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April 13, 2010



Sorry switched handles because of the troll,
and to be topical. Weiner said something stupid on O'Reilly recently, surprise, I think it had to do with whether children were covered under the new bill, and he was very
arrogant when Bill pointed out that they weren't


I was at the Palin presentation today on Boston Common. It started at about 10:40 and lasted around 15 minutes. It was a fine speech, nothing super special. I suspect that she is saving the best for tomorrow.



What is she doing tomorrow?


Palin sure has found a way to keep above the radar--remember when her critics claimed she was done for when he resigned the governorship, a spot from which they hoped to drive her into the ground with baseless ethics charges?


Jane, LUN is the Tea Party Express Rally at Freedom Plaza tomorrow at 11am.



I was told by someone on the radio that teh ration is 1-40. So if 1000 people show up at a rally, 40,000 really wanted to go. And that is why showing up is so important. If there were 2 million people in Washington on Sept 12, 40 million wanted to be right there with them.


SHe is in Washington DC tomorrow. Final stop on the trip


and LUN is the Freedom Works Rally at 5:45-9:30pm at the Washington Monument.



We are all going together, right?

Oh that's great DGS. I didn't know.


What she's doing is the 21st Century
equivalent of the GE speaking tour that Reagan did in the 50s and early 60s


Yeah, I think. I didn't know Sarah was gonna be there either....probably at the Tea Party Express Rally.
Andrew Breitbart is suppose to be speaking at the Freedom Works Rally in the evening.


The thing I found most interesting about the crowd was that it was almost always very polite. When people moved through the crowd trying to get closer or move to a different vantage point, it was always "Excuse me" or "Pardon me". There were a few people I saw who pushed their way through, but almost inevitably once they stopped somewhere they yelled something provocative, either against the speaker, or really nasty against the current administration. When it was the second, it occurred when I was near the news trucks. I suspect they were trying to be recorded for the news. You could actually tell who was there to be supportive and who was there to appear to be a supporter, but actually be disruptive, by the way they acted toward the attendees.


We missed the Global Zero meeting with O, Hilly, CIA agent Plame, Noor.


I slipped over to Scary's place to see what he had to say about Kappes. Nothing yet. Haven't been there in a long time. It doesn't seem like the same place. New pic of Scary (seems he moved to Florida and put on a hat), guest bloggers that support the tea party. Up is down and down is up in Scary world.



It's been that way at all 3 Tea parties I've been to - no exception.


Any word when these two lovebirds plan to tie the knot?



Keep a sharp look out for this guy at the Tea Party Rally. Mr. Cro Magnon. Notice how his mouth is shut so Courtland Milloy will not knock out his teeth.

We've got all the good lookin ones on our side!


Boy, am I out of it.

Seems the neocons have been at eachother's throats for the last two weeks, and here I am, all unaware of it.

Spengler/Goldman and Podhoretz are the main contenders, with Ledeen and Goldberg and others trying to mediate, but with other side conflicts breaking out all over the place.

I have to chuckle at some of the things Spengler/Goldman is saying, for example these excerpts from his FT blog: This is Not a Drill — This is the Real Thing:

Meanwhile the Republicans do not seem to understand that they already are in quicksand. On Wednesday, I heard Liz Cheney, the former Vice-President’s daughter, tell a Hudson Institute luncheon that Obama shouldn’t be attacking our “vital ally” President Karzai of Afghanistan. Jennifer Rubin at the Commentary blog wrote this up with enthusiasm. Karzai decided months ago to hitch his wagon to Iran for leverage against Pakistan, which continues to support the Taliban, as M.K. Bhadrakumar reported in Asia Times Online March 30. The Great Game has moved to an entirely different level of Afghanistan; Mrs. Cheney and Ms. Rubin are living in a fantasy world.


We end up with a nuclear-armed Iran to which both Afghanistan and Iraq orient. It’s astonishing. Why did America care about central Asian Muslims to begin with? We had an interest in Persian Gulf oil. Then we decided to “democratize” Iraq and Afghanistan and deployed hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Now we supposedly have to appease Iran in order to protect the soldiers who were there to democratize Iraq because we had an interest in the oil — and we end up with Iranian nuclear weapons controlling the Persian Gulf! It is as insane a progression as ever has been presented in political logic.

I'm glad David reads M.K. Bhadrakumar, whom I link to regularly. If he read a little more closely he'd recall what our interest in Central Asian Muslims is: their natural gas, which we want to pipe to Europe through godforsaken places like Georgia so the Euros won't be dependent on Russian gas.

