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March 28, 2010


narciso the harpoon

This will leave a mark, in the LUN


Met WA state's national committeeman at our Lincoln Day Dinner a few weeks ago and asked him specifically about Mr Steele.

He said the R National Committee is very happy with the man.

There was no use in continuing the conversation.


After that, the next step should be breaking up the beltway and relocating the vast majority of the DC beaurcracy across the country. Leave DoD, the various Intel agency, and the DoJ in Washington, and send everyone else to new locations across the country with small liaison offices in DC. Force the government to live among the people.


This fits nicely with what I posted at You too today so I updated my post with your quote, I hope that is okay.

What is the real Prouty story - I don't remember it - and I'm reading really really fast so let me know if I missed it.


I always find it somewhat amusing when the "Mass Media Industrial Complex" portrays the militia in a bad light. The MMIC denigrates the militia whenever possible and fails to give them positive coverage when they do what they do best: Help during emergencies.

In Michigan by LAW, all able bodied MI Residents ages 18-60 who are not part of the MI National Guard or MI Volunteer Defense Force (MI-VDF) are automatically part of the unorganized militia. The unorganized militia can be called up by the MI Governor at any time to address specific issues occurring within MI.

Imagine the horror of the Latte Liberals at Starbucks if they were to find out they are all militia members! Heck, they have enough trouble trying to grapple with Open Carry.


I didn't know that, PD. So I was part of a militia for a while. Who knew?

narciso the harpoon

Here's something from some years ago, Jane



I saw the 60 Minutes story last nite. They left no room for her to be culpable.


The ultra high spin state for Pelosium allows it exhibit a property known as "superposition", the ability to appear on both sides of any issue depending on the orientation of the observer. Unlike any other known high densisty element Pelosium can tunnel through political barrier walls by employing a mechanism called Maxine's Deemon.


The Indictment against this MI-Based Militia Group is in the LUN.


DrJ - Many states have similar militia laws, you might want to check yours!


PD -

Happy Birthday!

JM Hanes

Speaking of rhetoric, I'd add the subsequent paragraph to TM's excerpt:

But at a recent American Bar Association event, Mr. Koh argued that the administration’s changes — including requiring strict adherence to anti-torture rules and ensuring that all detainees are being held pursuant to recognizable legal authorities — have been meaningful. The United States, he said, can now defend its national-security policies as fully compliant with domestic and international law under “common and universal standards, not double standards.”
It's not the policies, it's the appearances.

The most revealing observation in the piece, however, is this one:

So with no consensus, the legal team decided on a tactical approach. For as long as possible they would try to avoid that hard question.
So much for "We are not a nation that does what’s easy." It seems like just yesterday that Obama claimed to be a strategic thinker, not not a lowly tactician. When it comes to anything international, this Administration is incoherent at a strategic level, incapable of consensus, and has been reduced a passive aggressive tactical approach on almost every front, where its myopic failures are piling up. It was an astonishing irony to hear Jarrett plug "divisions" in Iran as a positive development. Even back in the campaign, Obama was notorious for claiming other people's accomplishments as his own.

Then we've got the "fierce debate on Israel underway inside Obama administration," where they've been treating Netanyahu like pond scum too, and just looking for ways to take offense. In a stunning new tactic:

Fears have grown in Israel that the US is considering dropping its United Nations Security Council veto to resolutions critical of Israel's handling of the housing issue in East Jerusalem.
Would that this were just voting present on steroids. Alas, it's the appearance of voting present when voting yes, this time. He'll get lots of sugar from the usual middle eastern suspects -- while they're doubling down on their own strategic interests unimpeded. If you want to add even more incoherence to that particular foreign policy pot, Obama has tried to solicit Chinese cooperation on Iran by warning that nobody knew what those crazy Israelis might do. We just saw how that's playing out, above.

