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March 28, 2010


Danube of Thought

I believe I have the honor to close out this page...


Beat you to it, DOT. But you get to start a new one . . .

hit and run

JMH,we really,really need to set a date.

(did you have any sketchy weather tonight? we're on the coast,but everyone from our neighborhood has been freaking out about tornados tonight)

Danube of Thought

Wrong--too late for the honor.

Speaking of nutrition, DoT, this just in: Cut back on those carbs, up your intake of fat!

For two weeks now I have cut back on just about everything, and especially the Martinis (and alcohol in all its Luciferian forms). Dropped 13 lbs. but my morale has plummeted much faster than that. I couldn't even get hammered when they passed the healthcare bill!


Frau, absolutely! If we're going to do it, we might as well do it right.

DoT, I think that there was a pilot program on the calorie posting (NY, maybe) and after a short trial, they found that people were eating more fast food calories rather than fewer. If you only have $1.99 to spend, and you can buy an extra 200 calories for that money, what do you pick: the salad, or the burger?

The law of unintended consequences has not been repealed.

But, just to be safe, I blame the food pyramid.

Danube of Thought

Hee hee heeeee....

Last year, former President Clinton told Political Wire that "the minute health care reform passed, President Obama's approval ratings would go up 10 points."

Right. And Jesse Jackson ran a good campaign in South Carolina, too.

Strawman Cometh

How 'bout those Blue Devils.


In other news, this odd story at Bloomberg hasn't made the rounds yet. I think it might have been flagged up at zerohedge, and I'm not sure that it means all that much (AMBAC has been impaired for a while), but more grist for the mill.

And what the hell, a calorie count at the resturant. Are we going to have to sign an indemnification for ordering a double cheeseburger. Yeah, a laywer with every happy meal.

Danube of Thought

Here it is, September 22,s009:

Clinton predicted "the minute health care reform passed, President Obama's approval ratings would go up 10 points." And he said they would go up 20 points next year once Americans saw that none of the bad things Republicans said would happen came true.

So we should expect him to be at about 76% by election day.

Danube of Thought

*September 22, 2009*

hit and run

Why the cut back,DoT?

Sincerely...you ok?

If it makes you feel any better,I drank enough for both of us (and four or five others of us,just for good measure) after they passed the health care bill.

And I stand ready to continue that effort as long as needed.

Danube of Thought

Yeah, I'm fine, Hit--thanks. I'd just been slowly putting on some weight over the past year or so and decided to go drastic. I've been pretty much of a fitness nut all my life, and had just about decided I was old enough to let it all go. Then when it all went, I said "no way!" So it's kind of like spring practice 50 years ago now.

Rick Ballard


I'll see your "AMBAC busted" and raise you Greece on the brink. The EU is sure standing behind Club Med. It's too bad that they're on the edge of a cliff and the EU is pushing.

Europe is going to be cheap this summer for any American who can stow away on a tramp steamer to get there.


Lot of could calorie counts will do with people who get out of school not knowing how to count.


Drat! Lot of could s/b Lot of good!


Hey, Straw--are you a fellow Dukie or are you just trying to piss off DOT--or both?

Great to see they can win with Singler going O-fer-10, and some very sloppy ballhandling in the first half. They have a lot of people to step up when somebody's off--both on the scoring side and the big guys down low. And the Nolan Smith who played today is an entirely different animal than the kid who got blitzkrieged in the Georgetown debacle back in January.

hit and run

Yeah, I'm fine, Hit--thanks.

That's really good to hear.

I have no idea how,but I'm gonna find some way to get out that way some day. And soon.

And I don't care what your diet du jour is,we're having a couple martinis each while I delight in hearing every tale you can share in the [x] hours I can wring out of you.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Stop shilling for him.

I don't even know who him is, so this is kind of out of line.


Over at Memeorandum, there is a story that "Obama is pressing Karzai for a crackdown on corruption". It's kind of hard to believe that anyone takes a guy that gets campaign contributions from Mickey Mouse serious when he talks about the other persons' corruption problems.



I figured I would wait a day so that you could have a complete birthday weekend. Happy birthday!

Captain Hate

Congrat Mark; Singler did play like poo. Great performance by Nolan Smith though and Coach Kazooski thoroughly outmaneuvered his counterpart.

I was incensed in the first round by the "lane violation" called on Robert Morris in crunch time; and even more so by smarmy apologist and douchetool Seth Davis's defense of it in CBS's studios. So I've made it a point to watch other teams in the tourney and note how often it happens and goes uncalled and I would say it happens and doesn't get punished on around 75% of the free throws that will be challenged if missed. Just horrible reffing.


