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February 15, 2010


Water trumpeting.

Unless made safe, legal, and rare, waterboarding or something like it, is going to be a recourse of those used to bathing with elephants.

Cecil Turner

Heard a similar winge on the talk shows on Sunday. It was amazing to me the talking head (with zero military experience, natch) didn't understand how much harder it is to capture someone than to kill them.

That said, one of the perverse outcomes of treating enemy combatants like criminals is that it removes many of the incentives to capture them. I expect you'll see more of that at the front (refusing surrenders, etc.) if this thing drags on.

Rob Crawford

I expect you'll see more of that at the front (refusing surrenders, etc.) if this thing drags on.

It's not like the jihadis hadn't already committed false surrender. "Take no prisoners" is a valid, if bloody, response to unlawful combatants.

Danube of Thought

These guys have talked themselves into the conclusion that Gitmo is not an appropriate detention center. There is nothing on earth that can change their minds. It's crazy.


The problem of losing intelligence is a very real danger and the result of killing rather than capturing them may be more dead on our side as well, due to knowledge lost.
Political expediency kills an awful lot of people, but hey as long as Barry can brandish a scalp or two who cares?


Karen De Young hasn't been right on anything for the last 30 years, any foreign foe, Sandinista, Hezbollah et al, she always takes
their side. blowing up Ali Sabhan means you don't get the info on an Al Shahaab leader


Moreover, could someone please explain to me how Gitmo is a jihadist recruiting tool but blowing jihadis up along with women and children nearby, not to mention the occasional mistaken hit, isn't?

Danube of Thought

Minus seventeen today.


If we had captured and interogated the Yemen Al Queada leader last September (And captured aby information he was carrying), perhaps we would have caught the underwear bomber, and many future underwear bombers, before his/their bombs go off - that is the point.

Blowing them up has the same effect as telling them to remain silent.

No wonder a bomber walked right in and took out our CIA operatives in Afghanistan. We weren't getting any intel...


Hey, when your cheering a 20% recivitism rate on Islamic terrorists, you really have to believe you're doing a great job.

Imagine, only 20% of the terrorists that kill an American soldier, go on to kill another American soldier after we let them go. And Brennan gets a 100% on his effectiveness report!

And why hasn't this loon been fired yet?


... and then comes the official leak from the Administration ...

U.S. intelligence officials appear to have obtained access to what could turn out to be a significant trove of phone numbers, photographs and documents detailing the links between Al Qaeda's leaders in northwest Pakistan and the terror group's increasingly menacing affiliate in Yemen, two counter-terrorism sources tell Declassified.


So are Newsweek and WaPo playing "good cop - bad cop" ?


Could they give the street address of his apartment in downtown Peshawar, do they not realize they have burned the people who aided
in his capture. Where are they holding him, is the HIG in operation now


--Could they give the street address of his apartment in downtown Peshawar, do they not realize they have burned the people who aided
in his capture.--

Apparently the press learned of his capture by public postings an a jihadi website telling Paki AQ guys he was captured and to change their phone numbers etc.


This would suggest that Barud, is the source for the information, they say they were getting out of abdulmutallab, or are they going to say that the latter gave up his name
in those first 50 minutes


To be fair to Obama, he doesn't want all terrorists dead:

Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahis, who was supposed to be less then 3 months from certain death has now survived 6 months since his release.


And I suppose if you just kill all your enemies instead of capturing and imprisoning them like the Israeli's do, then you never have to worry about being blackmailed into hostage exchanges. Gosh, wonder why the Israeli's didn't think of that as a smart strategy the rest of the world would applaud as sensible and necessary?


Thanks pops for posting that.

I never want to forget the release of that mass murderer for "humane reasons" and the potential of better relations with radical Islam in the future, but it sure is tough trying to keep getting reliable info on the guy whereabouts.

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