Meanwhile the White House is airing more nonconsensual laundry as the hopelessly overlapping and conflicting portfolios of Obama's own appointees are apparently as confusing to the West Wing as they is to our international "partners." Richard Holbrooke, as folks may recall, is virtually persona non grata in his putative AfPak domain. Now it's George Mitchell vs. Dennis Ross. Mitchell's bizarre proximity talks (a novel tactic!) are clearly winning the day, when an anonymous "U.S. offical" feels free to float the toxic dual loyalties slur on Ross.

narciso the harpoon

WMD, really, I think someone's been handling that Pelosium stuff, seems like overcharging, this seems there's less to this than the Zazi indictment

JM Hanes

Should have caught up on the thread before posting. I see that I'm late to Sue's U.N. party. ::g::

Late to PD's party too. Happy Birthday!


Pelosium is definitely a By-Product of Administratium. LUN.


Right, PD -- I recognized the form. I still thought Pelosium was worthwhile to post.

If I have not done so earlier -- I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Happy birthday PD.


It needs repeating.

Frau  Atomkraft

A very happy birthday, PD, and many more.

MarkO - the Deems didn't have a candidate either when they were busy tarring GWB for 8 years. First the smearing has to be done, and then *anybody* will do. It worked.

Janet aka Arlington Babe - two photos have been removed from the Seachlight site you linked. Boo hoo.


I believe it is PD's Birthday, not PDinDetroit's birthday (mine is later in the year - November 11th). But thanks anyways!

narciso the harpoon

Ah Holbrooke, the diplomat with the brilliant
insight, that every Pashtun has atleast one jihadist in their family, he's been hanging too much with Sheriff Joe

Old Lurker

Happy Birthday, PD.

Anyone mention how toxic Pelosium is?



Who knew?

hit and run

I declare today Semi-Annual National PD Day (SANPDD).

With 11 November the other SANPDD of course.



That was my grandfather's birthday - and Veterans Day too.


Oops! The other PD is in Wisconsin, right? Mad City, IIRC.


I pray daily that this current administration comes to their on-timely demise at the ballot box in November 2010. Best B-Day Present Evah!

I am concerned though that the Republic may not last that long. My democratic acquaintances cannot see past the nose on their face with this HCR Law in terms of constitutionality. So clear should it be, that Greenland still covered by ice should tell them all they need to know about Global Warming/Climate Change.

Frau  Atomkraft

Valerie Jarrett: "...as he has consistently said..."
Good grief, the only consistent thing about Pres.Sux is his *inconsistency*. See bgates at 12:00.

JM Hanes

For andurial:

An appropriately lengthy, off topic, Iraqi election Epilogue, now with bolding!

[W]e can say one thing with certainty: The election was a stunning defeat for Iran and its spymaster, Qassem Soleimani, who commands the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard Corps. Soleimiani had spent millions trying to stop an Allawi victory. He failed. If nothing else, that shows the resiliency of Iraqi nationalism, and anti-Iranian feeling, which the Shiite religious parties who have been governing Iraq these past five years failed to crush.

Soleimani and his Quds Force waged a broad covert-action campaign, according to U.S. military commanders and de-classified U.S. intelligence documents. Their first aim was to derail Allawi’s Iraqiya coalition, by using the Iran-backed De-Baathification Commission to disqualify as many candidates as possible. Allawi’s coalition howled about the commission’s arbitrary work, but Iraqiya quickly replaced most of those who were scratched.

Iran’s second tactic was to pressure Nouri al-Maliki, the current prime minister, to join an alliance of Shiite religious parties known as the Iraqi National Alliance. That would probably have guaranteed victory, but Maliki -- understanding that Iranian meddling was unpopular -- decided late last year to go it alone. He’s trying to join with those same Shiite parties now, in the hope of gaining the necessary 163 seats, but it’s probably too late.

