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April 30, 2010


Janet hasn't made enough money

Barack Black Eagle is probably circling some garden tonight chanting, "Grow rhubarb, Grow!" like his life depends on it...


Mel, Don't leave me hanging here....I am begging you!


threadkiller, so what? There's no restriction respecting dual citizenship.
Mel, wasn't Bayless under consideration for the position of wH chef ?

Melinda Romanoff

Oh, and by the way, This is not good news.

Another case of superb focus on domestic policy versus WTFC about foreign policy.



Bayless' Frontera Grill is considered a gay restaurant, if that's what you mean,Mel.



"Grow rhubarb, Grow!"

Naw Janet. It's his growing rhubarb that got him in this mess.

Melinda Romanoff

Threadkiller (we like our postnames here, BTW, I hope you like yours, even though I know your name, now)-

You might have a hard time convincing a jury of his peers (Senators, only, and that ain't you chum) that it's an issue.

The Chicago method is ever so subtle. You'll be well advised to learn the side meanings of subtle actions.

We have three more years of this carp.


There's no restriction respecting dual citizenship.

So Arnold can run for President?


"You might have a hard time convincing a jury of his peers (Senators, only, and that ain't you chum) that it's an issue."

I am just hoping to convince a jury of my peers so they can question their Senators.


Arnold's problem is not dual citizenship. It's that he was born abroad , the son of foreigners neither of whom were US citizens.

That's it for my responses to this birth business tonight. There's hot stuff brewing.

Ann says Obama Sucks!

Oh Crap, Clarice, it is on Drudge already. ::grin::

I am savoring it too, JMH! :)

Hope you are both around for fashion commentary at the WH dinner tomorrow. Should be fun.


In other MO news. her fashion designer , Pinto, is going out of business.


Not saying anything about that. It speaks for itself.

Melinda Romanoff


I met him at Topolobampo's basement restaurant, right after announcing his run, the Service would NOT go into a restroom with him. They said, and I asked on the way out "Why weren't they in there?", that "It wasn't the way they worked.". I said "me neither" and the agent just beamed.

There are open questions as to other members of this scenario.

And, no, Frontera Grill is not overtly gay, but the Chicago gay crowd is deeply into their food, and the restaurants here are just amazing. I can't yell it loud enough to make a dent in the noisestream.

I hope I gave you two appetite whetters.


Threadkiller (we like our postnames here, BTW, I hope you like yours, even though I know your name, now)-

This may have been too subtle for me.

By liking your postnames should I start by stating:” Melinda Romanoff said:"?

I do like my postname, as I seem to kill threads.

"I know your name, now."
Should I go back to "Bryan" as I have in the past?
Or, Do you mean you know what I did last summer?

My initial post, days ago, caused me grief, as I trampled etiquette. I enjoy this group so please believe me that I wish to remain.



``It is almost comical when I read articles "300 illegals discovered at packing plant"...I think, "Big deal". Well, Arizona is leading the way...we'll see what happens.''

Indeed we will. Anyone want to take my wager on total failure. I'd bet on:
1. Greater corruption in the police force as the unfunded mandate to dramatically expand law enforcement leads to more unpaid overtime work for cops, massive jail overcrowding and seething resentment by cops -- especially non-white ones -- at what the politicans are making them do.
2. A greater sense of ease among illegal employers as they see the political pressure taken off them and foisted onto the law-enforcement circus created by the "papers please" law.
3. A tax hike and/or increase in state borrowing to pay overtime for the extra lawyers needed to defend the law against the inevitable constitutional challenges.
4. Skyrocketing crime rate as officers have less time to develop investigations of drug dealings, robberies, burglaries, extortion and so on.
5. The horizontal and vertical expansion of Mexico-based organized crime in Arizona. Given that the availability of jobs for below-market wages and drug users are unlikely to diminish, and may even increase following the serious dilution of law enforcement resources, the incentive to organize, systematize and more deeply conceal illegal activity increases. To achieve that, more and more illegal workers will be paying fees to organized criminals who will, in turn, be paying fees to the frustrated, overworked cops.
6. Most of this is unlikely, of course, because the bill will be overturned soon enough -- probably as a response to the tourism boycott and the rapid relocation of economic activity to neighboring states.

As for the national biometric ID, I have to say I'm disappointed that it appears I have been denied the one issue where I thought surely I'd side with wingnuts. I'm shocked, yes shocked, that wingnuts are not getting behind the ID.
I am not surprised that they are ignorant or in denial of the essential differences between a nationwide biometric ID and Arizona's "papers please" law.
Firstly, the existence of such an ID says nothing about law enforcement's right to demand to see it without probably cause. Law enforcement can already demand ID in any case where there's is probably cause you've committed a crime. But the Arizona law goes beyond that, giving police the right to check people with no probably cause -- unless you want to call brown skin a sign that you may have entered the country illegally.
2. While biometric ID certainly opens some windows for abuse, it closes even more. There is already ID fraud on a massive scale, and the biometric element will be infinitely more difficult to counterfeit.
3. The biometric ID, as a practical matter, will serve as a far greater check on police abuse than it will as an avenue for it. It will no longer be possible for a police to detain someone just to confirm their identity or to indeed charge an innocent person with faking it, as the biometric data will be virtually uncounterfeitable and verifiable almost instantly...

