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March 16, 2010



“Let’s deal with reality,”

When anyone from the Obama administration says that, you know they're about to be a fabulist.


This is what happens when you have a Stuyvesant grad as the AG.

Where have all the logics and proportions gone?

Let's deal with reality. He only said that because he's smart enough to know that he'd be slammed if said we'd read Miranda and slammed if he said we wouldn't. He's not smart enough to know that we recognize a weasel when we hear one, though.

Long time passing.

Heh, is this bill dead or deemed?


I don't know who's more clueless, him or Mr. Kirikaou, who says 'waterboarding is torture'
but shouldn't be prosecuted for it


And the Left says the right has the attitude of "kill'em'all."


because he won’t be brought in alive.

Sweet. Holder is now jury, judge and executioner. I can only imagine the outrage if someone, say Bush, said wanted, dead or alive. Sacre bleu!

sacre bleu

Bush pledges to get bin Laden, dead or alive

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush pledged anew Friday that Osama bin Laden will be taken "dead or alive," no matter how long it takes, amid indications that the suspected terrorist may be bottled up in a rugged Afghan canyon. The president, in an Oval Office meeting with Thailand's prime minister, would not predict the timing of bin Laden's capture but said he doesn't care how the suspect is brought to justice. "I don't care, dead or alive — either way," Bush said. "It doesn't matter to me."


Danube of Thought

Can we survive three more years of these dopes? I am moved to doubt...


I am wore out. Three more years sounds like an eternity.


I don't even know if i can stand three more weeks.


You know, sacre bleu, it didn't bother me then either. I wasn't worried about Bush reading him his miranda rights.

Barry Dauphin

Holder speaks of that which he cannot control. He then dodges the question. Gee, he can't even imagine capturing bin Laden alive. They told me if I voted for McCain, we'd have an administration with no imagination and all bravado and they were right!


Please. Someone explain to me why we would continue to consider this guy or his boss as really intelligent.

Is is some sort of academic protectionism? Are we afraid to say Harvard grads can be really inane and, yes, actually stupid?

Nuance? Come on. Stop pretending. Our understanding should have begun when they were telling us how smart they were.

Obama would want to capture Osama just for the printed Q & A:

Obama: blah, blah, blah
Osama: halb, halb, halb.

Jim Miller

“Let’s deal with reality,”

If Holder follows through with that change in policy, I, for one, will be quite pleased. (But I'm not holding my breath waiting for the change.)

Ken Hahn

Holder simply doesn't want to answer the question. All smoke and mirrors, all the time.


You mean after all those efforts by the Clinton Administration to capture bin Laden alive and stepping back when it seemed he might be killed, it is now the policy of the Holder DOJ that he will be delivered stone cold dead, no matter what ?


it is now the policy of the Holder DOJ that he will be delivered stone cold dead, no matter what?

Say we get the drop on Osama and he ends up on US soil, breathing, and with a pulse.

We just deem him to be deceased - "deemceased" - and throw the body in a hole. What's the problem?

The reality-based community is based on reality in the same way that "The Amityville Horror" was based on a true story.


Speaking of 3 years ...

SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Il may die within three years, a senior U.S. envoy said in Seoul last month, according to a report published Wednesday.

Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Kurt Campbell told U.S. Ambassador Kathleen Stephens, a South Korean lawmaker and activists in a closed-door session that he doubted the 68-year-old leader would live beyond 2013, South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper said.

Campbell based his estimate on medical information, the report said, citing unidentified sources.

Bottomline .. Kim Jong Il is ill.


Holder thinks Bin Laden is already dead. I think a lot of high ranking officials believe that.


They don't think that OBL is dead . . .

They know it.

OBL died 9 years ago. He is a wonderful foil.

For both sides of the aisle.

Flipping idiots!


he doubted the 68-year-old leader would live beyond 2013

No surprise; North Korea's a poor country, and they probably have one of those ruthless free-market medical systems, so he can't afford decent care.


Well what do ya know,

The 2 wolves shot dead yesterday in Alaska for killing that teacher were shot dead from an aircraft.

Remember all those folks who damned Sarah Palin for standing up proudly for airborne shooting of animal predators, such as Ashley Judd, CNN, Huff Post, Scientific American, Slate, The View, Friends of Animals, Audubon Magazine, Safari Club, Wolf Song of Alaska, The Good Human, Animal Law Coalition, 'hundreds of scientists," and the usual suspects, etc.

