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March 27, 2010



Yeah, in last week's episode, it was revealed that a mole had infiltrated CTU. What a shocker that was!


I blame the cancellation on the writers strike.
"24" went off schedule for a year, and it never recovered it's viewers.

Frankly, the whole eco-friendly "24" got a bit weird too.

Thomas Collins

I can't wait for the movie. Every show becomes formulaic after a while (no big surprise when Perry Mason would get his client off by finding the real murderer). But 24's formula has provided me with years of fun escapist entertainment. It's in my Hall of Fame for TV shows (along with The White Shadow, The Wild Wild West, Miami Vice, Perry Mason, The Beverly Hillbillies, Gilligan's Island, Candid Camera, Firing Line and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (don't get me going on the pretenders to late night TV eminence both before and after Carson).

Thomas Collins

I agree with Neo about the "greening" of 24. However, every show operates within the superstitions of its era.

JM Hanes

"Whatever - the producer cites rising costs, a declining audience, and creative fatigue." But mostly creative fatigue.

Danube of Thought

I watched one episode about three years ago and it was so absurd I was speechless. It was the one where nuke went off in L.A., and much of the episode treated us to Jack's heroic rescue of a guy whose helicopter had crashed. It reminded me of the joke Boston Globe headline, "Two Dedham Men Killed in New York Nuclear Holocaust."


It was a real downer to see the original CTU, that had savvy operators who could "multi-task" and think outside the box, replaced this year (and last) with these one-dimensional characters who were begging to be out-thought by a 4th grader on ludes.

Thomas Collins

DOT, 24's absurdity is a feature for me. I don't expect shows to have any relationship to what would happen in the real world. That's why I always laughed when lawyers would point out that what happened in a Perry Mason courtroom would never happen in a real court. I didn't watch Perry Mason to learn the rules of evidence, and I don't watch 24 to learn about counterterrorism operations or the physiological effects of nuclear fallout.


Increasingly, CTU is living up to the standards of the real DHS, (ie; if you bury
the facility underground, ala Cheyenne Mt,
why would you let a suspect vehicle in the
tunnel in the first place. DHS will be house
on the complex of St. Elizabeth's, the former
home of Ezra Pound and John Hinckley

Jane says obamasucks

It was a real downer to see the original CTU, that had savvy operators who could "multi-task" and think outside the box, replaced this year (and last) with these one-dimensional characters who were begging to be out-thought by a 4th grader on ludes.

I think that may be art imitating life in the Obama adminstration.

(Okay I just had to get that in)

Thomas Collins

For pure techno-gadget entertainment (wiihout regard to whether the gadgetry has any basis in engineering principles), I would rate The Wild Wild West over 24. For TV personality I most identify with, I would pick Gregory House (House doesn't make my Hall of Fame show list, but Gregory House's manner in which he does his job while dealing with the bureauracy resonates with me).


They've done enough cover ups for the real CTU. I think that finding out the President is really a sleeper agent placed by the CIA because his dad was an informant and recruiting was hurt by Plame; is too much.

It's okay about the brain thing. The airplane did have a malfunction and I'm sure the pilots all paid with embolisms or whatever.

If you notice Jack was running agents like Plame, only to have them do their evil after his failure(the nuke Jack let the terrorist set off as he ran him) getting blown.

Maybe Jack will make the big screen early rather than waiting 10 years. He needs some neat vehicles and bond shit. Cool clothes like Eddie and he's all set.


Whatever, one can't forget that operational security went by the waysides early on, with
Nina, the spy for the Yugoslav Drazen, the show was modeled in Surnow's earlier effort
"La Femme Nikita" which had no small number
of doublecrosses in it's short run in the 90s

JM Hanes

People willingly suspend their disbelief as long as the fiction you create is internally consistent. Alas, a neurotic, whimpering chief of computer ops who goes AWOL at least once an episode? A parole officer as the face of evil wandering around CTU at will? If they'd killed off that whole tedious soap opera sooner, the season might have had a chance. The producer should have cited the producer.

Jack is Back!

