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March 14, 2010


Rick Ballard

"I was stunned that anyone would dare to utter "least attractive" in connection with a dazzling creature like Megyn Kelly."

A brief perusal of the MOO/Botox beauty standards explains the "up is really down" paradox.


Narciso, you brought up H.P. Lovecraft's mythos. Do you remember the little history he cobbled together for the background of the Necronomicon? I descend from the REAL Olaus Wormius, whose identity was stolen and modified by Lovecraft. I treasure a note from L. Sprague de Camp, Lovecraft's biographer, delving into that issue.


Hey Kim, I ordered the Hockey Stick math thriller you mentioned from Amazon. Can't wait...

Posted by: Old Lurker

Because ">http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/2010/03/the-case-against-the-hockey-stick/"> the Matt Ridley review of the Hockey Stick Hoax book was so good, hope you don't mind if I link it again. It really does deserve wide dissemination.

My favorite part of that review is this:

"Of course, there is other evidence for global warming, but none of it proves that the recent warming is unprecedented. Indeed, quite the reverse: surface temperatures, sea levels, tree lines, glacier retreats, summer sea ice extent in the Arctic, early spring flowers, bird migration, droughts, floods, storms—they all show change that is no different in speed or magnitude from other periods, like 1910-1940, at least as far as can be measured. There may be something unprecedented going on in temperature, but the only piece of empirical evidence that actually says so—yes, the only one—is the hockey stick.

And the hockey stick is wrong."



Danube of Thought

I remember that at his retirement party Brit said something to the effect that it was the most flattering lie he'd ever heard.


Good story, DoT.


Happy Pi day.


Sure, sure, some of you may find it ">http://library.thinkquest.org/C0110195/what/irrational.html"> irrational, but me, I find it ">http://library.thinkquest.org/C0110195/what/transcendental.html"> transcendental!

Autistic Savant Daniel Tammet though likes Pi a tad more than the rest of us, because he can see Pi:

"After reciting pi to the 22,514 digits, Tammet was asked why memorize pi. He replied that pi is an extremely beautiful and utterly unique thing. Like the Mona Lisa or a Mozart symphony, pi is its own reason for loving it. The math savant Tammet has painted a picture of pi, which is ">http://www.optimnem.co.uk/artwork.php"> here.

Personally I would have expected a little orange in the first 20 decimals of Pi, but of course, not being a ">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia"> Synesthesiast, what do I know.


CC, They are talking about a different but related issue:The House Dems want to fine employees who are subsidized if they are PART TIME employees.Normally part time employees do not get coverage, and even if they did they surely will opt for the subsidy because their overage will not be large..so hire a part timer and you will be ined.


Let try again-The House Dems want to fine employeRs whose subsidized employees are PART TIME employees.Normally part time employees do not get coverage, and even if they did they surely will opt for the subsidy because their overage will not be large..so hire a part timer and you will be Fined.


We are under attack from everywhere. An al Qaeda squirrel tore up the American flags on the Operation Kindness donation box on my porch!!




Golly, Clarice. I apologize, and certainly wasn't trying to be offensive. I write quickly sometimes . . . earlier one of the commenters was talking about sending emails to some folks about what your husband had called to your attention this morning.

I thought it might have inspired the related info appearing later in the day.


I wasn't offended and never thought you were offensive..I just wanted to make it clear he didn't want credit for this and the other article was on a related matter.

*air kiss, air kiss*


"I descend from the REAL Olaus Wormius,"

Mefolkes, you old worm you,

Very cool your ancestor ">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ole_Worm"> Olaus Wormius. I knew nothing about him, but scrolling through many fun links this morning about "Ole Worm" (pronounced "Olə Vorm") (May 13, 1588 – August 31, 1655), the old Danish physician and antiquary, I find I'd like to learn more about him.

A quick read through shows some of his very impressive accomplishments in Natural Science and Medicine and Ancient Runish Alphabets, but this Pi day its also fun to find that he married the daughter of the guy who invented the math terms "tangent and secant", and especially that he proved that Unicorns did not exist, and that Lemmings were not spontaneously generated by air.

We could sure use a guy like Old Worm to have a look at ClimateGate.

Anyhow, kidding aside, he sounds fascinating. Any recommendations on a decent book on "Ole Worm?

hit and run

Bad Update (from email from Frank):

She is resting and sleeping most of the day. They are doing a great job keeping her comfortable. She woke up for a brief moment this morning and asked if the local house cat (Mr Miracle) could come visit. He is her now curled up and sleeping by her leg.

It is comforting to hear she is comfortable.