Well just at the end of this sentence are all the links to their current expressions of outrage over these latest airborne wolf shootings.


they should have clubbed them, daddy. It's more humane.

as to Holder, who can truly understand the twists and turns in his tiny little brain. From his wacky investigation of the CIA waterboarders to his stacking Justice's anti-terrorism counsel's office with terrorist defense attorneys to his hang 'em high statements about KSM and now Obama, uh, I mean Osama, he's just one malaprop after the other.

Mix it in with our wacky State Department's Freedonian foreign policy, and all becomes clear.

Our new national anthem is "Hello, I must be Going".


It's a metaphor that continues, we coddle wolves, and make the people and caribou more
vulerable, we do the same for terrorists, and rogue regimes, for the longest time we did that for criminals, and I imagine we still
are doing it. A decent international regime
would force out that cinephile oligarch in Pyongyang, but we saw the thanks we got for
that in Iraq


"Or is Holder just out of the loop, or out of his mind?"

Considering he is a demon-spawn of Columbia University-one of the upper evil class of Ivy-Inbred degreed-he is neither out of the loop or out of his mind rather perfectly in sync with the elite Ahmadinejad-Hugo Chavez worshiping freaks.

One of these days Americans will realize just how America's Ivy-Towers fulls of evil-Inbred idiots are vicious enemies to America's Liberty.

Ivy-Inbred can wave their tyrannical degrees all they want however it does not make them any less evil.

Jack is Back!

Good Morning JOMers.

National Geographic this month has a typical, hand-wringing, earth loving, green gospel on Wolves. Great graphics and feel good science.

Oh, and for you birthers out there - the bureaucrats in Hawaii are just sick and tired of all the work you are creating between their morning coffee klatch and afternoon naps. From now on, according to pending Hawaii law, they will be allowed to ignore you. LUN

Yeah, that will make this whole thing go away:)


"Please. Someone explain to me why we would continue to consider this guy or his boss as really intelligent."

Those alumni who have obtained degrees from evil Ivy-Inbred institutions would have to face the fact their academic achievements are evil endeavors for tyrannical people.

It is only natural for the Ivy-Inbred degree to remain deaf, dumb and blind to their useless idiocy.


Can we survive three more years of these dopes? I am moved to doubt...

The whole mess just takes my breath away. I wake up every morning wondering if I should flee. And when I don't wondering if tomorrow will be too late.

The entire lot of them should be in jail.

What blows my mind is the press reports this stuff every day with a smile on its face.


"they will be allowed to ignore you"

Isn't that what all the politician have been doing. They're told we don't want the healthcare bill they have cooked up. They ignore us. They're told AGW is a complete fraud. They ignore us. They're told we want legal immigration, not illegal. They ignore us. This was mentioned yesterday, but bears Repeating.
Mass Dem Treasurer Has a Warning For America: We Have Universal Health Care in Mass, If Obama Enacts it on a National Level it Will "Wipe Out the US Economy in Four Years"...

I agree with Jane. "The entire lot of them should be in jail"


It doesn't matter if they got Bin Laden are not, we've seen this with Aulaqi, he kept popping up like a bad penny, in investigations from London to Ft. Dix, yet he's chatting with Major Hassan, and later
"Jihad Jane" and nothing much is made of it


...and concerning our enemies the chant is Constitutional rights! over and over. But for citizens, the Constitution is ignored.

LUN an article via Instapundit - So When Does the Constitution Matter

"Perhaps if Al-Queda opposed health care reform Nancy Pelosi would follow the Constitution?


Top o' the morning to everyone and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Teh Obami haven't outlawed that yet, have they?


Let's start a "well at least Pres. Bush never said/did that" line. Sort of like Reynold's - they told me if I voted for McCain something or other would happen, line.
At least Pres. Bush's DOJ never announced to the world that our legal system was completely corrupt, ala holder and obama. Bush DOJ never announced to the world that they would do as their ruler dictated in matter of laws. You get the drift.

Free Radical

One of the problems with having law-enforcement working on military problems (war) is that they must use military practices such as 'preparing for every plausible eventuality.' The capture of OBL is plausible as stated, and Holder arrogantly admits that he has no plan. If this was a service-chief or a chairman of the joint-chiefs, he would be forced to resign.

hit and run

Matt,where you at? I only ask because http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/techtonicshifts/archive/2010/03/17/did-google-drop-censorship-in-china.aspx>I saw this yesterday and thought to myself…matt broke their censorship filters If you really are there and really are responsible...don't answer my question...shhhhhhh


Obamacare went from $70">https://www.intrade.com&contractId=709242">$70 to $35 yesterday.