Melinda Romanoff

And that's my sign off.

G'night all.


Well, there have long been rumors..
Especially about his "body man".

Bayless has recipes on his Frontera website BTW

When I had a long trial in Chicago I ate at a lot of wonderful restaurants..Personally, I adore Eli's but that was years ago and perhaps it's changed..


did spellcheck change "probable cause" to "probably cause"? Nah. it was my very own flying fingers...


--But the Arizona law goes beyond that, giving police the right to check people with no probabl[e] cause--

Cite? Of the actual statute I mean, not some moonbattery.

JM Hanes


Armageddon? I'll take that bet.

Melinda Romanoff


Cite me that part of the law that says that Arizona law enforcement can use "no probable cause", including amendments.

Read it.

Link it.

Prove it.

If you can't, I will be all over you.

And may I have your checking account number, just for verification purposes.

nathan hale

"Beatlejuicem Beetlejuice," did anyone hear anything but a loud buzzing noise.


HillBuzz says the stories false and is a misdirection away from Obama's males friends, perhaps Kal Penn , suggesting his assault last week may be something other than an attack by a stranger.They say Baker is married, has a kid, and is now working for Senator BURRIS.

http://hillbuzz.org/2010/04/30/leave-vera-baker-alone-she-did-not-have-an-affair-with-obama/>False step?


Clarice, thank you for entertaining the topic. I can be convinced otherwise if actual debate ever occurs. I enjoy your responses and I respect your wish for peace and quiet about it tonight.

There is always tomorrow!


JM Hanes


"Law enforcement can already demand ID in any case where there's is probably cause you've committed a crime."

They can do a hell of lot more than demand your ID when they've got probable cause. Your grasp of fundamental legal concepts seems pretty slim.



Your grasp of fundamental legal concepts just about every damned thing seems pretty slim.

Melinda Romanoff

Yep, clarice-

We're all thinking of the Larry Sinclair stories that went around. There are others from "boy's town" that I've heard, and everybody was freaked out about the heat that was coming down on them for repeating them. BIG heat.

And that's all I know, nothing direct, or from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

Melinda Romanoff

Take two.

G'night all.


Niters, Mel.
Kal Penn assault looks hinkey, now that Chicago's Hill Buzz mentions it.

JM Hanes


I suppose the National Enquirer story could be the teaser for a blockbuster to come, but what they released looks like almost any decent oppo researcher could have constructed it from open sources.

Although Barack may fancy himself a JFK (or perhaps because of it!), I'm not expecting any personal scandals to surface. That said, however, I do have the sense that we're in some weird sort of holding pattern while something big is preparing to break.

Could just be the change of seasons, of course. :-)

JM Hanes

You're my favorite, Ignatz!


jmh, that's rather how their coverage of Edwards started. Believe it or not, they are very punctilious.

Here's Hill Buzz OTOH, with more about Kal Penn and Reggie Love.
http://hillbuzz.org/2010/04/20/what-was-kal-penn-doing-at-dupont-circle-after-midnight/>Kal Penn?


The only time that I was ever in the same room with the Obamas, Dick Durbin introduced them. Dick is dumb. So dumb that it is impossible to hide. So dumb that you wonder how he manages to find the parking lot every morning. So dumb that you seriously wonder if it is possible that it is all an act, because nobody could really be that dumb, right?


It may be hard to believe, cathyf, but apparently it's true.
Pelosi and Reid and Waxman aren't exactly geniuses either, are they?

JM Hanes

LOL, cathyf!

In other news, tune in tomorrow for the festivities:

The Los Angeles Police are preparing for as many as 100,000 marchers to rally for immigration rights in downtown Los Angeles during the annual May Day event Saturday.

Don't think they'll be marching in Phoenix any time soon!


Federal agents say they have arrested 596 immigrants with criminal records during a three-day immigration enforcement sweep across the Southeast.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Friday that the operation, dubbed Operation Cross Check, was the largest ever conducted by the agency targeting foreign nationals convicted of crimes. They said the immigrants have already served their sentences and authorities will now seek to deport them.

Atlanta ICE Field Director Felicia Skinner says that "communities around the Southeast are safer than they were before" as a result. She said three of the people arrested this week had been convicted of murder and 144 were convicted on assault charges.

I wouldn't want to discourage the ICE, but selling immigration status checks of convicted criminals as a major "enforcement sweep" seems a little overstated. Especially when it looks like 449 of them were convicted of something less serious than assault.


