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April 17, 2010



In addition to the Bull Connor and Tim McVeigh arguments, a new theme I'm seeing around is that we are all T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII--out of touch rich people who don't want to be taxed because it will help poor people. I suppose this is based on those polls that show tea partiers to be slightly more affluent than the average American. But really it's also based on confused desperation. They're just throwing everything at us at hoping something sticks.


Par for the course. Conservatives are all 'potential Tim McVeighs', men are all potential rapists and whites are all racists at heart. No need to wait for any proof, just tar the entire group with which you disagree.

And yet saying that liberals are weak on defense is unAmerican...


I especially liked Master Obamas announcement that we all slaves should be glad he's our Master.

While he signed bills to permanently enslave our children and grandchildren, he thinks we should be grateful he gave us a weekend off from working for his plantation.

By the way, wasn't it Bill Clinton that was the big racist during the campaign and the press feared for Obama with the heated rhetoric coming from the Clintons and their racist supporters.....

nathan hale

Yes, Pops, up until Sarah showed up, then she was the big thread to comity, by just asking
a few questions, that's the theme that TV Guide is going with now.

Clinton is like the scorpion with the frog, he can't help being what he is. I swear someone like Zernike must get whiplash from
all the doublethink, first Tea Partiers are all unemployed and clueless, now they are
rich and out of touch, it's like the perils
of Pauline, tune in for whatever crazy spin
they decide next week



Mark Steyn is excellent in the LUN on the idiocy of BO's nonproliferation policy.

The only good reason I can see for the CAP to host such a memorial in the first place is to give Clinton the opportunity to give misleading soundbites that can then be reported with fidelity.

Walked with a friend yesterday whose recent college graduate from an expensive, prestige school had learned repeatedly to disparage Tea Partiers as "disgusting" and "right wingers".

She told him what a naive view of the world he had.


One of the most prolific fertilizer spreaders in history, Bill Clinton weighs in. What is it with former Democrat Party Presidents and diarhea of the oral cavity?


Logorrhea that''s called.
I promised I'd post a link to my story about flying to Lvov on areoflot. It;s finally up.


Jim Ryan

Convicted Liar Pretends He Believe Something

Long-time member of the doucheoisie and stain on the dress of an intern less than half his age, BJ Clinton pretends that he believes that rank-and-file Americans are terrorists.

Danube of Thought

A lusty minus 17 at Raz; 45% overall approval.

nathan hale

A text book case of logohrea, warning some nausea may result, in the LUN

Danube of Thought

And don't forget the potential havoc to be wreaked by all those returning veterans.

Captain Hate

Why don't they dig up Peter Jennings corpse to compare the Tea Partiers to children having a tantrum. He has at least as much brain activity as the red nosed predator and the NYT in-house manopausal drama queen.


Unctious. Oleaginous. Clinton.

None of these things is not like the other.

Melinda Romanoff

Oh cool, Clarice! I've been looking forward to that.

Have a hyperlink for that story.


All those grounded jets having an immediate effect on the climate. It's colder today than it was on Wednesday here in New York

Melinda Romanoff


Somewhere, and I'm reading between the lines here, I get the impression you weren't impressed with the executive before GWB.

nathan hale

" I take all of the above, for a hundred Alex",


Clarice, that was a great article. Sounds like a trip to Hell. Hard to imagine whole countries living like that just because of Communism.

Cecil Turner


And we should thank "the One" for the tax breaks in the porkulus package (never mind the deficit spending that'll eventually have to be paid for somehow). How dumb do these idiots think we are?

(Don't answer that.)

Besides himself, I mean.

The measure of his contempt, Cecil. Gad, what does he love?

nathan hale

That is the hell, that my family made sure to get me the heck out of, frightening to think there's not a small number, though no longer
a majority, who think it's a good thing to try
out in this country

Captain Hate

Could Remnick be any more of a douche?

