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February 01, 2010



The thing that annoys me most about these Dem policies is that every one seems to carve out a group and the benefit applies only to them. That is why the 2000 page bills.
We need changes (tax cuts,less regulation) that benefit Americans across the board.


And the exemption for their insurance and that of federal employees.

Danube of Thought

God do I hope they fail in this effort.


I give this post an 'A'.

Use it for whatever you like.


I guess they don't believe us when we tell them that this legislation stinks from top to bottom.

Oh, that's right. We just need to have it "explained" to us better. That would change our opinion that it's a piece of crap from beginning to end.


Can we make the "Lucy Ricardo" face like on "I Love Lucy" when Ricky Ricardo said to Lucy, "Lucy, let me 'splain this to you"?

The theory seems to be that when the public is just too stupid and ignorant what needs to be done is to have the policy "splained" much. more. slowly. with. smaller. words. in. a. very. loud. voice.

Keep getting louder until those bitter, gun-toting Bible-clingers get the point.


Concerning Health Care,

Was nice to see Republicans on offense today:

">http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/news/state_regional/state_regional_govtpolitics/article/senate_passes_bill_saying_virginians_dont_have_to_buy_health_insurance/321533/#When:18:35:16Z"> RICHMOND, Va. -- With five Democrats defecting, the Virginia Senate today passed a Republican measure that says Virginians don't have to buy health insurance.

Sends the proper message and shows Dem's fleeing being tied to Obama's National Health Care. Would like to see this pushed by Repub's in the other 57 states.

E. Nigma

Gee daddy, there's only 57 states, according to the New Obama American Atlas. So 57 minus Virginia is 56 states.

It's always been factionalism with the Democrats. The "New Deal". Everybody gets dealt cards, every body gets a "deal" in the game. Just don't watch the dealer's hands; he learned on the South Side of Chicago, and half the cards are from the bottom of the deck.


Darn it all E Nigma,

Got my math wrong. But what with Obama ">http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/slideshow/photo//100128/480/b07861589f354ce698c3bf88b741d692/"> bowing to the Mayor of Tampa as if she was a foreign potentate, I was confused and figured maybe Florida had seceded and Copenhagen and Davos were added as new states. Oh well.


For DoT especially, though this thread may be dying - here's some HCR yumminess from Politico:

[Lawrence] O'Donnell: Reform is dead

Democrats knew they lost reform with the Massachusetts election and some of them like Rep. Barney Frank essentially said so. “The first reaction to the Massachusetts election was the honest reaction,” O’Donnell said. Frank later walked back his comments.

But since Election Night, he said, Democrats have moved into “full bluff mode.”

“We’re absolutely in full fake cheerleading mode. I think Nancy Pelosi has absolutely no moves left. I think she knows that now. I think Harry Reid knows that. And that’s why they don’t bring it up,” he said. “They had a Senate leadership press conference (Thursday) and it was as if (reporters) were asking about World War I” when they asked about reform.

O’Donnell attributes the theatrics to the need to deal with a liberal base that will go bonkers if Democrats quit on reform. And the cue cards are nothing new. He pointed to Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer’s statements during the fall that the Senate would pass the public option even though “he’s smart enough to know they were never going to get it.”

“No one who went on television was free to say anything realistic,” he said.

I've been a believer in the death of HRC since Brown's election night, but this is delicious nonetheless.


Let us hope so Porchlight.

A bummed Lawrence O'Donnell makes my day:)

Soylent Red

So 57 minus Virginia is 56 states.

Huzzah for the Commonwealth!

Melinda Romanoff

Let's see what the other half of Virginia does...

Soylent Red

West Virginia?

All I know is that a vote against anything Creigh Deeds likes is a vote for the Republic.

Captain Hate

He pointed to Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer’s statements during the fall that the Senate would pass the public option even though “he’s smart enough to know they were never going to get it.”

I'd like a second opinion; which probably wouldn't be allowed under HCR.


The reality is that things are not going well. The country is hurting. Economic recovery is being choked off by profligate spending, uncertainty, and a lack of confidence in U.S. leadership.

The Omnibus bill was nearly pure ripoff, the 'stimulus' bill was about 1/3rd ripoff, and the HCR bill is such a mess that it's impossible to tell anything except that it will apparently help no one.



Soylent Red




delightful! No? When are you coming back, Soylent? I've a freexer (actually 2) full of food.

Soylent Red

Coming back? You mean to D.C.?

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