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April 13, 2010



What is the link thing. How do I get one?


It's not a high crime area and I commented there on that.

And I agree, official soccer games aren't the only ones.

This site is convenient--and there are not that many convenient soccer sites which not on private school grounds--and it is only about a mile from Sidwell where the Obama girls go to school.

Tom Maguire

I took out some of the links and dropped some of the names, so people who are in a "Trust but Verify" mode will have to figure out Malia's spring soccer schedule for themselves.

I don't want to go anywhere near the fine line between breaking news and enabling stalkers and terrorists, but I am worried that I have already crossed it.


I am still waiting for the explanation for the Air Force ONe flyover


Well, there is that.
I still think it was for the film on the Tuskegee pilots.

Comanche Voter

Soccer game my foot. I think he was out messin' around with a tranny hooker. That Hugh Grant cat is cool, so why shouldn't Obama follow him.

Tom Maguire

Clarice - I can't find Cat Corben's email at the American Thinker. If there is some secret fraternal code, maybe you could let me in so I could pass some of this material along.


I think I know what happened. During the Health Care Summit, President Obama told us...

"I can certainly remember Malia coming into the kitchen one day and saying, "I can’t breathe, Daddy," and us having to rush her to the emergency room because she had asthma."

And if common sense doesn't tell us second hand smoke is harmful for people with asthma, WebMD does!

Second-hand smoke is especially harmful to people who already have asthma. When a person with asthma is exposed to second-hand smoke, he or she is more likely to experience the wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath associated with asthma.

When the president arrived at Fort Reno Park, he lit up a cigarette which triggered his daughters asthma causing the game to be canceled?


No real mystery,

He was going to meet a guy who could tell him what Chicago baseball players he had rooted for when he grew up in Chi-town as a south-side kid.


TM--send it to editor at americanthinker dot com with a note asking him to pass it on to Corben. I did send the editor alink to this column.


I can only imagine Obama either doing the first sideline throw-in or first corner kick. The result would always be the same: Scoring in our goal for the other team.


daddy, nothing like a little tavern time in New Jersey, huh? What a glamorous, fun filled life!


Nice shout out to Clarice from reader Ms Trish on the previous thread:

"I'm a long time reader here and have commented only a couple of times. But this needs sharing. I just got back from the Dayton Tea Party Freedom Rally held at the Nutter Center at Wright State University. I would guess the crowd to be at least a couple of thousand.

Anyway, one of the speakers was a radio host for WHIO Radio and he mentioned Clarice Feldman who had pointed out that Congress may have legislated themselves out of their federal insurance coverage.

So, Clarice, you got a big shout-out tonight at the Dayton Tea Party!

Posted by: Ms. Trish |


Just saw that. and here I was thinking instead of reading and writing all this stuff, I should be with daddy at the Irish wake.


daddy, nothing like a little tavern time in New Jersey, huh?

Well somebody's got to do that heavy lifting Clarice, and thankfully i'm up for the challenge:)

BB Key

Do not forget thst Sasha's real name is Natasha.....


daddy, I'm not suggesting anything immoral or illegal but the truth is I'm positive we'd make great travel companions.


Jerry Brown has truly jumped the shark, in the LUN


Obama was dumping Vince Foster's dug up body at Ft. Reno Park. But you didn't hear it from me...


It's one of the most heavily traveled patches in Washington so he'd have to work very fast. The best (and biggest) public high school is right alongside it along with a huge public natatorium open from early in the a.m. to late at night. There's a Whole Foods and private gym almost next door which draw crowds all day and Fox studios is also nearby.

Public services maintains a shop there with trucks and maintenance folks there round the clock and it's situated in between a couple of major thoroughfares.











Is that west of where I was staying last year, Clarice

Captain Hate

Jerry Brown has truly jumped the shark

The Sarahcuda frightened the shark sending Jerry higher than ever.


HI guys! We have arrived after happy hour at the Thunder Grille.


North of where you stayed, narciso..Not far from Friendship Heights Md.
reliapundit--he may not have--sometimes busy parents cannot sit and watch the whole thing and show up just to show the kid they care.

It's one thing to say he didn't have time to see a whole game--and quite another to engage in dark speculation about what might have transpired in some minutes.
Makes us seem kinda batso to do that under these circumstances and with such little evidence for that kind of speculation.


Hi, Jane! check your email. I need some more info to proceed on your request.


Obama is jettisoning the press. He used them and now he needs them no longer. This is his way of signaling that they are allowed to accompany him at his pleasure.


