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May 01, 2010


Thomas Collins

Chatter about bigshots going astray often tends to ignore the obvious point that the powerful have the opportunity to stray and often take advantage of it. However, some manage it correctly and some don't. See LUN for one of the most intellectually honest articles on this topic.

Jack is Back!

It was his neighbor's daughter and he had known her since she was 14 - over 7 years. Its a wonder he has no known STD's with that many in over 5 years.

And it is affecting his golf game. Shot a 43 at Quail Hollow on the back nine - his worse 9 hole score as a professional. [I shot bookend 42's yesterday at my home course and do I feel on top of the moon now!]

Quail Hollow is no Augusta - it actually has rough that is punishing especially with the new groove rules. No more "bomb and gouge" which Tiger implemented as his game forte. I think all this talk about his return to Buddhism is a canard and this Tiger has not changed his stripes at all. At least his attitude on the course is the same and his temperament the same.


Tiger who?

Ralph L

Did he count each "encounter" on a card with one of those little pencils?

Captain Hate

I blame Nike with their "Just Do It" campaign.


Blackmail is a no go.

Captain Hate

LOL @ the Golf Channel and CBS spending more time today dissecting every stroke of Eldrick's yesterday rather than people who are playing today because they made the cut. I think they should be considered conquests 122 and 123.

Thomas Collins

Nicklaus must be privately chortling at Woods's troubles. Even if Woods ultimately breaks Nicklaus's record of wins in Majors, Nicklaus is likely to be the most respected champion.

Thomas Collins

OK, enough of a wannabe stud. Because it's Derby Day, let's LUN a clip of a real stud!


--Even if Woods ultimately breaks Nicklaus's record of wins in Majors, Nicklaus is likely to be the most respected champion.--

Considering Bobbie Jones, is Nicklaus currently first or second in that niche, especially considering the golden bear had a reputation as a bit of grumpy bear early on?

BTW this whole thread is merely another case of the covert racism of the right.
A projecting, left-wing, swizzle stick told me so on a different thread.

Captain Hate

Golf has always had its share of characters. Arnie was said to have gotten more ass than a turnpike toilet seat but it never erupted into a scandal; maybe the pre-cell-phone days were a blessing in disguise. Bunches of bored country-club skeezers; what could go wrong with that?

Still young Eldrick was always marketed much too slickly. Appearing on the Orca Winfrey show pegged my bullshit meter early on. And don't get me started on Nike; at least he's superior to Maroid Jones.

I think his body is starting to show signs of aging even without the emotional turmoil he's self-inflicted; it was pretty smart that he started dialing back on the torque of his whip-like swing a few years ago. Jack lived as clean a life as you can and age took its toll eventually despite his dismissive comments of playing in senior events. I've always maintained it wasn't a foregone conclusion that Eldrick would beat Jack's record; it still might happen but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.


It's HGH, folks. It really helped.

Thomas Collins

Ignatz, I could see Jones or Byron Nelson, or both, being ranked ahead of Nicklaus. Of the pro golfers golfing in my lifetime, taking into account both achievements on the course and impact on the game, I would put Nicklaus first, Palmer second and Woods third. I believe Palmer did more to establish golf as a "water cooler topic" game than Woods. Woods I think will go down as a Barry Bonds type figure (clearly one of the best of all time but ultimately someone without whom the game wouldn't have suffered greatly).

Thomas Collins
"more ass than a turnpike toilet seat"

I'm filing that one away to use at a cocktail party, Captain Hate!! :-))


--Woods I think will go down as a Barry Bonds type figure (clearly one of the best of all time but ultimately someone without whom the game wouldn't have suffered greatly).--

Spot on TC. And speaking of Barry, I do not discount the possibility, as raised by MarkO, of another, different shoe to eventually drop in which case he's nowhere.
I hope it doesn't happen, but the win at any cost ethos he seems to have absorbed from Earl isn't encouraging.

