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April 12, 2010


Jack is Back!

I await Sylvia's response and life experience revealed.


Why the shot at Palin?


Pelosi, I could understand. I think she's still hallucinating. LOL


Only the NYT could make a story of "Guy in Portland suburb takes mushrooms, feels better".

Rob Crawford

My guess - a couple more years of Obama and Palin and hallucinogenics will seem redundant.

Likely because all the ergot we'll be eating in the half-rotted grain we get under ObamaFood.

Captain Hate

My guess - a couple more years of Obama and Palin TypePad and hallucinogenics will seem redundant.

Captain Hate

Or italics

Captain Hate

Ok since I broke the page (caused by my aged computer not letting me do previews unless I change my browser frequently) I'll try to hasten the beginning of a new page by posting lots of LUNs; this one by Mary Anastasia O'Grady on the latest Marxist Latin American thug that Odummy has sent his State Dept toadies to suck up to.

narciso the harpoon

I think was a microcosm of the election myself, I think they call that stuff soma



Congress is poised to miss its April 15 deadline for finishing next year’s budget without even considering a draft in either chamber.

Unlike citizens’ tax-filing deadline, Congress’s mid-April benchmark is nonbinding. And members seem to be in no rush to get the process going.

Indeed, some Democratic insiders suspect that leaders will skip the budget process altogether this year — a way to avoid the political unpleasantness of voting on spending, deficits and taxes in an election year — or simply go through a few of the motions, without any real effort to complete the work.

Mushrooms you say ?

Captain Hate

Wow Neo, the gifts just keep on coming. I don't think even Michael Steele can squander those, although if anybody could...

Danube of Thought

PA poll:

Toomey 47%
Specter 40%


Boys will be boys. This is why I always stay away from high school kids on the subway. LUN

Clarice  Valkyrie

I almost tried peyote while in college but at the last minute my anthropology professor said the trip trip at a nearby Indian reservation was going to be confined to grad students.
Personally, I get a great effect from margaritas.

Captain Hate

Psychedelics had no appeal for me; too many stories of bad trips made me leery plus the heavy users seemed to be idiots. I was unfocused enough as an undergrad....

hit and run

I am retaining strategic ambiguity regarding the use of hallucinogenics during college.

Or since!

italics hater

Why is it that every time italics start there will always be, several posts down, a comment with just an "off" in it? I mean the off italics thing has not worked the last 300 times.

P.S. Off.

P.S.S. Didn't work, did it? Darn.

Danube of Thought

Minus 11 at Raz.

ib wright

What's wrong with taking some appropriate scriptures from the bible and meditating them over and over in your mind, and speaking them out loud once in a while.

It will work wonders.

Dave (in MA)

The "off" posts work with some browsers.
Chrome being one of them. Ignatz turned off my italics at 9:49.

Mushrooms? I'm more of a pepperoni guy.

Clarice  Valkyrie

By the 9:55 post the italics were off on my Apple.

Captain Hate

The italics are off on my ancient non-supported ATT/Yahoo browser.


A mind is a terrible thing


When I was in college psilocybin (I never knew it was spelled that way) grew in cow dung.

I assume that is still the case.

Rick Ballard


The New Gallup Low this morning is more fun to look at.

ION - Why is the NBER so hesitant to declare the recession over? They sure weren't shy about calling the start and there really are a number of factors which indicate that the bottom is at least within sight. Do they see something wicked slithering through the green shoots?

Bill in AZ

"What's wrong with taking some appropriate scriptures from the bible and meditating them over and over in your mind, and speaking them out loud once in a while."

I like this one...

Psalm 109:8
"Let his days be few; and let another take his office."

May he resign in disgrace after he gets his butt whipped in November.

Thomas Collins
"illuminating the nature of consciousness."

Amazing are the high-falutin terms used to justify helping people get a buzz.

If folks want to study this stuff to help people with serious illnesses, fine. If they want to study it to continue to facilitate humans dissipating themselves, not so fine, but at least be honest and admit it. But illuminating the nature of consciousness? Folks really think that getting high gives insights into the nature of consciousness that can't be gained from Plato and the Bible? Sad.