The third Iranian tactic was to pump money to the two Shiite parties in the Iraqi National Alliance that it was supporting. A U.S. military commander told me in February that Iran was sending $9 million a month to the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and $8 million a month to the political party of radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

None of which is to say that al Sadr doesn't remain a potent threat, but it's worth noting that the Kurds won a significant 57 seats too. The real battle at the moment is the one between Maliki and Allawi:

A unity government of the major Shi'ia parties seems unlikely unless Maliki were pushed aside and another party leader named. Maliki's insistence in remaining at the helm is what precipitated the rival Shi'ia slate's formation; but there's no reason to believe he would stand down now. 

If Maliki were to get first shot at forming a government, he could conceivably do so with the Iraqi National Alliance (ISCI and Sadr). Such a government would have a decidedly pro-Iranian tilt.  Being more secular, former Prime Minister Allawi's party would have a more difficult time allying with the Iraqi National Alliance. Perhaps a combination of granting Kurds ceremonial posts like the Presidency and keeping effective members of Maliki's government may bring them enough support, or peeling ISCI away from Sadr (Iraqi electoral law binds the coalitions only through voting, not government formation). 

An Allawi-led government would be a much better outcome for U.S. interests than Maliki tilting toward Iran in order to gain ISCI/Sadr support. But we should anticipate extended negotiations while parties and even individual holders of Parliamentary seats (unlike the 2005 election, voters cast their ballots for individuals, not solely parties) are cajoled in. 

Allawi, of course, will go first, unless Maliki's challenge meets with success. Both articles are worth a full read.

JM Hanes


LOL. According to Michelle, even Pres. Sux sox sux.



As far as I can tell the toxicity of Pelosium has not been determined. I do know that I would not want it in my lab, and I have some pretty nasty things lurking about!


Pelosium is nasty, but it sure ain't pretty. Just the mere thought of seeing it has people running for the doors in droves.


narciso, it was great.
well, DoT after that sweet post, how can I continue being angry with you about the weight loss success?

I'm busy making my famous charoset today..It's a kind of fruit, wine and nut chutney for the seder I modified from a Roman recipe--I use tarter fruit than they do and home roasted hazelnuts, pecans (which I like better than walnuts) and almonds.Today I am making what should be a sufficient quantity for 45-60 people in the hope it will suffice for 32.They use cinnamon, sugar an nutmeg. I do, too, but I add cardamon.

James Lovelock: Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change
James Lovelock is too stupid to be a "climate scientist"

Welcome back, Clarice. The recipe sounds great!!

Look up the Roman root for Gaia.

Lovelock is, of course, a famous loon, but he snapped to the fact that wind and solar are unicorns and rainbows and started advocating nuclear about two years ago. Within the last month he's credited climate skeptics with keeping the debate sane. So, he's sort of my kind of famous loon, lately.

Surely she doesn't want to keep licking us clean forever.

And besides, would Gaia be dumb enough to bring forth a race of creatures not smart enough to clean up after themselves.

narciso the harpoon

Yeah, but the Gaia hypothesis was enough bad science for a generation, the pied piper of LSD, Owlsey has similar idiosyncratic stands, but he's a nut from a different tree

Captain Hate

Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change

Does that idiot concede that climate is changing all the time because of non-human factors? And by "too stupid", does he mean that lunatics like Weird Al have been confusing people with anti-science garbage?


Thnx, Dr J.

Danube of Thought

It's the South Beach Diet, Phase 1, Clarice. It's not a lot of fun, but it does work without leaving you hungry. Well, not unbearably hungry. Your recipes ain't making it any easier...


It's not her fault, kim, it's Prometheus'.

centralcal will not comply

Welcome back, Clarice. Did you enjoy Cabo? I always substitute pecans for walnuts - which seem to cause me irritation inside my mouth.

The chutney sounds yummy - what does it accompany in the Seder?


I loved Cabo. My grand daughter rode a dolphin there and we had a great time.
The chaorset is a symbolic remembrance of the mortar the Egyptian slaves, aka our ancestors,used to build the pyramids. It's traditionally made with fruit and nuts and wine.

