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February 28, 2010



More gibberish from Her Nancyness.

Just once I wish one of these media people would say, "Speaker Pelosi, some of our listeners might not be familiar with the concept of Astroturfing. Would you explain to them what it means?"

Jim Ryan

An outreach effort that's a self-fulfilling prophecy: "You Tea Partiers are Republicans!"

orchestrated from the Republican headquarters. Some of it is hijacking

She's getting there. A couple more years of decent into crazy and she'll be a Truther.

Jim Ryan

**deSCent** I did a clarice-o.


dumb da dumb dumb..and full of it, too.


"That word you are using (Nancy) doesn't mean what you think it does? Honestly what corner of the multiverse, are we in, and how do we
get back to sanity

Mike Myers

Nancy baby--you said that the tea partiers were Nazis as well. And now you want to make nice? Go away from me you deranged botox addled harridan! (That's a three syllable word--where a one syllable that begins with B would do).

Milton Quaffalot

Just for fun, the Tea Party should appoint Nancy as their leader.


I share no common ground with Nancy Pelosi.

Captain Hate

Does anybody really listen to this deranged scrunt? If you summed her and Olbermann's IQs would you reach double digits?

Cecil Turner

Even assuming she was good on special interests (like right, that explains picking the late unlamented Murtha as her lackey), it amazes me she can try to pretend that's the issue. As if the original tea party was a protest against the British East India Company (instead of the Crown). Suuure.

Jim Ryan

The Tea Party is not a populist movement. It wouldn't exist if the leaders of the country were competent, fiscally responsible lovers of liberty who upheld the Constitution. The Tea Party is an anti-incompetent, anti-economy-wrecking, pro-liberty, pro-Constitution movement. When Tea Partiers rail against "elites" this is because elites are destroying the economy, not because they are elites.


--And that's why I've fought the special interest, whether it's on energy--

Yes Tesla and Fiskar and GE's windmills and the solar industry and all the rest nuzzling up to her federal teat have been fought tooth and nail by Madame Tussaud.

--whether it's on health insurance--

Same with AARP, the unions, tort lawyers, etc.

-- whether it's on pharmaceuticals and the rest--

Of course she doesn't mention she went out whoring to cut a deal with "Big Pharma" so they'd support Obamacare. Some fight. And the tort attorneys have nothing to fear from Nancy in this area either.

Special interests for me but not for thee.


Pelosi and her ilk can't get their story straight.

First, the Tea Party Movement was merely a creation of the GOP and Fox News.

Now, the GOP has hijacked it.


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