We used to call it "silly-cybin", you would laugh and laugh and laugh (along with a perma-smile). Kinda hard to be depressed after a session or 2 of that.


Well, with hallucinogens, you either laugh and laugh and laugh, or ....

...you see some really scary or depressing sh1t.

Bill in AZ

Twitter from IngrahamAngle:
Medvedev on Obama: "It's very interesting to be with him. The thing that distinguishes him from other people is that he's a thinker"

Not even off topic since this is the drug thread. Just another dupe fooled by Zero's thinker pose as his lone electron travels the vast wasteland of cocaine addled synapses hoping to bump into one that still works and can create a coherent thought.


OT--It appears that the visa switch re Dimona scientists was exaggerated by Maariv. They've had to follow a new, slower visa process since 200.
Still seems a silly policy to me.
http://pajamasmedia.com/rogerlsimon/2010/04/12/correction-visa-policy-for-israeli-nuclear-scientists-did-not-begin-with-obama-admin/>Charge not true


"But illuminating the nature of consciousness?"

You may be familiar with the term "biodiversity", let me suggest a similar concept called "psychodiversity". Essentially everybody occupies some position on a diverse spectrum of crazy and after spending all their time at that position it seems normal to them.

Some find it enlightening to experience a different position temporarily.

IMO if there is such a thing as psychodiversity it likely provides a similar benefit to culture that biodiversity provides to the ecosystem.

Captain Hate

Just another dupe fooled by Zero's thinker pose

I don't think it's that; it's more like "Feed the narcissist praise and he'll do whatever we want; we can save the pollonium for somebody with a working cortex and without daddy issues."

Bill in AZ

Cap'n you're prolly right. No sense wasting polonium on someone who wouldn't even notice it.

Captain Hate

Bill I wanted to applaud your ability to stay on topic with the second paragraph of your 12:01 comment.

Having said that: Am I the only person who's loving how the MSM is playing up the Phil family story after having the Eldrick redemption story in the can for three months only to have to abandon it and scramble for something else? This had to be a major failed weekend for Tiger; not only did he not win, he looked like an ungracious petulant brat doing it both during and after the tourney, not to mention coming off as a complete tool of Nike. I think it would've been better for him to completely blow up with a couple 85s, not make the cut and just say he has a lot of work to do and have gone away early.

Danube of Thought

Speaking of dope-addled slimeballs, excellent news on the "Kennedy cousin" front:

Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel lost his bid for a new trial in the 1975 slaying of his 15-year-old neighbor when the state Supreme Court on Monday rejected his appeal that cited a claim implicating two other men. The court ruled 4-1 against Skakel's request. Skakel _ a nephew of Robert Kennedy's widow, Ethel _ was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison in 2002 for fatally beating Martha Moxley with a golf club in 1975 in a wealthy Connecticut suburb. Monday's decision came after years of appeals and a campaign by Skakel's cousin, Robert Kennedy Jr.
Thomas Collins

Boris noted:

"IMO if there is such a thing as psychodiversity it likely provides a similar benefit to culture that biodiversity provides to the ecosystem."

I can see your point, boris. However, it seems to me today most folks occupy a plane of consciousness the center of gravity of which is a peculiar mixture of dependence on the nanny state and the delusion that we are somehow living in a post-modern era (when with respect to coming to terms with the Enlightenment, we are not even out of our diapers). It seems to me that texts introducing the concepts, for example, of moving (by tough work in math, poetry, astronomy and the gymnastic arts) from the shadows to the opinions to the proportions as a means of getting some small sense of the forms, and texts exploring how meekness in the face of God plays out on this level of creation, would bring welcome diversity to 21st century psyches.

Captain Hate

DoT, I'm glad that in my lifetime I saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Kennedy family. Victories like that enable me to endure the setbacks.


Just another dupe fooled by Zero's thinker pose

Probably not. Sarkozy acted all nice while he was here and got back home and said Obama was out of his mind. Russia will get there too (but only after we give up all our defenses).


There is a big healthcare decision coming this afternoon in MA. Patrick told the insurers they could not raise their prices a billion % due to how much we are getting screwed by Romneycare and the insurers told Patrick to pound sand.

I know nothing about the judge.