Exactly. Seems a rather obvious gin up the troops for a show, doesn't it?

nathan hale

They inflate the charge sheet, recall those 300 terrorism convictions, that turned out
to be not quite so many. Now of course, there
will be no suspicion that tomorrow's protests
will be astroturfed, as they tried to accuse
the tea parties off, sarc


Good night all.


A comment from the Hillbuzz article about Michelle Obama - "“If a woman is prettier than her, she does not want that woman around.”

To ALL ladies, stay away from Michelle."


Stephanie says Obama sux

If the Wookie's looks could kill... that pic of her looking at the Ocrybaby paints a vivid picture of who wears the pants in the family.

Speaking of pants, have you seen what the Wookie's mirror has cooked up? Yikes!

That is probably a generous depiction, BTW. A real sighting would probably involve camel toes and lots of muffin top and prayers for the seams and would probably accidentally find its way to "the people of Wal-Mart" website. IYKWIMAITYD.



we are living, as I've said before, in bearded Spock universe. a cop gets shot with an AK on I-8 in Arizona and then a Blackhawk comes under fire with video.

Tony Villar and the SF city attorney Hererra, an illegal himself, and David Campos, who rationalized the defense of a MS-13 gangster who murdered a SF family, defend the border and sanctuary city nonsense are covered by the MSM as heroes.

This dog just does not hunt.Cops getting shot and a wild border surely must offend every decent inhabitant of this country.

This is the message that the people need to hear.

As to Obama's affairs, why should we be surprised? The man has no morals whatsoever. He is so screwed. Michelle is going to nail his cojones to the mantelpiece in the living quarters.


Here is a picture of Vera Baker. Her arms look just as good as Michelle's arms.


I really don't think Durbin et al thought about losing the ability to rig elections when the excuse that an ID required to vote is only regressive and racist when there is limited access to getting a "proper ID."

When everybody is required to have an ID card, it will only be a matter of when it will be required, not if.


I don't know Matt...illegals coming into our country has never been taken seriously. Not in my lifetime anyway. The immigration laws are just disregarded. Rep. or Dem. it has been the same.
A token effort is enacted every once in awhile...never built...defunded...litigated to death...then back to the same old-same old.


Securing our borders, and wrestling back our ability to produce energy from the radical environmentalists seem to be 2 issues that always fire up most Americans, but never get done.


Mel - Topolobambo....

I've eaten there many times since it and Frontera Grill opened and am acquainted with Mr. and Mrs. Bayless.

As much as I still love the food, it is by no means as good as it once was. Though, I was very happy to see Rick win Top Chef Master's.

Slightly O/T. prior to Obama's run for President, a co-worker had the 'honor' of going through security at O'Hare in front of Obama. He reported that Obama seemed annoyed at the process. He must have been daydreaming of waffles.


Heather MacDonald does an excellent overview of the Arizona law.


She really skewers the NYT coverage as repeatedly, deliberately false.

Yes, I know, we're "shocked" .

Melinda Romanoff


I was particularly taken with the pairings at Topolobampo. I had never known there were Mexican rosés.

Went to lunch at Xoco, his new one, right afdter it opened. Interesting.


Who's on First?


I mean the President of China?


I mean the guy opening The Shanghai World Expo and staying in the Shanghai Hilton tonight with daddy, President Sarkozy of France, and his gorgeous squeeze ">http://english.sina.com/china/p/2010/0430/317334.html"> Carla Bruni?


Big night at The Blarney Stone last night. Sorry you guys missed it.
Because of opening day fanfare for The Shanghai Expo, all Nanjing Road and nearby streets were completely shut down, so walking thru the old Colonial District avenues was beautiful. Metal detectors were placed inside the Hilton Lobby, and a bevy of Police are still downstairs frisking anyone who comes in or out. The real downside tho' is that the counterfeit CD/Video stores have all been ordered to only sell legitimate stuff for the entire 6 months of the Shanghai World Expo, so I can't buy anything now but old Simpson's episodes and Classical Music. Bummer:( Whatever, I never could get any Grateful Dead CD's out of these bootleg weasels anyway, so it's not quite as big a loss as you might imagine.

Anyhow, for entertainment yesterday on the long flight over Siberia, I decided to play a little electronic "Where's Waldo", and put my 3 triple mixed, million dollar Satellite Linked/Inertial Nav units to good use. Remembering how last week I found OBAMA near the old Soviet Death Camps in Kazakhstan, I typed in each JOMer's callsign into the Fix page to see where you guys might be located. If there was more than 1 listing, I choose the listing furthest away from Anchorage, and then plotted it on the world map. For instance, typing in TM, our fabulous host at JOM, I located 5 different NAV locations around the globe tagged with that 2 letter TM identifier, but I only selected the one that was 6,223 miles away from ANC (Anchorage). This placed our noble leader at S3855.3/E17518.8, otherwise known as Tamarunui, New Zealand (North Island). TM, BTW was furthest south of all JOMer's, so he deserves congratulations for winning that category.

