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April 17, 2010


Danube of Thought

Like the crowd at a Garrison Keillor recital.

Captain Hate

the poor man's Bob Herbert



poor man's Bob Herbert LOL!

What percentage of non-whites attend the Burning Man? Or live in Portland, Oregon?


What's it today BTW? Are we ignorant, violent redneck militiamen or rich white men?

Danube of Thought

He should catch an ABBA concert some time.


I'd like to know what percentage of the congressional black caucus is white and what Chuck Blow and the Times are going to do about it. It's an outrage!


What % of msnbc or nytimes are minorities? Don't count the ones who plagiarize.


What percentage of the Upper East Side and Upper West Side and the Village are non-white? After all, this is the New York Times last bastion.

Charlie (Colorado)

"All white", along with "exclusionary" and "what is the Tea Party going to do about that image" seem to be today's talking points.

I did a comment at PJM today about this.


How about yellow? Here are some choice Goodwin Liu quotes from his confirmation hearings (embedded in WSJ reporting):

"Whatever I've written in books and articles would have no bearing on my role as a judge," he told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

That sounds suspiciously like, I'll respect you in the morning.

When Justice Alito was nominated to the Supreme Court, the Berkeley professor said that intellect "is a necessary but not sufficient credential" for a seat on the bench. The same applies to Mr. Liu.
book publishers

What's it today BTW? Are we ignorant, violent redneck militiamen or rich white men?


I have a better job for you Clarice, unless someone retired wants it.


Black on Black (via Steve Sailer):

Reading David Remnick's biography of Barack Obama, The Bridge, I was struck by the contrast between the hosannas offered up by whites after meeting Obama and the more balanced evaluations of blacks who knew him better. Most notably, the President's own wife Michelle has repeatedly tried to explain to worshipful journalists that he's not all that.

On second thought, Michelle's opinion may not be quite fair to Barack since she may have exceptionally high standards in just how charismatic a Presidential candidate is supposed to be. After all, as teen, she worked as a babysitter for a neighborhood man who was much more handsome than Barack, much more eloquent, a much snazzier dresser, and who ran for President twice as much: Jesse Jackson. (The Rev.'s daughter Santita Jackson became Michelle's friend and godmother of one of their children.)

Michelle's personal ties to the Jackson dynasty may have helped her in her educational, legal, and political career, and probably didn't exactly work against her in attracting the interest of a hugely ambitious young politician named Barack Obama.


Words have meaning.
I am not a member of a Tea Party. I attended a Tea Party recently near my home.

The MSM seems to misunderstand the meaning of the term Tea Party. A Tea Party is not a political party like Republican, Democrat, etc. It is a party like birthday, dinner, or holiday parties.

Tea Parties are celebratory demonstrations against higher taxes and bigger government. Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of political affiliation, race, or gender.

tommy mc donnell

this is liberal racism. see folks these people can't be right because they're all white. the legitmacy of your point of view depends on the color of your skin. if your black your right. if your white your wrong. also the hispanic race doesen't exist. hispanics come in all races. the hispanic race is an invention of the democratic party. created to keep hispanics from alligning politically with whites. so the race stats are all wrong.


Since when is it acceptable to evaluate the worth of a group by describing the races of the people involved? In short, what is wrong with a group being 89% white? Nothing.

Thomas Collins

This looks like a survey thread, so I'll report the results of a survey I took of myself today. Sitting on a barstool in a restaurant bar in Worcester, MA, with Tea Party women on my left and my right, I polled myself on my opinion of Tea Party women. The result? Well, 100% of me said Tea Party women are the best!

And who are the Tea Party women who led me to this conclusion? JOMers Jane and caro!

Indy Voter

Please see video http://randallforcongress.com/
Bill discusses race, "I want equal treatment, call me a racist" powerful words
He has an interesting background, born and raised in the 9th Ward of New Orleans, now living in NC and running for office.

