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May 08, 2010


 Into the bog with 'em.

Fear of populism has loosed their senses.


I resent that.

nathan hale

You can't even 'work around this level of stupidity, I thought Frank Rich was the nadir, but this guy takes the cake


No, dear , Narciso. I beg to differ. The guy who hired and paid him is the dope.


If the press in general has never been taught to recognize a logical fallacy, should you blame them when they plant them in the masses?

Or should you blame educationists who do not require they be taught?

Or should you blame the schools that teach the teachers.

I think we should blame the politicians whose job it is to warn us of dangers lurking on the horizons.

nathan hale

Mind you we get less toxic versions of this in our local paper, whether it's Pitts, Steinback, Menendez, REinhard, Hiassen,

nathan hale

Now this guy takes the crazy in a whole other level, in the LUN


Blow is aptly named.


Jack is Back!

Its all wishful thinking at the altar of the unfulfilled grievance. You can put "racist" in the waste basket of archaic language and rhetoric along with nazi, fascist and zionist. They have been so overused and mis-stated, mis-placed and mis-termed that they are forever meaningless (unless of course you are the NYT's style editor, where you award 10 bonus brownie points to every columnist that uses them. MoDo gets 20 bonus pts. when she uses them because they are more sophomoric).

Danube of Thought

Ponder for a while the fact that four of the principal opinion writers for the Times are Bob Herbert, Blow, Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich--not a gram of intellectual heft in the lot of them. Then there's Tom Friedman, who is quite insane. And then there's the conservative, David Brooks.

The great comfort lies in the fact that their readership is so small.

Rick Ballard

Krugman is 'fish in a barrel', Blow is "depth charge in a 2 gallon aquarium".

There's just not much sport to it. I do believe that Clarice is correct though - Punk Sulzberger is actually paying for this drivel, so Blow isn't the stupidest person at the NYT.


Thank you, Rick. There are 50 bloggers, not excluding our fave, TM, who daily outshine all of the NYT columnists put together.
Punk is clearly writing to appeal to the Upper West Side , appealing to their own blinkered view of the world, but the WSJ is getting bigger and better every day and I doubt the paper can sustain itself through another year or so with him at the helm.


O/T - but FNC just announced that Senator Bennett (Utah) is out - he will not be on the Republican primary ballot.

Captain Hate

Have any of you heard Blow before? I heard him on Laura Ingraham's show and his inability to address, much less provide a coherent answer to, a simple question was worse than even my extremely low expectations led me to believe.


Well since the NYTimes and Mr Blow have determined that you can judge a racist by his Party, I've decided to see if I can follow their lead and judge a book by it's cover.

Just did a quick breeze through of the "New Nonfiction Arrivals" in our big Library where I spend so much time. Hadn't visited seriously in about a month due to work.

Was initially hoping to score a copy of Montford's new ">http://www.amazon.co.uk/Illusion-Climategate-Corruption-Science-Independent/dp/1906768358"> The Hockey Stick Illusion; Climategate and the Corruption of Science , but came up empty as we don't have it and haven't ordered it, and we also don't have anything at all in the stacks of a an AGW Skeptical Nature.

But what I did come across surprised me, so here, in no particular order, are what new arrivals I found that our Library Staff had recently ordered:

1) POWER TRIP: (From Oil Wells to Power Cells-- Our Ride to the Renewable Future) by Amanda Little (WaPo/Rolling Stone/NYTimes, and winner of the Lehman Award for Environmental Journalism.)

2) NO IMPACT MAN: (The Adventures of a Guilty Liberal Who Attempts to Save The Planet and the Discoveries He Makes about Himself and Our Way Of Life In the Process) by Colin Beavan. (Chapter 6-The Cabbage Diet Saves the World)

3) CLIMATE COVER-UP: (The Crusade to Deny Global Warming) by James Hoggan. Hoggan is chair of the Canadian chapter of Al Gore's "The Climate Project." "An Imperative Read for a successful future", says Leonardo DiCaprio on the front Cover.

