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March 29, 2010



Thanks for mentioning it, Tom.

Ann says Obama Sucks!

Thank you, Tom Maguire. Bad would be so pleased.

Thanks again to Jane and Hit, too.

We miss you Sue. xxxooo


I still can't believe we were born on the same day and the same year.

I suspect Bad would have enjoyed the conversations I had with my kids the day we realized this.

It was quite an epiphany on both sides.

Thanks Bad.


Love you, bad! I think about you every day.


Thank you Tom for giving Susie her own thread.
Her personality sure matched her mischievous, pixie looks.
Prayers for those she left behind.

Danube of Thought

RIP, and many thanks to Hit, Jane and TM.

Thomas Collins

Bad, I'm smiling while reading this thread and H&R's tribute to you. Heaven has another Blogging All-Star (and shining light) to join PUK!

hit and run

Thank you,Tom.

This world is so much poorer for not having Sue Donovan with us any more.

The memory of getting to hug her (for an almost inappropriate amount of time*) on her front porch as we said our goodbyes after lunch is a very cherished memory.

But most of all her laugh is something that one just doesn't forget.

Sue's laugh simply made time stop.

*I doubt she viewed it as inappropriate -- I suspect everyone who hugged her grabbed on and didn't let go just like I did,and mine was but average in her experience.


Thanks, TM. If I could have figured out how to post on You Too, my thanks to Jane would have made it online.

Jane says obamasucks

My very first Jomerlaunch. That Bad - she just keeps on giving - and I'm sure she wants it just that way.

Sue says Obama Sucks

My Sweet Sue.

hit and run

The beach will be speaking truth to power in the morning.

Weather permitting.

"Obama Sucks"

Buford Gooch

Another of my favorites. She was SAD to BAD, and now I'm just sad.

Rick Ballard

She has left the shadows of the valley for the sun swept upper slopes, Buford. I miss her terribly but I cannot be sad. She's home now.



Ann says Obama Sucks!

Susie Ann Donovan, our bad


I just love the twinkle in her eye. You could see it on everyone of her posts.


Getting old sucks


What a privilege to get to share humor and conversations with such great people like bad and PeterUK. JOM is a treasure. Thank you Tom....and thank you Jane and Hit for your posts in memory of Sue.

Ralph L

I hope JOM brought to her at least a small fraction of the pleasure and fun she brought to it.


I really miss her.
I can't help but remember when she revealed her cancer to us, she said the hardest thing was thinking about her young kids being left without their mom. I wept. I think all of us mothers can relate. My prayers are with her family.

Sharon says Obama Sucks

And in her memory,Sharon says Obama Sucks.


It's precious little, but somehow it makes me happy that our Bad wore a Moose's Tooth T-shirt to Church.
Isn't that just like our gal?

Bad you are dearly missed.


Sue's husband mentioned in an email update that after Sue arrived in hospice, she arranged for a friend to bring flowers to her youngest daughter, who is 13 (I think). I thought that was such a perfect expression of the kind of person she was - to buy flowers for her daughter just when everyone else was sending flowers to her.

We're so lucky to have known her. Thanks, TM for the thread.



No. Those who are really "bad" linger on, making us miserable -- while those who are truly "good" die young, leaving us with wonderful memories.

RIP, Bad. You will be missed!


I always missed bad when she would drop out for awhile because of the chemo, or she got busy, and I would worry that she was ok. Now I miss her and know that we're the ones who aren't ok -- at least for awhile. We will surely meet again, and bad will have everyone laughing!

hit and run

she arranged for a friend to bring flowers to her youngest daughter, who is 13 (I think).

Katie is 19/20 now,finishing up her freshman year in college. And just an absolute sweetheart.

I think it's fitting if we http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=373221705685&ref=ts>link Sue's facebook tribute page on this thread.

I encourage everyone to visit.

hit and run

I always missed bad when she would drop out for awhile because of the chemo, or she got busy, and I would worry that she was ok.

I would at times email her when that would happen . . . and she would apologize to me for being slow to respond.

Apologize to me?

She was fighting for her life and felt bad because she wasn't keeping up with email.

She was the definition of selfless.


Thanks, hit. I thought I must be wrong about Katie's age - I must have misread somewhere. And thanks for linking to Sue's page. I can't get over how much she looks like what I'd pictured. Right down to those mischievous arched brows. :)



She looked like I figured too, which is really really rare for people I've known on line. Usually I have a disconnect for a while with what I thought someone looked like and the real thing.

hit and run

One of my favorite memories of my lunch with Sue was when we retired to the family room. Sue had to lie down and put her feet up (swelling was a problem,and she went to the trouble of making me lunch,which was some effort for her).

It was at that point that her kids,who had graciously come home to meet me at Sue's urging,all departed one by one. When Katie was getting ready to leave,she came in to say goodbye and give her mom a hug. Once Katie had closed the front door behind her,Sue turned to me and said,with those mischievous arched brows,"isn't she something?".

Katie is something. But that moment -- seeing a mother's love for and pride in her daughter nearly brought me to tears on the spot.

I'll live the rest of my life praying for Katie.


Get out of my head! I pictured "Bad" exactly as she appears with that wicked sense of humor. She will be missed by me because I always got a lift when reading her posts.
Take it easy Porchlight-everyone should be waiting on you at this point. Like H&R I can't wait for the blessed birth.


Just crap. Only the good die young, and all that.

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