The key to calculating the penalty is that the penalty is multiplied by the number of employees specified in sub-paragraph (B).

Sub-paragragh (B) refers to any employee who qualifies for or receives subsidies.

Thus the penalty for each month is calculated by multiplying four times the penalty ($750 divided by 12) times the number of employees eligible for subsidies (those specified in sub-paragraph (B)).

This is capped at four times the penalty for all employees, or 4 * $750 = $3,000. Of course, it would be capped there anyway because if all your employees fell into the subsidy bracket, you would pay 12 months * 400% * $750 / 12 * number of employees = $3K per employee.

The other key is that the subsidies are based on the employee payments. So, if you have a policy covering employees which costs $12K per year and you deduct $200 each month from employees' paychecks, the employees use their salary and $2,400 to determine whether they qualify. I haven't played with the tables much, but IIRC the subsidy kicked in at roughly 10% of earnings. So if an employee made more than $24,000, s/he would not be eligible and no penalty would apply.

The easy solution, of course, is to bump up the employee contribution to cover the penalty to the employer. Heck, since the employees in the penalty box by definition qualify for a gov't subsidy, why not drop the employer contribution for those to -zero-?

Using the math above, employer subsidy was $9,600 per employee per year. After adjustment, employer subsidy is $3K per employee per year.

You have to play with the numbers a bunch to work out what is the best employer contribution to minimize overall costs while providing the same coverage and not running afoul of the non-discrimination rules (compensation here--not race).

More work for me and my ilk. I find myself sympathizing with Mark Twain: As the fellow said after being tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, "If it weren't for the honor, I'd just as soon have walked."

I have better things to do.

Manuel Transmission

For all the financial wizards out there (you know who you are) and for the rest of us on the back of the oxcart -- from the Global Times:

The chief currency regulator reiterated Tuesday the country's continued commitment to invest in US Treasuries, calling the move responsible and assuring that a recent unloading of some holdings was simply part of regular market operations.[snip]



Walter, THANKS. I'll pass it along.

There's yet another complication and I'm not detailing this but some subsidies will be only partial so for a subsidy of about $300 the employer would be subject to a $3k penalty.

Anyway, it makes my head spin--and my husband''s==not least because the landguage keeps changing and related provisions get renumbered or dropped, sometimes by apparent accident.

Manuel Transmission



I am reposting a bit from Clarice's comment, mostly because mine makes no sense without it and I haven't quite grasped this brave new comment linking.

(c) Large Employers Offering Coverage With Employees Who Qualify for Premium Tax Credits or Cost-sharing Reductions-
`(1) IN GENERAL- If--
`(A) an applicable large employer offers to its full-time employees (and their dependents) the opportunity to enroll in minimum essential coverage under an eligible employer-sponsored plan (as defined in section 5000A(f)(2)) for any month, and
`(B) 1 or more full-time employees of the applicable large employer has been certified to the employer under section 1411 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as having enrolled for such month in a qualified health plan with respect to which an applicable premium tax credit or cost-sharing reduction is allowed or paid with respect to the employee,
then there is hereby imposed on the employer an assessable payment equal to the product of the number of full-time employees of the applicable large employer described in subparagraph (B) for such month and 400 percent of the applicable payment amount.


That's good news. I feel for her.


Thanks, Hit. Yes, it is comforting to know.

Daddy: just a quick aside on a personal not. Many, many weeks ago I contacted you on behalf of a workmate trying to adopt and in a long queue for a child from China. He never contacted you because they had received word (during our email back and forth) that they would be receiving an American newborn within a few weeks.

After meetings with the mother-to-be and her family members, they were summoned to L.A. for what they hoped was the birth. After a 3-day stressful waiting period, the birth mom was sent home from the hospital - false alarm (or labor - ha).

They returned empty handed but anxious. Had a baby shower. The wife (a teacher) gave her notice and they waited. At the very last minute, their social workder notified them that the birth mom had a change of mind and selected another adoptive couple who "lived nearby." I cannot tell you how devastated they were, but realized that they dodged a bullet, so to speak. The birth mom seems to want to keep some ties to the baby.

Anyway, they are still in the China adoption queue as well as the American one.


Once again Bad is defying the odds. I would expect nothing else.



Some of this convoluted language is a feature, not a bug. The effect of the employer in my example dropping the subsidy and making it up to employees in cash is to make health insurance premiums subject to tax at the employee level--which was McCain's plan all along. And Obama's, at some point.

Jack is Back!

