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March 24, 2010



As a Southwest exec told me, little Kyla while on the plane had her tanktop neckline pulled down below her boobs, covered only by a see-through knit top, and the crotch of her panties showed below the strip of fabric that was supposed to serve as her skirt. It was the female passengers who were onto her.


Putting The T&A In 'TSA'

On a related note, you can't spell POTUS without POS.

hit and run

This won't catch Obama's eye. He's an http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3705807538/>ass man.


Your last comment is missing a comma, dude.


See a doctor. They have pills that will make you okay.

A Bodice Too Buttressed.

Knocker, Knocker.

Who's there?

Boom, Boom.

Boom who, boom who?

Cry me a river.

Master sabotage

The terror is really a Dr.Who episode: mini-black hole Tardis Large H Collider.


What is the Salgir? Bad language jokes for $400, please, kim.

Beginning Master sabotage

Bad? Keep Calm Carry On!

'...stress an attitude of mind, rather than a specific aim...'

'...difficult for the enemy to counterfeit...'


so now Hooters is a terrorist training center?


Hey! All the guys are on this thread talking about hooters, Hooters, and knockers...while I'm on the "It looks like.." thread talking about cro-magnon men!
Not sure what my point is...but that didn't stop me from posting.


It would seem that only in the British Isles can the company be diverted from awkward subjects with talk of the weather, i.e., the U.K. rain(e).

(Another) Barbara

This won't catch Obama's eye. He's an ass man.

What choice does he have?


He's a metro sexual.

Captain Renault

: I'm shocked, shocked to find that sexual inuendo is going on in here! ...round up the usual suspects."


What choice does he have?

LOL, (Another) Barbara. And welcome!


Reminds me of the wonder of 1975, Death Race 2000, (a work of David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone that had all the good scenes in the trailer) where David Carradine's character, ingeniously named "Frankenstein," was going to kill the President with a grenade built into his hand (get it .. "hand grenade" .. yeah, as good as the rest of the movie).


"the usual airport scanning machines.""

The Obama Administration has a plan for you to avoid all This.

"Obama Transportation Secretary: ‘This Is the End of Favoring Motorized Transportation at the Expense of Non-Motorized’"

Let the roads and bridges crumble and build bike paths. Just another way to turn America into little Cuba.


No idea how ua got in there. Must be the no coffee yet gremlim.

Doug Ross has some Thoughts on the group that now controls us.

"Near as I can figure it, the Democrat Party is actively working to destroy the American civil society. It appears to serve the interests of only the union bosses, the trial lawyers, government bureaucrats, illegal immigrants and felons. In other words, Democrats."

Old Lurker

"This won't catch Obama's eye. He's an ass man."

You missed an important comma.

...He's an ass, man.


centralcal will not comply

Good morning. Welcome to JOM, (Another) Barbara.

With or without the comma, both statements are accurate, OL.


On a related note, you can't spell POTUS without POS.

Oops, I forgot something. You can't spell Pelosi without POS either.


"Or, we could just de-brief Tiger Woods."

Sorry, Tom. Tiger Woods has demonstrated rather handily that he doesn't need any help from us in taking his briefs off. At least not from many of us. I'm sure he'd let the nubile females assist him.

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