The associate of REzko, Auchi, Al Sammarai, lecturing Karzai "You see Hamid, this is how it's done"

Strawman Cometh

I'm a displaced Boiler, been a fan of ACC basketball since I moved down here in '78. Specifically a Duke fan observing the Tarhole reaction as K pricked pissed on St.Deano's halo.
DoT is one of my favorites, I don't get the Duke hate coming from her. Perhaps she has reconsidered - no response yet to my response to her Duke missive on earlier thread, no doubt she now realizes Duke b'ball is not the group of 88. And making the F4 is a big deal.
Today's Baylor game: It was interesting that Duke went to Lance so often in the opening minutes, hadn't seen that this year. He didn't rise to the occasion scoring wise, and that's where a lot of the turnovers came from, but that kind of play got Lomers fouled out.
This is a very different team for Duke, 25 fouls to give in the bigs, if you include Singler. They've got the solid one in Scheyer and the score anytime slasher two in Nolan. WV will be tough, and interesting coaching matchups: Huggie (Cincinnati) and Calhoun were the only teams to beat Duke '99.

Danube of Thought

You're on, Hit. Come on out ASAP.

All decent people are now rooting lustily for the noble Bulldogs of Butler. (They are the Bulldogs, aren't they?)

hit and run

Oh good,I now deem it late enough for this...

http://thevimh.blogspot.com/2010/03/you-wish-you-were-here.html>(You) Wish You Were Here

Pleaze don't click that link if you're not interested in my spring back activities.

But if you do .. just know there will be more 'provocative' sand art as the week progresses ... in fact,let's just say if you suggest something...and that something passes the judges here*,your message could be memoralized here on the NC coast!)

*Listen,one of the families here (the "ville" if you actually clicked my post above) is Canadian/British and,so anything too terribly anti-socialism might be frowned upon. But because I spent this afternoon re-reading the Bad is gone thread,I WILL do an "Obama Sucks" message at some point this week No. Matter. What. It's worth it,no matter the ancillary costs.


Oh do not believe the kabuki theater about the the Euro: A combo of IMF, World Bank, and sizable injection of European government's cash will pull the euro back from the brink (and no doubt the Democrats will commit some of our money too). Then there will be even more EU consolidations. They have never let "the German public"" stop them before, now have they? They have destroyed nation states across the continent-this was always their intent. They do not care who goes down. They have already betrayed their own ancient nations.

All this hand wringing is just for show, and an attempt to intimidate the rest of the EU, particularly to the East. The Tranzi crowd in Brussels would sellout Germany itself (to the Russians) if that is what it took to have their overarching power, a power never seen in Europe before.

The Euro will not be allowed to fail by the tranzi mob (including its US branch). It is one of their major weapons against the USA. The game is to destroy the dollar and replace it with the Euro, particularly in energy and commodity markets. Greece just screws up the timing a bit.

Even if they dump Greece from the EU, which is could well happen, it will not help us. We have hit a bit of unbelievable good luck with Greece screwing up the euro and, as a side effect putting the dollar where it should not be. After they fix it in the EU then watch the dollar REALLY TANK.

This is what the Left is really up too.

America better wake up and soon.

To add insult to injury, the bitter truth, the one that has been buried, is that a great deal of the bail out, particularly where AIG and the CDS market (also the short market) were concerned, went over to the EU banks to cover their positions. The Taxpayer will never really get it back, it will all be inflated away. Did I say "never get it back"? Golly, they will never know where the money went in the first place.

(I love the bit about leaderless tea parties. A 20k rally and after that Palin tells the media to stop the lies and slanders. She has more stones than all the rest of the GOP "leadership" put together--what a gaggle of sissies she shows them to be. If she can just pull us over the line on taking back the house she will have done more than any GOP "leader" since, well, since GWB. Leaderless indeed.

One hopes that we can chip away at the MSM's dupes when they see their own family members outrageously slandered, but perhaps this is asking too much out of our fellow "citizens".

If Palin can take them to the mat on this, then so much the better. Half the nation cries out for relief from the the vile and corrupt MSM.

The Tea Partiers are actually showing some real courage. It is the only bit of light out there. Leaderless? hardly. The danger with the tea parties is that the agent provocateurs of the Left will try to push it into third party territory. False pretenders are likely to come circling around them.
The tea party people appear to be the only political organization or movement out there that is not eyebrows deep in stupidity.

What the Tea Parties need to do is attack the primaries system of both parties and avoid being some sort of auxiliary for the GOP.

After real power is achieved, they can go after the corruption.)