There is probably a dozen or so "Clarice's husband discovery" in the Senate bill and probably 50 or more in the house bill. Some of it won't even be picked up by the likes of PWC or Accenture when they send in their million dollar analysis to their clients. You have to build one hell'va algorithm to map out the rules, triggers, consequences, fines, remedies, bureaucracies, catch-22's and mickey mouse procedures contained in this monstrosity of legislative goobledeegook.

OT: For daddy - the LUN is the link to the Iditarod. Lance Macey back in front. Al Gore is there doing the "sun dance" trying to make the trail slush.


One thing I never hear argued back to the left when they complain about insurance companies denying coverage. The fact is that no insurance company denies coverage, but as a fiscal duty to all the other people they insure.
The fact is that all the other people who buy their insurance from that company, expect them to use their premiums wisely so that money will be their if they need healthcare.
An insurance company denying a treatment because it is NOT covered under your plan, is NOT the companies fault - they are doing their job in protecting my investment in their company.
Medicare and Medicaid routinely deny payment for items they do not cover - its standard operating procedure.

If I went to an insurance company to see about buying a policy and they told me - by the way - we pay out on every claim, any amount regardless if its in your plan - I would go running to a more responsible company.
It would be like a bank saying we loan to anyone, any amount, regardless of their ability to pay. Care to invest with us?

Frau Zynisch

Oh, to be Mr. Miracle...

Frau Zynisch

Janet, the older copies of Joy of Cooking have directions for and illustrations of skinning (your or my) squirrel. The illustration shows a very feminine, *booted* foot holding down the tail for the skinning to begin. Just be sure you are not observed while you dispatch said beast.

We notice the rat population has decreased as the consarned squirrel population has exploded in our town. It parallels, coincidentally, the growth of the liberals, come to think of it. We can no longer count on vegetables and fruit from the yard.


Coming to an Obamacare facility near you:



Frau, yes about Mr Miracle..How sweet a picture is that?

Around here t\we are overwhelmed with squirrels. Then we had the mosquito borne virus--forget the name--the huge flocks of crows and large squirrel population really thinned out as a result ...for a few years. The crows are still at a low point leaving more room for a better quality birds but the squirrels are returning.


Does anyone really believe the $500B in Medicare cuts, never mind that they're supposedly targeting "waste and abuse"? Sure, they'll cut the $177B Medicare Advantage, because Obama called that money "unwarranted subsidies in Medicare that go to insurance companies — subsidies that do everything to pad their profits but don't improve the care of seniors."

It's the "profit overhead" that will get cut. The rest of it was just a b.s. ruse to help the CBO score. Worth using to demagogue worried seniors, bit it will never happen.


Same Clarice. Frau - I don't have the old Joy of Cooking, but when a thread discussion was going on about cooking bear I discovered I did own a wild game prep and recipe pamphlet put out by the Texas Ag. Extension Service.
No bear recipes, but squirrel and Opossum were listed. Might come in handy when we are living in the new America.
No lights, walking everywhere, eating Opossum, no doctors, "tribes" fighting, worshiping nature....sounds like a caveman's paradise.

JM Hanes


"The House Dems want to fine employees who are subsidized if they are PART TIME employees."

I expect we have unions to thank for that provision. I remember a big brouhaha a few years ago about FedEx or UPS using a lot of part time labor in order to avoid having to provide benefits or pay overtime to regular employees.

In what may be particularly common in businesses using modestly skilled, largely fungible workers, employees are promised that their benefits will kick in after some probationary period like 6 months. There are plenty of scuzzy employers who simply fire and replace them when that time is up, which seems like only one of many ready made platforms for proselytizing. It makes me think it would be worth looking for language which mandates employee coverage from day one. It sounds like businesses with the most turnover in unskilled positions, or who hire part time labor seasonally are necessarily going to take a hit, because those employees also seem the most likely prospects for subsidies.

Add in provisions for portability, and folks will be even less likely to switch over to an employer's plan. Depending on how those provisions are structured, the hits may keep on coming even after an employee has departed. On the flip side, employees who lose employer benefits with their jobs are also likely to be the ones landing on the next door step with pre-existing conditions. The odds go higher when family members are included in coverage. A lot of the workers on the lower rungs of the ladder who would benefit most from non-business insurance pools seem far more likely just to take a government check and/or turn their healthcare decision making over to government -- or union -- agencies instead of trying to scout out the landscape themselves.

I would think that there's hardly a business in America which won't get skewered by HCR. Unfortunately, with a bill this massive, which starts with deliberately obfuscatory language and ultimately ends with a slew of ex post facto regulation to come, it's incredibly difficult to nail down the consequences, or explain them to others even if you could. Dem leadership can't even really explain it to their own troops. There are just too many working parts. They are going all out for a comprehensive package, and are categorically opposed to incremental reform, because every little gear meshes with every other gear. It remains difficult to marshall opposition when virtually no one can tell you what's really coming.