What are the choices, Jane? I know that the insurers have stopped writing new policies in MA, but presumably the old policies are still in effect. Is Patrick trying to force them completely out of business in MA? Or is there some other thing that the state has the power to do to punish the inscos? That's a pretty dangerous game to play -- there are 56 other states that the inscos can do business in.


...insights into the nature of consciousness that can't be gained from Plato and the Bible?

I found Plato's cave easier to picture with a little help.

Other parts of the Republic? Not so much.


"the delusion that we are somehow living in a post-modern era"

I think it possible that the current proliferation of post-modern (cargo cult) worldview in all the worst possible places is because it has found a way to exploit psychodiversity (or whatever you want to call it). The post-modern interpretation is all wrong but an accurate theory is not always necessary to use something to advantage. Not understanding fire didn't prevent using it for good and evil.

Danube of Thought

I'm with you, Captain. I think we can declare the influence of the Kennedy family as dead as Julius Caesar.

Frau Rote Sonia

The left is in uproar over the prayers being posted for Pres. Barry, such as Psalms 109:8. The quotations are "asking for the death of the President and that is offensive, big time." (We know they didn't sound one note over GWB)

Personally, when thinking of BHO, I like to remember: "Conan, what is best in life? - To crush your enemies, see them driven before you... and to hear the lamentation of their women!"

Ann, we need a picture of Clarice Valkyrie Victorious with braids, breastplate, and raised pike!

italiacs hater

Well, I apologize, it's my crappy browser that's causing the italics to still appear on my computer. How unfortunate for me. I guess there is only one fix for italics problem...wait for the government to hand out free computers! Maybe Sen. Gillibrand can build free computer stores after she gets finished spending billions in tax funds on building those government grocery stores in the hoods (LUN).


The "ongoing" influence of the Kennedy Klan may have died with Chappaquiddick Teddy, but unfortunately their negative consequences will remain with us for a long time.

Thomas Collins

Walter, use Bruichladdich Scotch for the divided line and Myth of Er. Far better than funny mushrooms.

Boris, perhaps post-modern theory has its uses, but when I am speaking to a post-modernist, the only biodiversity brought to mind is the diversity of weeds growing in my backyard (note that I wrote "weeds" with an s, not "weed"). :-))


Clarice Valkyrie

Like this?




The insurers are suggesting insolvency. I renewed my coverage April 1. Apparently I'm lucky.


Did you guys see where Kennedy's family is going to be allowed to review his FBI file before it is released?


By the way in the schadenfreude department, George Lopez who has been such a _________
to Sarah recently, has gotten bumped by Conan's new show, a touch of Karma


Herman is back. Maybe it was the mushrooms.

O had his private audience with the the King, like him; on his way to Indonesia(who's embassy I just passed with spies everywhere and everything).
He's finally taming care of the King and Queen, so Hillary is happy, but what did he do?

Plame is right there helping us understand nukes are bad with Hillary, so I guess it's all fined.


"unfortunately their negative consequences will remain with us for a long time."

"3000 pages of FBI Files to be released."

Captain Hate

George Lopez who has been such a _________ to Sarah recently

Was there ever a time when he was considered funny? There's no evidence of it from his syndicated show and, that he's appealing to the herd of independent thinkers with Sarah jokes strikes me as the last gasp before he gets got the hook.

The Furry Freak Brothers

hey man, we're reliving the 70's all over again....bitchin!


"perhaps post-modern theory has its uses"

The theory is vile. It isn’t just a new twist on discourse; it is a structured calculus to empower some dark and primitive human traits; the prosecution of Galileo, the library of Alexandria, the noble savage, and romantic jihad. It is the underground root connection between the radical left and extremist Islam.

All seriousness aside ...

Mr Pomo was flying coach to Dallas when he decided he’d rather sit in first class. He finds an empty seat and settles in. The flight attendant notices and tells him he’ll have to move back to coach.

So Mr Pomo tells her “The space time coordinates you refer to as coach are continuously overtaking the space time I occupy with a velocity approaching 600 mph. Therefore it is simply an artifact of your limited perception that prevents you from appreciating that here and there are actually the same place in a more universal frame of reference.”