Bobby Rush is not a young man any more; his health is not the best. He is very tall and very skinny, and he is the cock of the walk. Why? Because he is the one guy who beat Obama; and he beat him soundly. So, here he is in his congressional office: it’s very nice that Barack has won finally, and he’s mocking him, and then he gets up and he just sashays across the office. And he said, you know, back then he didn’t walk like that when he ran against me. You know, he’s accusing him, even to this day, of inauthenticity; as if we all don’t learn, as if we are born with walks and all kinds of things......

And by the way, black interests are also American interests, and if the world suddenly becomes a more dangerous place, whether it’s because Iran gets nuclear weapons or because Afghanistan goes awry, that affects all of us. I think that’s Obama’s view of the presidency, that it’s a rising tide that’s lifting all boats, and since poverty hits people of colour in greater proportion than the rest of us, then economic improvement can only help black people. What he’s not going to do is an over-concentration on race as such.


You think some reporter will ask Gibbs next week regarding Obamas remarks on taxes. Since President Obama claims he gave people a tax cut and hasn't raised any taxes on anyone, who does the President believe is responsible to pay the 4 TRillion in debt he has wracked up?

Is the President letting the Tea Partiers off the hook for having to pay any of that back??

Ohh and by the way, as Obama would say...Tim McVeigh is just a guy that lives in my neighborhood and I've attended a few meetings with him, and visited his home and worked on a book and had him throw me a fund raisers...but I don't agree with the man's politics.


I am still in great mystery as to what tax cuts that the Democrats think they have been so gracious as to pass down to us this year? Has anyone heard a credible list of any significant tax cut that has become law this year? I know of none of any significance. Reducing my withholding and making pay more ( or get less of a refund ) at tax time is NOT a tax cut.

Captain Hate

Melinda, you're very adept at detecting subtle nuance....


Aother good question for Gibbs:

Since the President and former President are concerned with potential violence, could you ask the President what kind of rhetoric sets of a terrorist bomber like his friend Bill Ayers off?

Melinda Romanoff


If you dig through the stack, you might find the one memo that references the Bush tax cuts that are still on the books until the end of this year. They didn't repeal them.

There's the tax cut.

Get with the program.


Obama thinks we all should be grately because he thinks none of us understand that the so-called 'tax cut' he 'gave' us was paid for by sneaking into our wallet and putting it all on our credit card.


I think it would be a great protest if all the small businesses instead of sending their quarterly tax payments sent a little slip of paper that says I O U.


The GOP has done a good job of documenting $670 Billion in Obama tax INCREASES since he has been in office.

I think that is the reason Bill "Fairytale" Clinton made his accusations.


Thnx guys.

Don't you think there's been and will continue to be a rebound effect from this Tea Party dissing? Just as many people stay away from Drudge and Rush because they are demonized and then once they read Drudge or hear Rush they realize they'd been had, when people hear their friends and neighbors and relatives described in a way that is contrary to the truth, the speaker, not his target, is discredited.

DoT --What wonderful news!!! And this was a week where Ibama was on the stage a lot..

nathan hale

Left Coast Rebel stomps the whole premise, 'like the fat guy at Altamont, in the LUN

Fred Beloit

I blame Hillary Clinton who started the tea party violence at a party in 2003. Scroll down to see her inciting the crowd:

Oh, this wasn't a tea party, President Clinton? Then never mind.

Strawman Cometh

What ya mean, no tax cut? I feel safe in saying most Americans employed in the private sector paid less taxes in 2009 than 2008. I did.


No, Clarice. Reality will not correct these stereotypes. I try to read a range of political sites and get an overview of what is going on. As soon as I say something that supports the Tea Party people my family accuses me of being a closet racist who gets news from biased sources (unlike Time and Newsweek!).

Rick Ballard


Excellent point. I follow the Treasury tax deposit information and it provides irrefutable proof that Americans are paying substantially less in taxes and have been doing so ever since the Democrats took control of Congress. BOzo's inauguration marked a turning point in that much less tax has been collected in the subsequent period than even during the period immediately after Democrats took over in '07.

Electing a Democrat guarantees both lower taxes and a very significant increase in the amount of free time available plus relief from having to listen to a boss gripe all day. What more can people ask for?



Well when you make less, or even lose money you have less INCOME and therefore yes the tax on lower income is in fact less. How silly of me to have missed this little doublespeak.