Well Observation that may be the best explanation yet.


Btw, Clarice here are the results from FL 19th


Well I know Sinatra sang

...Lets Fly, Let's fly away,
if you can use some exotic booze there's a bar in old Bombay...

But I'll be stuck in Delhi instead. You don't have a couple days to kill in India do you, say Friday-Saturday?

As for the Press, seems like its time to get the real gumshoes on the job. Calling the National Enquirer.


Dope. This has to be about dope.

No,no, no...he wasn't scoring dope. He is a dope.

Dave (in MA)
He was going to meet a guy who could tell him what Chicago baseball players he had rooted for when he grew up in Chi-town as a south-side kid.
thread win


I filled it out, but in the dark so I hope it works.



I'm less concerned about what he does when he disappears from the White House than what he does when he's in it. I think he should vanish more often, and for longer.

Danube of Thought

there's a bar in old Bombay...

In far Bombay. Yeesh.


speaking of press and the arts and all, I kiped the idiotic Cameron photo from the NY Times and blogged it as a critique of him, Sting, Oprah and the rest of the mindless media.

Ms. Trish

daddy, thanks for re-posting to this thread my comment on the mention of Clarice at the Dayton Tea Party tonight in your 9:58.

Update: a local news source is saying that the 11,000 seat venue held a crowd of close to 5,000. I'll add that security was unusually tight--everyone was wanded and all bags and purses were searched...making lines to get in long and slow-moving.

Okay, it's back to obscurity for me.


In most of the country, soccer is a fall sport and Sidwell is no exception. Go to the school's site and click on Athletics, then look at the pull down menu under "Team Select" in the upper right hand corner of the page. The soccer team links are there under the heading "Fall".

If his kids were playing soccer, they were likely playing either rec or club soccer, not school soccer.


can web just shut to double secret entrance to the WH so he can't get back in?

maybe we could program Robama who could spout all the leftist BS but act like Bush deep down. Sort of like that movie "Dave", but, you know, serious.


Just couldn't believe this headline on MSNBC.

Federal deficit slashed by 8 percent, say official

Who-hooo, Federal Deficit SLASHED. Happy days!

If the trend continues for the rest of the year, it would mean the annual deficit would be $1.3 trillion -- about $300 billion less than the administration's projection two months ago for 2010.



Fred C Dobbs

Apparently, the maneuver had the effect of getting the press our of the WH for a while. What happened in the interim?

Rick Ballard

How would the press go about announcing "We ain't coverin' for BOzo no mo'?"

I'm as sure there was a soccer game as I am that his "golf outings" are cover for somewhat less innocuous frivolity. He's as classless as Clinton and not nearly as smart.


I have an idea. Why doesn't Breitbart offer an award to anyone that attended the soccer game and has pictures of the game with Obama there?

Fat Man

Here are two things I care very little about. The Washington Press corps -- worthless bunch of fluffers, What BO is up to. When I see the White House doors close on him it will be a great day. But, until then I hope he spends his time at soccer games and playing golf.


Okay, it's back to obscurity for me.

Posted by: Ms. Trish.

Not allowed Ms Trish.
JOM needs you, and I need somebody to help take the heat off me for me screwing up Sinatra lyrics, so please keep posting.

Brian G.

I don't care for the guy as President but I gotta say if he wanted to be alone for a while, I could hardly blame him.


All this to have a smoke ?

Stephanie says Obama sux

If he wanted to be alone for a while, all he had to do was go to his throne room.



Part of a pattern ?

In the middle of it all was Obama -- occupant of an office once informally known as "leader of the free world" -- putting on a clinic for some of the world's greatest dictators in how to circumvent a free press.

The only part of the summit, other than a post-meeting news conference, that was visible to the public was Obama's eight-minute opening statement, which ended with the words: "I'm going to ask that we take a few moments to allow the press to exit before our first session."

Reporters for foreign outlets, admitted for the first time to the White House press pool, got the impression that the vaunted American freedoms are not all they're cracked up to be.

Did Dana Milbank forget how to "teabag" ?


Neil Armstrong, ">http://www.politico.com/click/stories/1004/armstong_obama_hurting_space.html"> Racist.

Sydney Brillo Duodenum

Sydney Brillo Duodenum will confirm Mr. Mcquire's deep skepticism regarding the American Thinker post, which is frankly a poorly researched, absolute embarrassment. And SBD says this while maintaining membership in the elite club of angry, conservative Tea Partying white males stranded in the deepest wilds of uber-Progressive DC suburb of Bethesda, MD. No fan, in other words.