Jim Ryan

I can't believe I have made a protest sign and am heading up to DC Tuesday. I'm not a hippy freak; I do not "protest" things. Yet here we are.

It'll be a nice trip up with the Charlottesville conservatives on our Tea Party Bus. Please, no "Must be a short bus!" jokes. Yes there are conservatives in Charlottesville. We may even fill the bus.

Sure would like to meet any JOMers up there.

Anyone want to bet how many tea partiers will show? I'm saying 250,000. That's pretty high, so I want dollars to my doughnuts. But that's my guess.


It remains difficult to marshall opposition when virtually no one can tell you what's really coming.

You are certainly correct, but that alone should be good reason not to pass the bill. Trillions spent and we can't even tell people wtf will happen, good or bad?


Opposition is under the radar--- people refusing to hire or expand or start businesses in this climate.Add this to the lockup of off shore oil and gas, the EPA regs on carbon emissions, etc etc. and we are heading into a place where everything is more expensive, the middle class is completely eviscerated and Nancy's artsts can live off the fat(such as it is) of the (decimated) land.

Those part time jobs were, especially in urban areas with awful schools and not very smart or well-trained for anything populations, the last chance for people to become self-sufficient.

Jim Ryan

The bill? With 30 million people or so refusing to comply? Train wreck. Law enforcement and the IRS won't be able to handle the load.


Jim, Look for me...at the end of the "never ending" thread I posted my signs so you can spot me. It is from 9-6, but I'll probably be milling around 10-2.
I never thought I'd see the day I would do this either, but this will be my 3rd. The 9-12 Tea Party was wonderful with lots of nice people that had never "protested" in their life.


Doug Ross explains the NYTs Halo made especially for President Obama.


I'd be there, but I have so much to do before leaving town I don't see how I can. Should anyone need any assistance while here, contact me and I'll help f I can.

Jim Ryan

Okay, Janet, check! "Yo quiero..." My sign is posted a few posts before yours: "Small Gov't Solutions are Available" and some wonky stuff on the back. We're there 9:30 to 3:30.

Jim Ryan

Thanks, Clarice. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you someday.





Sadly, I highly suspect that the practices described in that article are already occurring in our hospitals today.


"Trillions spent and we can't even tell people wtf will happen,"

But, didn't the Speaker explain that if the bill were passed that people would then be able to find out what was in it?

Rick Ballard


The Global Times article is a little vague and a little misleading. I believe the current consensus is that China had $34 billion in Treasury instruments roll off (not "sold") in December and that might be related to the fact that their export sales fell from $1.429 trillion in '08 to $1.194 trillion in '09. Cut through all the "9% GDP growth" blather and you find a little cash flow problem. Another aspect to their investment decisions may have something to do with curiosity about how many more BOzobucks Uncle Ben intends to print. If he stops the presses then Turbo Timmy may find it difficult to continue to peddle debt for less than 1%. AFAICT the only thing holding down interest rates is Uncle Ben and the visceral (and wholly justifiable) mistrust of Wall Street by many investors. That mistrust is diverting investment funds from the banksters to Turbo Timmy's Treasuries[insert 'lesser of two weevils' line here]. A little patience may pay off quite nicely for China.

When you place China's $1.2 trillion in export sales up against the US $1.8 trillion in personal income receipts on assets, the relative importance of the two pools as a source of funds for Leviathan becomes very clear.

Frau Zynisch

My husband had to use the virtual, marital cattle prod to get me away from the computer on Fri. night. I was trying to see if there was any realistic way to fly to D.C. for the 16th. I bet the times, prices and flights (16 hours with 3 changes, a couple in Detroit!) were arranged to keep us "Wal Mart Weenies" at home. And, thank you Brooks for insulting all the wonderful people who have Wal Marts available. I bet there are as many Tea Partiers who frequent Trader Joe's, but that doesn't fit the stereotype being crafted.
So, I won't be able to join Janet --or sleep in her yard-- THIS time, but I know it ain't over by a long shot. Jim, as a retired teacher who loves the fact that you are home schooling, it would have been great meeting you. Find Jane if you can; she cuts a path through the thickest crowds.
Give 'em hell! Kill the bill!

Ralph L

It remains difficult to marshall opposition when virtually no one can tell you what's really coming
Wasn't that intentional? After that 1994 spaghetti org chart and "death panels", they've wisely down-played who will administer this mess.

It kills me that Repubs are seen as the party of ig nusiness when this bill, like most government regulations, is bound to disfavor small businesses.