Captain Hate

I believe Palmer did more to establish golf as a "water cooler topic" game than Woods. Woods I think will go down as a Barry Bonds type figure (clearly one of the best of all time but ultimately someone without whom the game wouldn't have suffered greatly).

I think both Arnie and Tiger have expanded the number of people that watch golf; which is to me a mixed blessing in terms of "cult of personality" versus a true love of the game.

Jack is Back!

Jack Nicklaus has won 18 professional majors and 2 US Ams. Bobby Jones won 13 amateur majors - he never play as a professional. Jones also is the only golfer to complete a Grand Slam - The US Open, The Open Championship, The British Amateur and the US Amateur. This was before he founded Augusta and the Masters. Also he couldn't play in the PGA since he was an amateur. Those 4 tournaments at the time were considered "the Majors". No one has ever won a grand slam of the modern majors. There is the Tiger Slam in which he held all four pieces of silverware at the same time but done in consecutive years.

Will Tiger beat Nicklaus' record? Before Thanksgiving day 2009 I would say definitely but now I am not so sure. He has a lot of mental baggage larger than 12 foot putts on plus 11 greens. He is in a no-man's land trying to play competitive golf and use all his physical and mental abilities - some of which are damaged. Golf is a sport that requires complete relaxation and focused concentration at the same time. Much like the biatholon skiers but without the exhaustive cardio-vascular endurance required by them.

In addition, it will be even more difficult for Tiger to ever amass Jack's overall record of 18 major wins, 19 2nd's, 46 Top 3's, 56 Top 5's and 73 Top 10's in 163 starts at the Majors. In addition, he made the cut 39 consecutive times in the majors (a record that Tiger will have a hard time reaching - remember Muirfield?).


Another tough night at the Blarney, so as I am sauced, here, in no particular order, is stuff from the local Chinese papers that seemed of interest when I soberly drew circles around them a couple hours ago.

1) Guess which one is the American President?
Deng Xiaoping--- "To get rich is glorious."
Barrack Obama ---"I do think at a certain point you've made enough money."
This was in a column by an American Expat (William Garst) who told us ("Why the Nouveau Riche in China StinK") that Deng was wrong and Obama was right, and he also told us "The peccadillos of 3rd generation Kennedy family children come readily to mind, as do the more recent outrageous acts of Neil Bush."
So now when you bump into your average Chinese guy overlooking Chappaquidick and murder and adultery and cheating on college exams and raping and driving intoxicated on alcohol and LSD and crack and uppers and downers and killing some teenager with a golfclub etc, you'll undertand why Neal Bush's peccadillos might be at the top of your Chinese guests criticisms.

2) The Shanghai Pavilion at the World Expo will feature rare Chinese issued Jewish Passports issued to Jews seeking asylum in China during the Nazi mass murders of the late 30's-mid 40's. For some reason the Chinese are un-Antisemitically proud of having done that. Beats me why as they won't get any points for that bit of compassion and decency from the MSM etc.

3) Knife attacks on school-kids in China. 5 attacks have occurred since 28 March via knife wielding madmen, and though the guy in the first attack has already been executed, (3 weeks from apprehension to trial to sentence to execution) they are uncertain wondering why his liquidation did not serve as an example to similar others to not try to murder school-kids. Perhaps banning knives...

4) David Axelrod: "A top Advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama said yesterday that no new Oil Drilling would be authorized until authorities learn what caused the explosion of the BP PLC operated rig the Deepwater Horizon...Obama recently lifted a drilling moratorium for many offshore areas..."

5) Nukes: "CCNC (China National Nuclear Corp) said that by the end of February they had 4,000 megawatts (mW) of Nuclear Power capacity at present...China has approved construction of 28 Nuclear power reactors, among which 20 have started construction...China plans to increase its Nuclear Power capacity to 70 gigawatts (gW) to 80 gW by 2020...Given the rapid development of the industry, the figure is still conservative (Sun Youqi, VP of CNNC) said."