And here's a long Goldman/Spengler article at the Jewish webzine Tablet (David's characterization): Silent Right: How Jewish conservatives blew it on Iraq and Iran. Well, I've gotta have dinner then go for a walk, but then I'll read that one. Sounds, um, provocative.


At 01:35 PM Clarice put up this great Link.
I read it with out really looking at the name of the author. If you're not familiar with his books, he writes really good fiction that look like they have been well researched. Click on his name in the link, for the rest of the story.


Heavy Peggy Noonan Sigh. I've been commenting that Mark Knoller tweeted that to me yesterday.

Oh well. I guess I'm not as exciting as RoseDanna. :-(


He was part of the homeland security red cell group, Pagar, he's very pro military, although
his contempt for our stalling in Afghanistan
is clear in his latest, the Apostle, and he's
proudly admitted on the Glen Beck show, he voted for Palin.

Here's another take on the Antonov flight that went awry


Did Roseanne Roseannadanna have her own nude picture above her fireplace? I rest my case.



Dear leader is ignoring us. I knew that before dear leader updated. From your posts. See? He misses a lot by ignoring us.


NYT THURSDAY: Obama administration says support of Israel to be 'balanced against other interests'... Developing...

Via Drudge.

What is this fool we call president doing?


Also, at Drudge - a photo of a news headline in Britain about the debates of Brown, Cameron and another candidate. I miss PeterUK - I know he would have had something wonderful to say about Anita Dunn (yes, THAT Anita Dunn) now being a campaign advisor to Cameron.


NYT THURSDAY: Obama administration says support of Israel to be 'balanced against other interests'

Isn't that what two sovereign nations typically do? Does anyone suppose that Israel doesn't balance its support of the US against other interests? For example, when they recruited Jonathan Pollard to spy on the US (yes, Netanyahu has officially acknowledged that he was an Israeli spy, not part of a "rogue" operation), then traded incredibly sensitive data gained from Pollard to...the Evil Soviet Empire! I call that Balancing with a capital "B"!

Hey, here's some really cool news: How The Shale Gas Revolution Is Now Tapping U.S. Oil Reserves More Than Five Times Those Of Saudi Arabia

Charlie (Colorado)

Hey, Rocco, thanks for the New Hampshire link, and extra thanks for accidentally testing the crashers email.

For everyone else, if you see ANY racist or offensive signs, take pictures, preferably with the face of the person holding the sign, and email to:

And see the Expose the Party Crashers story at PJM.


How could that possibly not end well, central, btw as with everything seemingly guess which state she hails from

nathan hale

You forget which administration we're in and whose interior secretary we got

Jack is Back!

Cameron is a plant. He is a fool and more left than Brown. The election in GB is a charade carefully planned and plotted by the Laborites. I give then credit they did a great job infiltrating the Tories to put up Cameron. Watch your back Tea Partiers.

Jim Rockford

This won't last long, the GOP will cave before it will become a "winning issue"

The Hill, By Sam Youngman - 04/14/10 05:53 PM ET (LUN)

"White House, Dems seized on Wall Street reform as their winning issue.

President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats on Wednesday firmly seized on financial reform as a politically winning issue at a time of economic uncertainty.

Obama and Democrats appeared to be spoiling for a fight after a White House meeting with Republicans on the issue, daring the GOP to stand behind a reviving Wall Street and against legislation intended to offer reforms to the sector after the devastating financial crisis.

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), the author of the Senate bill, said he did not believe all 41 of the Senate’s Republicans would have the stomach to vote against his bill.

“I don't think a number of Republicans want to be led by the nose into the pit,” Dodd said. "


I would have loved to be the ref at the soccer game.

I would have turned it into a 'teachable' moment.

When Obamas daughters team was up 2 to 0 at the end of the game, I would have called an official time-out and announced in honor of President Obama we are going to 'share the wealth' and SHARE the two points between the teams, now making it 1 to 1.

Imagine how they all would have cheered my decision??!!

Stinks like most cheeses


Things to do:

* DO get photos or video of any offensive signs or behavior — racist signs, signs connecting O’s administration to Nazis, anti-Semitic signs, signs calling for violence — and send them to
* DO inform them calmly and civilly that the signs and behavior are unwelcome.
* DO get pictures including the faces of people holding and standing with the offensive signs, and context.
* DO have “Infiltrator” and “Brought to you by…” signs as described in the comments, and stay close to the offensive signs so it’s hard for the legacy media to single them out.
* DO capture video of people shouting offensive words or slogans. Loudly — but calmly and civilly — challenge them for the misbehavior, and get that on video, so it’s clear it was denounced at the time.
* DO assume people with their faces covered, especially with a balaclava or ski mask, are not your friend.
* DO report any harassment or assaults to the police, and capture that report on video as well, if possible. (I learned this at the Democratic Convention in 2008: after Michelle Malkin was mobbed and I was assaulted, I reported it to the police, who said, “Shall I call an ambulance?” I eventually got an apology from the Denver PD, but it would have been a much bigger thing for them had we had video. And don’t forget, Alex Jones really is a consummate ass.)
* DO KEEP YOUR COOL. Keep calm. Be nice. These people are agents provocateurs, and the worst thing you can do to them is not be provoked."