You may be interested in knowing where some of the rest of you wound up, so before I step downstairs to chat with Nicky and Carla and get frisked again, allow me to provide some highlights. And apologies to those I forgot, since this was all off the top of my head and I did have to pay a little bit of attention to my real job.

Winner in the closest to Anchorage category is Caro. Caro was in Seattle, only 1,257 miles from The Moose's Tooth.

Furthest away was Tom Collins (TC). He was in Tchibanga, Congo, just across the border from Kinshasha, Zaire, where I suspect he was checking out where his ex-Deadhorse daughter may be spending next summer at a TruckStop. (Say "Hey" to Tarzan for us TC!) TC also was the winner of closest JOMer to the equator: (S0253.3/E01057.3)

Malaysia Jane was not in Malaysia. She's in Savannah, Georgia tho' goodness knows why. And Bill in Arizona has been lying to us, as he's in Danville, Virginia. Dave in Ma has also been lying to us, but its more understandable in his case, as he's in the thinest portion of the Red Sea, exactly between Djibouti and Yemen, so I suspect he's secretly a Somali Pirate and therefore used to lying about his whereabouts.

The most honest (or least lying Jomer's) were Chaco (Charlie Colorado) located in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, and Hit, who is living outside Atlanta Georgia, not in Greensboro, NC. (Go to hell Atlanta Braves and take CNN with ya!). Cecil was in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Give a round of applause to Old Lurker (OL) as he was winner of the furthest North Category (N5822.8/E01548.2). He was just off the coast of Magadan, Russia, and tho' I looked hard for him yesterday when flying overhead, I couldn't spot him, so suspect he was in a submarine casing the Rooskies---shhh.

Geographical soulmates made for some interesting pairings. Narciso (NARCI) and Rick Ballard (RICK) are both in I think a Motel 6 in Tulsa---the same Motel 6 in Tulsa---nuff said. Heavy into cocaine, are Bgates in Bogota, and Matt, floundering around in the southeast Columbian jungle, I suspect checking out his crop. Just across the Andes is JiB (JAC) (who is definitely not back) since he's in Jacareacanga, Amazonia, Brazil, I imagine with a bone through his nose and slash/burning the Rain Forest.

Janet and Sue are in Japan, but they probably have a tough time communicating because Sue's in Okinawa and can't understand folks like Janet from Osaka who of course speaks the non-existant Osaka Dialect.

The only hard-core Communist in the bunch is Glenda. Boo. She resides in the Peoples Republic of Guanlan, China. Pofarmer (PO) may have been a Commie as well at one time, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because the wall came down, and I suspect that like most Ukrainians living in Dnipropetrovosk, he likes the free market system way better than Obama. I was also initially worried seeing Porch's coordinates placing her in China, but careful plotting revealed she was in Kaohsiung, in the free Republic of Taiwan, which is very good news, because if she was hanging out with Glenda she wouldn't have been allowed to have had that 3rd beautiful baby she had last week due to their 1 child policy. More pictures please Porchlight.

Strangest International pairing was JMH and Marko, both in Ethiopia, though Marko was in the highlands near the birthplace of the Blue Nile, while JMH was in Jimma, way down south in the badlands south of Abbis Ababa, probably smuggling medicine to daughter Drury. Haile Selassie if you ask me.

Garden-spot wise, its tough to know who exactly wins that category. It may be DoT, who has wisely taken his bank accounts with him to his new digs in Tax Free Barbados. Peter is on a very pretty bay near Maricaibo, Venezuela, but what with Chavez running the joint I'd advise him to quickly bail out and join DoT in Margaritta-ville. Top Secret (TS) has retired to lovely Toulouse, France and Ignatz (IGNA) is Tapa-Hopping in Gerona, Spain.

The JOMer in the toughest straits is (CC) Central Cal. She is drowning in the ocean off the coast of southwest India, near Cochin, which city BTW has still not quite got the hang of picking proper outfits for their IPL Cricket ">http://www.funenclave.com/fun-stuff/kochi-ipl-team-uniform-players-cheerleaders-41559.html"> Cheerleaders. Captain Hate (CH) has dumped the wife and kids and run off to Copenhagen. (Geez, I hope he doesn't go all Green on us), and Melinda (MEL) has been rounded up with the Usual Suspects in Casablanca. "I'm shocked, shocked to find out that there was gambling going on on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile!"

And that leaves Clarice, (CLARY) who just said "'Eff this whole business", and ran off to Adelaide, Australia where I think she opened a restaurant 6,718 miles from Washington DC. You go girl:)

I think I hear a Guinness calling my name. Ciao!

Melinda Romanoff

Too funny, daddy.

Melinda Romanoff

And this is what I'm listening to.

Jane says obamasucks

Go Daddy!

Well well well, such brilliant news to wake up to. Obama is gay and Michelle is his beard. The left loves to out closeted gays so I can hardly wait. His excuse: "If I was gay I would have repealed "Don't Ask Don't Tell" by now.

