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April 16, 2010



Perhaps that recent New York Times article about hallucinogens can help answer that question.


Plame was a real good spy and important too.


I believe Obama has an historical narrative that he must feed, irrespective of results, meaning or even continued political success. This fits nicely in that narrative, as did being the first to pass health care whether flawed, understood or even sustainable. To him, the details don't matter, only the narrative. First at this, first at that, largest gathering here, there and everywhere. His distain for almost everyone else, including the press, is remarkable for its open expression. Who else in polite, public society in these times smokes?

He will preside over the proliferation of nuclear weapons because he is the first to recognize the right of all people to nuclear power. He is the first to scale back the unnecessary exploration of space and the very first to improve American democracy though real freedom of speech (that which advances society while avoiding hurtful words) and through the equalization of opportunity (read wealth).

He may be the first to authorize the murder of Americans abroad. Maybe coming soon to a theatre near you.

He will be the first to do many things, unless the Republicans can learn to say, no and mean it.

I doubt they can.

Ann says Obama Sucks!

Press Sec Gibbs just sent out this tweet:

POTUS just finished 90 minutes in the Sit Room for monthly meeting on Afghanistan and Pakistan...

Like Whoa, a whole hour and a half this month.
Man he works hard. :)


we know who the offenders are. We know the sources for materials. We know China and Russia have stood in our way for the past 25 years. Nothing changed. The meeting was pointless.

Canada, Mexico, and Ukraine giving up their weapons grade uranium is like Mahatma Gandhi giving up meat for Lent.


I believe Obama has an historical narrative that he must feed, irrespective of results, meaning or even continued political success.

Obama is a Legend in his own mind.


Good comment, MarkO. Nice to see people getting it on the deeper levels. The elites aren't. The GOP for the most part isn't. But more and more people are. It is my one source of encouragement these days. So ironic that Obama of the Left, which sees itself as the sole, all-time champion of the "people," is inspiring the most authentic and powerful (and threatening!) people-driven movement in modern times.

Captain Hate

It's infuriating to me that people like Medved aren't getting it. When he says "Obama's just another big government type" I want to scream at him "No he's not". It's pretty damn bad that we have people like that trying to shape opinions when they can't even accurately evaluate date that's right in front of them.

Captain Hate

date == data


For the biggest confab of nations since the formation of the UN, this generated very little press that will translate into "legacy building."

So 'splain a me the difference between Saddam and Obama.

Heh, at least partly because the press was excluded. And upset about it, too.

Ann says Obama Sucks!

Petty but Funny


Fashion Icon



Rob Crawford

So ironic that Obama of the Left, which sees itself as the sole, all-time champion of the "people," is inspiring the most authentic and powerful (and threatening!) people-driven movement in modern times.


Oh, got hit with another one of those "Republican Sucker Punches" lefties like to toss out. I've been listening to a podcast on the history of Rome, and for his 100th episode, the guy did a Q&A show. Someone asked him the inevitable "compare and contrast the USA and Rome" question, and he tossed in the comparison of the Tea Parties to the Gracchi brothers.

Except that what the Gracchi did is what the Tea Parties are against. Tiberius Gracchus "redistributed" land through a board that consisted of himself, his father-in-law, and his brother. When the other tribunes (there were nine others) tried to block him, he "appealed to the people". After attempting to run for an illegal second term, he and 300 of his supporters were clubbed to death by Senate supporters.

Gaius Gracchus attempted to establish a nomenklatura out of mid-level politicians, fixed the price of grain, and attempted to ram through the Roman equivalent of immigration reform/amnesty. He DID serve a second, illegal, term as tribune, but was eventually run out of town and killed, along with 3000 of his supporters.

Now, let's see: price fixing, nomenklatura, "amnesty" for illegals, redistribution of wealth, overreach of power... that's NOT the Tea Parties! That's their OPPOSITE!


Ann says Obama Sucks!

I get it. Obama wears Mom Jeans.


Michelle has Dad Genes


which one is the fashion icon? I would have to say the one on the right. Nice print pattern.

Rob Crawford

I would have to say the one on the right. Nice print pattern.

He's certainly more feminine.


It just takes a certain....self-confidence to put yourself out there as an expert on weight loss and healthy eating.


btw- 3(!) of the people who farm at the plots were allowed into Michelle's event there yesterday. The rest stood across the street and had their view partially blocked by security vehicles.