SBD will respect Mr. Mcquire's wishes to not reveal any details regarding Mr. Obama's children's current soccer league or schedule. SBD, however, can confirm that it is a private city league, of which one of the teams is comprised mainly of Sidwell students, but it is not a Sidwell organized team.

SBD is very familiar with the league as Sydney Brillo Daughter plays on one of their teams and in fact had the pleasure of stealing a dribble from Sasha on a field located in Georgetown last year, a field that that afforded the Secret Service a more controlled environment than the Fort Reno field seems to. In any event, and again without revealing any intimate details of Sasha's team, the league teams are assigned to different fields depending on availability and the coachs' pull in scoring a nice field for their kids to play on. As others have noted, Fort Reno is not a high crime area, has been rennovated, and suffers on ocassion the presence of highly disrespectful teenagers and urban art scrawl. Last year, SBD's experience was that often Michelle was in attendance with Malia and Bo and a dozen or so hangers on and a full complement of Secret Service with their shiny black suburbans and neverpopout ear pieces. Last year, the President attended one of Sasha's games, but given the logistics of arriving with full security, he only saw a portion of the hour long game.

Last year these games always started on the hour and lasted one hour. Generally, each team plays at different times each weekend. At the most recent game, given the president's arrival after 9 am and departure around 10 am, it would be safe to surmise that the game began at 9 am. And that is the game to attend as it is early in the day, with only parents of the girls playing in attendance, as opposed to later games which involve arriving and departing families and teams and the bemused, childless couples of upper northwest DC attempting to get in a decent plyometrics routine before heading to Whole Foods for a tofu salad and a discount bottle of wine.

As for the conspiracy theorists' claims that the President was not in attendance because there are no pictures, such theorists ignore who is in attendance at these games. We are talking about the most liberal, elite parents in the city and when the Obama's are in attendance, a high degree of obsequiousness, quiet fawning, and near rapture reigns. Pictures and video are taken by the gigbyte full but they disappear into personal albums to be treasured and slavered over during the next dark reign of Republicans.

At the end of the day, we must remember that communist or not communist, Manchurian candidate or not Manchurian candidate, Zero or not Zero, destroyer of American Exceptionalism or not destroyer of American Exceptionalism, President Obama is the father to two young girls, and, vegetable gardens, body fat calipers, and BMI charts in the First Lady's handbag aside, he wants to watch his kid run around a field for half an hour without a gaggle of insufferable journotwits waxing poetic over his paternal fun. There's plenty of other opportunity for that.

The folks at American Thinker need to remind themselves that the conspiracy isn't hidden in secret meetings and shell games involving youth soccer leagues. It's on full display each and every day. Focus, people, focus!


Interesting. One block away from Fort Reno Park is....the studios of WUSA-TV, the CBS affiliate in Washington, located at the corner of 40th and Brandywine streets. So, no one could walk a block, or even lean out a window? (Yes, the WUSA studios are that close).


I dunno Sydney,

This is a guy who spends every waking moment looking for his next photo op. He is always looking for an opportunity to stick his chin in the air, or bow down or just tell us how cool he is. He;s not a guy looking for his space.


Dr.Know | April 13, 2010 at 09:09 PM

Interesting link you have there on Plame working for Global Zero. Thanks.

Has any other country besides the US offered to do any nuclear disarming? Russia? China? India? Pakistan? Etc.


The left should prove they are not racist.
Impeach Obama.


From Dr. Know's link...what Valerie has to say - "I am working on this issue now as part of the international Global Zero movement, in which political, military and faith leaders, experts and activists strive for the worldwide elimination of all nuclear weapons."

Sandy Berger is a signatory too. The "faith leaders" participation is scary to me.


Yeah, Janet, did you follow the links to Global Zero's site and see the rogues' gallery? Carter, etc.


Yeah...I browsed it for which "faith leaders" were involved but no names stood out to me. I am especially leery of leftist politics that wraps itself in religion. Wright, Pfleger, McLaren, Compolo, Cizik, Wallis, Vitek,....
These men are leftist politicians/organizers.

We thank you SBD.  Stick around, you're funny.

So scrubbing the gut turns down the volume?


"Federal deficit slashed by 8 percent, say official"

Pofarmer, This adds to the Story.