I only watched one season when I lived in London. It was the one with the black POTUS and his wife was under suspicion as trying to pop him off, or something like that. Back then I said it was so contrived that one day it would prove to be a factual truth and Lordy, what have we got now:)

Maybe that is the reason. Most folks don't like truth stranger than fiction.


And it was "Milton" from "Office Space", what's his beef, this is one more case he doesn't have to worry about. But as they say
Art imitates life, or versa vice


I watched the first couple years. I still like the characters of Jack Bauer and Cloe.

The episodes don't really stand on their own so, the show just requires to much investment of my time to get to the end of the plot.


That's the best line of the season? What was second, "Chloe, could you come over here for a minute"?

Maybe it's just the typo that killed it for me.

"We knew the Russian was vile...vilo...ent...oh, 'violent' when he approached...ah, screw it - hey, did I ever tell you about that time I took my pants off in a bar?"


Chloe came on during the third season, being a tech support on that show is like Trek's "red shirts" generally meeting violent ends.
Not promoting Chloe to head CTU's data analysis, kind of showed how useless they would turn out to be

Thomas Collins

This thread got me to thinking about my all time favorite TV shows and characters. Here is my list.

BEST PRIME TIME SHOW: The Beverly Hillbillies.

BEST LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW: The Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson.



BEST SPORTS SHOW: I was going to go with ABC's Wide World of Sports, but I have changed to Friday Night Fights (and Don Dunphy of Friday Night Fights gets my best sports announcer award).

BEST VILLAIN: Nina, of 24.

BEST LOSER: Hamilton Burger, of Perry Mason.


BEST ACTOR IN A PRIME TIME SHOW: Buddy Ebsen, of The Beverly Hillbillies.


Other than Chloe, is there anyone interesting or likeable (or hateable) at CTU? The Days of Our Lives wannabe blonde? The affirmative action CTU chief? Not even sure Jack is DA MAN anymore-he's outsourcing the really sick violent stuff to Renee. What was once hard and fast is now daytime TV in a later time slot.


Have never watched a single episode of "24" but then I never watched a single episode of the much lauded "Seinfeld".
TC, agree about the Wild, Wild West. Loved that show as a kid.


Excellent list TC, especially those last two of Buddy Ebsen and Eva Gabor. Both series were the most consistently funny ever, IMO; Paul Henning was a bit of a genius.
And a moment of silence for Art Carney as Ed Norton.
Couple of obscure honorable mentions; Hope Island and Frank's Place if anyone has ever heard of them.
One less obscure one is Avonlea from the Disney Channel.
Only thing I might disagree with is Johnny Carson. I always had a soft spot for the silliness of Steve Allen and his insane giggling fits.

JM Hanes


This season, the only scenes that seemed to generate any emotional intensity were the ones with Renee -- when Jack was not on stage. The softer, gentler, sorta-kinda-almost guilt panged Jack Bauer just doesn't work, does it? His whole raison d'etre, and the very essence of his appeal, was that he was So. Not. PC. It's pretty ironic that so many once dedicated Sopranos fans now cast Bauer as a perfect symbol of the vicious right. It's the collectivist vs individualist vision all over again!

Is anybody else watching Caprica? After Galactica went dark I had zero expectations, along with a bias against prequels, but it's not as crudely derivative as I thought it would be, and I'm enjoying it a lot. On the big screen, the latest Star Trek prequel was not bad either.


Right, JM, and they were probably big fans of the Shield too, and that made '24 look like
Mayberry. Renee's almost a little too intense
that why they've moved her offscreen.

As for Caprica, they wrapped their last mid season, last night and I like their Chandleresque take on the situation, although
the subtext is a little annoying


I think you're all missing that '24' just won't fly in Obama's America.

If the show did continue, Jack Bauer would be in prison for rights violations and torture. The CTU would be looking for people who don't buy health insurance or checking peoples garbage to see if they re-cycle.

The President would be cracking down on Jews who disobey his orders while partying with and buttering up anyone that puts down America.


I had fun at work this week. I suggested the Obama voters should be fired first or at least drop their health insurance and let them go on Obamacare exchanges.

