be focused on US assembled vehicles.

Further aside - does anyone remember any Fed officials suggesting taking Chinese made products to the dump after discovery of manufacturing defects in [pick any ten] items?

E. Nigma

Was it a crime under US Statutes, or was it an "act of war"?
There was certainly a criminal aspect to the attempted bombing, but there is also an arc to the whole effort.
I was reading something Laurie Mylroiey (sp?) wrote in the mid-90's last night, regarding the connection of the first WTC bombing to Iraqi intelligence, and the absolute intransigence of the FBI to co-operate with CIA, State, etc. with regards to the whole "act of war" theme.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Jack is Back!

The first, second, third and last thing POTUS's do when they feel the heat is travel. Get out of DC. Get out of the USA. Go anywhere where there is no "echo chamber". His problem is that the "echo chamber" here is about jobs and its going to be tough to come out of this by international travel or going to domestic friendly locations blaming Bush and waiting for the Job Fairy to sprinkle pixie dust on his budget and policies and create jobs.


Editing jmh:
I think we can mark this down as just another example of the paralysis that legal wrangling and mushy thinking is engendering on every front.




Now Rush is reading Greenwald, who of course ignores that the military commissions were obstructed at every single step, including
from his colleague on the Matt Hale cases,


This is the link from the New Yorker, from last year, in the LUN

Malaysia Jane

OT: Supposedly Brown is being sworn in tomorrow - 8 days early.

Cecil Turner

Unlike the risible Administration claim that 57 minutes with Abdulmutallab was sufficient, Mueller's observation is the first defense of the law enforcement track that is even remotely sensible so far.

Yes, but even that part is indefensible. Contra Mueller, telling someone they have the right to remain silent is no inducement to talk. And any inducement we could've given in the event of a Miranda warning, we could just as easily have given in its absence. Mueller's thought process (which basically boils down to establishing a rapport with the subject) is sensible . . . his logic train is not.

Terry Gain

Recruiting tool blather. Obviously, the greatest jihadist recruiting tool is the lack of Sharia in non Muslim nations. So....


--That was a mistake I made last year – not getting out of here [Washington].--

Right. His putrid policy prescriptions couldn't possibly have been the mistake.
And of course he doesn't mean to get out of DC to listen to anyone; it's to more effectively lecture us.


Jane: Being sworn in tomorrow, or has demanded, via his attorney, certification no later than 11:00 am tomorrow.


As predicted, the "death" revision cometh ...

Feb. 3 (Bloomberg Multimedia) -- The U.S. may lose 824,000 jobs when the government releases its annual revision to employment data on Feb. 5, showing the labor market was in worse shape during the recession than known at the time.
... fear the reaper


I suppose he's right that Dems need to get out of Washington and listen to the people. Too bad he still isn't doing that.

Local conservative radio host had an idea the other day that might not actually be too bad. Construct a "virtual capital" in Nebraska or something. Have secure feeds in from the 57 states where the senators and representatives can debate and connections to vote. Keep these jokers separated and out among the populace. With todays communications problems, it would be relatively easy, and would save a TON of travel costs.


For someone who really really wanted this job he sure whines a lot about it. His policies stink and blaming repubs is no longer viable.Fox at least tells it like it is in this administration. Now Holder has to take the fall because Obama doesn't know how to lead. Blanche Lincoln's question today hits the nail on the head. None of these jokers has ever balanced anthing let alone a budget. Obama didn't work his way through college he got an AA free ride.


I think this image shows exactly why the economy is tanking:

... Dow Dives 53

Malaysia Jane

Being sworn in tomorrow, or has demanded, via his attorney, certification no later than 11:00 am tomorrow.

That's what I'm hearing now Centralcal - before I heard it was done. Apparently the run around goes like this: Kirk says its on Galvin's head. Galvin refers to Kirk. Governor says he's not available and on and on.

Something funny is going on. Congress is going to try and push something thru I bet.


fdcol63 - I'd have thought the top number on that chart would be 100%. I wonder what it would look like for the 19th century.


I'm not sure why they scaled it that way. I imagine the 19th century would have more private sector people, because the gov't sector was generally smaller, eh?


Reid;s spokesman says Brown will be sworn in tomorrow at 5:30 p.m.

Dave (in MA)

I forget where I saw it but I read something yesterday that was ridiculing conservatives because they were treating Scott Brown like he was their "messiah". Talk about projection. Get back to me when he starts giving speeches in front of faux Greek columns with a special logo and talking about slowing the rise of the oceans. In the meantime, seat him and get rid of this Kennedy appointee immediately.

john 2000

"There are mornings I think we can't kill these guys fast enough."

Which guys?

Manuel Transmission

po: Construct a "virtual capital" in Nebraska

I've had a similar idea, but I would wire their chairs so when we citizens see them debate/vote on C-SPAN our collective reaction sends the appropriate electric 'response' to their backsides. Of course, if they aren't sittin' in their chair the vote doesn't count.


There are some thin if the legitimate work as a line there. Most are sites and marketing study for the site owner rich, not you. The only thing is true legitimacy Ebay, selling things you already own


I'm not sure why they scaled it that way.

Makes sense for the numbers they had; I was surprised none of those numbers broke 60%. Coolidge of all people should have been in the 80's at least.

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