Danube of Thought

Let us harken back to this jewel from the year 2006:

"Death of a President is a retrospective docu-drama which starts with the fictional assassination of Bush and mixes CGI graphics and archive footage with ‘interviews’ with those involved in the aftermath.

"Peter Dale, head of More4, admitted the piece might offend some people but the aim was to explore the effect such an event might have on America and global foreign policies. Sources at Channel 4 told The Stage that while a number of different agencies are under suspicion for the murder, the programme ends with a twist."

Maybe Mr. Gibbs could dredge up whatever it was Mr. Obama had to say about this play at the time. And I'm sure the possibilities must have terrified Bill Clinton; certainly the archives will yield up a catalog of his cautionary observations.


--Don't you think there's been and will continue to be a rebound effect from this Tea Party dissing?--

I think Observation misunderstands the dynamic. Lefties and liberal leaners won't change. But many centrists will see through the lie, but much more importantly, just as the militia lies in the 90's did, these Tea Party lies will continue to enrage and motivate the right until the elections.
This strategy of poking the Tea Partiers and the right in the eye is akin to standing your ground and batting at hornets with a stick after you've upset their nest.

Pasadena Phil

What is revealing about Clinton's comments is his disconnectedness. He expresses concern for "a deeply, deeply troubled people" but then suggests that we are the problem. He returns to his "words matter" meme that sounds superficially like an erudite and profoundly wise observation but is actually a troublingly arrogant revelation of his own haughty perspective as a member of the elite ruling class.

He fails to acknowledge that what we are advocating is the overthrow of the current corrupt one-party system at the polls, not violence. A course he suggests.

He fails to acknowledge that almost all of the violence is coming from his own side.

He fails to acknowledge that his own party's president is surrounded by survivors of the sixties-seventies violent anarchist groups whose goals have not changed since the days they were blowing up police stations and setting bombs all over the landscape and kidnapping judges and other acts of extreme violence.

It is a good sign for our side that the Bill Clintons are out publicly displaying their disconnectedness. It fails to help their side for the same reasons that the Tea Party "crashers" are failing: there are too many of us.

In fact, there are so many of us that the "seven degrees of Kevin Bacon" had made this a personal interconnection for more than a third of all American. It's actually more like "two-three degrees of Kevin Bacon".

You can't propagandize lies into such a large group of personally interconnected and highly motivated group of people. We are almost a nation among ourselves. We cannot be persuaded that we don't see what we see. We see a corrupt system and we want to restore Constitutional law.


NH- "like the fat guy at Altamont" LOL! LUN for those under fifty who don't get the joke


The data point in support of Clarice and Ignatz is that polling has shown that the % that express support for the teaparty movement has grown in the last three months from 16% to 24%. Another poll had it at 33% without a corresponding earlier datapoint.

Dullard lefties are not going change but independents and appalled democrats can, have and will continue to do so. Keep up the good fight, the alterate media is having a very cathartic impact on the propaganda war.


I can't stand Barry Ritholz's politics but he often has interesting stuff at his site. Could you tell me what you make of this analysis of tax witholdings for the 1st quarter?

climate skeptics, too.

Good stuff pp. I particularly like 'We are almost a nation unto ourselves.'


Clinton is, as usual, MSU.
There was no atmosphere in the early 90's where people felt the fabric of our society was being torn apart. Clinton got off easier for Waco than Bush did for Katrina, although Waco did set off McVeigh. Other than that, we had the 1993 WTC bombing. Most people were certain, at that time, that Saddam was our #1 most dangerous enemy. The atmosphere in the country overall was good.

Just for kicks, I went back and read Gore Vidal's Vanity Fair story about Timothy McVeigh. Vidal, who everyone knows is a lefty, was a Clinton and then Obama supporter. He thinks McVeigh was a hero, because he believed in the constitution. McVeigh was fighting against the increasing power of the FBI and the government to spy on people. He justified his methods by saying he stuck to what the military would do to a foreign country.