6) My bar mate, after watching me scribble furiously in chicken scratch on the margins of newspapers: "Year's ago I used to have all these great thoughts towards the end of the night when I was plastered, brilliant thoughts really, solving everything, but I'd wake up in the morning and forget all the particulars. So I decided one night to write them all down, and next morning I pulled out my paper, and I couldn't read a single word of my chicken-scratching, so trust me Mate, you're wasting your time!"

7) Barmate was an expat from Tennessee--- (small town between Knoxville and Nashville). Nice guy, very drunk but friendly. A beautiful gaggle of American models walked in looking wonderful. (Am serious--simply spanking gorgeous!) Eyeballing the blonde he says to me (us-me and the co-pilot) "I haven't had sex with a blonde girl in 25 years." Co-pilot immediately answers, "I'm married to blonde. I haven't had sex with a blonde in 10 years." Very funny indeed. Me, I'm married to a redhead:)

8) Dogs. Yank ex-pat brings in his black lab on a leash. Interestingly I notice that the Chinese bar-folks keep their distance and appear uncomfortable around it. The head guy, Irishman Dave, and the dog owner, both say that that is a correct observation. It is changing some, but until very recently all large dogs were police type dogs, which Chinese folks never messed with at all, or supper, and no middle ground between the 2 existed. Very interesting.

9) Ed Wang of Virginia Polytechnic has just been drafted by the Buffalo Bills as Left Tackle. Yippee! NFL Live is now guaranteed in China.

10) Electronic cigarettes (designed to suck out all the bad stuff and just leave flavor) is somehow not catching on and company sales last year plunged 79.3 percent. What in the world could be the problem?

11) Karla Bruni: "Daddy oh daddy oh daddy, you are so handsome!"
"Shhh, the National Enquirer might be on this floor."

Jane says obamasucks

Tiger will come back. He's just in mourning and probably can't decide if it is his life or his current state of unavailability that hurts more.

At some point hopefully he will forgive himself and get back to golf. I suspect he considers the current humiliation a form of penance.


Wouldn't this whole immigration deal be the perfect time for the Republicans to pull the old Democrat trick and start carrying big pictures of American citizens raped, maimed, murdered, etc. by illegal aliens.

Seems the best way to shut the media and the left up.

I would like to see pictures of victims on tomorrows talking head shows and some real attacks on the media for failing to tell the stories of so many citizens woho's rights have been denied or ignored by the left.

Can you imagine Boehner holding up a picture of a 15 year old girl who'd been raped and murdered by an illegal alien and ask David Gregory if he knows who she is or if he even cared?


How about a picture of a murdered Hispanic with the caption: "MSNBC, why don't you care about my right to live?"

Jack is Back!


Not with guys like Phil Knight around him, he won't. He needs to really re-think his role and enterprise and maybe start all over. That Nike commercial with his Dad's voice was weird - Carly Fiorina weird!


I know some think illegal aliens only affect their coffee and lawns, but if you every yearned for "A Christmas Story - The Sequel" you can forget it...and you have an illegal alien to thank:

2007: An illegal alien caused the traffic accident that killed movie director Bob Clark, whose "A Christmas Story" has come alongside "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street" as a perennial holiday must-watch, he has been placed under an immigration hold by federal authorities.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency placed the hold on Hector Velazquez-Nava, 24, a Mexican national who was living in Los Angeles as an illegal immigrant.

I guess we have to wait for a illegal alien to kill Tiger Woods before the media gives a damn.

nathan hale

Well daddy, he did get the contract providing the materials for that year test of endurance,
the FCAT, the local standardized test, so off
with his head.(sarc)

Captain Hate

Wouldn't this whole immigration deal be the perfect time for the Republicans to pull the old Democrat trick and start carrying big pictures of American citizens raped, maimed, murdered, etc. by illegal aliens.

