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April 19, 2010



I sent in an under the radar amount. I heart him big time.


Since no one's posting here, I'll put this OT item here.
James Lewis argues it will be impossible to repeal Obamacare--but we can and should privitize it.

Larry Sheldon

I would not give him 2 cents because that is about 4 times what anything he writes is worth.


Dittoes. Why in God's name would I give a damn cent to a liberal? Never have before and I'm not gonna start now.

Buford Gooch

The reason to give him money is that he is a middle of the road liberal, and he makes the ruling class left wing liberals crazy. No one, including Kaus himself, expects him to win. The aggravation factor, and his willingness to take on the unions, makes him worth supporting.


Middle of the road liberal = he supported ramming through any form of public option and then "fixing" it at leisure. RINOs coming out of the woodwork here. Save your freaking money and give it to a conservative who can make a difference in a tough race. Every dime matters.

Frau Erdkunde

Whether Mickey wins the primary or not, his lone democrat's voice *against* the crippling unions in CA make it worth his running. Yes, I want someone with an "R" after his/her name to win. At the same time, I want Barbara "M'am" Boxer to pay finally for what she did to Bruce Hershenson . (He was seen coming out of a strip club. Oh, the miscreant and in the Year of the Woman, too.) Ask Matt Fong how Baba plays ball with fellow democrats. She is dirtier than the sky over Eyjafjallajökull and lower than the Mariana Trench.


...or a Biblical diss, Barbara is lower than cattle.
Genesis 3:14
"The LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, Cursed are you more than all cattle,..."


Why the heck should we have to worry about campaign funding limits when donating to a Democratic candidate?

That's never been a problem with a single one of them before.


Route the donation through the Gaza strip and we can make unlimited donations under the name Mohammed. I believe they already have a donation facility set up.

Strawman Cometh

ht freepers


Gutfeld on Red Eye suggested "No, call Me Senator!" for the Kaus campaign.


We already donated. Since we did as taxpayers, O won't give you a disease, pain, make you see or nothin. If we could have handled the planes, earthquakes, etc like this everyone would be okay.
Wait, that's how they got there. LUN



Was touring this ">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Humanyu.JPG"> dead Mughal's Tomb from 1562 AD yesterday in 102 degree heat in Delhi, when suddenly the skies opened up, massive raindrops commenced, and 10 minutes later ">http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/Rain-hailstorm-hit-Delhi/articleshow/4506459.cms"> hugh frozen hailstones the size of marbles started pelting us. Absolutely fascinating. What an amazing planet.

Frau Erdkunde

The country could use democrats like Kaus. I am busy thinking of campaign signs for him because I want one in my yard to "p-o" my neighbors. In 2006, someone stole all six of my hand-painted Bush signs, so I want to confuse their liberal minds. (My all time favorite was "Kerry the Mark of Soros." Too subtle, I know, just like the SF shirts a friend and I made. "Hug Me, I'm in Kemmer!" was not a top seller.)

Vote for a Real He-M'am!
Think Outside the Box - Kaus
Kaus -A Thinking Democrat for a Change

I hope Anduril watched the Red Eye bit. You can disagree with Kaus and still know he wants to defend our country from enemies foreign and domestic.


I adore Mickey.
I wonder if Obama will do anything but fund raise while he's here in LA. Our unemployment rate is almost 13%
It's the second time he's been here to raise money since becoming President. I don't blame him, because there are a lot of rich people here.
But there are a lot of struggling people here, too. Instead of reading his 10 letters tonight, he can talk to 10 companies who aren't hiring, or 10 unemployed people.


OT - This is funny from Dennis Miller Facebook -
Fan Comment: “In the last pres. campaign Edwards was crying about the 2 Americas that G. W. had created in his terms as Pres. Now Obama is creating 2 Americas, one that pays for everything & one that expects everything. What say you?” DM says: “I'm one of the ones paying so if I'm going to sponsor somebody I'd like them to send a pic & a note every once in a while like the kid from Honduras that I sponsor.”

Frau Erdkunde

Janet, thanks for sharing Dennis. He's another good non-Republican.


If Mickey is successful in taking his message to the Democratic Party, then he will make that party much more formidable and difficult to beat. And, don't kid yourselves, Mickey is a Big Government lib - he believes in an activist central government that spends lots and lots of money and taxes at a highly progressive rate to pay for it all. However much you might like Mickey, if you are in favor of either Republican Party politics in general or in limited government principles in particular, you should hope that he passes through this primary unnoticed by the Dem rank and file.

And, I like Mickey. I even collected signatures to help him get on the ballot. But that was out of personal like. Politically, he is no friend of the cause.


better would be to contribute to Chuck DeVore...