So my favorite thing in my mailbox today:

President Obama was having that one, lone brief conversation this year with General McChrystal about Afghanistan .

Things were obviously not going the way the General had hoped. Obama could sense
this, and told him, "I bet when I die, you'll pee on my grave."

To which General McChrystal answers, "No sir, I've always said that when I get out of the Army, I'll never again wait in another line."

Melinda Romanoff


Watch out, Kate McMillan is over there as well.



Being our expert in the Chicago way.

What do you think of last night's announcement of the purchase of CCX?

2 days after Beck's story on them?

Is this a "getting out while the gettings good"?


"""But requiring a person to show an ID card before serving coffee at a local deli prevents what - bad coffee? Forcing a lawn care service to ID their workers prevents what - crabgrass? I'll take my chances ("Danger" is my middle name...)."""


We allow illegals to walk across our border, we give them free healthcare, free welfare and allow them to work by stealing other peoples identities.


It is alrealy the law that any deli or law care employees identity has to be checked by the employer. Of course these people submits false IDs or stolen information and when discovered the government goes after the business, not the illegal.

It may be a real joke to you, but the illegal alien deli clerk may be be stealing your credit card information to pay off her coyote for smuggling her across the border.

And that lawn service guy just raped your wife because he was just let out of prison in Guatamala last week for sexual assault.

The point is you shouldn't have to take your chances like Robert Krentz who was killed by illegals. The governmenets sworn duty is to make sure we don't have to take such chances.


Here are just a few others who 'took their chances':


I sure wish Tricia could serve me coffee.....

Eighteen-year-old Tricia Taylor of Detroit was in court in December 2002 to hear the plea of the illegal alien who caused her to lose both legs above the knees. Jose Carcamo was driving under the influence and speeding when he drove over a curb and smashed Taylor into a wall. Carcamo has had 17 violations since 1995. It is agreed that the car was travelling between 50 and 75 miles per hour on a street posted for 25 mph. Taylor's companion Noah Menard suffered a fractured skull and collarbone, as well as requiring eight pins to reconstruct his mangled elbow. The INS had twice begun deportation proceeding against Carcamo to return him to El Salvador, but regrettably did not follow through. Carcamo will be out of jail in a few years, but Tricia Taylor faces a lifetime of pain and disability

Melinda Romanoff

The ICE is a very connected exchange, that being said, it might be a pick up for the "just in case they cram it down our throats" scenario.

The contracts are essentially dormant and the founders took a bath.

You should see what the contracts did on Nov.20,2009. They look like profiles of cliffs.

Kind of old news around here. Beck's story was a bit like finding an old, dried up mouse behind the fridge, once you move the fridge.

Melinda Romanoff


You have no idea what it's like here.

"Sanctuary City" and all that carp. I don't even think they have to produce an ID to buy a car, let alone the "mandatory" insurance.


The timing seemed interesting to me given what's going on in Europe now as well.

Was wondering if there was an element of "whatever happens, you will enrich our friends".

When I saw Beck's story I kept wanting him to mention Maurice Strong.

Thanks as always.

Melinda Romanoff

This europe stuff woke me up at three this AM and I haven't been able to get back to sleep.

Scaring the carp out of me.


Saw that ZH had decamped there.

Fascinating times.

Melinda Romanoff

And does anyone think that making black boxes mandatory on all domestic autos has anything to do with safety, or is it just an easy way to start logging the data for a mileage tax.

These idiots are just so transparent.


ohayō gozaimasu everyone!


Well, now the MSM will lecture us round the clock, about how every man faces temptation at some point, and that every marriage has rocky periods, and it is normal for a vigorous male to occasionally stray from the roost,,, yada yada yady, just like they did after Clinton's DNA wound up on a certain article of clothing from the Gap.


Very funny, daddy. We have to save central cal..it is "vewy sewious" as Ming Ming the duck might say.

Ohio to you, too, Janet. (can't figure out how you did the accent over the o so I did it phonetically).

No new gossip since last night? Dreadful.

Rick Ballard

Tulsa? I suppose it beats Lodi but only by a nose.


""Most illegal workers are only dangerous to the wages of the Americans they might be displacing. Let's not muddle the dangers here.""

This is sooo short sighted I don't know where to begin. First, its not citizens they MIGHT be displacing, they ARE displacing them...which is only one tenth of the story.

People turn to crime when they get desparate, those who don't have an education or other choices take tedious, low paying jobs, when they aren't available, of course some will turn to crime...it happens every day.

Of course the Americans then go on welfare that you pay with your tax dollars.

But the illegal alien commits a variety of other crimes just to stay in the country. Identity theft is rampant, they steal SSns and just try to get your credit straightened out after someone stole your identity.

A friend of mine was just informed by the IRS that his kids SSN were being used by someone else and that it may take months for them to sort it out and accept his tax return.

They also depress wages for those Americans who do low wage jobs, because if you are illegal, your willing to put up with alot.