Timothy McVeigh's psychiatrist said, had there been no Waco, there would have been no OKC.
A tear in the fabric of society didn't compel McVeigh to do what he did. Clinton's actions did. Clinton is disgusting for trying to pretend otherwise, and use it against those who would vote his wife out of her position.

(please note I am not blaming Clinton for McVeigh's actions. I am just sickened that Clinton is making up motives for McVeigh)

Pasadena Phil

Instead of my long harangue, I might have just posted the following quote from Powerline's Scott Johnson in his post this morning about Jim Leach:

"He shows how the advocacy of civility can be used as a political tool to defame your political opponents and invite them to stifle themselves".


I wish I too could condense my thoughts into one compact but effective sentence.

Danube of Thought

Don't you think there's been and will continue to be a rebound effect from this Tea Party dissing?

I sure do. Everyone who attended a Tea Party on April 15--and tens of millions of their sympathizers--has to be deeply offended by the sneering condescension Obama displayed with his remarks. People don't forget stuff like that--especially highly-motivated people.


Gore Vidal in Vanity Fair.

Gore Vidal praising McVeigh as a new Paul Revere.

And my God, look at those dates. August and September 2001.


Pasadena Phil- that is the perfect quote.

Danube of Thought

"The fat guy at Altamont."

I caught the Stones in the San Diego Sports Arena about three weeks before Altamont, and (living in Long Beach at the time) tried to find a way to get up to Altamont but finally gave up. I've seen Gimme Shelter an number of times through the years and have a pretty clear recollection of all the money scenes. But who is the fat guy? Are we talking about the guy having the obviously bad trip right by the stage as the violence begins to well up?


Thanks for asking, DoT. I was just learning about Altamont. Never heard of it. Very misspent sort of youth I guess.

Danube of Thought

I found the following three concluding paragraphs from Scott Johnson's article to reflect more closely my own thoughts about Jim Leach:

Every paragraph [of his speech] contains some absurdity and infelicity, something that a competent English teacher would circle in red. Leach betrays unfamiliarity with the mundane adage that good writing is an aid to clear thinking. It is itself an important contribution to civil discourse -- even more important than stigmatizing your political opponents as uncivil bigots.

It is never too late to learn how to write clearly. Leach might want to take the time to do so now that he is the head of an agency that promotes the humanities, or ask for the assistance of a staff member to edit his deep thoughts prior to pronouncing them.

But Leach obviously has no interest in the mission of the National Endowment for the Humanities. He is auditioning for the bigger job that, he is sure, awaits him in the next round of Obama appointments, if only he continues to flatter his patron in the hallowed style of the courtier.

I've always thought Leach was an insufferable and largely unprincipled poseur.


I just love using quotes to frame an issue. I couldn't help using the amuse comment by Obama when referencing the Tea Party to Tommy DeVitto in Goodfellas:

“But, I’m funny how? Funny like a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I’m here to f....’ amuse you? ”


--I've always thought Leach was an insufferable and largely unprincipled poseur.--

I've always thought his name was slightly misspelled.


I once served on a Board with Leach. I wish I could remember much about him, but he wasn't there that often and certainly didn't handle a laboring oar. If I recall he was rather ineffectual and hated any confrontation at a time when it was needed to clear out deadwood and get tuff done.

Perfectly pleasant, if vapid.


**Stuff done****

Rick Ballard


Ritholz is playing with end points by using the '4-week 12-week' game. The actual increase in withholding tax deposits for the month of March showed an increase of 1.07% over '09 (adjusted for change in the number of work days). I use 21, 63 and 252 day moving averages and the end of month numbers for March YoY look like this:

21 - 6215
63 - 7504
252 - 6976

21 - 6419
63 - 7340
252 - 6425

I don't know if the change in withholding rates accounts for the tremendously huge 1.07% difference but I lean toward an actual increase in the number of employed. It looks as if the increase was wiped out by mid-April though.

On the brighter side - tax deposits for the self-employed are up very strongly. Firing two people and working 12 hours per day will tend to cause a nice bump in proprietors income.

Pasadena Phil

Rick, could the difference by accounted for by the changing mix between government versus private sector jobs? I would assume that government employees have more taxes withheld.