Seems the best way to shut the media and the left up

Good luck with that happening. These country clubbing Repubs don't want to be bothered with such parvenu behavior. First of all, if they have a dimwit like Steele on the chat shows tomorrow, they'll have some Axelrod type across from him to counter the examples you gave with made up garbage, to which Steele will agree and end up torpedoing the party. Second, you'll have the McCain types not wanting to make his "friends" in the media and across the aisle uncomfortable with such factoids.

I'd love to be proven wrong on this (and will gladly admit it if I am) but I've seen the Repukes get the least amount of leverage out of a perfect situation too many times.


Pedro, more of that delicious coffee please....its going to take awhile to peruse this site:


Ahh, doesn't the yard look swell....

Thomas Collins

Daddy, do any Chinese follow the Kentucky Derby?


I wonder who number 121 is? Maybe his wife's identical twin sister? Saw an episode like that on Cheaters.

Captain Hate

I wonder who number 121 is?

A young (21?) girl next door.

That Nike commercial with his Dad's voice was weird - Carly Fiorina weird!

The idiots at Nike really screwed the pooch with that one. I've seen no positive feedback from that one; even the 8 year old dweebs that troll sports bbs thought wtf on it.


So about two women a month. That doesn't seem that bad if you think about it like that. One ho everytime he went to Vegas.

You know in college it was pretty common to hook up with at least two people a month, although contrary to popular belief, it was hardly ever sex, just some making out. Although I went to a real single style college, hardly any one was coupled up like I noticed at some other colleges. If you had a bf or gf you practically kept it secret.

So Tiger is continuing the college hook up rule, after he's married, with hookers and unprotected sex. No big deal.

Thomas Collins

Hats off to Super Saver and Calvin Borel.


So Tiger is continuing the college hook up rule, after he's married, with hookers and unprotected sex. No big deal.

Exactly. So who cares if he's betraying his wife? She's just a woman, to be used.

Thomas Collins

Calvin Borel is great. He just predicted he is going to ride Super Saver to the Triple Crown. There is no lack of confidence in Calvin.

Manuel Transmission

rare Chinese issued Jewish Passports issued to Jews seeking asylum in China during the Nazi mass murders of the late 30's-mid 40's.

The most influential teacher in my life was a child from Austria with one of those passports. His dad got the family out just in time. Unfortunately, they were then placed under house arrest by the Japs during the time the Japs occupied large chunks of China. My prof became one of the original 'old China hands' that were still having reunions a decade or so ago.

Barry Dauphin

Even if Woods ultimately breaks Nicklaus's record of wins in Majors

Maybe it's Wilt Chamberlin's record he's after.

Thomas Collins

Dave(in MA), and Rocco, do you have to boil your water? See LUN.

Jane says obamasucks

Pretty funny that it happened in Weston TC.

I'm organizing a MA/NH and anyone else get together when I get back you guys. so get ready.

Janet hasn't made enough money

Pops, I think your idea is great. Where were the headlines with those stories?

Thomas Collins

What's going to be the theme, Jane? I vote for a JOM candlepin bowling or miniature golf event, but I'm up for anything.

Dave (in MA)

hey TC, I just found out about that about an hour ago. On my Facebook page because I happened to have "friended" Canton. So much for "Reverse 911", I guess. Your Tax Dollars At Work. "Deval's Katrina".

Jane says obamasucks

TC - if I have to have a theme, I quit. I was thinking cocktails, good food and laughing.

Thomas Collins

That's fine, Jane. I think having a theme of "If I have to have a theme, I quit" is fine!


Let that be a lesson to you, Massachusetts. Elect a Republican, and the first thing you know the infrastructure collapses.


Turnout at the anti-US sovereignty rallies was slim this year, despite the media suggesting rage at the AZ law would up the figures. Per various Reuters and AP accounts it was low everywhere and in LA only about 50k showed up, one-tenth of the number who rabble roused in 2006.


first thing you know the infrastructure collapses.

I had forgotten about this aspect of life on the East Coast. Rochester NY (if that counts) was plagued with water line breaks when I lived there. I recall having to boil water on a pretty regular basis -- may twice a year. I'd never seen that in newer communities, whether in the midwest or on the left coast.