In addition, they eat up your income in the taxes we pay for services, in the premiums you pay in health insurance and car insurance bacause they are using health facility and driving and causing accidents where the costs all get paid by the citizens.

All of these costs are hidden in higher premiums for the law abiding. In addition, we have had disease breakouts across the country because many illegals do not have the immunizations required in this country.

Legal immigrants are required to have medical screening to ensure that they do not bring any contagious diseases into the United States. Illegal aliens are not screened and many are carrying third world diseases that do not belong in the USA. Many of these diseases are highly contagious and will infect citizens that come in contact with an infected illegal alien. This has already happened in restaurants, hospitals, schools, and police forces.

Malaria was eradicated from the USA in the 1940s but recently there were outbreaks in southern California, New Jersey, New York City, and Houston. Additionally, Malaria tainted blood has been discovered in the blood supply.

Dengue was first recognized in the 1950s, affects most Asian countries and has become a leading cause of death among children in the infected areas. Heretofore unknown in the US, Dengue outbreaks have now occurred in the United States.

Leprosy, a scourge of Biblical days, is caused by a bacillus agent and is now know as Hansen's Disease. In the 40 years prior to 2002, there were only 900 total cases of leprosy in the US. In the following three years there have been 9,000 cases and most were illegal aliens.

Then of course there is Hepatitis A-E and Tuiberculosis, The United States currently has one of the lowest rates of TB in the world. Mexico has 10 times the rate of prevalence and many African countries along with Afghanistan, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Indonesia have rates that are 100 – 150 times higher. Making matters worse, a few years ago a Multi-Drug-Resistant (MDR) strain of TB has emerged that is resistant to all standard anti-TB drugs. Treating a single case of MDR TB costs over $250,000 and as much as $1,200,000 per person, and even with treatment about half of the patients with MDR-TB prematurely die.

The REAL facts is illegal aliens affect the costs you pay for vitrually everything, from your kids education to your grand parents medications. Just because its hidden from view, doesn't mean it doesn't affect you.

It only takes a second for an illegal alien child to infect your daughter at school, or one who can't read road signs to hit your kids school bus, or for the hospital to tranfer charges for you to pay, etc. etc.

I could go on, but you may want to look into it a little more. There is good reason Mexico has such strict and ENFORCED immigration laws....they want to protect their citizens....DUH!


Oh, please (guack, quack) wescue me Clawice! Then I can wevive at your westauwant in Adelaide!


And by the way, if you live in California, about 15% of your prison population that you pay to house and feed are illegal aliens arrested for other crimes.
But hey, as long as someone brings me my coffee, I'm willing to pay the extra 2 Billion a year for room and board.


Only 15%? I would have guessed higher.


And does anyone think that making black boxes mandatory on all domestic autos has anything to do with safety, or is it just an easy way to start logging the data for a mileage tax.

This is EXACTLY the type of thing Republicans need to highlight. "End Busybody Government" could be our short sound bite like Jane suggested. Regulating salt...banning light bulbs...tracking your car.
End Busybody Government - Vote Republican!
(this is assuming we can get rid of busybody RINOs)

hit and run

Hit, who is living outside Atlanta Georgia, not in Greensboro, NC.

You know who else lives near Atlanta?



nathan hale

Tulsa, I've been to Vegas, once,


In the illegal immigration debate...
It is not just about Hispanic illegal aliens.
I would quit stereotyping Hispanics as only illegal gardeners, maids, and restaurant workers...that is what Dems. in search of victims do. Hispanic is just a heritage...these individual Americans are business owners, ranchers, mayors, teachers,...
Let the debate be about free, law abiding, proud citizens of the USA vs. citizens from other countries illegally entering the USA.


Daddy, hit the nail on the head! I was born in Seattle. That was a terrific travelogue. Let's put a tour together.


Another report from AZ similar to Bill's.



I'm sorry, what did you say? I don't speak the non-existant Osaka Dialect. ::grin::

That was awesome daddy. You are incredible!



will in in Shanghai on the morrow, but not in the fancy digs you share with Nicky et Carla.

As to the outer reaches of Colombia, they're sounding better and better these days. At least El Lider and his ruling clique would be as remote as the moon. Then again, I couldn't get my newly paid for subscription to my favorite newspaper in the world, The Enquirer.

Bill in AZ

MSM doing their best to suppress the shooting yesterday - wouldn't want to interfere with May Day marches with inconvenient truths about illegals shooting deputies that Americans won't shoot.

Stuff gleaned from here and there:

The Deputy was treated and released with a flesh wound to the side. He reported that maybe 30 rounds were fired at him. He returned fire with AR-15 and handgun. Thought he wounded one of the suspects.

He was tracking these guys in the desert after finding marijuana. It took the rescue team an hour to find him. Interesting tidbit - we now use cell phone pings to find folks when we can. You can get an accurate distance from a tower, and an approximate direction. Then it's a matter of searching or flying that distance until you find the person. I believe that is how they located the deputy. I heard some reference to that on the scanner.