Thanks Rick. To be clear the post was actually written by some guy named Matt Trivisonno but was at Ritholz's site.


Oh, wait .. trouble on the horizon ...

NYC Militia Plot to Kill Cops Foiled

Thank goodness police broke up this evil plot by crazed militia types no doubt influenced by the wild-eyed tea partiers.

Oh, wait, it was the Crips and Bloods, those naughty Democrat constituents? Move along, nothing to see here. Well, I just hope they filled out their Census forms before they all were rounded up.A massive gang takedown in Queens uncovered a rare alliance between Bloods and Crips and a ruthless plot to assassinate cops, authorities said Friday.

Too Funny .. it makes you cry.

Rick Ballard

"Rick, could the difference by accounted for by the changing mix between government versus private sector jobs?"

Probably not. There is no confirmation of any increase to be found in the SSA numbers regarding "contributions" to the HI portion of FICA. HI is a 'first dollar to last dollar' tax and 2010 is substantially weaker than 2009. I lean toward "clearing the high end deadwood" through forced retirement as the explanation rather than firing at the low end.

IMO - the economy is in a vise that is squeezing the marginally productive, whether it's a 24 yo "I work just hard enough to keep my job." Millennial or 63 yo "I'm just showing up for the check." Boomer. I believe actual employment is up but ex Census it's not increasing at a rate that even covers natural demographic growth. We're just going to grind along until the debt overhang is cleared.


MayBee--Good catch.

Gutfeld video on Huff Po v the tea party--

Captain Hate

But who is the fat guy? Are we talking about the guy having the obviously bad trip right by the stage as the violence begins to well up?

There was some fat tub of shit without any clothes on (think John Pinette plus at least three growth rings) who was so disgusting looking that he should've caused projectile vomiting. He was featured in a variety of photos in Rolling Stone at the time because I can remember looking at him and thinking WTF. Strangely enough I have the book "Let it Bleed" by Ethan Russell out from the library and there's no mention or photo of him.

Back to Slick for a second; has any person in a position of responsibility on the right ever come up with as inflammatory a statement as Muffer Stalin-Rodham did with her "vast right-wing conspiracy"? This while she was in the Elizabeth Edwards denial/deflection mode despite Clenis's well documented wimmens problems.


Very good stimulating repartee'; friends, and again, I'm reaping the benefits of all the info @ JOM.
So, they've sent Bill out to be their trash-talker? Heh...Rush was excellent yesterday on Clinton and his "thank you"'s to Obama!

Off to PJM to read some clarice...gotta keep busy..what a world, what a world...


Funny, but I don't remember Bill Clinton's expressing concern about the over-the-top rhetoric coming from the left during the Bush years. Maybe I just missed that speech.

Gmax, I don't know of any actual tax cuts for us ordinary folks coming out of the admin. Everything they've touted as "tax cuts" so far are actually social-engineering tax credits (which in reality are additional spending) with short expiration dates, not base tax cuts.

You can bet long odds that when those jump-through-hoops credits expire, the admin won't call that "raising taxes." Instead they'll emphasize the very thing they wish to downplay now, that these were always temporary "stimulus" spending.

Danube of Thought

I thought Krauthammer's unloading on Bill Clinton yesterday was just magnificent. It was along the lines of "disgusting," "revolting," "despicable"--stuff like that, and all richly deserved.

nathan hale

I should have been clear, that I was quoting Dennis Miller in that instance, Capt, I was
way to young to have any first hand knowledge
of this, then again many persons my age, don't
have a keen grasp of what they should remember


I agree, glenda, Rush was in top form yesterday. I haven't seen the video of his excellent Clinton take-down, but here's the thank you.

nathan hale

The epitome of cluelessness is found here, with the menagerie run by young Conor F, first
mistake taking Charles Blow seriously

Captain Hate

NH, I can still remember the way Altamont was reported and how it marked "the end of the Sixties" which couldn't have come a minute too soon. All the usual idiots were yammering about the "dark underside" that was exposed while I was thinking that it was there to be seen every step of the way for anybody with normal powers of perception.

nathan hale

What is sad that even those who were sober in that era, like Vincent Bugliosi, at least affects as much madness as Manson, and the 60s didn't end there, as the Weather Underground, Jim Jones, and assorted other
relics, proved the point

Captain Hate

I thought Krauthammer's unloading on Bill Clinton yesterday was just magnificent.