I think they are the Butler Jeeves. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot may lustily root them on. They will wilt under the unforeseeable pressure of the Final Four. And, they have a teenager as the coach. They are dangerous.

It has been an interestig run. KY missed something like 50 three pointers in a row. Did KY have a coach? I will pick Duke because I pick Duke every year.

Charlie (Colorado)

Also - just general ornery-ness. I've decided to stop donating blood. In the immortal words of DailyKos, fuck 'em!

Matt, that would be really really dumb. Running out of blood doesn't hurt Congress. It just kills people.

Ann says Obama Sucks!

Could I love Hit more?




Thanks for the link. Some comments later.

Oh and Go Mountaineers.

Charlie (Colorado)

Maybe if we had less involvement with our Federal Government, we'd need less "help" from the congress critters.

Doesn't work that way. What would happen is the lobbyists would write even more of the bills than they do, and the Congresspeople wouldn't have any lawyers to read them.

hit and run

Could I love Ann more?



May I post a couple of cynical Lou Reed tunes from way back? Here we go:

Who Loves The Sun

Sweet Jane

Old favorites. Enjoy!


Hey, what the heck?

As has been pointed out before, these bills weren't written in committee, they were drafted by groups like the Apollo Alliance, from whence the likes of Van Jones and Jeff
Jones (the other ex Weatherman) emerge, if they seem irrational as prompts to economic growth, that is the idea

Frau Babyfett

JMH - what a great message on the war against fat. We need to gird our collective loins for the battle ahead and knowing what to eat is an important part of the battle plan. I intend to test drive a bacon and peanut butter sandwich soon.

Hit, your bad message will look so beautiful on that shoreline.

DoT - I bet you are dropping some poundage so you can quickly moon any snotty youths who tease your lawn bowling group. Precision counts.

Jim Ryan

I know Dennis isn't everyone's cup of tea, but he is an accountant.


--DoT is one of my favorites, I don't get the Duke hate coming from her.--

DoT is decidedly a he, unless that was just a little Dukey trash talk.
Please count me in as a Duke hater, although I'm not exactly sure why and I do like K.
And please let's not forget it was the well loved daddy who implored us one and all to end each post with "Duke can go to hell!"

In that vein let me just say that Duke can go to hell.

Ann says Obama Sucks!


I am looking forward to the Obama Sucks sand art. Bad will be laughing with all of us :)
You will have to help me come up with a tombstone idea for Obama Sucks just for bad. I'm thinking something big like this one:


Of course, this particular tombstone would be great for Obamacare/ Death Panel.
.....So many evil ideas. :)


Behave! I'm back from Cabo..It'll take me a while to catch up though. Niters.

Strawman Cometh

Tornado aloft just passed just west of H'borough.

Frau Babyfett

Dennis was a friend of PUK. I'd much rather have Dennis in the WH than the misfit the dunderheads gave us. Dennis nails CA's gift to the country:
"What Waxman is now laying himself open to is the charge that he is attempting to force these companies to manipulate their financial data to suit the political aims of President Obama and Congressional Democrats. Since there is absolutely no hope of investigative committee staffers finding evidence that AT&T (or others') calculations are materially incorrect, Waxman simply comes across attempting to force the managements of publicly held companies to circumvent the law."
Too bad it won't be reported.

hit and run

Dennis was a friend of PUK

Indeed..I was going to say the same thing,but you beat me to it.

Behave! I'm back from Cabo..It'll take me a while to catch up though. Niters.

I don't care what anyone else here says,I got dibs,you're mine. I hope you are tanned and relaxed.

But please realize,I will not behave.


Tornado aloft just passed just west of H'borough.

Egads. My neighborhood seems to have be spared. How is Strawman Jr.??? I think of him and his bride often.

Ann says Obama Sucks!

And just in case the FBI is looking in at JOM... I do this for my best friends just for a hoot.


This one is for a very conservative German friend I adore.! He took both his first and last name tombstones home with him as a Halloween souvenir. It is just for fun, education and the children you see. :)

Strawman Cometh
little Dukey trash talk.

No, honest mistake, Don't know where I got that impression.
Daddy is well loved wherever he roams, in spite of his affection for the institution which gave us, and still employs, the Right Dishonorable Senator John Edwards.

(Another) Barbara

JMH - what a great message on the war against fat. We need to gird our collective loins for the battle ahead and knowing what to eat is an important part of the battle plan. I intend to test drive a bacon and peanut butter sandwich soon.

