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March 29, 2010


Paul Zrimsek

When I vote for a law, it means just what I choose it to mean-- neither more nor less. The question is which is to be master -- that's all.

Reminds me of John Kerry's retroactive interpretation of the Iraq AUMF. How many legislators will end up having been for HCR before they were against it?



An estimated twenty percent of school-aged children suffer from a chronic disease such as diabetes or cancer.

In the United States in 2007, approximately 10,400 children under age 15 were diagnosed with cancer and about 1,545 children will die from the disease. Although this makes cancer the leading cause of death by disease among U.S. children 1 to 14 years of age, cancer is still relatively rare in this age group. On average, 1 to 2 children develop the disease each year for every 10,000 children in the United States.
The rate of new cases among youth was 19 per 100,000 each year for type 1 diabetes and 5.3 per 100,000 for type 2 diabetes.

2:10,000/year => 40:10,000 cancer cases for ages <20
2.43:10,000/year => 42:10,000 diabetes cases

So that's 0.4% cancer, 0.4% diabetes, and apparently 19.2% "such as".

Jumbo Shrimp

"Sec. 2705, which requires fair pricing..."

'Fair' pricing? Fair to whom? Someone has to pay for the cost. The healthy will be overcharged and those with pre-existing conditions who never bought insurance will be undercharged.

What else is slated for "fair" treatment in the future? Well, it looks like housing is already there...don't make mortgage payments and get a reprieve from payments and/or your principal reduced. Maybe job pay is next. Everyone who works for the same company or industry gets paid exactly the same. It's only "fair".


Can't do math and can't read or write..Of course the Democratic Congress represents America..


"Approximately 20 percent of school-aged children suffer from a chronic disease including cancer, diabetes, asthma and heart disease."



Happy Birthday, PD!

Rick Ballard

"and apparently 19.2% "such as"."

9.7% of children are asthmatic. I haven't found anything on the prevalence of childhood heart disease yet.

And wait'll tax cheat Kathleen starts administering it.  Trix are for kids.

Didn't Nancy say we had to pass the bill in order to find out what it says. A woman of her word. The Democrats could use more like her.


Happy Birthday, PD! I love all these March birthdays. Hope spring is springing in your part of the world...or will be soon...

Dave (in MA)

Sen. Smalley doesn't know what's in the law, either. (It's not just a Bill anymore.)


Gee Porch, we were hoping for a March b-day in your house too. What's the deal?


After a certain point, you have to conclude, yes, they are that stupid.

narciso the harpoon

It does reach a threshold, Po


Didn't the left go nuts (yeah, I know redundant) when Victoria Toensing argued the intent behind the Intelligence Protection Act was not for people like Plame? They beat her up pretty good for making the argument that she knew what the intent of the law was.


I'm a procrastinator by nature, Jane. What can I say?

Let's hope not April 1 or April 15. Or Earth Day, whenever that is. That's all I ask.


Breaking News!!! The man that threatened Congressman Cantor and his family is Muslim and contributed $850 to Obama's campaign. What? It wasn't breaking news? I read it at http://jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com/2010/03/philadelphia-man-charged-with.html>JWF. A blog. Can you imagine the hoopla if someone was arrested for threatening a democrat that was christian and contributed to Palin?

Spread the word, I guess. Since MSM isn't going to do it.


Oh, my Lord, the irony...

Famed global warming activist James Schneider and a journalist friend were both found frozen to death on Saturday, about 90 miles from South Pole Station, by the pilot of a ski plane practicing emergency evacuation procedures.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing", recounted the pilot, Jimmy Dolittle. "There were two snowmobiles with cargo sleds, a tent, and a bright orange rope that had been laid out on the ice, forming the words, 'HELP-COLD'".

One friend of Prof. Schneider told ecoEnquirer that he had been planning a trip to an ice sheet to film the devastation brought on by global warming.

Bill in AZ

Comments indicate the site that story came from is satire. Warmists are that stupid though, so, hard to tell.


Really? I just saw it Ace's place.


Well, Ace has updated to say Whoops! Nevermind, though it has enough of a ring of truth to it that I fell for it. They do this stuff all the time. Like getting stuck in ice in the Arctic while filming the devastation of global warming.