I have read that possibly two helicopters took fire yesterday - but still no mention from the newsies that theirs was one of them. Inconvenient truths.

We used that cell phone technique on a search here a couple weeks ago. An elderly person with beginning alzheimers was scouting for hunting, and could not find his vehicle. It was dark, temps were heading to freezing, and rain/snow threatening. We had a massive search area since he couldn't tell us where he was, and we didn't have a vehicle to start from. Cell phone ping put him 4.43 miles from a specific tower, so we were able to narrow the search greatly. Found him before we found the vehicle.


Well I never been to Spain,
And I don't actually like the music all that much either (but they do make nice shotguns),
They say the tree huggers are insane there,
And they sure know how to indebt it,
They will regret it,
They're gonna lose it,
God I hope the IMF can refuse it.

If there was a meter maid around I'm sure I'd get a massive ticket.


""Terrorists are physically dangerous""

So whom do you believe has killed more Americans in the last 10 years? Muslim terrorists or illega aliens?

Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. That translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That's 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001.

Ummmm Coffee's hot though and the yard looks wonderful...................


Should Jennifer Ertman, 14, and Elizabeth Peña, 16 have to 'take their chances'? Really, is that the best we can do for our children? You have to take your chances?

The girls were raped and strangled with a belt and shoelace after they stumbled into a drunken Mexican gang initiation while cutting through the park to get home before their curfew.

Four days after the crime, a tip from a gang member's brother led authorities to the bodies, then to the suspects.

Within three hours of his arrest, Mr. Jose Ernesto Medellin admitted his role in the gruesome murders, appalling authorities with his boastful, callous description of the night's events.

At issue in Jose Ernesto Medellin's last-minute appeal was his assertion that authorities refused his right to contact the Mexican Consulate after his arrest.

Really girls, that's what we Americans can offer our off spring...take your chances because we just find it to hard to build a better, safer society. Sickening.


--Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. That translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That's 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001.--

Wow! I knew it was bad but I didn't know it was that bad.

Manuel Transmission


I hate it when I get to check on the action here a day behind the rest, but you should know that I have been pumped by some buds in Cowlumbus to go eat at this guy Bayless' places when I'm up there. They have no clue of the dirt you dished! This could be fun.

Also, I mentioned we'll be staying at the Palomar. I tried the one at Dupont Circle and it seemed 'gay', but very nicely done. (faux leopard covers, etc.)

Be sure to give us your fav clubs for blues, etc.

JM Hanes


".....the non-existant Osaka Dialect."

LOL! You've got a remarkable memory, among other things.

As for me, if I told you what I was doing in Jimma, I'd have to kill you, which, given my strategic global postitioning, I'm sure you can understand.

What I'd like to know, however, is where's Waldo?



Darn good question. I'll plug "Waldo" into the box next flight.

Rick B ---- As for Lodi, I think I know 5 facts about Lodi.

1) Home of Credence Clearwater.

2) Home of a guy I used to fly with who was a pig farmer in Lodi. Nicknamed the "Turk." Used to pass out on final to Anchorage from diabetes/sugar starvation. Hilarious! A great guy.

3) Home of another goof friend who had been boinking the hat check gal in Denver, who having rifled thru his stuff while sleeping, then called and left an X-rated message on his answering machine which his kids heard, upon which, arriving home at his house in Lodi the next night morning, discovered a note stabbed to the front door from his Catholic Italian wife explaining the situation and detailing how she was gonna' do a little surgery if he decided to enter. Classic, classic stuff, and a very fun-time bar story that even without embellishment you''ll find tough to top.

4) Lodi has">http://www.motel6.com/reservations/motel_detail.aspx?num=4562"> a motel 6.

5) I fergit. I'm drunk.


Another factoid about Lodi: it is located in prime Zinfandel country, produces a lot of grapes, and is home to quite a number of wineries.

nathan hale

Try NATH as a marker, daddy,



I must apologize for your geographical absence. I kept inputting variations of DRJ or DOCJ etc, and getting nothing, and then the Russian b#$@tards needed to talk to us so I moved on and forgot. As for the knife in the door Lodi guy, he had mediocre Reds planted in his vineyards, but for some reason shifted half his orchards into Walnuts. Don't know why.


No problem daddy! I figured that either you forgot, or there was nothing particularly interesting.

Coming to Oakland any time soon?


--1) Home of Credence Clearwater.--

IIRC, John Fogerty and co. were from the Bay Area which better explains CCR's snobbery toward innocent little Lodi.
It's about 1 hour away from our house. Know an engineering teacher at the Christian High School there who takes his class back to Atlanta for the robotic competition every year.
Never to my knowledge has he had a knife through his door, or his nether regions either, for that matter.

Manuel Transmission

I was trying to remember some of the intersections I have flown over when I found the LUN.