LUN is a cute Tea Party poster. Really, everyone is so nice at the Tea Parties...having fun with a serious subject. The tenor is exactly the opposite of what the MSM portrays.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Mickey Kaus should stay out of the California race. Boxer will be defeated and maybe we'll take back some of California for the people. Kaus is just another dem and we don't need any more dems in power in this state.

Support Chuck DeVore.


I will never again vote for a Dem.. Even if my candidate is okay, it just gives the Dem. leadership power...and I am afraid of the Dem. base.


Another OT - LUN to a Blackfive article on the Navy naming a ship after Murtha.
Just. Plain. Wrong.

They figure it will be nicknamed the Fat Bastard or Porky Pig.
Also The Sniper pointed out that the better names, like USS Shitbag must have been taken already.

Sara (Pal2Pal)


Join the Facebook group:

People Against Naming A Navy Ship USS Murtha.


Done! Thank you Sara.


Right now he's running in the PRIMARY..That means (a) He's running against Boxer and with help could force her to spend money and time to respond to his attacks.That's less money she'll have for the General election, (b) While he runs he is making points about weaknesses in the California Dem party--most particularly that it is controlled by the labor unions which have destroyed the state and its treasury.The more publicity his platform is, it seems to me, the better it is for the reps.


I hope Anduril watched the Red Eye bit.

Heh. I didn't need to--I'm an expert at reading and even watching between the lines.

Here's what I WAS watching: Scientists successfully teach gorilla it will someday die


Money given to Kaus is money not given to a good conservative who needs it. What's so freakin' hard to understand about that? A Dem is a Dem, what we need are more GOPers. Yeah I can read and watch between lines.

Rob Crawford

They figure it will be nicknamed the Fat Bastard or Porky Pig.

The USS Trail of Slime.

(From a Bloom County strip in which the newspaper called up their Senator to run their latest story about him past him for comment. "Leaving a trail of slime wherever he goes...")

Sara (Pal2Pal)

No one is needed to defeat Boxer, she is a done deal. What we don't need is some dem coming along who pretends he is going to be different. Give your money to one of the candidates vying for the GOP ticket. Campbell, Fiorina, or DEVORE, any will beat Boxer, Kaus gives dems a reason not to vote for Boxer, yet keep their hold on the politics of the state.


I can't think of a single reason to vote for Kaus. Name one.

Captain Hate

Was touring this dead Mughal's Tomb from 1562 AD yesterday in 102 degree heat in Delhi

I was there a few years ago daddy; it's much more comfortable in January.


Okay, here is a suggestion for a theme song for the next huge JOM Tea Party get together! LUN

Y'all are such good cooks.
I'll provide beer and chairs!


Janet, at 07:54PM explains the entire problem in voting for a Democrat.

" it just gives the Dem. leadership power"

I see no reason to encourage any American to give the Democrats any leadership.

Frau Erdkunde

"No one is needed to defeat Boxer, she is a done deal."
I hope you are correct, Sara. It looked like Obamacare was defeated, too, until it reared up out of the crypt and bit us on the rear. I will not vote for Kaus or any Dem, but I don't like to see them run unopposed in a primary,either.

(Janet, is it true the United Luddites of America revoked your membership?)

Janet the ex Luddite

Sadly yes, but the official notification was sent via smoke signal and the volcanic eruption has slowed it's arrival.

Janet the ex Luddite

...are you on Facebook Frau?

nathan hale

Kaus, is a good guy but ultimately he has come to the wrong conclusions, on too many
occasions, in the recent past

Ot, but nor really, the obscene spectacle of
hawking the last words of a butcher like McVeigh, in hopes of a political payoff, just
turns my stomach


Remember last week when every Official in Europe knew that the Atmospheric Science of AGW was settled?

Well the Financial Times gives us this story on that single little Iceland volcano that every plane and satellite and scientist has been able to study for the last week to their hearts content:

">http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/0821cc00-4bb5-11df-9db6-00144feab49a.html"> "The computer models that guided decisions to impose a no-fly zone across most of Europe in recent days are based on incomplete science and limited data, according to European officials."

Yet those same European Officials are happy to tell us that AGW, involving a quadrillion times more atmospheric variables, more missing data, and more flawed computer models, is Settled Science.

"Flawed computer models may have exaggerated the effects of an Icelandic volcano eruption that has grounded tens of thousands of flights, stranded hundreds of thousands of passengers and cost businesses hundreds of millions of euros...The acknowledgement that the computer models were flawed is likely to provide ammunition for critics who believe that authorities have shown excessive caution."

Fascinating how when they desperately want to get planes flying again they suddenly all turn into Atmospheric Science skeptics.


Daddy, I hope that you aren't being forced to fly when you don't feel that it is safe to do so.


Micky Kaus raises eyebrows




1562 A.D. was the middle of the Little Ice Age, so it should not be that warm even in India

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