"On a cumulative basis 2010 compared to 2009 has seen a net $26.5 billion less withheld by the Treasury. We fail to see how this number is in any way an indication of efficient money management. Coupled with record unemployment benefit outlays, surging discretionary spending, and record net bond issuance, and the US Treasury is rapidly realizing that should it be unable to fund itself using its Bernanke-Jiabao Tungsten credit card, it is all over. "

There are graphs with the article to show that the US Treasury (and the US nation) sits at the bottom of a mountain of debt and the avalanche of debt will bury it, IMO.


Cizik is in there, Janet, along with a whole passel of international retreads from the last 30 years, General Sheehan, who blocked
any action against Fidel, Brezinski, Bruntland,


THanks narciso...I didn't look that close. The same ol vermin are crawling through all these organizations.


Saw this last night, as Rachel Lucas, a transplanted Texan now living in the UK would say 'snorfle' in the LUN



The same SBD who researched Mohammed Alamoudi's ties to Joe Wilson, Elias Aburdene, Rock Creek, etc with the Indian Ocean Newsletter? If so, we all owe you a great big thank you!

I'm still worried about all you wonderful people attending the DC Tea Party...stay away from those nuts should they show up!


I don't care for the guy as President but I gotta say if he wanted to be alone for a while, I could hardly blame him.

Posted by: Brian G. | April 14, 2010 at 01:04 AM

Sorry, he wanted the job. 24/7 security and media attention on every aspect of your life once you are in it is part of the job. He spent his first year in the job bum rushing every media opportunity he could get (I don't ever recall seeing a president fill out a bracket live on ESPN before). If he wants some alone time he can resign. Otherwise, man up and deal with it.

Mike Giles

"neo:All this to have a smoke ?"

My thoughts exactly, neo.

He was sitting somewhere in an open field, lighting one from the stub of the last, until the entire pack was gone.

Wouldn't surprise if he also did in a six pack!


"Jerry Brown has"

Narciso, you'll remember Jerry Brown said ACORN did nothing Criminal after a very quick investigation, so it would be natural for him to do every possible to discredit Palin, IMO.


Sydney Brillo Duodenum

Again, I'll say that Mark Knoller of CBS radio said a colleague (there independently) saw Obama at the soccer field.

I understand Obama's desire to slip away from the press, just as I understand the press's desire not to let him do it. When he's out in public, there should be someone there to record what happens.
He, the father of two little girls, chose to run for an office that comes with such encumbrances.


TM, the AT editor updated the story with your findings.

Captain Hate

At least when Preznit Pantywaist is watching Satchel or Malaria playing soccer he's not making statements like: "Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower."

Ann says Obama Sucks!

Good Morning, Tea Party Patriots

You make us all proud. Please be careful.

This will get your engines running:

'It is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower' said President Obama


So there is another sign idea - I LIKE being the dominant military superpower! GO USA!

tea anyone

I got it, I like it. (Tea Party Patriots, I like that also.)


....or, Do you like being the dominant military superpower? YOU BETCHA!!!

tea anyone

If not U.S., then who????? Russia???? China????

Danube of Thought

Raz ain't good today. Minus 8, and 50% overall approval. A guess a few yokels were dazzled by the nuclear hocus-pocus.


"America do you like your superpower status"

Very disturbing, that phrase.

There is a key phrase, 'Whether we like it or not'. And oh, how revelatory. It is a measure of his insanity, his aliene.

Pretty clearly, it's a statement that he thinks we shouldn't like it, that it is not the way he thinks we should act on the world stage. Yet, if we were not the only dominant superpower in the world, how could he wander around acting like the gigantic fool that he is? Were we not the dominant superpower, he'd be walked over in a minute, and us with him.

Crazy. Alienated from reality.


There is some speculation the O went to the kenyan Embassy along the route to the "soccer game". See the maps here and a link to the bloggers breaking the story.



America - How do you like your new GM Board Member?

See comments by RLS1024, Druid - American.



Words fail, PD in Detroit, but as the earlier post shows she's assigned to the wrong place


For those intersted in November:

http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2010/04/14/how_bad_could_2010_really_get_for_democrats_105152.html>How Bad Could 2010 Really Get For Democrats?


I think the Ras has to do with the market being up as well.

Let's face it. We have our work cut out for us convincing the people in the middle why Obama is so toxic.

OT, did you see that You tube of the girl at a Santa Cruz municipal hearing? It's at Ace of Spades HQ. Hysterical. (sorry, no time for LUN, have work to do.)

Sir Charles

The Fort Reno area is not a high crime area -- it's incredibly safe and in a very affluent area. I've worked two blocks from there for the last 27 years and attended many a youth soccer game there. DC has a huge youth soccer league in which the Obama girls participate.