4) REWILDING THE WORLD: (Dispatches from The Conservation Revolution) by Caroline Fraser. (The New Yorker/New York Review of Books, etc). "A Riviting journal of the astonishing bio-ompoverishment of our planet", says Robert F. Kennedy, JR, Environmental Attorney and author of Crimes Against Nature.

5) GLOBAL WARRING: (How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises will ReDraw the World Map) by Cleo Paskal. (Award winning Journalist and BBC Radio Show Host etc).

6) THIS MOMENT ON EARTH: (Today's New Environmentalists and Their Vision For the Future) by John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry. Lavish Cover praise by Al Gore. (2 Copies of this book BTW fill the racks)

7) THE POWER OF HALF: (One Families Decision to Stop Taking and Start Giving Back) by Kevin and Hannah Salwen. "It all started when 14 year old Hannah had a Eureka moment. Seeing a homeless man in her neighborhood at the same instant she spotted a man driving a glistening Mercedes, she said, "Dad, if that man had a less nice car, that man there could have a meal.""(Habitat for Humanity and ex WSJ)

8) HOW TO COOL THE PLANET: (Geo-engineering And The Audacious Quest To Fix Earth's Climate) by Jeff Goodell. (Rolling Stone/NYTimes Magazine) "This could be the most important book ever written about the Climate." says James Lovelock, author of GAIA.

Anyhow, since it's a slow day just thought I'd throw this out there. In the Political arena at least we've got books on both sides of the spectrum, plus some new stuff on dogs and Tattoo's, but Climate Skeptic-wise, I think I'm SOL.


Personally, I'm Affirmative Action resentful.

I resent having to wonder whether a doctor I might go to was given preferential treatment to enter college, get into med school, graduate, and get hired by the hospital I might need. I resent the fact that this calls even the most competent minority professionals, not to mention a certain HLS (and Harvard Law Review president!) grad, into question. I also resent the fact that the sub-prime mortgage fiasco and a whole host of other American perversions had the same un-American origin.

Does that make me racially resentful? I don't think so.


WSJ is getting bigger and better every day

Clarice, I'll disagree with this one. It is becoming a more popular-level newspaper, but I liked the pre-News and pre-color/photo version better. And would can compare with Bob Bartley?



Personally, I'm Affirmative Action resentful.

Me too, but that just means you are a racist. Unless you buy into AA, including blacks, hispanics, wimmin, GLBT, pay equality, and all other forms of equal outcome, you are racist. Its the definition, don't you know.

Jim K

Yo, JOM posters, is Elena Kagan horrible or about as good as we can do?

Does she understand the law and will she be reasonable or will she be another Sotomeyor?


would can compare who can compare


I read a letter once from a guy who wrote of being "plagued with inner fears and outer resentments" because of the way he and other people of his race were treated. I guess you could have described him as "racially resentful".

Certainly nothing the tea partiers complain about compares to the worst of what he wrote. Yet among his grievances, which included state sanctioned beatings and even murder, he mentioned the pain of a little girl who couldn't go to an amusement park because of the color of her skin. It's hard to see that on its own as any worse than the Ann Arbor school field trip that was closed to white children, or the many scholarships and college slots and job openings that are closed to whites and Asians.

I wonder what Mr Blow would have said to that man, if he had managed to achieve the level of freedom for his race that white people enjoy today. "What are you complaining about? You can stay in any hotel, play on any golf course, and eat at any restaurant in America. You can vote; you can serve in the Congress, though of course some caucuses are closed to you because of your race. You can get into any college, if you are as superior to those of the favored classes as Jackie Robinson was to the average ball player of his day, though of course some student organizations will be closed to you because of your skin color. Violence against those of your race is almost always prosecuted, even if it is downplayed in the newspapers and on tv. Isn't that enough?"

I'm not nearly as racially resentful about the slights against white people today as I would have been about the slights against blacks in the 60s or 70s, but I'm not going to put on a big grin for Mr Blow and thank him for considering me to be a near-equal.

Danube of Thought

How did I forget Krugman?

Pasadena Phil

Damn it! I left the toilet seat up again! I'm such a Nazi!