Jane says obamasucks

Speaking of which - did you happen to pick up the bag I left TC?

And it was great to see you and finally meet your wonderful offspring.

Thomas Collins

I don't think so, Jane. My son is out with a friend watching the Celtics game; I'll ask him when he returns whether he has an extra bag.

Did you check with the restaurant?

By the way, the "wonderful" offspring to which Jane is referring is my son, who upon learning about Jane's law practice announced that he thought that her law practice sounded slightly less boring than mine.

Thomas Collins

The highlight of the Massachusetts GOP convention for me was catching up with Jane and caro. There were other things going on, such as a keynote speech by some guy who claims he has a pickup truck in DC and is occupying the people's seat.

Jane says obamasucks

Why I Hate Gay People


Hi, TC! Jane, I hope you didn't lose anything important.


I wonder what the NYTs readership demographic looks like. 1% black and hispanic wouldn't surprise me,

nathan hale

Apparently intellect is not a requirement for defense strategy either, in the LUN


Well speaking of racist stereotyping;

Here in India yesterday Bombs exploded at a major Cricket stadium so the match between the Mumbai Indians and the Bangalore KingFisher Beers was delayed a couple hours. After toting off the 29 wounded and sending in the Bomb Squad and Army, the match got going and I caught that on live TV. Go lagers! Government also says lone terrorist Muslim with AK 47's has been shot by authorities in the north, but his family says he was a good guy. News says Mumbai Islamic Terrorists were trained in Afghanistan by the Taliban, and extradition against a Muslim Terrorist mastermind is ongoing---so samo, samo with the religion of peace. Obviously talk radio and attending Tea Parties must be whats fueling the anger of that diverse ethnic group.

In Paris we were delayed about 18 Hours due to the Volcano situation. Unfortunately, since we do not carry passengers, we were tasked as the Guinea Pigs with leaving Charles De Gaulle Airport. The next day, 16th, we arrived at CDG Airport from the Hotel about noon. We sat hoping to either get clearance or get cancelled for many hours. Expecting nothing we sat in the crew lounge and somebody put in "Animal House." Watched the whole thing start to finish, Flounder, Pinto, Otis Day and the Knights, The German's bombed Pearl Harbor... the whole thing wonderful stuff. In the old days thought Dean Vermer's wife was ancient, but now at 50+ and reviewing that flick, man is she hot! Then the FAA weasels gave us double secret probation permission to launch so we took off, got rerouted 10 times to avoid satellite shots of the ash cloud, and headed way south over Italy, ex Yugoslavia, and who knows where else. Nothing became normal until Tajikistan which is nutty but true, and normal routing thereafter.

German airspace was completely closed, but so was Charles De Gaulle Airport except for the few non-pax guys with permission to launch, so who the heck knows whats going on. If it keeps erupting I think it'll continue to shut the continent down.

Arrival Delhi at 7 am was interesting in that on the taxiway for the Runway 27 departure was a conga line of 8 large passenger jets. Upon looking more carefully realized they weren't moving at all; they were all shut down and empty. They obviously had cancelled their westbound legs so Delhi airport was simply struggling to find places to park all these extra passenger jets.

The hotel is jammed packed and the Temp is 43C at noon, or 110 degrees Fahrenheit. We are supposed to head east in about 8 hours, but who knows. Namaste'.

Jane says obamasucks

Stay safe Daddy!


Hi, Jane,

Great work you've done last week. Am envious. BTW just tried to congratulate Clarice on that fine column at YouToo, but got skunked 6 times on entering the secret code wrong so I give up.


daddy, I am interested to learn German airports are now shut down. Thursday my son was able to fly from Munich to SF without a problem.

Jane says obamasucks


You Too is being moved to a different venue as I write this which will make it easy to post - thank goodness.



Thats what they told us 30 or so hours ago when we launched. Thats why we had to head way south with a bunch more gas onboard than our normal canned routing thru Germany. I think all this stuff is very flexible, just as they told us CDG Airport was officially closed, but then said we had special permission from who knows where to take off.