Captain Hate

We might be screwed now that the Final Four brackets are out; Preznit Rupert Pupkin might spend all this week filling out his brackets and won't have time to give HCR speeches to further shove down its popularity.

Manuel Transmission

Thanks, Rick. That was the fog cutting I was looking for. I hope our little efforts over there help out the trade balance - even if it is hidden in the rounding error.

Jane, Caro: did you guys ever work out your Lisbon flight?


White House Advisers Defend Obama Criticism of Supreme Court

President Obama was correct on both policy and decorum when he stated his views on a controversial Supreme Court ruling during his State of the Union speech attended by six Supreme Court justices, senior White House officials said Sunday.

Roberts' comments must still be stinging.


""Sadly, I highly suspect that the practices described in that article are already occurring in our hospitals today""

It's not just the practice...it's the fact that it is growing so quickly as to become the norm rather then the exception.


". A little patience may pay off quite nicely for China.

"IS China actuallyBankrupt?

I came across this article today and knew someone at JOM will know more about it than I do. Anyone have any thoughts?


I think it would be sad to see the Justices not show up for the state of the union.

I think it would be great if they showed up and rocked out to their I-Pods with ear buds during the speech.

And even though they must show decorum, why couldn't Roberts or Alito do some Twittering during the speech.?

It would have been great to get a "That's just a bunch of bullsh-t' tweet from Alito.

You think the lamestream media would think that out of line?


And, thank you Brooks for insulting all the wonderful people who have Wal Marts available.

Thank you for saying that Frau. I grew up in a small town that had 1 place you could buy a bike (not counting ordering one from Sears or Pennys). They were expensive and you had about 3 to choose from. Same thing for appliances, lawn mowers, etc.. Wal Mart was a godsend ...now everyone could afford the fancy grill or bike and there was a place in town you could get it.
The "charm" of one cute hardware store wears off pretty quick if that is your only choice.


--It kills me that Repubs are seen as the party of ig nusiness.......--

Why is everyone all up in my grill about my nusiness today? First clarice and now Ralph.
I hire sub contractors, rather than employees, anyway.

--Jim, as a retired teacher who loves the fact that you are home schooling, it would have been great meeting you.--

Hey Jim aint the only one, Frau.
Our last graduates in about three months with a 4.2 GPA. Mom get's all the parental credit. Dad tried helping Baby Ignatz with sophomore geomoetry, which is a cipher for Mom Ignatz, and lived to tell the tale, but only by a whisker.

Kevin B

I like WM Briggs, (LUN), take on the HCR bill, especially his idea that an insurance company is like a bookie.

"I'd like to bet you that if I get sick you'll pay me a lot of money and if I don't get sick I'll pay you money every month."

"You're already sick. Why should I take that bet?"

"'Cos it's the law so there!"


Jane, Caro: did you guys ever work out your Lisbon flight?


Mine skyrocketed in price over night due to a short hop on the way home, but if I gather my luggage and check in again, I save several thousand dollars.

Bill in AZ

oh nooohhs!! kim - barycenters out in the open at WUWT. Well, maybe not out in the open, at least by name, but it sure looks and smells like a barycenter discussion. Leif's head will explode.


For daddy - the LUN is the link to the Iditarod. Lance Macey back in front.

Thanks Jack Is Back.

Cecil the other day at our rendezvous mentioned he had driven sled dog teams as a kid and was pretty familiar with sled dogs. Would love to hear more of that Cecil if you're online today and have a minute. The experiences of this JOM bunch are amazing.

Mefolkes ancestor, Ole Wormius, is apparently the first to note that Norwegian squirrels had figured out how to cross rivers by holding on to pieces of bark as rafts and using their tails as sails to catch the wind to make the crossing. He also figured out that Lemmings were rodents, and also translated something from the ancient Runes about squirrels being involved in the ancient Norse religion but I haven't been able to make heads or tails of it yet, so don't kill your squirrel yet Janet until I find out if he's one of Loki's minions.

Thanks CC for the Chinese Adoption update. Best of luck to your friends, but the process seems to be slowing way, way down.

Captain Hate

The "charm" of one cute hardware store wears off pretty quick if that is your only choice.

The only people that find it "charming" are the idiots that listen to Garrison Keillor's unfunny show. I shop at Walmart as much as possible; in part for the prices but mainly to piss libs off. Saving money isn't as much fun as when you're bothering snotty douches like Brooks.