Bill in AZ

Case in point - the Catlin team is wandering around the arctic again this year, averaging 1.7 miles per day. Should make the North Pole by September - 'cept for safety they need to be off the ice by May. Maybe if they hurry.

narciso the harpoon

Close enough, recall that expedition that was trapped in the Arctic ice

centralcal will not comply

Gateway Pundit has the story too and hadn't corrected as of a few minutes ago, Sue.


Are you certain that letter was not from (french horns) Dr. Boris Badinoff?

Hey, let's go to the doctor; it's free.

It was hilarious, but gone for at least two years.

It's a spoof. Roy Spencer's I believe. I wish he'd bring EcoEnquirer back.


Pilot Jimmy Dolittle was the giveaway. He trained for the raid near my home.


I like the bear lover who was eaten (along with his girlfriend) by one of those bears he assured everyone was friendly but misunderstood.


OT but they really have to find someone less tone deaf than MIchael Steele.

The NYT afternoon headline going out by email alert nationally is

"RNC Spends Thousands on Jets, Limos & Clubs"

We know the NYT hates profligate behavior.

Oh, just when it's Republicans?


I'll be damned if I let the NYT decide who should had the RNC.

And let my eyes be blindfolded if I believe a word they say about their political opponents.

Listening to them about Steele is just like taking CNN's word about the tea party.


Reports that the new law will raise young people's premiums by 17%.
What if we persuaded them to donate that much to throw the Dems out and repeal the law?


Reports that the new law will raise young people's premiums by 17%.

Does that also mean their parents' premiums will be raised if they're under 26 and still on their parents' plans?


BTW Narciso, thanks for the link to Jonah Goldberg on Buckley.

centralcal will not comply

"Listening to them about Steele is just like taking CNN's word about the tea party."

On some blog or other this weekend, I saw the following: "CNN has hundreds, possibly dozens, of viewers." LMAO when I saw it, because that is actually very close to being true and getting truer every day.



narciso the harpoon

In retrospect, the Jonathan Strong?? seriously
in the Daily Caller was a shot across the bow, who else would know about an entry on pg 1781 of an SEC filing, a remarkedly stupid
action, that kind of explains the status of
the Poizner campaign, "what is that, better
check the cables"


Man, it ate my post. I was just saying I also thought the 20% number was too high. It's probably asthma and allergies, like peanut allergies, but probably a lot of those are mild.

And anytime you get sick, no matter what it is, it's considered a pre-condition. Like if you had the flu, you would not be coered for the flu again. Which is crazy.


Tip of the day- if you have ants in your kitchen and want to kill them without poisons, use 91% rubbing alcohol and spray them. Safe and effective. Seems also to prevent them from coming back as well.


"It looks like the Obama administration will issue some regulations saying that their view is.."

So this is how the law is now implemented? On someone's "view" instead of the language?

Isn't "viewing" the purview of the Judicial branch?


Let's hope not April 1 or April 15. Or Earth Day,

Or Wednesday.


Well Tom, you may be right. So my question is, what does it take to clear this up?

And also, who put in this sleazy language?


Tip of the day- if you have ants in your kitchen and want to kill them without poisons, use 91% rubbing alcohol and spray them. Safe and effective. Seems also to prevent them from coming back as well.

Does this work on Trolls too?


Apparently not. You're still here.


bgates, not to be a nitpicker, but your data are about new diagnoses, while the 20% refers to cumulative cases. Still, it sounds way too high (and "asthma" is one of those things like ADHD that is pretty subjective).


--sylvia on Who Has Time To Read?--


Posted by: sylvia--

They speak for themselves.


Too bad...

Are you sure the 70% stuff doesn't work or are you saying that the 91% stuff is just more humane and kills them quicker?

How does the kitchen flooring hold up to it? I guess if the flooring gets ruined, no self-respecting ant would want to come back.


". . . one of those bears he assured everyone was friendly but misunderstood."
I think he just misunderstood how doggone hungry that friendly bear was, is all.

Rick Ballard

Maladministration Cuts Off All Medicare Payments to Doctors

That should save some dough.