The admitted Obama voters proclaimed that he had lied to them and they didn't expect him to be this liberal.

It's so hard to admit you're stupid, until you face losing your job.


I missed 24 but Jack retired? Put in the field something like himself to run? Sounds like a spy.

The last episode Caprica has some kid killing herself in a car while in a dream psychosis that put her in the robot, not dead; but raised as an entire life resurrected to live forever in Satan's robot hell. I guess that's okay as long as that laser beam eye in the original is actually existence destroying fission.

Manuel Transmission

JM, we queued up several episodes of Caprica (because I was in China) and watched them as a marathon a couple of Sundays ago. Totally amazed how well it was done. The lovely home on the water (minus any CGI) is probably about 70 miles due north of us. Might cruise up there and try to spot it.

Re old TV shows: I grew up on Maverick, Gunsmoke, and Paladin. Bought my first pistol (Colt Frontier Scout) when I was 14. For not being much of a reader of human characteristics, I am amazed that I recognized early on that Jim Garner was an awesome individual who did exceptionally well with all his characters through the years. The contrast was Jack Kelly (?) who came in as his brother in the second or third year. Jack was an empty suit by comparison.

I watched a few episodes of Paladin some weeks ago on one of the movie channels. Those little 20 minute morality plays really held up well (50 yrs ago!) and Dick Boone was another top notch actor that really made his character believable.

bio mom

Off topic. I see Waxman is going to try to get the CEOs of the companies that are following the law and writing down their estimated costs due to Obamacare to testify before his committee and to give them all their internal emails about the subject. Keep this up democrats. You are heading for a major fall in November.


The question now, JM, is: How does the series end? A lot of people had an opinion about what the last epidsode of MASH would/should look like and who would be the best/last guest on the Carson show (kind of a pity Carson didn't wrap it up with Middler singing The Song).

The Hollywood Reporter says, "As the weeks tick down to the show’s final hour, Gordon promises a strong finish coupled with the current New York-based storyline taking a dark and creatively risky turn for the final episodes."

What do ya think? Looks like a sure bet they're not gonna kill Jack off (Renee is a whole other story as she could be heavy baggage in the movie or future series). I'm thinking the bad boys might do some serious damage and get away with it - a reminder of what happens when governments mix up priorities.

Next up? How about Jack Reacher? More than one wandering loner has captured TV hearts and minds:
Paladin and Carradine's Kung Fu character come to mind.


Gordon promises a strong finish

Such as MO dispatches Jack with a forearm shiver.

Luigi Cavatelli

"How does the series end?"


Jack is waiting in a coffee shop for a crucial meeting. That black president comes back in the final scene, Jack Bauer overpowers him and realizes the president has a rubber mask (Mission Impossible style). Jack rips off the mask and the president is really.....Osama Bin Laden!!

Then the president's wife walks in and Jack overpowers her. She is also wearing a rubber mask. Jack rips it off and it's....Aunt Ester!!

Then they are all sitting in a coffee shop in New Jersey while strange characters begin walking in and then...screen goes to black.



"We knew the Russian was vile...vilo...ent...oh, 'violent' when he approached...ah, screw it - hey, did I ever tell you about that time I took my pants off in a bar?"

Posted by: bgates

Never saw a single second of 24, but if they'd have hired bgates as the script writer I'd be a fan forever.


BEST LOSER: Hamilton Burger, of Perry Mason.

He had the ">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hitchhiker_Talman.jpg"> perfect face and success rate to be a really mean chronic drunk. "hey- did I ever tell you about that time Hamilton Burger took his pants off in a bar?"


Speaking of a political thriller only Jack Bauer could tackle, Obama has just recess appointed 15 more henchmen to his team.


--A lot of people had an opinion about what the last epidsode of MASH would/should look like--

I was always partial to the squadron-of-B-29s-in-a-most-regrettable-friendly-fire-incident-blows-that-wretched-bunch-of-commies-to-bits alternate ending.

Frau Fragezeichen

"Obama named four people to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, which has also been operating without a quorum."