Ann says Obama Sucks!

Anyone watching the putz bomb at the White House Correspondence Dinner? Not Funny just petty.

Only surprise is Michelle looks pretty and is dressed appropriately.


I've been reading a live thread --the posters also thought he bombed big time.


Gross. SNL says he's upset about the gay stuff cause he is and his wife is why. His wife wants to run State.

The Pavilion has a theme. LA, MIss and some others are leaving unless they get free money. They want a tax on the British, like a GDP/GNP tax because that reflects energy usage(except for nukes)


Luciferian much, 25ath?


working on setting up new White House for O's trip to Indonesia. We want control right away. We'll do the tax if that's what they want.


A question for TC:

Does Calvin Borel have any teeth in his mouth? ;-)



Do you think the water main break in Weston is the revenge of the four towns that were flooded to form the Quabbin? No water boiling here. My town uses well water.

A get together of the MA / NH people sounds great.

Jane says obamasucks

DGS - I have no idea. My email address is fwdaj@live.com. Send me an email at some point so I can figure out what is a central location.


Now this is just too weird.

This is about where I eat lunch yesterday.

I was a few blocks north when this went down.


The fireworks in the car is interesting too. A propane bomb isn't enough...have to have fireworks too. Wasn't that a defense of some suspects awhile ago...just had some fireworks?


Maybe they just hated Planet Hollywood .. 45th and Broadway


Ahhhh and who could "they" be? Tea partiers, out of control Lutherans? Physical description...cro-magnon features, flag pin, and a red, white, & blue hoodie.

hit and run

out of control Lutherans

Or Lutheraferians.

Jack is Back!

But, but....its not terrorism. Its amateurish.

The muzzie students they caught outside of Charleston, SC used the "only firecrackers" defense.

Firecrackers are a great igniter and readily available. Imagine you have an enclosed environment, initiate a valve opening on a container of propane, then spark a firecracker through a cell phone of electronic clock and BOOM!

Also, very strong similarity to the London night club bombs in Haymarket and Cockspur (towed to Park Lane impound).

Melinda Romanoff


Fuel/Air attempt.

nathan hale

That was Bilal Abdullah, the NHS licensed Iraqi doctor, and his sidekick who was on fire
outside the Glasgow airport. Although being May DAy, I would suggest anarchist types


DC was also the subject of a bomb threat yesterday at the busiest metro station, Dupont Circle. The police didn't find a bomb but traffic was nevertheless substantially disrupted.

nathan hale

Outside the concourse

Captain Hate

Wow, Butch Napolitano doing some serious spinning on FNS. Yeah all we really need is comprehensive immigration reform; that'll fix everything. I know it's asking a lot of the son of a commie prick like Chris Wallace to ask hard questions to Bammy's crew of idiots but aren't Shep and Jerry Rivers enough for Fox?

nathan hale

Well those Canadian causers of 'man made disasters' are at fault, Capt,which this event
in NYC, remind me of the Algerian Ressam who wanted to target LAX, but was stopped by one
conscientous customs agent, Deanna Dean

Captain Hate

Ok, I get it: Wallace was saving all his snarky questions for Marco Rubio (who handled all of them very well). Tell me again, why is Fox supposed to be the "conservative network"?


Thomas Collins

We're west of Weston so we're OK in Hudson.

nathan hale

Well it is, in relation to the rest, Capt,



am across the river in Pudong. Remember, the most popular Chinese breed of dog is the chow.....


Here is a well balanced take on the economy by Irwin Steltzer at the WS that I have a hard time finding much with which to disagree.


Big bang theories.


The New Orleans/armpit fish never were wanted. They have no value on the market. We buy from everywhere else because the quality is garbage. Small and bad bottom.

There is a season(fishingshrimp), there are hurricanes and there are accidents from all the oil they INSIST ON PROCESSING, so no free money for Bonzo.

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