Was that commentary on TV because I've been looking for it and can't locate it.

Frau Nicht amuesiert

"Long-time member of the doucheoisie and stain on the dress of an intern less than half his age,... "

Captain, I'm of the age that Bent Willie's predatory behavior came with the label " dirty old man."

nathan hale

Would this kind of attention been focused on the Little Rock recruiter shhooting, ft Hood, and the Christmas flights beforehand, in the LUN

Strawman Cometh

It was on Brett's Special Report (do they still call it that?) and it was very gratifying. When he finished there was a moment of dead air as everyone else on the set contemplated the magnificence of it.


My radio host B-I-L, Michael "Whadda Ya Know" Feldman says he pities Bill because when he's old and in nursing care no one will ant to give him a sponge bath.


"Yeah? Who's this?"

"Barry? It's your grandmother."

"Oh. Hey, gramma. 'Sup?"

"Barry, do you remember before you left for college, we had a talk about fiscal responsibility."

"Yeah, gramma, I've always said I'd be responsible."

"I know what you said, Barry, and you always say things very nicely. I'm calling to talk about how you've been behaving."

"What are you hassling me for, like I'm one of the Scottsboro Boys or something? Didn't you get that check?"

"Well, Barry, I got the check, but I also got a phone call from a credit card company. Did you get a credit card?"

"Yeah, that's where the check came from. I get 1% cash back on all purchases."

"The check was for fifteen thousand dollars, Barry."

"You're welcome."


Instapundit has a couple of great observatinos on this:

Meanwhile, remember how the left went crazy over Ari Fleischer’s advice to “watch what you say?” But now Bill Clinton is comparing Tea Partiers to Tim McVeigh and proffering rather Fleischeresque advice. Maybe Clinton should watch what he says, when it comes to branding large numbers of nonviolent Americans as terrorists. But this statement serves as a useful reminder to those who have come to think of Clinton as some sort of cuddly, not-so-bad figure. He was a demagogue who would say whatever he thought might work when he was President, and he still is.

Posted at 1:56 pm by Glenn Reynolds

Captain Hate

My radio host B-I-L, Michael "Whadda Ya Know" Feldman says he pities Bill because when he's old and in nursing care no one will ant to give him a sponge bath.

I doubt that anybody will have to perform that disgusting task. Slick hasn't aged well at all, whether it's from the pressure of having to lie about everything in his life, cumulative impact of STDs or just his slovenly habits. He hasn't sounded at all lucid since his heart attack and probably prior to that. I wouldn't waste my time wishing ill to such a chancre on the body politic; but I also sure won't miss him when he's gone.


He is an old demagogue and he hasn't aged well. Maybe he switched places with the youthful portrait he was keeping in the attic.

Captain Hate

The comments at the link at the top are hilarious; is it always that good?


official passport have a special stamp? Did you have to pay for it or was it a no fee like family of ?


secial passport..Govt issued for a govt employee ergo no fee.


So, it was the standard no fee standard for family of too and red stamped?

NSA is hiring a bunch of positions DLSAs too.

tommy mc donnell

tim mc veigh wasn't inspired by righters. he was inspired by pres. clinton's DOJ and his wonderful attorney general janet reno. PS i'm retired living on a pension under 50K and my federal income tax went up in 2010. keep those tax cuts coming pres.

tommy mc donnell

instead of the news media and all the politicans talking about these violent tea parties, why don't they just show it to us. i want to see it. on thursday there were huudreds of these rallies all across this country and all of them were taped. so just show us the tapes so we can see for ourselves all the violence and the hatred that takes place at these rallies.


Here's some tape Now

"BREAKING: Violent Tea Party Infiltrator Identified – Is Secretary of St. Charles County Dem Committee"

It seems to me, every time, the problem is the same-- violent Leftists.

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