The attendant mentions this to the steward who goes over and tells Mr Pomo that since he is not ticketed for first class he will have to leave. So Mr Pomo tells him “Arbitrary class distinctions are historically discredited social constructs used to oppress the less fortunate and as self respecting vanguards of modern enlightenment we are morally obliged to disregard such offensive, harmful conventions.”

The steward mentions this to the captain, who tells the copilot “take over for a minute; I know how to deal with this”. He makes his way over to Mr Pomo and politely whispers something in his ear. After that Mr Pomo meekly gets up and returns to coach. When the captain returns to the cockpit the copilot asks “What did you tell that guy?”

The captain replied “I just told him that first class wasn’t going to Dallas.”


"The Furry Freak Brothers"

Shrooms will get you through the era of Obama better than Obama will get you through the blossoming of mushroom clouds.

Bill in AZ

"The left is in uproar over the prayers being posted for Pres. Barry, such as Psalms 109:8. The quotations are "asking for the death of the President and that is offensive, big time."

Silly whiners - no one wants him dead. He isn't worth it. We just want him relegated to political analyst on the Dan Rather Network.


I don't want Obama to become a martyr.

I'd just like to see that video of him and Michelle to come out ... you know, the video of them at the S&M orgy with all those Arab midgets and donkeys, sacrificing Jewish children to Baal?



But seriously ... I wonder if even THAT would be enough for the Kool-Aid drinkers?


Unfortunately, when I was in college in the seventies, friends of mine had their lives ruined by drug use. How irresponsible of the Slimes to try to revive psychedelic drugs. And medicinal marijuana is largely built on lies. There are much better pain control medications than smoking a leaf that produces more tar than tobacco cigarettes, and can cause psychosis. Of course, the statists see it as a new tax revenue, and who cares if the sucker sheeple are too stoned to notice their loss of liberty.


Clarice Valkyrie dealing with trolls.


exactly,MikeS. It was a life cast.


Didn't the FAA just rule that Anti-Depressants were A-OK in the cockpit? Why yes they did. Feds">http://www.usatoday.com/travel/flights/2010-04-02-pilot-antidepressants_N.htm">Feds clear pilots to take antidepressants on the job. Plus Psilocybin Mushrooms are organic.

All these good ideas should first always be tested on the military guys driving around Nancy Pelosi and Air Force 1.


All these good ideas should first always be tested on the military guys driving around Nancy Pelosi and Air Force 1.

Makes "landing in a fog" take on a whole new meaning.

Dave (in MA)
By the way in the schadenfreude department, George Lopez who has been such a _________ to Sarah recently, has gotten bumped by Conan's new show, a touch of Karma
Variety is claiming that Lopez helped swing the deal by calling O'Brien.


That Valkyrie's got a nice Götterdämmering to it.

And my language book says:

"The Norwegian/Swedish/Danish drinking toast: Skal (pronounced "skoal") has a rather macabre background.; it originally meant "skull." The word has come down from a custom practiced by the warlike Vikings who used the dried-out skulls of their enemies as drinking mugs, with the evident advantage that the mug held a large quantity of mead and could be easily replaced."


If you like mugs with a couple of holes in them..


And speaking of long words like antidisestablishmentarianism,
my book sites this German word which today seems pertinent:


Income Tax Assessment Commission. Or if you'd prefer a longer one,


Danube Steamship Trip Company.


Okay, got to go do some ludes and uppers and hashish and Coke snorting and go to work in a minute, so will leave you with a Geman version of a tongue twister, ala She sells Sea Shells etc.

"A German tongue twister that offers a lot of practice in the pronunciation of 'sch' portrays a rather dangerous situation:

Zwei schwartze schleimige Schlangen sitzen zwischen zwei spitzigen Steinen und zischen. ("Two black slimy snakes sit between two pointed stones and hiss.") "

And if that doesn't leave you cursing Herrgottkreuzverdampterdonnerwetternochmal!, I don't know what will:)


That Valkyrie's got a nice Götterdämmering to it.

Yes indeed. She has the grace and poise of an athlete!

The practice of drinking from our enemy's skulls, is pretty much frowned on nowadays. I know in my family, we quit doing that decades ago. Except of course during the holidays.


I'll drink to that. "Skoal!"