There's always the damnable fine print. A bacon and peanut butter sandwich is great for weight loss, but your "bread" has to be cabbage leaves, lettuce or just lickin' it off your paws. No bread. No flour. No sugar. Not so bad, once you accept that carbs are nearly as evil as Democrat-sponsored legislation. I used to be "pleasingly plump," as my husband would say as he broke my delicate heart. I'm now (and for the past six years, while eating mainly fat) as slim and reedy as Ann Coulter, and about as confrontational, though never because of hunger. Sorry to be off topic, but my need to get conservatives on the right nutritional path for health and longevity is compelling. We don't just want to whup the libs, we should try to outlive 'em too, and look cuter while we do it.


Requiem for a deem.

hit and run

Second wind is so much better than first wind. First wind left me nearly passed out at 6:00pm. First wind sucks. Just like Obama.

Obama Sucks. The sand doesn't lie.

Low tide's at 2:11am and sunrise is at 7:02am.

Photographic evidence of Obama's suckitude should be posted 'round about 8.

Well. Do I go to bed after my inscriptionism tonight or do I stay up and take the photo in the AM and then go to bed?

Or do I just not go to bed until next Saturday?

This'll be fun.

Strawman Cometh
Strawman Jr.??? I think of him and his bride often.

He is doing so much better than we would have hoped back in August. Taking some online courses and trying to figure out his next step. His attitude is a lot more upbeat than mine would be in his situation, for which I credit his bride.

And the slug that did this is doing time and will be deported upon release.

hit and run

Could I love Eliott more?


You,me,Pinehurst. Get down here.

hit and run

I'm pretty sure I've never misspelled Elliott before.

Until my last comment.

And to think -- I left off an 'l' when most people leave off a 't'.

I blame Global Warming Bush The Gin early season fertilizer

Don't huff fertilizer,kids. Seriously.

hit and run

Strawman,that is so very encouraging.

Go Strawman Jr! and bride!!! A bunch of us weird JOMers think about and pray for you often.

And don't worry,really,I'm weirder than most.


Can we deem it spelt aright or do we need a technical corrections bill?

Ann says Obama Sucks!

Damn, no more fun, Clarice is back!

(kidding) :)


I would love to see another Ollie North moment. We are due!


I think that original tombstone idea came from you so the correction is even better!!!

And long live hit's comment:
"But please realize,I will not behave" that is a tea party sticker if I ever saw one.

Hit, I love you more. Niters All.

Strawman Cometh

Thanks, Hit
Another storm coming through, I got the Mrs. up and down the stairs.

hit and run

Ugh,Strawman,and here I am about to go scoot my feet on the beach to spell 'Obama Sucks'.

Batton down the hatches and be safe.

hit and run

Too bad there's not a live webcam. You could watch my scootitude ... here I go!


That's Bad's signature -- and I'm making it big enough to see from heaven.

At least until high tide takes it out 'round about 7:39am. But I'll get pics before that happens,of course.

I love and miss you Susie Ann Donovan. This is for you.

Gosh dangit the whole bawling my eyes out while giggling like a kid on a sugar high is really kicking me in the groin.

Stop laughing,Bad. I know you're watching.

hit and run

Dirty deeds . . . done dirt cheap.

I thought the near full moon would be enough to snap a pic tonight. But no.

It'll be a sunrise thing.


The sand doesn't lie.

Good morning, Elliott and JMH.

Dave (in MA)



Good morning, H&R, block letter compositor extraordinaire.


"We shall write on the beaches, we shall write on the message boards..."


Very funny Elliott---I love this place!

In other news...

I think this new nationwide mandatory calorie labeling scheme in the HRC paperwork may prove something of an opportunity.

I just took the Subway to 1920, a German Restaurant on the Pearl River built in 1920 in Guangzhou. Got a little twisted in my directions, so I wandered down a street and found myself standing in front of this fascinating restaurant (which you'll see if you'll scroll down to photo number 7) ">http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/national/blogs/made-in-china/3063799/English-perfects-your-life"> The Village of Gruel.

Seemed a classy joint, especially since it wasn't your average Gruel, it's "The Nutrition Gruel of Seafood of Chaozhou's Type."

Couldn't exactly tell, since nobody spoke English, but it may be a chain---so an entrepreneur riding the wave of Congressional "Low Fat/ Low Calorie hysteria", might make a pretty penny by franchising that Stateside.

Anyhow, I finally found the German joint, which was just around the corner. Plopped down at a decent courtyard table and popped open my current read, "A Cultural History of the Penis", and ordered a Paulaner. But then was disturbed to find out it wasn't on tap---only in bottles.