Rick Ballard

You're getting a bit uppity there, bgates. Maybe AG Holder needs to send some agents to have a chat with you.


The Australian says ">http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/taliban-disowns-idiot-bomber-faisal-shahzad/story-e6frg6so-1225863800173"> the Taliban has disowned Shahzad saying he never really was one of theirs now that they've found out he's an "idiot bomber." That means we Tea Partier's can probably still claim dibs on him if we want.

Sure, the bombing stuff looks bad, but the MSM and Blow and the Times think we do that stuff already, so I think burnishing our lack of racist bigotry credentials by taking in a Pakistani minority as an honorary TeaBagger would more than offset the negatives of his domestic terrorism activities. Plus it'd make the Arab street view the Taliban as being insincere, and that MSNBC chick would feel so much better.

Is there a down side I'm missing?

Jack is Back!

May I be the first to wish all the mom's out there - Happy Mother's Day.

Here in Miami the competition for Mother's Day brunch is quite remarkable and shows the economy may be picking up albeit only on the foodie side. 660 at The Angler has our vote but all the SoBe establishments are pulling out all the guns to get the crowds there - free Mimosas, Bloody Mary shooters, pay for the lobster get the filet mignon free, etc.

And this is the place that gave us the South Beach Diet. We are all pending heart attacks now!!

Danube of Thought

The usual caper is to let the press fiddle around for a few days with a "front-runner" before naming someone else.

If it's anyone but Diane Wood I think we might as well accept it and move on (otherwise filibuster, although there's always the Collins/Snowe problem).

Just think of Kagan as extending Stevens's term by thirty years.


"I don't regret setting bombs, I feel we didn't do enough. " Bill Ayers, Sept 11th 2001

So how is this free speech different then the Hutaree free speech the AG says requires they be locked up?

When is the AG going to arrest Ayers?


Not to be sexuality insensitive, and I couldn't care less whether she's gay or not (except as it might bias her even more than most Democrats), but if she's appointed, my guess is that when people get a load of this picture, it'll knock Barry down a few more points.


The INS tells me Barack Obama deported 305,000 Hispanics last year? They also tell me they do not keep statistics on how many were taking their kids for ice cream.


Since Arizona deported exactly ZERO Hispanics, Obama is clearly the biggest racist ever.

nathan hale

Mr. Hussain, the Justin Hammer of the Taliban,
(Ironman reference, for clueless booster) put out that communique a little too soon.

As for the journal, for every top flight Weekend commentator like Gerald Baker on the British election, they often have a few less
capable ones, but they are still furlongs ahead of the Times


they [the WSJ] are still furlongs ahead of the Times

Absolutely right. But that is damning with faint praise.


O/T - but FNC just announced that Senator Bennett (Utah) is out - he will not be on the Republican primary ballot.

That seems like good news, cc. I understand Romney went to Utah to stump for Bennett today.

nathan hale

He was the sponsor of that Wyden/Bennett bill, but more significantly he applauded when the president attacked a certain private
citizen, and other critics of his health care
plan, karma, you betcha


funny, I just blogged on the rapid demise of Newsweek..The first comment was from a left winger blaming Karl Rove....after 18 hours on planes and in airports I just about pee'd myself laughing.

There are villages all over America in search of their idiots today....


--Yo, JOM posters, is Elena Kagan horrible or about as good as we can do?--

Read a story yesterday, can't rememeber where, by a guy who went through her apparently sparse paper trail and found her to be a slow-witted, conventional wisdom spouting, dullard.


found her to be a slow-witted, conventional wisdom spouting, dullard.

Sounds like an improvement over Stevens.


Here it is. Was at Bench Memos at NRO.


It makes no sense for lefties to leave a paper trail. They either have to lie about what they think, or tell the truth (a la Joe the Plumber) and potentially face the music. Their supporters need no paper trail to know they're ok.

nathan hale

I saw that,yesterday and my first thought is what was Whelan doing citing Campos, who is
'eccentric' to be charitable, Kagan seems 'mostly harmless' that why I don't think she'll be picked in the end

nathan hale

Jacobsen has figured out the gig, rather clearly on Blow, although they really should
go back to Times Select, in the LUN


So how is this free speech different then the Hutaree free speech the AG says requires they be locked up?