How will the EEOC’s lack of a quorum impact its day-to-day operations?

There should be no impact. According to EEOC Spokesperson Charles Robbins, the EEOC will continue to act by delegation of authority. Anticipating the possibility that the Senate might not vote on President Obama's nominees for EEOC Chair and two commission seats before adjourning, Acting Chair Stuart J. Ishimaru, Acting Vice Chair Christine Griffin and Commissioner Constance Barker on December 18, 2009, signed a document that temporarily delegates to Ishimaru and Barker the authority to act on matters usually reserved for the five-member commission. The delegation of authority will end when a third EEOC member is sworn in, restoring the quorum.

Did the Deemocrats block the filling of the positions during the last administration?


Hamilton Burger, of Perry Mason.

The knee-jerk reaction is to say that the funniest thing about that character is the name. A student of the show may think that the funniest thing is that he always prosecutes the wrong guy. But actually, the funniest thing by a wide margin is this:
Once Mason had outed the true perpetrator, Burger always joined in Mason's motion to the judge to dismiss the charges against Mason's client so that Burger could then charge the actual wrongdoer. A scene from the TV series in which Mason consoles Burger after such a dismissal inspired a young Sonia Sotomayor to become a prosecutor.

Rick Ballard

"Did the Deemocrats block the filling of the positions during the last administration?"

Yep. Dirty Harry kept the Senate in session pro forma in order to prevent GW from making any recess appointments. Come January, when Speaker Boehner gavels the House to order, the new committee chairs can begin call all 15 of the Kendo commie's picks into perpetual testimony (in between the various cabinet secretaries auditioning for orange suits).

There's also the little matter of funding for the various commissions. I really don't see why the jobs shouldn't be done on a pro bono basis.

Jane says obamasucks

I always wonder how Burger mustered up so much enthusiasm every week knowing he was about to be humiliated.

Shamrock Shakes The Clown

"Hamilton Burger, of Perry Mason."

aka...The Hamburglar.


A scene from the TV series in which Mason consoles Burger after such a dismissal inspired a young Sonia Sotomayor to become a prosecutor.

When I grow up
I wanna be prosecutor
I wanna be wrong
I wanna be a loser

With apologies to the Pussycat Dolls both for the song and for associating Sotomayor with their hawtness.


I kan haz ONT?

Thomas Collins

Congrats to Butler, which I believe is the first Horizon Conference team to make the men's Final Four!


I always wonder how Burger mustered up so much enthusiasm every week knowing he was about to be humiliated.

Posted by: Jane says obamasucks | March 27, 2010 at 06:52 PM

Or how Charlie Brown thought Lucy would let him kick the ball despite 3,498 consecutive times she yanked it on him. My 4th grade teacher was a clone of Barbara Hale (Della Street). Woohoo!

Looking for something to watch on TV? I'm enjoying the original series on TNT and USA along with Bones and NCIS reruns. I've seen the first two episodes of Justified on FX and judge them thoroughly excellent. Elmore Leonard characters--seldom miss the mark.

DoT, if you read this thread, recommended crime novels: (Recently deceased) Tony Hillerman's Navajo police series is special if you can handle a little mysticism. Almost anything Dean Koontz has written in the last 10-15 years if you're good at suspending disbelief. Horror with great good humor and optimism. Parables/allegories of good v evil. I recently read the latest Odd Thomas novel--a really wonderful character.

I agree Steve Allen was fantastic, but you gotta give it to Johnny for lifetime achievement. Never before and never again.

Rob Crawford

No love for Hogan's Heroes? Half the fun watching that show as an adult is realizing how many of the actors were -- in some small way -- getting revenge by making the Nazis look like buffoons.

The only modern shows worth their salt are "Dirty Jobs" and "Mythbusters". Sadly, I think Mike Rowe's gem has run its course, and Mythbusters seriously needs Kari Byron back.

Jane says obamasucks

I loved Hoga's heroes. Loved loved loved. And right now after 2 hours of NCIS I am being serenaded by Ace of Cakes.


U can haz ONT tis up!