Pagar I just blogged that. It's too little to late IMO.


Just mailed in my census. I wrote in "American" as my race.


Good morning. Before we get into hating Congresses guts...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Say "Hey" to the clover and Leprechauns.

As a guy from a long line of Irish ancestors, in no way do I wish to disparage St Patty's top billing, but do you mind this morning if I make the case for a different Irish Saint, who gets not quite the press as Patrick and who personally I am a huge fan of---Saint Brigit.

Now Patrick as you guys all know, lived about @340-460 AD, and was actually some variety of Romanized Brit. After being kidnapped and dragged off to Ireland as a teenager, he herded sheep as a slave for 6 years, then escaped back to Britain, after which, following Conversion and education, he freely returned to Ireland to convert them from Paganism. No Sir, nothing to slouch at there.

Brigit, @450-525, came a bit after, and erected the first great Church in Ireland, at Kildare (meaning Church of the Oak). Seemingly a bio not as impressive as Patrick, but since Irish women at the time apparently had no political authority whatever in the native culture, I think it rates right up there with Patrick.

Facing a tough call then, I say we go to the list of miracles. So to the Chronicles shall we?

St Patrick, one medieval history tells us, performed over 40,000 miracles! Lot of traditional stuff; raising the dead, healing the sick, etc. He even raised a dead horse for a chariot after the chariot owner had accused Patrick of killing the horse in the first place. Thats a good solid 10 in anybody's book.

Yet St Brigit also raised the dead, healed Lepers, made the mute speak, the lame walk etc, and did it all in well under 40,000 tries. Better yet, she healed herself! Being great looking and ordered to marry some Clan chieftain as a young girl, she pulled out her eyeball so as to be so ugly he wouldn't marry her, after which, her dad relented and allowed her to be a nun, so she stuck her eyeball back in, healed herself up perfect, and got gorgeous again. A solid 10 that.

Chow Miracles:

Saint Patrick had the famous incident of the pigs. When escaping from Ireland to England, the crew landed but were starving, and were angry at Patrick for telling them where to land, so Patrick caused a herd of pigs to run up, which they promptly killed and ate. A respectable 7.

Saint Brigit was raised as a cook. As a young girl she gave away the family butter to a bunch of beggars, severely angering her parents, but miraculously she was able make the butter reappear, so everybody was happy. So sure they both performed miracles to get out of tough scrapes, but I think Brigit's initial altruism rates an 8. Advantage Brigit.

Animal Miracles:

No question about it, Saint Patrick drove the snakes, (and the toads- everybody forget the toads) out of Ireland. Thats big! 10.

Yet Brigit turned spider webs into flimsy lace, and had trained cows that miraculously gave milk 3 times a day and knew enough to come home early and outrun robbers. Both good tricks, but obviously nothing like cleaning out Pagan Ireland of serpents. Advantage Patrick. Brigit gets a 7.

Making drinkable water Miracles:

St Patrick made a spring pop up near the itty-bitty hamlet of Dublinia. Impressive in the long run.

Yet Brigit made dozens of drinking water wells pop up all over the country, still known as Brigit's wells, so much so that it was said the medieval chroniclers had her jump backwards in time to being St Patricks contemporary, and the 2 coming into competition over who was bigger at water miracle stuff. It was said that Brigit would stick her toe into pools of clean water to warm them up, and then Patrick would stick his full foot in later to make it a lot warmer. This strikes me as a tad petty on Patrick's part, especially since in one Chronicle he ordered Brigit to travel with a Male Bishop as an escort, as it was unseemly for her to be bopping around doing miracles without a male to supervise her. Points deducted for jealousy and male chauvinism from St Patrick. Advantage Brigit, 8 to 6.

Garment miracles:

Yes Saint Patrick did clovers and made everything green, so everybody on the planet wears green on St Patty's Day. Thats a given and no small thing. 10.

Yet St Brigit, in addition to making lace from spider webs, plus once hanging her cloak on a sunbeam, also did the Cloak Miracle. Wanting land for a convent from some King, he said he'd give her as much as her cloak covered, so she took off her cloak and gave it 4 nuns who walked outward with each corner till it covered many, many acres, and the King instantly converted and Brigit got her property. A solid 9.