India TV is reporting just now that all Air India flights to Europe, the US and Canada are cancelled until further notice, so who knows.

About to hit the breakfast buffet downstairs at this ultra swanky Indian hotel. The riot of tastes is simply wonderful. Then will waddle back up and see if we have to go to work. We're heading east so I suspect if there's a plane available we're on our way.


If you can't get out go to Udaipur, most luxurious hotels in the world.


This is almost black and white:


Zoom on lightning caused by electrical discharge within the ash column.


The photo is from the Iceland volcano.


Beautiful--other worldly, glasater.


Isn't it Clarice?

The photo got clipped 'cause I can't resize in Photobucket. But here is the link to see the rest of it.


Looks just like the one in Brazil or whatever. Might even say it is.

Clarice, they have a re entry program, DOJ, and they even pay them $30.00 a month(plus room and board)

Strawman Cometh
How about yellow?
How bout you stick it up your

Not a good start, take a breath, start over.

Not his style.

Hmmm, SC, I'll defend anduril here; I just read 'cowardly'.

Frau Autopanne

Super shot! It looks like the cover art of a SF book. To get in the proper mood, I started reading my Halldór Laxness book again yesterday while waiting for new tires. (I got a flat on the way to the local Tax Day protest and lost 30 minutes of amusing Pres. Ray D. Tutto. I'll need to make it up somehow.)

daddy, glad you left Paris and all that ash behind. Are the Europeans upset that Mother Gaia is belching up all that icky dreck? Their organic crops will certainly be contaminated. Quel malheur!

Strawman Cometh

Thank you Kim, apologies to Anduril. I also think I've misread him. Hopefully he's out.

nathan hale

One is struck by Goodwin Liu's comment, one shouldn't be, but it seems feelings overwhelms
intellect, whether it's Obama, Sotomayor, Liu,
or Greg Craig

Strawman Cometh

So now I don't feel so bad

Anthony's got another blockbuster at LUN.

Very gracious, SC. There is seismic evidence that Katla may blow too as it has before with this one. This may get huge.

Strawman Cometh

You are right about his style. But if he were a rethuglican, he wouldn't get away this race baiting.

I'll take Iceland volcanoes and Arctic sea smokers for 64 trillion.

You're right, too.



Amazing picture glasater. Thanks so much for that.

Kim, Excellent comment to SC and concur. The decency of the folks here is great. As for that latest Watts Up post you LUN'ed about the missing minus signs in METAR"S screwing up the global Temp readouts, and always screwing it up on the high side, it is excellent. Well worth the read and it makes immense amount of sense to me about where some of these bogus numbers come from. I've been reading those damn METARS now for 20 years and they still sometimes confuse the heck out me. I will now start to pay attention to the errors he sites, as he is also correct that we generally pay no attention to the temp numbers in those things because we get them from better, more up to date and more pertinent sources when we need them. Thanks for that link.

Ann says Obama Sucks!

I love Krauthammer:

Krauthammer: Snooty Obama Sees Tea Party ‘Proletariat’ As ‘Stupid’ & ‘Paranoid’

You made me LOL with your comment on the icky dreck on organic crops. :) We keep hearing that Mother Earth is pristine, nature is natural, environment is all that is right and good. It is only man that corrupts. It is only human Americans that destroy our environment.

How can anyone not believe in God when he has such a great sense of humor. After 200 years a volcano is going to interrupt the global warming scam by spewing large chunks of ice and ash.

We should all write Lindsey Graham and ask him how he is going to tax mother nature. HA!

Ann says Obama Sucks!

That is an incredible picture glaster. Question: Will Al Gore's religion stop volcanoes? :)


Stay safe Daddy! And keep in touch, we always worry about you.

Strawman Cometh

Thank you, Ann,
We were talking about that K comment on an earlier thread, and damn, he brings it with such a wonderfully underplayed authority. I'm gonna play it again. I mean, damnn!