Daddy, I'm not surprised that you did some background checking on Ole Worm/Olaus Wormius. He wrote a treatise called "De Aureo Cornus", about two stunning Bronze Age golden horns found in Jutland. Not long after his work was published, two drunken louts broke into the museum, stole the priceless artifacts and melted them down to more easily finance their cravings for wine and wenches. Thus the book became even more important to scholars delving into Bronze Age art and religion.

Worm's father-in-law did indeed introduce the terms tangent and secant. When I shared that information with the uncle who had begged me to start on the research, he was amazed, and said that he had trouble just balancing his checkbook. Actually, most in the family were bored with the story.

I'm not boasting about my ancestry. I could also bring up the feeble-minded ancestor, some noted drunks and the most corrupt judge in the history of Norway (a carpet-bagger from Denmark). But it really sharpens appreciation of history when you can plug yourself into the past. I'd be happy to include this as one of the topics if we manage to meet in Anchorage some time. We could also trade e-mails, if you know a secure way of exchanging addresses to avoid the trolls.


Janet, squirrels are tasty and lean. Just be careful, when you skin them, not to get the brittle hair on the carcass. It will spoil the flavor if the hair is not removed. You can try vinegar on a rag to wipe the meat.

I use the screen name "olauswormius" on the Pogo game site. A homosexual who couldn't find a spot in his "rainbow room" joined my room and tried to make an online pass at me, thinking that I was making some sort of comment about my "worm". Sheeeeeesh!


That must've been hard to explain, mefolkes.

Rick Ballard

"Is China actually Bankrupt?"

No more so than the US or the EU. So, yes, it's bankrupt. BTW - the number of containers unloaded at Long Beach and LA increased by 30% in February. Retail sales do not justify such an increase. Extraordinary discounts by the Chinese in order to raise cash might do the trick.


Thanks, Rick.

Jim Ryan

Thanks, Frau.

Find Jane if you can; she cuts a path through the thickest crowds.

Jane, give me a holler if you see me. I'll have a sign that says, "Small Gov't Solutions are Available" with some wonky stuff on the back.

hit and run

Once again Bad is defying the odds. I would expect nothing else.

Obama sucks.

(it simply isn't said enough...)

Thomas Collins
"This review of the forms and modes of proceeding in the passing of laws cannot fail to impress upon every mind the cautious steps, by which legislation is guarded, and the solicitude to conduct business without precipitancy, rashness, or irregularity. Frequent opportunities are afforded to each house to review their own proceedings; to amend their own errors; to correct their own inadvertencies; to recover from the results of any passionate excitement; and to reconsider the votes, to which persuasive eloquence, or party spirit has occasionally misled their judgments. Under such circumstances, if legislation be unwise, or loose, or inaccurate, it belongs to the infirmity of human nature in general, or to that personal carelessness and indifference, which is sometimes the foible of genius, as well as the accompaniment of ignorance and prejudice."

The above quotation is from Joseph Story's Commentary on the Constitution of the United States. The context is Story's discussion of the mode of passing laws (see LUN for the web page containing this discussion in Story's treatise). Much of the discussion in Story's treatise is not with respect to the requirements in the Constitution, but what was then the House of Representatives procedure for passing laws.

In my perusal of Story's discussion of the mode of making laws I didn't find anything directly applicable to the Slaughter Rule. However, the whole structure of Story's discussion assumes a method of sober consideration of bills that is absent in the current approach to Congressional lawmaking.

I agree with those who argue that SCOTUS would not strike down ObamaCare on the ground that bills considered under a Slaughter type procedure fail the Constitutional requirements for passage (I agree with those who have argued that the yea and nay recording provision applies to veto override votes). However, when compared to the structure of bill passage set forth in Story's treatise, the current treatment of bills by both the Senate and House is shameful.

Melinda Romanoff


My take on the GT piece, fluffy as it was, is more technical because I don't think they stopped buying or sold anything. It was expirations.

They are notorious for hiding their "buys" and using other central banks as their brokers. The last TIC data had a huge surge in Japanese and Brit purchasers. The Japanese are long on cash, but no growth. The British, on the other hand, have neither cash, nor growth. So it begs the question, where'd they get the money?

Hmmm. Aside from the Middle East, who else has a pile of cash that needs to go to "work"?

At least that's my thinking.


Everyone see this NYT pic of Obama superimposed on a cross with a transparent vision of the White House?

Sheesh. I can't wait for the debates with Sarah Palin. Would anyone else be able to hit this dork between the eyes?


Jane, give me a holler if you see me. I'll have a sign that says, "Small Gov't Solutions are Available" with some wonky stuff on the back.

I'm not going. Caro and I were planning to go to the 4-15 Tea Party altho I have no idea if it is still happening. I really have to work some time.