Water into Alcohol Miracles:

St Patrick did many wonderful things, including triumphing over Druids and bringing victory in many battles. Yet he never turned water into booze. The chronicles say that was left up to his protege', St Columba, who turned water into wine (Whoopie!) but who then was belligerent to Nessie the Sea Monster of Loch Ness and banished her underwater. (Boo). After deductions, 7.

St Brigit, on the other hand, Bless her soul, was able not only to turn water into ale, she could also turn milk into ale. Woo Hoo! 11.

So carry the 5, add the 2 and hmm...after over 40,000 miracles I've got a Tie Score. And the only way I've figured out how to resolve these things in such cases, is to go the route of Patron Sainthood Sudden Death.

St Patrick, Patron Saint Of Ireland, is also the Patron Saint of Paralegals. (Have no idea why).

St Brigit, though not the Patron Saint of Ireland, is the Patron Saint of Brewers. Plus she was able to shoot fire out of her forehead (forgot to mention that earlier).

So wishing not to taint the contest, I'll leave it to Hit & Run, and Tom Collins and the rest of you guys to make the determination of who wins the contest between St Patrick and Saint Brigit this Saint Patty's Day. I know who I'll be tipping my first pint of ale to.

FWIW, Brigit's corpse was stolen by Ulstermen about 800, and then invading Norsemen about 1100 took her head and hauled it off to some Cathedral in Portugal where it now sits obscurely.

St Patrick is supposedly still buried somewhere in Ireland.

Apologies if this nonsense offended anyone.

Go to Hell Congress.


Top of the morning to you, daddy, so when does
she get her day, btw, I think the snakes all moved to Congress

Cecil Turner

The capture of OBL is plausible as stated, and Holder arrogantly admits that he has no plan.

It's worse than that. His remarks can be read as "take no prisoners," which is an actual war crime. You'd think a Columbia-educated chief law enforcement officer would know that.


Possible Census answers ...
Race ? I'm too old for that.
Sex ? As often as possible.


St Patrick, Patron Saint Of Ireland, is also the Patron Saint of Paralegals.

He drove all the snakes out of Ireland.


Good article from the JPost, raises fundamental issues: A free people in our land.


Morning Narciso,

Supposedly 1st of February, an Old Druid first of Spring Day celebration which morphed into St Brigit's day over there, and possibly GroundHog Day over here.

Excellent point on the snakes, but don't forget the toadies either:)


St Patrick, Patron Saint Of Ireland, is also the Patron Saint of Paralegals. (Have no idea why).

Me either, but I'm voting for St. Patty on that there alone.


Daddy, that was great! Top of the morning to ya!


daddy: thanks for the great history of St. Brigit. Patron Saint of Brewers? Hhmm, guess we know who Hit will vote for.

I agree, Narciso, about all the snakes moving to Congress. A surprising number of them have Irish surnames!


Oh, and lest I be accused of some sort of Irish bias in my comment above, my maiden surname was as Irish as they come (and, so am I ancestry-wise).

Jack is Back!

Did I read somewhere where Obama (from his Mother's side) has Irish blood in him? Or maybe it was from his Father's side:) Anyway, when he meets the Irish PM today, you can bet he will serenade him with all the glorious facts about himself. Probably related to both Patrick and Bridget and don't forget his ancestry was transported here by St. Brendan. I have heard that when Obama visits the old sod he wants to stand on the Cliffs of Moher since he heard you can see Chicago from there.


Happy wearing of the green day!

Captain Hate

To hell with wearing green; Orange is the color of the day in chez Hate.


Obama is celebrating St. Patrick's Day by spreading ire in the land.
Sorry, couldn't help myself.


This ain't The Funniest End Of Civilization Ever for nothing.

As we speak a bunch of SEALs are on trial because one punched a murderous jihadi leader in the stomach.

So in an Obama-nation, it's okay to murder a captive but it's not okay to punch him in the stomach.

Huh, interesting rules of engagement they have there.


Good Morning all!

I've been in the DC area, as OL and Clarice mentioned. The dinner that the five of us had was wonderful, and we were chatting away for so long that we nearly closed out the restaurant. Turns out OL started Lurking back in the Libby days too, and "uncloaked" only fairly recently.