Some of the regulars in the mid-west:

NIKLS for Jack in Cowlumbus
GIPER for Ronnie near South Bend

discovered a note stabbed to the front door from his Catholic Italian wife explaining the situation and detailing how she was gonna' do a little surgery if he decided to enter.
Yeah, my parents explained early that we're Catholics, don't believe in divorce. Murder, yes, but not divorce.

My father, who is not Italian, refers to "Italian Alzheimers". This is where you forget everything but the grudge...


Mel and a few others suggest that the Arizona "papers please" law doesn't allow officers to demand papers without probable cause.
But it's right there in the second paragraph of the law:

Nothing there about probable cause for any crime whatsoever. It means that if a police officer has any reason to believe you're not a legal citizen, he MUST demand proof you're in the country legally.

What would constitute "probable cause" for being in the country illegally? You are look Mexican? You look poor? You look worried?
Arizona`s new immigration law is too costly, too ineffective, too unfair and will function as a stimulus package for the corruption of police departments -- which will have so much extra work because of the bill, but no extra pay. It will also be a big assist to the Mexican mafia, which benefits from any additional vulnerability for illegal immigrants.
  There is a silver lining, however: It is politically suicidal for Republicans at the national level. In addition to being a huge turn off for Latinos, the fastest-growing voter group in the country and the most essential demographic for the Sun Belt GOP, it is also a big setback for Tea Partiers who have picked the U.S. Constitution as their favorite campaign prop. Kind of hard to rail about threats to the Constitution when your closest political allies are busy passing laws that, at best, challenge the Constitution if not outright break it.
Then there's the oncoming disaster within law enforcement departments this bill is certain to bring. There were already ethnic cliques within Arizona's police force, but this bill will now turn those divisions into resolute factions increasingly at odds with each other -- a prescription for disaster.
The funny part is that, at the national level, Republicans have always been smart enough to avoid the immigration issue. That's because they know too many of their supporters benefit from cheap labor AND they know that many Catholic Latinos may lean Republican because of the abortion issue, and they don't want to turn them off by turning into Lou Dobbs.
I feel sorry for Arizona residents, who are going to see huge law enforcement problems, without much reduction in the illegal immigration problem. But I am also happy to see the Republicans shoot themselves right in the gut...


matt asks: "Why do I keep hearing jackboots and massed voices chanting in the background with this administration and Congress?"

It's gotta be the thorazine. Too much, or too little.


--Mel and a few others suggest that the Arizona "papers please" law doesn't allow officers to demand papers without probable cause.
But it's right there in the second paragraph of the law:

What we asked for was a citation for your claim. You did and credit to you for it and I will concede you are technically correct that "reasonable suspicion" is the standard not "probable cause". However I still find that standard perfectly reasonable and consistent with present law and law enforcement standards.
For a factual explanation of the difference see here.
The "reasoanble suspicion" standard is no lower than that for other laws and more importantly is at least as high as that for Federal Immigration law enforcement, so why the double standard?


Ig: If your claim is true, there's no need for the law.
Simple question Ig: What constitutes *reasonable suspicion* that someone's not a citizen? If you answer that honestly, you'll admit that the law is an invitation to racial profiling and ethnic war within law enforcement agencies.
If local law enforcement is required to check immigration status, it is a matter of performance. Given that, there is certain to be quotas -- either formal or informal -- for making immigration collars. It will be a matter of career survival for police to chase immigrant collars, and that will surely include many innocent Latinos and soon to be a generation of anti-Republican voters...


IMO the silver lining is that some of our side who claim that the illegal problems can be solved by enforcing the law finally see the way the US government interprets immigration law ... which at this time prevents enforcement.

Any suggestion from the right that new comprehensive law is needed was always met with "Just enforce the LAW Dammit!". So now that retort is proven FUBAR.

It is now more obvious that the choices have to be ... (1) radically change the interpretation or (2) rewrite the law.

Coming at the same time as the Tea Party movement and widespread dissatisfaction with dimorat failure means the issue modifications are going to be much more compatible with conservative policy and that is a good thing IMO. It also seems to me that Hispanic response has been unexpectedly subdued. Perhaps they see the writing on the wall and would rather keep some influence with an expected reasonable conservative solution rather than burn that bridge throwing tantrums at the urging of the sinking ship dimorats.


Did you read the link?
It is by Andrew McCarthy so you may dismiss him but it is almost wholly a discussion of the factual legal specifics and would help you out were you to absorb it.

--Simple question Ig: What constitutes *reasonable suspicion* that someone's not a citizen?--

Inability to produce a driver's license in a traffic stop? Producing a phony driver's license? Producing other ID upon request which is reasonably suspected as phony? Being found stuffed in the back of a van coming from the border with 15 other Mexicans? Offering yourself in employment in a known area where illegal immigrants are hired by the employers you correctly criticize for hiring illegals? Running like the dickens when a cop makes eye contact?
Being on a jobsite of a contractor or farmer previously cited for or known to hire illegals?
I could go on.

Captain Hate

Iggy, why are you wasting your time arguing with that illiterate POS and his May Day rally talking points?

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