This on the same day that her husband flew to KSC to speak to 200 at NASA, but workers were not actually invited into the speech.

nathan hale

That's a peculiar spin on it, Rob, the earliest JFK conspiracists made the comparison with those self same brothers,
Steven Saylor, paints the latter very much
in that light. I recall Parenti had a similar take, derangement is taking these people down some odd angles

JM Hanes

It's not hard to figure out what Obama hoped to get by calling his great nuclear confab together. The more interesting angle is what the folks who accepted the invitation hoped to get from him.


Hey nathan, did you know about this (from the Corner):

Rubio endorsed Huckabee in 2008

So Mr Tea Party went with the big-government theocrat charlatan. Depressing.

Cecil Turner

Love Krauthammer. Anyone who would prioritize controlling nuclear material over ensuring the number one state sponsor of terror doesn't achieve a nuclear weapon hasn't seen the ball since the kickoff. Oh yeah, and whoever took over from AQ Khan. (And leaning on the DPRK, while we're at it.) Is this really complicated? Because it doesn't look that way from here.


I love him, too, Cecil.

Here are some great pics of the DC rally yesterday.


nathan hale

Pickings were slim on the ground, that year,
bgates, I was for Guiliani. Speaking of sucker punches, TV Guide is going with the
mobs and the hatey, they do mention Olbermann
in passing, but Phil Griffin assures us that problem, has been resolved, exhibit A & B, are
Glenn, and Sarah at Searchlight, with her cheerful visage,they messed up they also had
footage of the angry antiwar folk, from Zombie's PJM piece

Tom Bowler

Nice pictures, Clarice!

Veri Htc

An Xperia getting deleted. It's like an Incredible Droid or something.

So, like some props are good, others aren't and who decides?

Frau Freude am Freitag

Thanks for the great photos of D.C. rally, Clarice. You all deserved the good weather. Our Angry Mob never looked so good!

For contrast and compare, I then looked at the blog entry about the La Rouche bunch who put Hitler mustaches on our Pres.Ray D. Tutto. Does Bill Clinton think those nutcases need to be inspired by the Tea Party? Of course, not. BTW, he sounded physically weak in his talk. I hope someone is looking after his health.

Did daddy make it out of Paris?

Jane says obamasucks

Frau - we missed you this time.


Very much Frau...I would have loved for you to come. Next time.
How's your back Jane?

Jane says obamasucks

My back was amazingly horrible all day. I got home and took a vicoden and it is considerably better. Thanks for asking.

Caro and I were just talking about how incredibly fabulous all our JOM friends are. Absolutely the best of the best. What a great 3 days!


Bill Clinton is deeply disturbed by the deeply disturbed tea partiers...perhaps Bill is just disturbed.

nathan hale

Agreed Matt, he only looks marginally better in compared to Obama, but this statement to
the Sorosian CAP, just like when he recalled
the Crusades right after 9/11, blurs the distinction, cynicism doesn't cover it

Charlie (Colorado)

My back was amazingly horrible all day. I got home and took a vicoden and it is considerably better. Thanks for asking.

Vicodan makes everything better.

Except your liver, but you can't have everything.

Jane says obamasucks

My liver feels great.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Mine too, Jane and I just had a dry Manhattan up. Time for the Chinese.

On the topic, I think the nuclear nonproliferation BS is just like the big show on HCR. It is to misdirect attention away from the stinkiest employment picture the US has seen if not since the great depression, at least since Jimmy Carter. Is anyone going to be the Woodward and Bernstein of the Obama Administration? Is ther another Drew Pearson or Jack Anderson in the wings? Westbook Pegler? Whitaker Chambers? Doesn't every generation have someone like that? What an opportunity. If I were 40 years younger, I would really be excited to at least make the effort.


Jim, Don't forget woodward and Bernstein really didn't do a lot of original investigation. They had the number 2 guy in the FBI feeding them everything. It was like reading a novel beginning with the ending.

nathan hale

That is the ironic thing, isn't it Clarice, and since we know that Bradlee certainly knew
that Felt was the source, didn't the fact that
he was from Hoover's shop raise a red flag. In retrospect, watching ATPM now, Woodward and Bernstein, really do seem even stupider
then we ever thought they were. Felt, however,
as we remarked re the PJM piece, was ultimately more clueless, as he nearly went
to jail for his betrayals


What's amazing is that like the meme that Libby outed Plame the misapprehension about Woodward and Bernstein lingers on.

Jim Ryan

Ha. Clarice's link had a guy with a sign:

They're Killing Independent George


Ann says Obama Sucks!