Both Mr. Clarice and Mrs. OL are still fascinated that we seem to know one another only through JOM and yet seemed to be close friends. They don't get it. Mrs. OL was convinced beforehand that we were only his Harveys, imaginary friends. I left my floppy white ears home.

The dinner ended with a social kiss from Clarice and a hug from Mrs. OL. What's not to like?

The rest of the trip has gone well -- taxpayer money was recommended to be spent on decent NIH projects, and I pitched a couple of things at NSF over copious quantities of beer at a bar located conveniently at the base of NSF. Coincidence? I think not!

One interesting sidebar is that when I returned from Arlington to Bethesda on the Metro I sat next to a former Clinton-era speechwriter (Agriculture) who is now a PR flak and crisis manager. He gave the standard Dem talking points that HCR certainly will pass, and that one can see the opposition fading, it is a great idea (that will be modified over the years) and that the power is not balanced between Insurance, consumers, Pharma and Device makers. It is up to government to restore that balance -- not consumers!

The initial posturing faded when I mentioned that I run a small company that will make tools and reagents for big Pharma, that I have my life's savings invested into it, and that if HCR goes as I expect that I face the prospect of bankruptcy down the road. I don't think he had ever seen that side before -- only women who have to wear a dead relative's false teeth.

Nice guy, but a hopelessly partisan Dem. Not that those are hard to find in DC.


I don't own anything green.

Danube of Thought


Minus eighteen.

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Hi, Dr J...The place is packed with Dem partisans..But no one ever makes them question their beliefs.

Heading out for a while--behave you all.


Daddy, who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not usually liberals, who would easily tremble at the like of Sarah Palin and "the Gingrich that stole Christmas". But I have a rabidly liberal friend up in Palmer, a transplanted Texan, who is enthusiastic about using any means necessary to kill those "guilty" wolves and using common sense and firearms for personal protection. In my own family, nieces and great-nieces were horrified when I shared a photo of my dad with a timber wolf he shot on his litttle hardscrabble northern Minnesota farm. They themselves have had such a pampered life detached from the natural world that they couldn't conceive of the notion of a family literally starving to death because of wolf predation on domestic animals.

Thanks for the exhaustive exposition of stories about two of Ireland's patron saints. Brigid is still a favorite in Scandinavia, with her name being used as an honorific with countless baby girls, to this very day. I celebrate this day with you, even though I have to go back more than a millenium to find a trace of Irish ancestry myself. Sadly, history only mentions "an Irish girl" as being the consort of one of the Norse petty kings in Ireland.

Here in Minnesota a group of Irish railroad workers felt so intimidated by the host of Scandinavians they had settled amongst that they named their new little village Clontarf, in honor of the battle in which the Irish finally defeated the Norse. It was a deliberate "thumb in the eye" for their neighbors. I admire plucky folks! When I was growing up, we thought the Irish were a minority group. Now my county seat has over a thousand Somalis and many thousands of Hispanics. Life is fascinating. Erin go bragh! Or, thinking about a delectable creature I used to know, Erin go braless!

Danube of Thought

Proud to say I shot the largest wolf taken in Alaska in 1992. Safari Club gave me a commemorative plaque attesting to it. I was up there for caribou and Dall ram, but my guide was ecstatic when the opportunity for the wolf arose.

About 150 yards. Kneeling. Browning .270 Winchester. One clean shot.

W. Holder

We'll catch Osama: dead or deaderer.


behave you all

Who, me? Never!


I am off to get ready for work, and Dennis K. is about to announce on tv why he is voting for HCR. Whoopee.


"Did I read somewhere where Obama (from his Mother's side) has Irish blood in him?"

American Thinker has an Article saying:
"what it actually means is that Obama has come from nowhere and belongs nowhere"


Good for you, DoT. That wolf must have made a nice trophy pelt.

Danube of Thought

Intrade just jumped 29 to 65. George Soros must begetting involved.

Captain Hate

Proud to say I shot the largest wolf taken in Alaska in 1992.

I salute you DoT because I'm sure the feminist crones would be furious with you. I'm not sure why the nags have this affinity for wolves other than they represent all the poor choices they've made in their self-hating lives.


Kucinich. Might be the 216th vote. Hip, hip hooray for his stupidity.

Cowboy Steve

Good VDH up,

"Reflections on the Revolution in America"(present tense.)


And I don't celebrate St.Patrick's day, I'm Irish every day.