In northern countries(Ashkenazi Jews), it's usually chopped fresh apples, walnuts, sugar, sweet wine and cinnamon.In southern areas of the word (Sephardic Jews) its usually a sweet cooked jam of dates, figs,prunes, raisins, nuts, spices and wine. I make mine with tart fresh apples and pears, dried peaches, prunes, dried pears,apricots,apples,cranberries, cherries and hazelnuts, pecans, and almonds..etc. as described. This all gets cooked into a thick jam.
Charoset is served in the ceremony with the bitter herbs, but the guests usually also like some of mine as a sort of chutney accompaniment to the meat course or as a spread on the matzohs.

Frau  Geschäft

Yummy mortar , clarice!

Now who will be attending Pres.Sux's seder and will there be food from Shelly's garden?

Frau  Geschäft

WH bitter herbs?

Frau  Geschäft

OT and for clarice *after* the big dinner:
sous vide DIY



Hey, speaking of things happening to Republicans...

RNC Says Member Will Return $2,000 Reimbursed for Visit to Bondage Club

centralcal will not comply

With your fuller description of your Charoset, I can think of all sorts of things it would go great with!

I have sadly been ignorant of many Jewish traditional dishes. Take for instance, matzohs. I thought they were a soft dumpling - can they also be drier, like bread or biscuits? If so, I would for sure be slathering on the Charoset.

Dang DoT - did he purposely lose a few pounds before a major eating holiday, just to make us all feel fat?


Thanks, frau. I suppose the main thrill of sous vide though is buying yet another piece of pricey single purpose, impossible to store cooking equipment.


"I am concerned though that the Republic may not last that long. My democratic acquaintances cannot see past the nose on their face with this HCR Law in terms of constitutionality."

Same here. No factual argument will budge them. These are intelligent people, but they are caught up in the cult of personality and convinced that the fight against HCR is just an effort to discredit Obama, the first black pres. I'd swear, they're channeling that nutcase, Obermann.



This fits nicely with what I posted at You too today so I updated my post with your quote, I hope that is okay.

What is the real Prouty story - I don't remember it - and I'm reading really really fast so let me know if I missed it.

Posted by: Jane | March 29, 2010 at 12:53 PM

Please, post it everywhere you wnat! Glad to be of help in some small way.

Frau  Geschäft

...is buying yet another piece of pricey single purpose, impossible to store cooking equipment.
Hah!I know why you mean, clarice. I've never seen one that I didn't want. My latest desire is the elusive Thermomix. It does everything but rotate the mattress.

You actually cook up a storm. I am looking for the appliance that will make my life easier. (I had one of the first Cuisenart machines which I used mainly to slice potatoes.)I would rather read about cooking than do it. In fact, I'd rather read than cook. My cardinal sin,if I had one, would be gluttony. (I'm sure my husband was hoping for another.)My father was a baker and my mother a professional cook. Newly wed in Germany, I used to dream of my m-i-l's gravy!


If this is a duplicate, my apologies. I think Typepad ate my last comment. Either that or it put it in the Thermomix.

"My latest desire is the elusive Thermomix. It does everything but rotate the mattress."

Frau, LOL! I'm sending the link to my brother, the king of the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers. He is gonna love this!


Take for instance, matzohs. I thought they were a soft dumpling - can they also be drier, like bread or biscuits? If so, I would for sure be slathering on the Charoset.

You're confusing matzohs--an unleavened flatbread-- with matzoh balls which are a soft sort of savory dumpling made of matzoh meal (crushed up matzohs).


Ah, I told you I was "ignorant."

Ben Smith over at Politico is giving Carly Fiorina a bad time over a "breaking bread" reference in her Passover statement. Anyway, he explains, as you do here, that Matza (so many different spellings!) is an unleavened cracker.

Now, from you, I also learn that matzoh meal is the crushed crackers. Did not know that!

Spending most of my adult life surrounded by Catholics in a small dairy/farm community with no Jewish population (that I know of), one didn't learn much about Jewish traditions, etc. I think every community benefits when there are more experiences, rather than less, alas. Saves us all from asking dumb questions - like mine about Matzohs! grin

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