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March 02, 2010




I do not live in New York, I do not pay taxes in New York, and I have never voted in New York. Nor have I ever sat thru a Met's game at Shea Stadium, nor a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium, nor the Giant's nor the Jet's, and also thankfully I've never had to sit thru a Knick's abomination at the Garden.

But I have seen the Naked Cowboy sing in Times Square and I've had at couple snorts at ">http://www.mcsorleysnewyork.com/"> McSorley's down on 7th Street. Plus I had an Aunt once who drove a '57 Mercury to Jersey City.

All that being said, I feel I am eminently qualified to run and become the next US Senator from the great State of Alas, err New York. My hat is in the ring and I am serious about this, so please send your campaign donations to my tab at McSorley's which is in the link. BTW, Abe Lincoln drank a beer there in 1857, so I think that pretty much also qualifies me for higher office should I ever decide to vacate my Senate seat in the state I'll have come to know and love so well.

Bring it on Gillibrand!

Melinda Romanoff


I'll keep your space at the bar warm while you're running. And speaking of running, mind if I run up your tab a bit?

Melinda Romanoff

Hate to do this so early, but when Rick shows up, this is for him.


Thanks Mel, I think I need another cup of coffee now.

steve sturm

And the good news for GM keeps coming

Old Lurker

Good one, Mel. Thanks for nuthin.

Slew of stories last few days on the future of the Euro, the breakdown in the weak Euro Zone economies - hardly just Greece, the alarming soverign debt in Japan vs it's GDP and demographics, and deflation abroad and perhaps at home.

Old Lurker

Steve, when do the GM execs go to get yelled at by Congress?


Ford shows that every interloper isn't greeted as a 'rock star' in NY

... you need to understand something about midterm landslides: They’re usually composed of three parts. First, the other party’s activists are highly motivated. Second, your own activists are highly unmotivated. Third, independents want to burn Washington to the ground.
Spot on.
OK, it's Fords and Toyotas for me.

In her panic, she mashed on the accelerator again. Note how the car stopped then ran forward again.


Beinart doing his best impression of a blind squirrel, inadvertently finding the nut.


Neo, On the Warren Buffet thread Ann posted that picture too. It could be the Dems. undoing IF it breaks through to the MSM.
During the Presidential election all the great videos were on the web. There was a great mash-up of Obama talking nuclear disarmament with pictures of 911 all set to the music of Requiem for a Dream. It was devastating to Obama, but nothing that powerful ever made it into the MSM.
We need to break through the MSM wall with powerful videos and ads. The MSM will howl and write endless articles about how negative ads don't work....
But the truth does work, and we just need to get the message out to busy, working Americans that aren't news junkies like us. Otherwise we're just preaching to the choir.


GM has steering faults. Obambi wants his new car.

Playstation and buildings.

I'm a daddy!

The Japanese still have room for diplomacy. I want to be Presidnets get laid!

Hint about the jets. Crash the old ones and say it was an accident.


I can't find the video I described, but LUN is one that was put out and the McCain staffer that did it was suspended!
Good Lord, no wonder McCain lost.


daddy,sounds like Hillary,2001


GM Potatoes are popular.

The second GM product they've allowed.

'the potato "will be cultivated and harvested before it produces seeds".'


Does GM have a branch of luciferians?


That's Genetical Modified, not General Motors


Ya, it's okay they cloned everybody, especially those in Congress and the UN with them funny names. You can tell then. It's all Lucifer like them aliens. ET was one too and no one could tell even though Star Wars was out and that bum had a thing for Darth's son. Soon Satan is going to tell us we've gone too luciferian with the the staring through heads and ears and dreams and suff and hook up us to the device so we can be monitored lifelike all luciferians.

Hollywood needs more directors. 'It's beautiful, look at all the stars....'

Jack is Back!


If I don't rent my house in Southampton this summer, we can hold a fund-raiser for you there. At one time, the east end of Long Island was as red state conservative as you could get with Otis Pike and Dan Duryea but alas, it has lost its way. Very interestingly, Manhattanites whose liberal vote is lost in the very liberal city, have moved their permanent address to the Hamptons and East End. Now, it is bluer than blue but from reports I am receiving the Tea Party movement has some momentum but I doubt it will be strong enough to bring it back to its origins of common sense fiscal conservatism.


Can we now call New Yorkers redneck racist?Isn't that what the good folks of Tennesse were called after Corker beat Ford


left out an e


Ya, in a parking lot. Police are wrecking there cars all over. It's like skiing, you gotta control the skis. A lot of them head and neck injuries.


Who is the fruitcake?


O/T in a way, but if you want to see a vehicle that should have been recalled, and some of the lives lost because it wasn't. The whole story is amazingly like the GM fiasco.

This is the absolute same story on this side of the ocean.

"But if they saw ignorance, incompetence, blind prejudice and stupidity at large, it is mo more or less than what happens day-on-day, in other committees,"


Bears a disappearing and male frogs are laying eggs. Please help us!


Rick Ballard


Thanks for the link. Mish's post on the falling retail sales tax revenues highlights the Democrats' problems going forward. All those AFSCME and SEIU members who will be getting pink slips in the near future will probably wonder what it was they got for the dues extorted from them by Stern and his ilk.

I took a look at February tax deposits and it appears that they only fell by 2.3% YoY - the bleeding is definitely slowing. The lack of pulse and respiration is a little worrisome though.

Dave (in MA)

Has 60 Minutes done an expose of this "phenomenon" yet - rigging a vehicle so that it appears to have a stuck accelerator the way they did to Audi back in the mid 80s?

bio mom

Unbelievble!! The New York Times Website has a Breaking News banner up: GM showed a big profit in February!!! This is worthy of a breaking news banner?? They really do carry the water for the Obama administration, don't they?


GM has just annouced 0% financing on some '09 and '10 models.....for I believe three years.


It's too bad the resale on my current GM vehicle is in the toilet.

Rob Crawford

'the potato "will be cultivated and harvested before it produces seeds".'

Meaningless. Most potatoes are started from cuttings of the tuber. Those little "eye" thingies? They grow new plants if you let them.


"Adler said if the power steering assist fails, it usually comes back for a time after the car is shut off and restarted."

So, GM is recommending a "reboot" of your car just like a Microsoft PC.


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