How do you read it that way, Rick? From what I can tell the article is about deferring a putative Medicare rate cut until April 12 when Congress reconvenes.


your data are about new diagnoses

Which is why I multiplied them by 20: 2 new cases/year/10,000 kids x 20 years = 40 cases : 10,000 kids, and even that's
* counting 19-year-olds as "children",
* assuming nobody ages out of the bracket, and
* nobody dies.

0.4% isn't a gross overestimate, but it's an overestimate.

Danube of Thought

Where is the link to Goldberg on Buckley? Dare I hope he is discussing Christo?

For my money, the whole hoohaw about who has or has not "read the bill" is pretty ridiculous. It simply cannot be read by anyone who is not a lawyer who has at his elbow all the volumes containing the many statutory provisions that are referred to throughout. And at that, it would take a long time--a hell of a lot more than 72 hours--to assimilate it all.


OMG! Rickey Martin is gay! Who woulda thunk?


Hmmmm... Hot Air has a post up with some really remarkable news. Republicans now lead Dems in the generic congressional ballot by 3%. At this point in time in 94 the Dems were still ahead by 6% in the same poll. The Dem numbers are so bad Gallop never even did a calculation for the impact them having numbers this low.

http://hotair.com/archives/2010/03/29/gallup-crumble-obamacare-underwater-again-gop-surges-on-generic-ballot/>Gallup crumble: ObamaCare underwater again, GOP surges on generic ballot


Still a good talking point, unless it's better to accuse them of purposely voting for everything that becomes uncomfortable. In which case, it should be pointed out that their multi-million dollar crack staffs helped them understand each and every provision.

Rick Ballard

"How do you read it that way, Rick?"

If I were a doc expecting to be paid something during the first three weeks of April for treating Medicare patients and was told I was to receive nothing, then I'd say that the Maladministration had cut payments to zero. This is a pre-emptive move by the Maladministration to set the level of howling at a louder pitch when the Reps refuse to go along with the proposed "relief" by holding the Dems to their Paygo lies. It's the same theater used to vilify Coburn for holding up additional extended unemployment benefits for the same reason.

I also seem to recall sometime in the distant past (was it last week?) when the Democrat liars forced the CBO to use these very same cuts in payments to doctors for "scoring" the HCR fraud.

It's just stage setting - or prepping the battle space.

It's also the Executive refusing to comply with the law as written.


Occam's Razor explanation.

Sorry, Palin and Hayworth supporters, but you’re in denial about the McCain endorsement

Danube of Thought

Wow. I was about to link to that item Ranger just linked to about Gallup's generic ballot and the upcoming elections. Highly recommend it.

I wonder if this will move the needle with people like Larry Sabato and Charlie Cook.

hit and run

Could I love sylvia more?


centralcal will not comply

LOL! Hit.


Truly, this is insanity. Ezra about Sebilius's letter to insurers.


Oh, cut it out. When will you people stop letting the MSM play wedge games with Palin and "Conservatives". For Pete's sake, what is she supposed to do, repudiate her erstwhile running mate now? Where is the honor in that?

She is certainly proving that she is a "better man" then he and his campaign staff were, given their dreadful behavior after the election. She is not out slandering anyone. She is not letting bitterness and self-pity lead her into vindictive pettiness. She rises to the occasion. How sad that the GOP "leadership" have less honor or strength than a woman.

She has her eyes on the prize, and that prize would be taking back the House in 2010. She has it right. She needs our support, not this idiotic "conservative purist carp" that so damaged us in '06 and '08.

Palin know it is not a done deal. She know she will have to build momentum though the spring and summer, and that the going will get rough. She knows that she is one of the few people in the country that can stand up to the MSM and the Administration in the maelstrom of libel and lies that is coming.

Scores killed in Moscow by our Islamic enemies, and this nation's government is out attacking "Christian Militia". Palin knows what is up, do you?

This is just the beginning of an all out assault on all decent Americans in the nation who would dare speak their minds and act upon it. Without her to fight back, it is hopeless. The GOP "leadership" will not man up, you can take that to the bank. Look at that twit Steele. What an irresponsible arse.

This is a war. it would be wise to start asking like it.

Soylent Red

This is a war. it would be wise to start asking like it.