Great point Pops...and how about this speech from a Professor calling for Mexican revolution in the US? Is that any problem?

Thomas Collins

I guess under the multi-cultural nanny state, foreign flags and celebrations of foreign culture are OK, but American flags merit suspension and Jolly Ranchers merit detention. See LUN.

It is especially distressing to me that the Jolly Rancher outrage occurred in Texas, a state that I hope is going to be one of the leaders in turning back the Eurobureaumentality that has infected much of America.


Ann, see LUN


Yeah Thomas, that Jolly Rancher story is something. Look how excited some people are to enforce all these nanny state rules. I know many in my area here in No. Virginia would be ecstatic to force healthy eating habits on others. They LOVE all their own great ideas...and they LOVE to FORCE others to participate.
You'd think people wouldn't want to give up their freedoms...but that doesn't seem to be the case.
It is the left forcing their beliefs on everyone...not the right, or those dreaded Christians. I guess the MSM hasn't been telling us the truth!

hit and run

Greetings from an undisclosed NC beach.

Missed this yesterday,for which I profusely apologize.

I'm on the blackberry,so I won't try any html...


You're a true pal!

nathan hale

You know even Jonathan Alter, it would seem has lost some 'of that lovin' feeling' for Obama, based on the excepts relating to not only tea party goers, but the profane upbraiding of a number of persons, maybe I'm reading it wrong. But if he meant to write a positive account, they would look for more elegant language.


You're always at the beach, Hit. Lucky man.
And Happy Birthday, Sara!


Upchuck Blow mentions that 61% of Tea Party "opponents" believe without giving the percentage polled of voters strongly opposed to the TEA [Taxed Enough Already] principles. As the latest numbers show that over 50% agree with the TEA principles, what % does CB base that suspicious 61% on? The curious will wonder what the "nearly three in 10" are based on in the bogus WaPo article, which doesn't even link to the poll!

nathan hale

This offering from across the pond, brings new meaning to the word delusion, in the LUN

Melinda Romanoff


New Math. It's the process that's important, not the results, hence percentages in polls can total up to over 100% of a population.

Nifty tool, isn't it?

G'night all.

Rick Ballard


That guy works at the Yale moron credentialing center. It really shows.

Ann says Obama Sucks!

This will not change Charles Blow's gaseous mind but I find it interesting: Moms to the Barricades

and then there is this unctuous article:
Two sides of Michelle Obama: Savvy campaigner and down-home Everywoman

"We desperately need all of you to stay involved in this work," Obama said, with a no-nonsense voter-turnout message. "You cannot stop -- because we all know that when you need something done, and you ask women to do it, it gets done. End of story."

Obama continued her drive through bursts of laughter and clapping: "And in the months leading up to this November and beyond, we're going to need you to get out there and get it done, because we know that change -- we do know that change doesn't happen overnight. . . . It takes folks like you, folks who are constantly rejecting the cynicism, casting aside the doubts and working day after day to continue what we've already started."

Joined onstage by the vice president's wife, Jill Biden, the first lady highlighted her husband's achievements in his first 15 months in office -- including enacting health-care reform and an economic stimulus package, progress toward halting the spread of nuclear weapons and overhauling student loan systems. She also took a moment to tout Let's Move, her own ambitious initiative to combat childhood obesity.

"Even with all the challenges that we've faced over the past year or so, and all the obstacles that we've had to overcome, we have achieved all of this -- and more -- in just the first 15 months," she said. "So if this is what we can do in 15 months -- did I say 15 months? -- just imagine what we can achieve in the next 15 months. Just imagine what we can do in the next few years."

The whole article is scary.

So it's shaping up to be a battle of women and state rights this November.

We already know who has the better weapons, dresses, brains, and balls.