And no, you can't see Fort Reno from the CBS studios nor even from those of the Fox affiliate, which are even closer to the site.

Is it really that sttrange that the President might want to watch his kids play a game without the press there?


Hey, sorry to go OT, so I'll keep this brief. Two disparate links.

1. Re the Polish flight, here's an article that espouses a semi conspiracy theory: Scent of Shale Gas Hangs Over Katyn. My take--I think what the author says has some merit, but she overreaches. I wouldn't be surprised that the Russians were trying to discourage Kaczynski from traveling to Russia, otoh, I think Russian overtures to Poland predate the flight tragedy. Russian overtures and willingness to admit complicity in Katyn are possibly related but certainly both are complex issues for Russia.

2. Re the latest round in the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal, this article makes some sensible points (which informed readers will probably already be familiar with): The Curious Incident at the New York Times. Some of the comments are good, too, especially those that trace the sexual abuse problems too cultural changes that affected Church teaching and practice at the lower levels, i.e., at seminaries. (Full disclosure: I've been hearing about this for many decades because my late father, a clinical psychologist, was a leading authority on psychological issues in candidates for the priesthood, among which sexual identity problems naturally loomed large. My father's experience in both theory and church practice dates as far back as the 1950's.)

3. Fascinating thread. One would think that if Obama had to meet someone discretely, a more discrete way would be to smuggle that someone into the WH. Strange, doing it this way.

Ann says Obama Sucks!

Hey, Captain, I am winking at ya.


I sent another email to your AOL account. I used the email you gave me for Sarah Palin's book. If you have a new account let me know at annatjom@gmail dot com. Thanks.


Have y'all discussed the fact that the FBI had a file on Stanley Dunham that was destroyed in 1997?

Captain Hate

Ann, you live in Columbus, no? Is there a tea party there tomorrow that you're attending?

And if maryrose comments here, is she going to the Cleveland tea party tomorrow?

Danube of Thought

Good link, Ranger. Why does Campaign Carl Cameron at FSN keep saying (as he did yesterday) that "most observers do not yet see Republicans gaining a house majority in 2010?"

Danube of Thought

I've been thinking that the Boston Common event was for tomorrow, but in fact it's today and Palin will be speaking in about 20 minutes. Can't wait to hear from Jane, Dave in MA et al.

Captain Hate

the FBI had a file on Stanley Dunham that was destroyed in 1997?

Was that before or after Muffer Stalin-Rodham was pouring over a large number of mainly Repub files with her flunkies. Hilarious if she missed the one that could've helped her; we were probably screwed either way...


Thanks Ann, for the RW Porchlight pics,
"Cautious Carl" is often clueless DoH, although even Coulter was a little circumspect
the other day,

Anyways, here's the feed of the Boston rally, in the LUN



I don't remember what year it was that happened. http://www.usasurvival.org/ck04.08.10.html>Here is the letter to Cliff Kincaid's FOIA request.

Captain Hate

LUN for an article that puts the kibosh on the attitude that people think taxes are presently too low on the rich.


No Sue. The sketchiness of Obama's past seems to just get overlooked. I don't get it. Not here so much, but I can't believe there isn't more interest in his past.

I'm always thinking his lies about his past would finally hook the interest of non-news junkie Americans. Like the White Sox lie.
Any American "gets it". He is a liar.

Captain Hate

LUN for article on Russia and Islam. I didn't know that Moscow is likely has the largest number of Muslims of all European cities.


This may be why "most observers do not yet see Republicans gaining"


"“Let me tell you something, what we learned today is that in Broward County and Palm Beach County, Florida, the Democratic Party is alive and well.”

Just a few weeks after the Democrats passed Obamacare, American seniors turned out and voted in the Democrat candidate in that district. That ought to scare every American. Plans to build hospitals are being canceled, doctors are quitting the field,we are seeing thousands of other bad effects from the bill, and yet there are Americans willing to send another Democrat to Washington to assist in enslaving them. It is insane.


Sara's on at Narciso's LUN. Streaming....

Ann says Obama Sucks!


Yes, I live in Columbus, Ohio. There are two big Tea Party rallies in OHIO tomorrow:

Michael Reagan in Mansfield, Ohio


Sean Hannity in Cincinnati

I am going to try and drive down to Cincinnati. Both rallies are in the evening.


It is insane.
The fact that Barack Hussein Obama was voted in as President of the United States told us all we needed to know. Our country is really in trouble.

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