Mark in Houston

Thomas Collins
I like to add to your list
the best British TV sitcom- Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister
Best episode for sci/fi(british)- Blink / Dr. Who
Best sci/fi(american) - Out of Gas / Firefly


I love the Firefly series too Mark in Houston. Our of Gas and Shindig are my favorite episodes.
LUN is an interview with Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb).

JM Hanes


Maybe they'll spin off a show for Renee. They can call it
24 Hours, More or Less. :-)


For those who have never seen it, you must try the TV series:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Great campy fun, but sometimes heart wrenching. Gets my vote for the best TV series ever.


"Or how Charlie Brown thought Lucy would let him kick the ball despite 3,498 consecutive times she yanked it on him."

Or how citizens keep voting for Democrats who legislate away freedom and spend us into oblivion, but maybe not next time...


Final episode has Jack Bauer rescuing the LOST writers from angry mobs who've wasted years trying to follow their meanderings....


I thought Jack and his dad were more British than anything else, but I guess I was wrong. His dad sure was mean.

O has destroyed the 'special relationship' with the British. Those CIA ops never really worked out anyway. The sway has indeed left.

Cecil Turner

Final episode has Jack Bauer rescuing the LOST writers . . .

Pitch perfect. I tried twice to watch an episode of "24" and never got to the end (the only scene I remember is the one where people were dying on the other side of a glass barrier from instant-acting-nerve gas of some sort). The eyerolling ludiocrity made it impossible to watch. "Lost" is pretty much the same, but it's supposed to be fantasy. I'd still rather watch "Idol" reruns . . . or test patterns, for that matter.

Jack is Back!

daddy and bgates,

According to the wikipedia entry on Hamilton Burger, he was once replaced by another actor since he got arrested for smoking pot and indecent exposure.

It looks like he also took down his pants in a bar:)

Thomas Collins

Mark in Houston, I haven't seen the British sitcom you mentioned. My favorite Brit TV show is The Human Jungle, starring Herbert Lom as a psychiatrist.

Thomas Collins

I would like 24 to end with Jack's father (who I am still convinced was not killed when the rig was bombed), turn good guy and help Jack foil a plot to kill Taylor and Hasan as they are signing the peace treaty between the USA and Kamistan (this would be happening after the radiological bomb attack was foiled, or after the bomb went off and damaged was minimized). I want the foiling of the plot to kill Hasan and Taylor to be the result of information gained by Jack, Jack's father and Walker torturing a few of the bad guys (with Jack participating in the torture after Walker and Jack's father convincing Jack that sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do). Then I want Jack, Walker and Jack's father to go to the West Coast to live near Jack's daughter and grandchild. At the end, Jack is talking to Chloe trying to convince Chloe to bring her family to the West Coast to be the IT queen in a private security business being started by Jack, Jack's father, and Walker.

Cecil Turner, I always thought 24 was supposed to be in part a parody of a show that tried to be serious but was in fact utterly unrealistic. Perhaps I misread the writers' intent, but even if I did, I will continue to enjoy the show to the end!


TC, I think that in part, starting with the first season, and Jack's wife's amnesia, they
don't work out the arc all the way through, so consequently they go off on tangents, like
those above. Also it's the last of what one would call a cliffhanger type show, and suspension of disbelief becomes increasingly
harder to support


--I am being serenaded by Ace of Cakes.--

I much prefer Cake Boss but then I'm about half Italian.


I guess that I get to put the final note in this thread. The actress playing Renee Walker got her show business start playing an alien girl marooned with her father and a crew of holograms in the episode "Oasis" on "Star Trek: Enterprise".

Locomotive Breath

Umm... Terminator didn't come back. They kept Dollhouse and then cancelled that too.

I quit watching Caprica when it because apparent that Cylon anger at humans had its origin in the hormonal rebellion of an adolescent girl. Not promising.

Thomas Collins

Was that former Prez Logan in the highlights for the next show? When he flatlined a few seasons ago, I wondered if he was revived. Looks as if he was.

If Logan is making a comeback, can Jack's father be far behind?

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