I will meet all of you on the Capitol steps to take that big gavel out of Nancy Pelosi's hands.

nathan hale

Well, Ann, it would be disconcerting except for the fact, that this seems to a 'bug not a feature' with this guy, in the LUN

Ann says Obama Sucks!


We have to tune out the blow jobs of the press (sorry that is not lady like) but I am tired of reading their drivel and credentialed moron opinion. They call us racists and we whine and cry it is not fair. Enough.

Let's pay attention to things like this: Kit Bond: Intelligence Community Ordered By Justice Dept. Not To Talk To Us

or this:


PINE BLUFF, Ark. - Michelle Obama told graduates Saturday to prepare to overcome adversity, building on Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1958 commencement address at the same university, when he told students to summon their courage to fight segregation.

I thought they were about unity, and Hope and Change. We elected an unknown black guy the press promoted as our savior, yet we are still fighting battles over segregation. What?

I could go on but it is futile. We need to ignore the noise and focus on November.

No more Paul Krugman, Andrew Sullivan, Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd, Joy Behar,...etc. etc.

Bitching ain't helping, it just continues the path of whining and I am tired of it.

But I will never tire of hypocrisy:

We got two runner's up for the extremeness, smart ex-lawyer that paid all her tuition but never used her degree, fashion icon, and genius Michelle for Mother's Day outfits:

First Runner UP!

Ann says Obama Sucks!

2nd Runner up! Boob Belts and Gosh doesn't Jill look great next to you. Michelle aren't you the the ex-lawyer and genius fashion icon we all prayed the world would unite around.


I have said this before: Everything is a fraud!

nathan hale

Gack, these goggles they do nothin', I guess
you're right, the snark hides our anger, at what is going on' I guess that line from T.S. Eliot, seems apt 'dare I disturb the universe'


Ann, The font of O fashion photos...

While I think that MO's dress is sort of cute if worn in an appropriate environment (such as on one of their many sojourns to HI), it is never appropriate for a White House appearance, particularly when the White House is the backdrop. Who, if anyone, is guiding these folks on optics. MO simply has NO fashion sense - you'd have thunk that a stint at Princeton would have imparted at minimum, a sense of appropriate dressing, but clearly any sartorial learning opportunities went flying over the top of MO's head.


Michelle Obama told graduates Saturday to prepare to overcome adversity,

for instance the fact that none of them are going to be able to find work in the economy her husband and his cronies are ruining.

According to an article accompanying a Washington Post/ABC News poll released on Wednesday: “About 61 percent of tea party opponents say racism has a lot to do with the movement, a view held by just 7 percent of tea party supporters.”

This gulf of perception has left Tea Party organizers struggling to scrub the stain of racism from its image, but those efforts may fly in the face of the facts.

Oh, great! Can anyone play? What would Mr. Blow think of this line of reasoning?

According to an article accompanying a Washington Post/ABC News poll released in 1950: “About 61 percent of white people say that black people are inferior, a view held by just 7 percent of black people.”

This gulf of perception has left black leaders struggling to scrub the stain of inferiority from their image, but those efforts may fly in the face of the facts.

Now do you understand why so many people find your columns stupid and offensive, Mr. Blow?


Extraneous writes: ``I resent having to wonder whether a doctor I might go to was given preferential treatment to enter college, get into med school, graduate, and get hired by the hospital I might need.''

Yeah, right. Before affirmative action, that NEVER happened. lol...


Dot reads newspapers for "intellectual heft.'' Lol...

JM Hanes


"Yeah, right. Before affirmative action, that NEVER happened. lol..."

With profuse apologies to Extraneus, I've gotta laugh with you on that one.

Laughing all the way to the Porcelain Goddess.

Yeah, bb and JMH, it's funny. But why codify corruption?


If one subscribes, to the belief (however justified) that the racial group to which he or she belongs has been the victim of severe race discrimination, including slavery, and that one of the foremost goals of our government and society should be to recompense members of that race for wrongs done to their ancestors, doesn't "racially resentful" accurately describe that person?

tommy mc donnell

three people in ten think racism underlines the tea party movement. hell, i'd bet more than three people in ten think racism underlines the democratic party.

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