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May 28, 2010



Moneyrunner, I'm reprinting this from your blogspot (and thank you):

US Code -- Section 600: Promise of employment or other benefit for political activity"), it is clear that any offer of a job "directly or indirectly ... to any person as consideration, favor, or reward for any political activity ... in connection with any general or special election to any political office, or in connection with any primary election" is an illegal act.


Ha, does this mean in any impeachment proceeding, Biden, Pelosi, Byrd, Hillary, Geithner, Gates, Holder et al, would have to recuse themselves, since they would gain the job of POTUS?

And then there's the clean hands doctrine :)


If job offers is Obama's currency, perhaps Bill Clinton received more than one JO to convey: one to Sestak and as payment, one to Hillary. Who knows, maybe Hillary even suggested the whole thing!


Moneyrunner, this one's for you and your priceless MSM deepthroat line:

Ralph L

What I don't get is, if the WH really wanted him out of the race, why didn't they just offer him an immediate full time job, without conditions? He couldn't very well take it AND run for Senate. I don't see how that could be illegal.

Jane says obamasucks

In the course of one day, the perception of Sestak has gone from honest guy to big fat liar.

Ann, the podcast has been posted at You Too


The WaPo has the Clinton admission on page 1 today and the editors put in their 2cents....
The tenor is the White House should have cleared things up earlier but nothing happened. No big deal. Republicans are trying to make it a big deal..but it is not.
That is the tenor anyway.
This outrage has not been selected.


Hmmmm Well here is an interesting tidbit from the Examiner LUN
Sestak was ineligible for the job that Clinton offered.
So far, there has been little discussion of the fact that the Bauer statement said “options for executive branch service were raised with [Sestak].” The plural “options”
I think you raised that point Jane...


LUN is the WaPo article and here is the editorial.


TopsecretK9 and Clarice:

Hhhhmmm - from Real Clear Politics in June of 2009 comes a lengthy article about Sestak.

I found this paragraph particularly interesting:

In the interview, Sestak offered a long list of legislative accomplishments that went far beyond military matters. They include bills or provisions on veterans affairs, autism, education and small business. In fact, Sestak said he opted out of joining the Intelligence Committee in order to join the Education and Labor and Small Business panels, arguing that they were more relevant to his constituents.

Wasn't an Intel Board mentioned in the carrot that Bubba supposedly dangled before him?

Also, read the whole article, which goes back to my theory that Sestak held the winning hand in the game of poker he was playing with the Obama crew. The article references some of his own prior experience with getting a candidate out of a race - HIS congressional race!

And, there is also this:

In The New York Times on Friday, Sestak fired across the bows not only of Rendell but also President Obama, dubbing them part of a Democratic establishment that is trying to act as a kingmaker in the race. Such comments are a daring move for a junior House Member with aspirations for higher office. "He could give a flying flip what [party leaders] are saying," said a former aide.

Somehow, he strikes me as someone who knows exactly what his doing.


Sorry - forgot to link the article I was referencing.

Sestak: Damn the Torpedoes


The best part is that Sestak never reported the contacts to the FBI or FEC... any contact regarding a job in exchange for not running in one position to continue running in another (as a Representative) is a deal of a job for political favor.

When one does not report such contact that is a crime.

When one works to cover up such contact that is also a crime.

Sestak may have the chips, but the next round has already dealt him a couple of jokers. And those cards are not pretty ones to have in your hand considering who else is at the table... and the last pot of chips have a lot of IOUs in it to not get any attention in the FBI or FEC to look into this. And he doesn't get to walk away from this table no matter how much he wishes to as he is now bought and paid for. What a tangled and nasty web conspiracy becomes.

And its the cover-up that kills you.


I agree completely with your thoughts ajacksonian. However, this isn't a Republican scandal, it is a Democrat one - so I don't think anyone will look into anything. Alas.


Except for Cent, NOW he's running for senate as a complete liar. Not a good chess move.


So Setak got an offer of a place on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, which is made up of "individuals who are not employed by the Federal Government" that don't get paid. Sure.

Bring on the “Special Persecutor


Ah, Tops, but chess and poker are two different games! I say the players at the poker table were all crooks and cheaters, so it didn't matter who walked away with the kitty. (If it WAS Sestak, he will forever have to watch his back - heh!)

But, now, the chess game - getting elected and respected, that is yet to be determined. Toomey may yet checkmate!


Just an additional fact from the Pennsylvania talk show host who asked Sestak the job question in February. he said that he called the White House communications office and played the Sestak interview and asked for their comments so he could get both sides. The person answering the phone listened and told him someone would call him right back. In a short while another person called him back and again said someone would get back with a response. What this talk host found incredible was that 11 hours later someone finally got back to him and said it wasn't true!!! I heard Mark Levin read this account on his show Friday night.

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