Did anyone else see 60 Minutes tonite?

Frau Zynisch

Iditarod? Back in time, just in the years before Barry was a spark in Frank Marshall Davis's rheumy eyes, my husband was fighting fires in Alaska. He was flown from Fairbanks with other mostly young men, and most of them students, to the area around Iditarod which was remote, empty and fairly forgotten at that time. Old gold pans were found leaning against old, rotting walls. He recalls perhaps only two people still living there, but thinks others may have been out away from the town. The fire fighters finished their tasks and stumbled upon the remains of what had been the court and sheriff's records. They poured over the abandoned records of the period when Iditarod was full of life, crime and death. My husband said the records were so exciting that it was a pity they left it all behind to decay. He's always wished he had taken some with him.


We're short selling their houses, of course their broke. That is what happened to us, right Nancy.

Maybe if we made a big change, like the time change or a polar shift or something historic like and said he really did vote while in Congress the God will be appeased and we may go about our little lives.


Ditto, Ex, here's a primer on that score,


Frau Zynisch

Just think, if ObamaCarp is passed, people like Jane will be able to give up their awful day jobs and devote their energy to realizing their dreams without worrying about health costs.


I have never understood the Walmart hate. Don't liberals want poor people to have access to cheap food, dry goods and diapers 24/7? I mean come on, poll your average low-income person about whether they'd rather shop at a Walmart or an expensive Mom and Pop and you know what the answer will be.

A few Mom and Pops may go out of business when a Walmart opens, but low-income people will have more money to spend, which helps both them and the local economy. Plus other businesses grow up around the Walmart.

Stupid dumb liberals, as my 3 year old might say.


Jim's dead, but I thought he was killed by his own people years ago.

Ya ever.........

Jim Miller

Dead girl or live boy, or the reverse?

I've actually spent some time thinking about that question (yes, I know, I should find better ways to spend my time), and came to the conclusion that it depends on the district.

For instance, in Washington's 7th district (mostly Seattle, currently held by Jim McDermott), the more dangerous alternatives would be a live girl or a dead boy. In Washington's 7th district (Tacoma and a bunch of military bases on the Kitsap Peninsula, currently held by Norm Dicks), the more dangerous alternatives would be a dead girl or a live boy.

You can think of examples to support this. For instance, I think Barney Frank would have been in far more trouble if the prostitute using his apartment for a base had been a woman. On the other hand, if Larry Craig had been caught trying, crudely, to pick up a woman, he might still be a senator from Idaho.

Edwin Edwards made this phrase famous, but I have always wondered whether he originated it. (Fun detail: One of the times when he was acquitted, the jurors stole towels from the hotel where they had been sequestered. So he truly had a jury of his peers.)

Rick Ballard

AFAIK, Sam Walton never signed up for any advice on how to run his business from any credentialed morons. Success via hard work, determination, perseverance and very close attention to detail doesn't fit well in the statist model of a life of connections to the "right" people. He was a strong Christian, an Eagle Scout and he graduated from the University of Missouri.

There's plenty right there for prog slackers to hate with all their pathetic being.


thinking that I was making some sort of comment about my "worm".

Ha ha ha!!!...and just to be clear mefolkes, I am not a squirrel eater...yet anyway. I just said I had a recipe. It was Frau Zynisch who seemed to know a little too much about squirrel preparation!

Danube of Thought

"My husband had to use the virtual, marital cattle prod..."

Room for lots of mischief in that visual.


"Don't liberals want poor people to have access to cheap food, dry goods and diapers 24/7?"

No, they don't.
The poor need to stay poor and preferably destitute so that the liberals can enjoy their superior status and have somebody to be smugly "caring" about. Besides, if poor have access to the same goods as the liberals (even if the goods for the poor are made in China, as opposed to hand-crafted Italian models (or whatever) that the liberals may favor, how would we differentiate the stupid uneducated poor from the enlightened liberals?

It is not enough to succeed, all others MUST fail.


Hey folks. Jeff Id, over that the Air Vent. Has a post up which you really should peruse.

Jim Ryan

Whick post, Po? You're link's wrong.

The Air Vent.

LUN for Jeff Id's blog, famous among skeptics for having the leaked emails first posted there. He was off deer hunting and didn't see them. Pof probably means the 'Symptoms in America' post, the second one down. You get to see some Haiku by a brilliant poet and also some of M. Simon.



Kim is correct.

That's annoying, my html editor is formatting correctly, but typepad changes the link. Lets do this the old fashioned way.

Cut and paste, or LUN.