Cap, whoever thought Mr. "Department of Peace"
Kucinich would vote the right way on this


Daddy, I read your brilliant post, and I had a synesthesiac moment. I saw green. Happy St. Patty's Day.

Danube of Thought

That wolf must have made a nice trophy pelt.

Had him full-mounted.

According to my guide, the wolves were wreaking havoc with the caribou population at that point, and he was one of a vocal group trying to reinstate bounty-hunting from the air. Wouldn't be my cup of tea, but the state biologist eventually authorized it for purposes of game management.

The dopes who bleed publicly over such culling couldn't care less about the wolves who, red in tooth and claw, take down caribou and feast until they are full and then saunter away with the disemboweled animal still alive. And those are reindeer!


Daddy, I'll leave it up to you to highlight another Irish lass of great repute, St. Sunniva, who became the patron saint of western Norway.


I'm damn glad InTrade is such an authoritative source. It saves goats' lives, now that we no longer need to interpret entrails.


Regarding the clueless liberals who create mayhem out of good intentions, I would recommend reading the works of the late Duncan Pryde, who spent a great deal of his life with the Inuit. After the initial uproar over the clubbing of baby seals, the price of all seal pelts collapsed, no matter what species or what sort of harvest. Pryde knew of several small native communities with fierce independence that quite literally died out because the pelts that they had devoted so much of their time to harvest were worthless, and they could not afford the food and tools from the outside world that they had become accustomed to. Pryde also had some valuable input into just how vulnerable humans were to polar bear and wolf predation beyond the fringes of "civilization". He pointed out that it is nearly impossible to "document" humans killed alone in the wilderness.


About 150 yards. Kneeling. Browning .270 Winchester. One clean shot.
Wow DoT...love the details. Hunters remember the details. My brother was a hunting guide for years on the King Ranch.(down around where the Cheney face shooting incident occurred!) Serious hunters would come down for a chance at trophy white tail deer. There were also lots of feral hogs there that the not-so-serious hunters would shoot (or their kids)....anyway, my brother had one that was his "pet". That sucker was HUGE. My brother spray painted "Don't Shoot" on his sides so the hunters wouldn't get him. That became his name. That hog was a tortilla eating so-and-so!


Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! I am going to Ireland this summer with my high school girlfriends and can't wait for the wonderful experience. I have decided not to let Dumbo Dennis Kucinich ruin my day! The whole purpose of Obama's visit to Strongsville, Ohio was to nab Dennis's vote. Hopefully we will vote him out in November. Marcia Fudge is a replacement for Stephanie Tubbs jones. She's in Obama's pocket too!

Captain Hate

Cap, whoever thought Mr. "Department of Peace" Kucinich would vote the right way on this

He always makes a big deal about how he can't be bought; so much for that garbage. I really didn't think he'd take it well that BOzo claimed to know more about what his constituents want but that's obviously not true. I'm thinking that the union goons really amped up the pressure on him because he's completely a tool of them.

Fortunately his support has no coat-tails to it and should be a warning to any donks in conservative districts that this is a full commie bill.

Jim Ryan

sbw, the Chinese are using Intrade now, so they no longer have to put turtle shells into the fire and then examine the cracks in the shells afterwards.

Jim Ryan

Let me guess, Kucinich said "for American families" in his presser?

Danube of Thought

Hunters remember the details.

It's absolutely true. I've often read that major leaguers can remember every detail of every homerun they ever hit, and this is for sure the same thing. And the ones that weren't so clean trouble you forever.

Jack is Back!


Scoped? What kind?

Love the .270 but my all time fav is the Remington 700 at .308. Still have my Dad's but just don't get to use it except the range from time to time.

Used it back in the mid 70's to get my only Elk in the Lochsa River Valley just over the Montana border in Idaho. Keeping it oiled and handy - you never know when you'll need it.

ARC: Brian

Hunters remember the details.

It's absolutely true. I've often read that major leaguers can remember every detail of every homerun they ever hit, and this is for sure the same thing. And the ones that weren't so clean trouble you forever.

Poker player's remember their big pots and their bad beats.

Golfer's remember the club, the lie, the wind, the green texture.

Pilots remember the details of the tricky instrument approach.

The "there I was" story. I love the details too.


Danube of Thought

GOP up by ten on Raz generic ballot.

Danube of Thought

Scoped? What kind?