Well a man has his standards you know, so I drank one so as not be offensive, and then whisked cross time by cab to my Irish joint. T'was too bad as I was just getting into the important part about Ancient Egypt where the author was describing the official duties of "The Keeper of The Royal Rectum". Basically the Pharonic colonic cleanser. Too bad we don't have a position for one of those in DC---Would love to see the competition for that job between Chris Matthews and David Brooks.

Oh well. If anything interesting in my book pops up, I'll let you guys know.


This site, ">http://cookingwithjocinda.blogspot.com/2010/02/congee-village-of-gruel.html"> "Cooking With Jocinda", has a decent write-up on a recipe for Chinese Gruel she came up with after spotting the joint in Guangzhou. You might pass that on to the Sis-in-Law to help seal her bonafides with the ChiComs.


“well insulated houses just don't burn very quickly”

Rick, well insulated house has foul indoor air due to lack of ventilation. Without so-called “heat exchange ventilation” home insulation and weatherization is a BS boondoggle.

BTW, DoT, alcohol has a property to increase calorie burn rate. As a rule of thumb, it is equal to your waistline to eat massive 2000 Cal meal with additional 500 Cal of booze, or just eat 1500 Cal meal.

As a palliative, get your favorite burger with small fries and glass of water instead of coke-supersized fries-burger combo.

hit and run

"We shall write on the beaches, we shall write on the message boards..."

The sea was angry that day,my friends.

I wrote it,I stayed up,I got the camera ready.

The sun is just starting to rise,but the storm rolled in about an hour ago,lightning everywhere,enough to wake all the kids up.

And down on the beach . . . the storm has wiped out my non-violent,civil disobedience beach art-work.



If you have an interest in healthcare, you might want to keep an eye on this American Thinker Article.

"Medicare and Medicaid are to be headed by a new Obama appointee, and I smell trouble. Robert Pear of the New York Times reports:"


Right, Pagar, that 'death panels' were so exaggerated, sigh, no allowance for 'generosity of spirit' this time around


Barbara, I am with you (although I haven't reached the reed-thin state because I'm less disciplined).

It about breaks my heart to see overweight children sucking down juice boxes. Their blood sugar is high all the time, and they consequently cannot access their fat stores.

But their parents think they're doing them a good thing with this "healthful" low-fat treat!

Y'all read _Good Calories, Bad Calories_ and hear all about it.


Please count me in as a Duke hater

Me too, and the only reason I can think of is the faculty's response to the fake rape. It is always the first thing I think of when I hear that word.

On the basis of Lifson's article alone, Berwick is a loon.

Heh, steroid injections for thee, stem cell injections for me.

Thugganigga Intellectual

Yo, Duke Haters,
We get it, but please know that The Group of 88 also hates K and the bball team.



Thugganigga Intellectual

Damn straight. Dey's all up in the white patriarchy.

Thugganigga Intellectual

And Nifong is a UNC grad.

Captain Hate

Figures that Nifong is a Hole


--Yo, Duke Haters,
We get it, but please know that The Group of 88 also hates K and the bball team.--

If I'm interpreting your name correctly, FU.
If I'm not, suggest you change it anyway.

Captain Hate

Iggy, that's a lift from something one of the 88ers used to describe himself; not sure which one (they're all infinitely forgettable) but it was used a lot at Durham in Wonderland.


Thanks, CH.


Good morning JOM. A few comments from last night I didn't get to.


In re: your article link. Interesting that the Chinese would already be worried. And squaredance, it doesn't matter what the Tranzis would like, most of the European money center banks are "too big to bailout" and any IMF or World Bank bailout means that the US is bailing them out again. When the AIG crisis hit, folks at this board pointed out that the swaps with European banks were a more important story than the GS swaps. Also, although it didn't get much play overall, the US Federal Reserve opening up hundreds of billions in swap lines with the ECB to prevent European banks from melting down.

I can't explain a 1.50 euro exchange rate or even a 1.33 euro exchange rate since the Europeans have been free loading on the US banking bailout (and Euro exporters need a cheaper Euro anyway). It also means that the European project is over-its twin pillars-the Euro and "climate change" are crumbling and most of Europe isn't as peaceful and homogenous as Iceland, so the appetite (or even an ability) for fixing Greece or Spain or Italy isn't there. Those countries are not Germany, and Germany has its own problems (who would be the senior partner in any bailout proposal), and there isn't a Hamilton on the horizon.

hit and run

"We shall write on the beaches, we shall write on the message boards..."

Brilliant. And now on display at TheVIMH.

Filed under "stuff Churchill (almost) said".

...we shall defend our island,whatever the cost may be.

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