OT, but I think this deserves more attention than it got this week:

Supreme Court calls for more security money, citing increased threats

The Supreme Court is asking for more federal security funds, citing as one reason the “volume” of threats it receives.

Justice Clarence Thomas told a House Appropriations subcommittee on Thursday that the court wants money for 12 additional police officers, although security personnel want 24 ideally. Thomas said the court was considering the nation’s broader fiscal difficulties in asking for only 12.

I doubt the threats are coming from the Tea Party Patriots that believe in the Constituion and our Founding Fathers.

Anyways, the rest of the article is a hoot. There is a tense exchange with Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), who pressed Justice Thomas on the lack of diversity among the Supreme Court’s prestigious clerkships and a prediction from Justice Breyer that the healthcare bill will increase the number of cases heard in the Supreme Court.

Read the whole thing!


Gateway Pundit brings good tidings:Republic congressional candidate Djou is 15 pts ahead of his opponent in Hawaii!!!!!!

Jim Ryan

Holy cow, Michelle Bachmann is 54? She looks like 40.


She is good looking , isn't she?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Don't forget woodward and Bernstein really didn't do a lot of original investigation. They had the number 2 guy in the FBI feeding them everything. It was like reading a novel beginning with the ending.

True. And wouldn't it be wonderful if there were someone like Held feeding information about teh Once administration to someone who would bring it to the country's attention?

She is good looking , isn't she?

Yep, and wouldn't she make a great Speaker of the House?


Yes she would, Jim.

Niters all.

Strawman Cometh

They're Killing Independent George
That was a good one, I also liked the one with a picture of the Tail Gunner and the Zer0 captioned:
"Joe McCarthy- Vindicated"

Paul Ryan

Yep, and wouldn't she make a great Speaker of the House?

Um, excuse me?

nathan hale

If those results hold, as Cpl Hudson would say
'game over, man". She was at the CPAC conference last year, and she does have an ability to turn a phrase, Her very apt 'gangster government' almost caused a conniption of Chris Matthews tonight

Strawman Cometh

Is Clarice safely off to dreamland?
Djou has picked up 15 pts since the previous poll, in the latest he leads the split field by 3 pts:

Charles Djou (R) 32
Ed Case (D) 29
Colleen Hanabusa (D) 28

Master sabotage

Supremes mad about the O CIA informant dad Harvard money jobs presidencies, etc. What do the Supremes, Plames, O's, and royalty etc have in common?

Supreme protection.

Ann says Obama Sucks!

Oh lordy me, nathan:

I quit watching MSNBC but after your comment I went to look for the video. You didn't tell us that Ronnie Reagan Jr. was on it. According to him the participants at tea parties are fools, delusional, and bring loaded AK47s to rallies. Who knew?

Video at 1:40 mark
What a bunch of pussy cats. They really are more afraid of people that disagree with their ideology than real terrorists. Good Grief!

nathan hale

Sorry about that, Ann,should have put a disclaimer like the skull symbol on poison,
Michael Reagan is much more his father's son
than the Dauphin ballerina

Ann says Obama Sucks!


Everyone should watch that tape. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

It is very hard to watch but so illustrative of what we are fighting.

But then again, I would like to remind everyone of how weak the opposition looks:

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton (R) attends a Democratic Leadership Council symposium to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing at a Center for American Progress in Washington April 16, 2010
Just a foolish, delusional, god loving, gun toting American observation.. niters!

P.S. I have no idea why they reported Clinton as an (R)?


I have had too much wine, because I am beginning to believe Obama's dad was a CIA informant. How could anyone so persistent be wrong?

So who killed Foley and why?

c has persistently reminded us of the murder of Foley, the African USAID guy, who may well have had superior knowledge of Yellowcake.

There are at least three possibilities. 1. Real knowledge and real madness. 2. Real knowledge and assumed madness. 3. No real knowledge and real madness.


From a Toranto article via Instapundit - LUN

Levin's claim is self-refuting. If "most of them" were "homophobes, racists or morons," there would be no need for exaggeration. Levin is engaged in wishful thinking--and what a creepy thing he wishes for.


They're Killing Independent George

I don't get it - and I actually saw it in person and didn't get it then either.

I'm off to the republican convention and my second meeting with my BFF Scott Brown in 3 days. Caro is coming as "press". (Every radio station needs a photographer) and my live blog a bit from the press booth.

What a fun week I'm having.


MAY not "my"


I don't get it - and I actually saw it in person and didn't get it then either.

I think it's a line from a Seinfeld episode.