Reminds me of Corporate Policy. It's nothing more than a deflection from the genuine, underlying policy, designed to give them deniability when they're real agenda is being exposed.

Tea-Baggers don't need any pretend racists, they have plenty of bona fide intolerance.

Dave (in MA)

Stinko, Merry Democrat Christmas tomorrow.

Think of the press those three have gotten.  And now this result?

I've got to say the most intriguing news for me today was to see Obama in practically a dead heat with Bush and with Ron Paul in two different polls.

George Popadoculous

"DO assume people with their faces covered, especially with a balaclava or ski mask,"

Oh man, I love balalcava with all those layers of super thin phyllo dough with chopped nuts and honey. Yummy! Good call, Stinky.

Captain Hate

Pops, I'm afraid your Solomonic wisdom would be lost on the Constitutional law expert.

nathan hale

A bill crafted by "Friend of Angelo" (Countrywide)and Cassani (AIG) Dodd, that can't possibly go wrong could it

Bill in AZ

heh heh - I'm listening to the Phoenix talk radio station KFYI at a pre tea party event at Toby Keiths I Love This Bar and Grill. There are an awful lot of folks spontaneously chanting JD! JD! JD! for JD Hayworth. John McCain, not so much.

Stinks like most cheeses

: "Obama is the loyal son of a left-wing anthropologist mother who sought to expiate her white guilt by going to bed with Muslim Third World men."


You're not gonna earn any psychic shekels here when you go against the grain of the impoverished locals. Israel is sacrosanct, without sin, and God's chosen people.

frumunda cheeses

Stinks be one smart wedge.

Charlie (Colorado)

Tea-Baggers don't need any pretend racists, they have plenty of bona fide intolerance.

Stinks, as I say over there, I don't care: anyone who puts up a racist sign will be included, and I'll leave it to the "Crash" folks whether they really want their faces publicized with a racist sign.

Oh, and it's going to be a long day tomorrow, so let me just cut to the chase and suggest you bugger off.

Danube of Thought

Obama administration says support of Israel to be 'balanced against other interests'

If that's what sovereign nations always do, how come they say "to be" instead of "will continue to be?"

Danube of Thought

I understand it, the moron Jason Levin--the guy behind the "false flag" movement he went out of his way to publicize--has been identified as a middle school teacher somewhere in Oregon.

Has anyone seen the name of the school? Any other details?

Danube of Thought

Reminds me of Corporate Policy. It's nothing more than a deflection from the genuine, underlying policy, designed to give them deniability when they're real agenda is being exposed.

Not that I actually enjoy pulling wings of the more hapless species of flies, but let us parse that one together:

(a) Are we to suppose that all corporations have a "policy," and none is different from any other? And why the initial caps?

(b) What is the antecedent of "them?"

(c) "They're?" "They're?" They are...what?

Melinda Romanoff


That sounds like someone who's only exposure to "Corporate Policy" was just before getting fired as a busboy for dumping soup on a regular.

After that it was a taxpayer funded paycheck the rest of the way....


You're welcome Charlie...Naturally, Sullivan's denying she did it claiming the anonymous source isn't credible, but she can't deny she claimed Tea Partiers attended a White Pride Rally in March! She has a history of race baiting!

Nite all


Nite all--Chaco, I'll be at the night time rally..If you need some coverage then whistle--well--email


If that's what sovereign nations always do, how come they say "to be" instead of "will continue to be?"

What a really stupid comment.

Frau  Kampfbereit

"Plus he (Sen. Brown) told me he will come on my radio show whenever I want."

Does that mean Jane is giving MS to Clarice?

JOMers, have a great time in D.C. or wherever you join the ranks tomorrow. I am taking two friends to the local Tax Day protest who have never gone before. That's how the numbers grow. I also goosed my brother into action in Long Beach, CA. No slackers on this side of the country.

Rayful Edmonds

Reminds me of former Mayor Barry.
Barry is as Barry does.


""Tea-Baggers don't need any pretend racists, they have plenty of bona fide intolerance.""

Absolutely, CONFIRMED tea baggers like Barney Frank and Anderson Cooper have always been intolerant going all the way back to the Democrats support for slavery and the KKK.

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