Here is the 2k plus reconciliation bill along with the student loan provision.

http://budget.house.gov/doc-library/FY2010/03.15.2010_reconciliation2010.PDF>Recon bill

Melinda Romanoff

Po's post-


I have to type things out, so I hope this works.

And, G'night all.


I've skimmed through 90 pages and I already need scolapine, much discretion seems to be vested in Sibelius and the heath insurance
commissioner, and assorted boards, so good
luck buying this "pig in a poke"

Frau Zynisch

It was Frau Zynisch who seemed to know a little too much about squirrel preparation!
Being prepared is all, Janet. That and the fact that my little town has been taken over by liberals and squirrels. The former is inedible and the latter, I've heard, taste like prairie chicken. If seasoned citizens are made to "wither on the vine," I want to be ready to fend for myself. Who knows what will be slipped in the food at the Senior Lunches program? It won't be death by chocolate.

DoT - Instead of using Jane's "harrumph" I shall divulge that late last Friday, my husband only *threatened* to turn the lights off on me as I sat at the computer.

Frau Zynisch

Arghh! former *are* inedible


Did they put back the public option around pg 117?


Janet, why not save on the food budget while thinning out the ranks of those pesky squirrels? Hemingway told the story about how his little family survived when he was a struggling writer in Paris. He would get free stale bread crumbs from the neighboring bakery and take them with as he took his infant son in a stroller through the park. He would lure pigeons in and when no one was looking, he would grab one, wring its neck and quickly stuff it in his son's blanket. After he'd racked up enough kills, he would return to his garret apartment and they would dine on squab. He said the only negative was having to pick the avian lice off his infant son.


Can't reduce salary as employee contribution, pg 147, small employers, can have a payroll no more than 400,000 of the previous year, 151, periodic auditing of employers, 161,

Frau Zynisch

Clarice, we are *all* government workers now!

The positions needed for ObamaCarp will take every last one of us. And that's just the reconciliation.
I noticed just one single sentence about illegal aliens (Sec.246). The trick is that no one will be asked about legal residency. Only mean, ugly conservatives, er, citizens would so intimidate, and they will receive sufficient health visitations to eliminate that. The health correction officers will resemble Rahm "As a Jaybird" Emanuel.


This is great. Hot Air today linked to a New York Times editorial that closed with the following: "Nothing like 100,000 angry, frustrated, impatient marchers, representing millions of voters, to focus the Congressional and presidential mind, if it’s not too late."

The Times is, of course, referring to next Sunday's immigration reform march. They have no idea what's going to hit them on Tuesday, and I hope to God it's BIG.

The correlations, though.  Wow.

Heh, Bill in Az; Leif didn't waste much time sneering at the study, did he? I used to believe in the barycentric idea, and am still much struck by the correlations noted by Landscheit. But there is no mechanism by which the very few millimeter perturbations caused by the tides generated by motion around the barycentre can effect earthly climate. So, I don't believe anymore.


Barycentric theory may not work, but, Richard Hollis? site, Aerology.com, does seem to have some good forecasting based on lunar, planetary influences. It isn't too impressive, till you realize his forecasts were put up in 08 or something like that.

Bill in AZ

"But there is no mechanism by which the very few millimeter perturbations caused by the tides generated by motion around the barycentre can effect earthly climate. So, I don't believe anymore."

You're listening to Leif's nonsense... look at his studies "refuting" barycenters. They rely on junk science allegedly refuting proxy data - 'cept the junk science is wrong, and the proxy data is valid. If Leif spent half as much time actually researching barycenters as he does googling the internet for references to "barycenters" and, errr.... refuting them, he could tell us by now what it is about the barycenter that affects our climate.

Instead, he mutters something about 1 mm tidal influence, some nonsense about TSI, refers to studies that actually acknowledge the mechanism is not known, then ridicules folks who want to try to understand. The folks who are looking into the magnetic field influence are light years ahead of Leif's 1mm nonsense.

I don't bother reading his nonsense anymore. He is a closet warmist trying to use his position as a "scientist" to sway whoever he can, and folks just swoon over his nonsense.

He'll agree we live in interesting times.

Excellent thoughts, Bill. Perhaps you are right. I've swooned over Leif's nonsense, as you may be able to tell. I also think that somehow, a Grand Solar Minimum, as he seems now to think is coming via Penn and Livingston's thesis, will cool the earth. How? Good question.

We know so little.  And they wanted to enslave us all over carbon demonization.

And yes, Pof, Richard Holle has some ideas, too. What about Piers Corbyn, also? I'm still expecting that someone will find the link between the sun and the oceanic oscillations and thereby explain the whole mess. And I'm just waiting for Svensmark's theories to be shown true, too.

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