Definitely scoped, but I don't recall which one I had on that rifle at that time.

I inherited my Dad's pre-'64 Winchester Model 70 in .30-'06 (he had bought it in the Navy Exchange at Yokosuka in 1956) but passed it on to a nephew. It was my second-favorite rifle. Favorite was my great-uncle's Marine Corps issue Springfield, which the Corps had sporterized and gave to him as a retirement gift. He left it to my Dad, who gave it to me. Got a grizzly bear with it in the Brooks Range in 1993.

You take care of those things and they're good forever.


Happy Saint Patrick's Day! (It's my nephew's "Name Day") How I wish that Saint Patrick would repeat his miracle in Ireland and drive all the "snakes" out of Washington, D.C.

Do you think that Krazy Kucinich's vote change will influence many/any in congress?

ARC: Brian

I wonder if politicians have similar stories

"We were in this rules committee meeting and I came up with the beautiful idea of just 'deeming' HR3950 passed! Voila!"

ARC: Brian

Um... that was supposed to be a followup to the "Hunters remember the details" Post.


Possible census answers...

Race? NASCAR *
Sex? No thanks. I don't do business with prostitutes.

*North American Schtoopit Caucasoid Armed Redneck


I wonder if politicians have similar stories

Only the waitress sandwiches.


and musicians always remember that one night when everything was right and they killed from the first note to the last.


Race: Grand Prix of Monaco.
Sex: Yes.
Religion: God, yes.
Age: old enough to know better, still just young enough not to care.


11 Republican senators just voted to spend 17 billion more that we don't Have.

When does is it end?


--Favorite was my great-uncle's Marine Corps issue Springfield, which the Corps had sporterized and gave to him as a retirement gift....--

I make custom gunstocks as a hobby and do a little metal work.
Contemplating as my next project a matched pair of a Springfield '03 in some center fire caliber and a Springfield M2 in 22 LR both in the old Griffin and Howe style.


I've often read that major leaguers can remember every detail of every homerun they ever hit

So do curlers.

JM Hanes


"Holder thinks Bin Laden is already dead. I think a lot of high ranking officials believe that"

If he is, that little interchange must be giving the White House nightmares. How many times has Obama made it perfectly clear that going after al Qaeda is the raison d'etre of the good war in Afghanistan? If Osama was, in fact, already dead when the Prez took office, I can almost guarantee that one day his body will be blown to smithereens by a predator drone, with only a convenient bit left for DNA testing.

I didn't see the hearing, but Holder has given any number of weasel answers like this before and I don't know why Republicans so often seem to stop short of collapsing his house of cards.

In the KSM hearing, he was asked to explain why he insisted that we had the best chance of getting a conviction in a civilian court, when we knew KSM wanted to plead guilty in a military tribunal a year ago. Holder replied, repeatedly, that KSM doesn't necessarily feel the same way now as he did then. IIRC, nobody ever asked him why on earth he didn't know, and whether he had even attempted to find out before putting the prospect of a civilian trial in play. They had an A.G. who was willing to claim actual ignorance on what should have been the pivotal factor in his decision, because it would destroy his argument for a civilian trail. It seems to me that they've let him just walk away from an obvious hot seat, time and again. Any decent trial lawyer would not keep asking the same questions and getting the same answers.

Captain Hate

When Jim Palmer did MLB broadcasts for ABC, it seemed that he could remember the details of every at bat that a hitter had against him.


I don't see DoT around this morning, but I thought he might have some thoughts on this bit from a Politico article on constitutionality of the Slaugher rule:

"No lawyer interviewed by POLITICO thought the constitutionality of the “deem and pass” approach being considered by House Democrats was an open-and-shut case either way. But most agreed that it could raise constitutional issues sufficiently credible that the Supreme Court might get interested, as it has in the past.

“If I were advising somebody," on whether deem and pass would run into constitutional trouble, "I would say to them, ‘Don’t do it,’” said Alan Morrison, a professor at the George Washington University Law School who has litigated similar issues before the Supreme Court on behalf of the watchdog organization Public Citizen. “What does ‘deem’ mean? In class I always say it means ‘let's pretend.’ 'Deems' means it's not true.”

Jane, Janet, anyone: I will not be able to see Brett Baier today - it comes on while I am still at work. Any of you planning to live blog it? No, I am not really interested in what Obama says, but I am curious what questions Brett will ask and what the panel says afterward.

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