This is a war?


LOL Soylent.

Bill in AZ

McCain... yawn... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Danube of Thought

"it would be wise to start asking like it."

Asking? Well, Squaredance, let me start asking WTF you are doing here. You're a damn fool, and nothing you say warrants comment. Take a hike.

narciso the harpoon

How about this selection instead in the LUN

Danube of Thought

A bit of history on the Strange New Respect Award, courtesy of the American Spectator a couple of years ago:

More than a quarter century ago, our longtime Washington correspondent (and now senior editor) Tom Bethell began bestowing the Strange New Respect Award on once-reliable conservatives who won liberal praise by adopting liberal policies. Of a sudden, an erstwhile Neanderthal would be treated in the Washington Post as someone who was no longer "simplistic" and "shrill" but rather a figure who had "grown" and showed himself to be "nuanced." In today's Post we see the dynamic is still in play, except the party in question is said to be "maturing." The culprit: Virginia House Speaker William Howell, until recently a staunch opponent of new transportation taxes in Virginia but now hinting he could be flexible on that score. The Post tosses numerous bouquets at him.

"As many political observers see it, Howell is maturing into the leadership role he took on four years ago, which could help the speaker boost his influence."

Once thought "politically aloof and stubborn," he was now using "gentle persuasion" and "diplomacy" to bring "unruly" Republicans around, a great improvement on his "battered image" owing to his earlier "feuding" with pro-tax hiking Democratic governors and "moderate" Republicans.


Gosh, It'd be great if every single Dem lost in November..then we could teach progressives==the hard way==why established procedures should be followed,why it's a good thing to follow the regular confirmation process; why the language in statutes matters and why criminal laws should be clear and fairly enforced, and why abusive of Congressional hearings is a bad thing.

If you get my drift.

Can't wait for the Holder on the rocks hearings.


**abusive Congressional hearings****

Rick Ballard


Backup to my assertion regarding phony scoring can be found here. In particular

The reconciliation proposal and H.R. 3590 would maintain and put into effect a number of policies that might be difficult to sustain over a long period of time. Under current law, payment rates for physicians’ services in Medicare would be reduced by about 21 percent in 2010 and then decline further in subsequent years; the proposal makes no changes to those

Eventually, the 21% cut BS will be rescinded and Medicare Part B premiums will be raised substantially to cover a good portion of any increase. Hopefully, all the folks in Geezerville will see the increased costs by August. That should leave time for the flames to be fanned before the election.

centralcal will not comply

Amen, Clarice!

Danube of Thought

Sorry to drag the Strange New Respect stuff in from left field. I meant to post it on the thread dealing with The One's suddenly sounding so hawkish.

Danube of Thought

From The Hill:

Tucked away inside a new Washington Post/ABC News poll is a key figure — 72 percent. That’s the percentage of voters who disapprove of the job Congress is doing, and the number hasn’t been that high since — you guessed it — the week before the 1994 election.



Does the GOP even know how to run abusive congressional hearings? Coleman lost his seat and his hearings were mild.



Eventually, the 21% cut BS will be rescinded and Medicare Part B premiums will be raised substantially to cover a good portion of any increase.

Of course. This is the famous "doc fix" that was used to make the numbers look good. Even early on no one believed that this would actually stick.

centralcal will not comply

A blessed Passover to all my Jewish friends. Somehow, Obama and Seder seem sacriligeous to me. But, what do I know? Jake Tapper on Twitter has a link to a picture of the Seder dinner at the White House. Enough said.



Rick, the condo commandos will take this as their last stand ..These are folks who credibly threatened class action suits when told they couldn't take home the table rolls at the early early bird dinners.

Rick Ballard


If you have any email addys for the condo commandos you might want to alert them using this. Maybe a subject line with this quote:

Over the 2011-2019 period, CBO
estimates that aggregate Part B premiums would increase by about $49 billion.
would be a good way to start.

Congress will take up that legislation when they return from looting and pillaging their districts spring recess.


Which is why I multiplied them by 20

Sorry about that--I guess I was just illustrating the title of this thread. (Actually, I'm a bit jet lagged, so I'll use that as an excuse.)

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