Strawman Cometh

So daddy,
where are you?
did you take a train to Spain?
and then piloted the plane?
and where is, that sotted plane?




In 'artford, 'ereford, and 'ampshire and Paris Volcanos 'ardly ever 'appen.

"No no Eliza, you must enunciate your H's. In Hartford, Hereford, and Hampshire and Paris volcanoes hardly ever happen. Try it again."

Well I should be ">http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap100412.html"> here but the dratted rascals sent me to where Colonel Pickering came from.

Anyhow, have you guys seen these great new shots of ">http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap100418.html"> the Sun blowing up, ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyIxC1nJPQ0"> (here's the video), and also this one of the ">http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap100416.html"> Sun's skin is also amazing.


LUN Mark Steyn at NRO

The President we hardly know...


and LUN another Jack Cashill article
Obama's missing girlfriends.

Could just one, just ONE reporter ask who his dark haired, green eyed girlfriend was?....supposedly dated her for a year.
I mean, I know every woman Tiger Woods had sex with, yet no reporter can find a woman "rock star" Obama dated for a year?


"a major Cricket stadium"

Brussels has decreed-- that no more cricket Bats may be produced in England. Apparently, all cricket bats come from England.

""The current rules of cricket demand bats are made of willow. Without quality East Anglian willow the worldwide game supply of test standard and 20-20 bats could dry up within two years."

Allowing Brussels to control the world is going to get worse and worse.


I loved this article which proves the NYT is more racist then the tea parties and thus Maureen Dowd is the world bigget racist.


Which means they are just behind MSNBC for being the countries biggest racist news outlet.


Was talking with a NYT reading well intentioned lib friend last night who stated that "we are going to be like the Tea Partiers and refuse to participate".

I found that to be an intriguing misapprehension of what's going on.

Is the MSM trying to portray as a modern secession movement?

Most Tea Partiers are upset because they participate fully in the daily mundane dynamics of this great country and they realize vividly what the consequences will be.

Great pic G. Can't wait to share with my family.


For decades the left has announced with pride how great the European ground transportation system is, so what is this with all the whining that they can't fly?

Why the 5,000 dollar taxi rides in a country where you can buy a train ticket for two fava beans and ride for 5 kazillion years - as I 've heard it reported in the media?


Pops, apparently there are also rail strikes in Europe wreaking further havoc with travel. Rail strikes seem to happen about as frequently as rain showers, not that you ever hear about it.


How about those Mets winning a game that lasted nearly seven hours, with pitchers playing outfielders, and position players pitching?


"""Pops, apparently there are also rail strikes in Europe wreaking further havoc with travel.""

Not buying it...not in the workers paradise...

Captain Hate

To get in the proper mood, I started reading my Halldór Laxness book again

Independent People? Great book.


it seems feelings overwhelms
intellect, whether it's Obama, Sotomayor, Liu,
or Greg Craig

Just listened to a lecture on 1970s philosopher Richard Rorty, who has been very popular amongst the "fair is the gold standard" liberals. I'm beginning to understand the philosophical basis for there positions... which is that since philosophy failed them, what feels right is right, and since we all are like each other, we have to open our arms to them because they are like us.

They accept unexamined premises as sound because they feel right.

If their intellectual icons are so shallow, and they trust them, no wonder liberal progressive pseudo-intellectuals are rushing headlong into the abyss.


Sorry: there s/b their


I think the whole purpose of continually bringing up race is try to shut folks up. Seriously think about it. Obama got what 95% of the black vote? So exactly how many disaffected blacks would be acceptable to the columnist of the NYT to get off the obvious?

It really about dismissal. That is going to boomerang on the Democrats, but dont take my word ask two Democrat pollsters, Cadell and Schoen. Folks somehow take offense to being called racists and being compared to Tim McVeigh. Who knew?

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