The Furry Freak Brothers

daddy, you are an incredible font of knowledge....I look forward to it every day. The beauty of German is that one can make up words as they go along and the Germans just sort of nod and say "Ja,it is good the verrueckte Amerikaner is trying".

Of course, skaal means what it does. It is one reason the Irish and Scots so feared the Danes and Vikings."We will drink from the skulls of our enemies" (our corporate motto, mind you), wasn't just from Conan the Barbarian, you know.....


But the danger of German is that if the last word in a sentence is cut off - which is often the verb - you're geficht. LOL


Whoops ... gefickt. LOL

Old Lurker

"daddy, you are an incredible font of knowledge....I look forward to it every day."

I have thought that too (jealously sometimes), and have begun to worry he is reading when he is supposed to be driving the plane. Was he flying that plane that over-flew it's airport last year by an hour or so???


Hi y'all,

Sorry for the really really late update. PV3.0 finally has a name:

Robert Williamson Porchlight

Robert is the name of my husband's brother and great-grandfather, and also my dad, great uncle and cousin. Five generations of Roberts between the two families.

Williamson is my mother's maiden name - our daughters have my maiden name and my MIL's maiden name as middle names, so that's a tradition of sorts.

Rick, George was a very strong second place finish. Ultimately we wanted to go with a family name that made us both happy, which this one does. I love that I finally got to name a baby after my awesome dad.

Whew. finally! :)

Frau Zungenbrecher

Try repeating, "Blaukraut bleibt Blaukraut und Brautkleid bleibt Brautkleid." Even without beer or wine, it is difficult. (red cabbage remains red cabbage and wedding dress remains wedding dress.)

daddy, you forgot to add the *captain* for the Donaudampfschiff.

Frau Zungenbrecher

Here's to Robert Williamson Porchlight, brightest young light among us. RWP - even the initials look good!


Great name, Porchlight, and congratulations once again.

Jane says obamasucks

Robert Williamson Porchlight

Love love love it. Our newest JOMer!


Robert Williamson Porchlight

Welcome aboard Robert!

Rick Ballard


It's a little known fact that Georgie is the diminutive of Robert so everything is A-OK. The main thing is that he's sweet, healthy and happy.


Darn it, Frau, I was just going to mention that!

If you haven't read it recently, Twain's "The Awful German Language" really is wonderful.


Heh. Daddy said fahrts.


Rob w is a doll--a cherubic elfin dear posing as a baby.


Congratulations Porchlight

hit and run

Love it: Robert Williamson Porchlight

Befitting a little man of his great stature.

How are his sisters handling the arrival of their new brother?

And how are you doing on rest?

Kiss him on the forehead for me.

And let him slobber on your shoulder for me too.


Someone is drinking from an enemies skull? It's a robot, really.


Awww Porchlight! I've been starved lately for things that are good, nice, kind, lovely...all of life's underrated qualities.
Robert Williamson Porchlight fits the bill!
God bless your wonderful little family.

Captain Hate

Congrats again to the entire Porchlight family with the addition of young Robert.


Microsoft unveils KIN


I don't think Clarice is the reason for all the articles about anonymity cause she has lunch with the director or deputy director or whatever.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Robert Williamson (Bobby) is the eldest brother of one of my best childhood friends. He plays the cello, was a track star in highschool graduated from MIT, and is still a great guy, Porch.

I'm now blogging from the women's center at Northside Hospital Forsyth, where we expect granddaughter number 2, Harper Grace will be born any moment now. Mom is now "pushing" with the assistance of her four sisters. The doc is "on his way". Daughter number one has just come out of the birthing room and reported the prediction is it will be thirty minutes or so give or take.


Yea, Porchlight.

Just saw the photo of the little darling that Hit forewarded. Wonderful.

Besides having my name (yippee), he's also got my haircut!!!

If anybody knows how to post his Pic, please do.


What great news, Jim...we're o pins and needles.


Moral or ethical dilemma when you affect things like that; It's okay if you guys were lying about the kid or whatever. It's not like our pride is worth getting rid of you. Stay, besides the information isn't torturous.


Tiny tiny tiny. Oh, how I love the tiny babies. xoxo, Porch

Old Lurker

We just toasted RWP. Great news at cocktail hour!

Good job, Porch!

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