No need to put "press" in quotes for Caro! From what I saw she had more of a desire for reporting than what I've seen from the MSM in a long time. She noticed the beautiful moments, she was skeptical of some people, she listened, and she watched both the official press and the Tea Partiers.

LUN is a video from Newsbusters. Around the 8 minute mark some reporter leans in and tells the counter protesters she saw a sign that said "Save the seals, club a liberal".....someone in the crowd (maybe the filmer)asks where that sign was. Anyway, she sure seems to be on the "side" of the counter protesters.


Oh yeah, thanks JimmyK. I didn't get it either but now I do. I sometimes don't get the TV references. I've seen some "lizard signs" that I had to ask about...it is a reference to the show V.

nathan hale

Byron York, was pointing out on Greta, the difference between now and then, is that there
had been at least two provocations, in Ruby
Ridge and Waco, that really helped shape the
militia backlash

THey believe that we forget what happened the day, the week before, some people do have the
'attention span of a ferrit on double expresso' but most do not

nathan hale

I watched the original V and I don't really get this one, it's even less focused than Lost, they really need to show some originality in Hollywood, right like that's going to happem

In the LUN, some footage from the "Women of Joy" conference, that Sarah keynoted last night


Good morning from the Mass. GOP convention. I am sadly behind in JOM comment reading, but will try to hit the highlights of our day here. Jane had us on the road at 7am. I have radio press credentials and no mic in front of me like the big boys.

I am off to try to find some breakfast.


I need my toolbar!
Just testing my photo posting skills here.

The sun going down on the DC Tea Party.



Reading comments at Newsbird's place, someone mentioned that HuffPo is going after Laura Bush - calling the cover photo of new book "scary."

I so hate liberal loons. Busy Mom and Fashion Icon Michelle Obama can really, really look crazy scary in so many of her photos. Actually, I have noticed how many really bad pictures or her are being published and wondered if there isn't something subliminal going on, both with the picture takers and the picture publishers. It is like they give us images of her at her worst, and then dare us to comment negatively about them (on their behalf so they don't have to?).

I think the photo of MO in the spandex dress taken from behind as she bent over to greet someone is a clear example of what I mean. Who could not look at that photo and not gasp? I think it was intentional.

Sue and others have said her advisors must secretly hate her. No kidding. But I am starting to believe that some of the photographers secretly do too.

nathan hale

I think I've made that point, too, on occasion,they aren't looking out for her best interest.the Huff Po, cuthulhu's black board,
I don't go there without properdecontami-nation gear, I mean what can they really say about Laura Bush, she was never reproachful in any way, there's the rub isn't it


Caro - LUN is the toolbar site


The works on Firefox 3.6


and Caro, LUN is the blog "This ain't Hell". Jonn Lilyea is the writer. He has helped with investigating for Operation Stolen Valor.

Just FYI for the medal wearing guy at the Tea Party.


WiFi is very iffy!
I met TC in the lobby on my way to Dunkin Donuts. What a sweetheart he is!

Back for the preliminaries. Of note, the clergyman who did the prayer was way too long and he used the phrase "life, liberty and the pursuit of justice" as if it was straight from the Declaration.

Scott Brown of course got the rock star welcome. Did I mention that he is even more handsome in person?

He still drives a truck. Actually Jane and I walked the parking lots last Wednesday trying to find the truck to no avail.

Opening joke..."in the airport I was approached by a woman who said, you're that handsome man from Massachusetts! I said why, yes, nice to meet you. She left me saying...nice to meet you, Mr. Romney."


The reporter that had the computer and was recording stuff was AP Jerry Bodlander. LUN is a video with him reporting. It seems pretty fair. We were sitting on the ledge, and he was right behind us....we were stealth listeners!

Cecil Turner

Hey, something useful came out of all this nonsense. It caused a leak of a memo stating the obvious. Gates Says U.S. Lacks Policy to Curb Iran’s Nuclear Drive:

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has warned in a secret three-page memorandum to top White House officials that the United States does not have an effective long-range policy for dealing with Iran’s steady progress toward nuclear capability, according to government officials familiar with the document.
Maybe now we can stop pretending there's nothing to see here.


"There was something oddly disproportionate about the just-concluded nuclear summit to which President Obama summoned 46 world leaders, the largest such gathering on American soil since 1945."

If Dr. Highly Educated White took a look at what is taught at all major Ivy-Inbred Academic Institutions then the Dr would not find Obama's actions all that oddly disproportionate.

Highly Educated Whites=Liberal's Useful Idiots

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