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May 19, 2010


Captain Hate

Can someone tell me why the WH is serving Mexican food to the Mexican president?

The Indonesian Imbecile is a pandering douche who has the savoire faire of a homeless person?


Bayliss is making Mexican food, however . For the first state dinner, the WH served Indian food.

Captain Hate

savoire == savoir


pot meet kettle


"Wouldn't it be more appropriate to showcase American cuisine?"

IMO, they don't want to showcase anything American anywhere.



Sorry if I'm coming across as obtuse. I'm familiar with Rick Bayless. I understand about the Obama's favorite restaurant part. I understand that it is haute cuisine, not Tex Mex or garden variety Mexican restaurant food. What I want to know is whether it is typical for guests at state dinners to be served cuisine inspired by the food of their own country, not the host's country. Shouldn't the WH be showcasing American regional cuisine, not Mexican regional cuisine?


Yes, they should, porchlight..

Danube of Thought

Wow. So I see this AT item on Lucianne about a phony marine being on the stage with Blumenthal yesterday--and lo and behold it's by our Clarice, her own bad self. Sure hope it gets some follow-up.

Fuck you, Anduril. You're an asshole and a punk.

Melinda Romanoff

No, I'm being "cloudy".

It's normal to want to take the guest's presumed palate and show how "gooder" we can make it.

Topolobampo takes the Haute style to traditional Mexican dishes or ingredients and really does something memorable. I had lamb that was like nothing else I've ever tasted anywhere in the world.

So, I get your point. It does send the message that "we get your culture" kind of arrogance.

But I'd still want to eat what he serves.


Fuck you, Anduril. You're an asshole and a punk.

Have a nice day. You're a classy guy and a credit to JOM.


Thanks, clarice. I googled a bit and saw that it does appear to be traditional to pay tribute to the guest of honor's home country via the menu.

I'm sure the Bayless menu will be superb. I must sheepishly admit that I stopped watching his show because he always appeared to be wearing eyeliner and he hardly ever blinked and I found it unnerving.


I agree, too, Porchlight. And I think Pagar had a great observation - they don't want to showcase anything American anywhere.

Over at the Motus blog, they note she wore an "Indian" designer for the Indian state dinner, and wonder if she will wear a Mexican designer for this one.



Thanks. I'm glad this isn't out of the ordinary as far as these things go. Considering the Chicago connection, I can see why the WH would view Bayless as the perfect choice of chef.

Incidentally I read this Saveur article by Bayless a few years ago about Mexican street vendors in Chicago at the Maxwell Steet market and other spots. It sounds tremendous.


From Mel's comments, I think I might like to try the Bayless cuisine. However, I agree with Porchlight, that I found his show unwatchable and didn't much care for him.


Yes, Danube IS a very classy guy and truly is a tribute to JOM. How astute of you to notice, since you seem to have neither of those attributes, Anduril.


DoT--I just blogged what Doug Ross wrote. I believe Gateway Pundit had something similar.

Melinda Romanoff

When Manuel Transmission and I walked past Frontera Grill, Topolobompo, and Xoco(lunch joint) last night thirty minutes before opening, there was a line already about sixty people deep. All for Frontera.

If you ever go to Frontera, try to make the earliest reservation possible. The reason? Not on the menu, the Chilis Relleno are made only once and are served until gone. We try to split them at the table. Unbeliveably good.


If you can't make it or don't want to stand in line--here's frontera's recipe for chilis relleno.



There is something sickening about having the Pres. of Mexico lecture us about our laws. Do any of these fools know the names of the Americans killed by illegal immigrants? Here's one...Rob Krentz. Murdered on his own property, by citizens of another country. LUN is an article about him.
If our federal government won't protect the sovereignty of our nation...Why even have a federal government?


Janet, I know you are not alone in those feelings. I repeat this state dinner comes at a very awkward stage.

O needs Hispanic voters so he has to make these stupid attacks on Az but a significant majority of Americans are demanding the border be enforced.

Unemployment and foreclosures are rising and the WHis building yet another expensive pavillion on the lawn...for CALDERONE!

No wonder the WH is trying to put a lid on it.


It's interesting to see the comments on stories like this, "Calderon fires up immigration row at start of US visit". Comment #1:
Illegal is not a race.
Illegal is a crime.
I stand behind Arizona and support their new laws.
From a fan in Illinois.

That's gotten 719 votes for, 86 votes against.

Rick Ballard


Thanks for the link. It appears that the projected impact (movement of future sales to the present) of the 'Last Chance to Buy a House' credit and the Govmo 'Swap Your Junker for a Union Clunker' has occurred.

What type of flimflam will Bozo and the Clown Posse come up with now? Lifetime unemployment checks to go with "free" health care?


O/T: but, I know Janet will appreciate this per Politico:

The Nation is facing a $1,000,000 deficit and, as a result, its asking some of its reporter to make pleas for help.

Another liberal news mag about to go down? Home to Katrina vanden Heuval (shudder).


You know me centralcal....whenever I hear the old media is failing, it brightens my day!:)


You bet, Janet! It should brighten ALL of our days whenever these propagandists can't find a buyer for what they are selling.

Katrina vdH is particularly loathesome, so I am really glad her magazine is having financial difficulties.

Captain Hate

Oh dear, what will Katranny do? She still has her gig on ABC where she's been wearing dresses recently so people won't think Rocky Madcow has made a lateral move from MSDNC.


This is just great!

Arizona to Los Angeles: Boycott us and we'll pull your plug! See LUN.

Finally, someone has the cahones to stand up to the "racially-motivated punks".


Can someone tell me why the WH is serving Mexican food to the Mexican president? Is it tradition to serve the guests food from their own country at state dinners?

You would serve the cuisine of your own country only if you are proud of your country. If you are ashamed of your country, on the other hand....


We should build a fence along the border ..... walling off CA. LOL


She'a an owner of that enterprise, anyways this may explain Kate's rebellion, in the LUN


why don't the bastards, for I now class Calderon as a cabron, eat what a typical illegal eats in order to show their empathy?

Rich, out of touch oligarchs are the same the world over.....

complain about those evil Arizonans on the South Lawn and then go inside for haute Mexican...hypocrisy all the way round....


I hope they invite Jimmy Carter to this WhiteHouse dinner:

"Above all else, First Ladies should heed the awkward mistake made by President Jimmy Carter during his 1979 visit to Mexico. As an offended Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo looked on, Carter joked that he had been “afflicted with Montezuma’s revenge”. This reference to the travel-related illness named after the Aztec emperor who was murdered by Spanish invaders so upset his Mexican hosts that it scuttled a planned immigration reform agreement." ">http://www.brookings.edu/opinions/2010/0413_michelle_obama_west.aspx"> Link.


Macphist says:

”threadkiller = anduril. the formatting, tl/dr postings, and craven style are identical.“

Threadkiller responds:
”Threadkiller ≠ anduril“

Andruil attacks Threadkiller instead of Macphist:

”For the record, the reverse of
Threadkiller ≠ anduril
anduril ≠ Threadkiller
and is equally valid.
You can all thank daddy for providing me with a handy example that I can use to illustrate the difference between my concise, carefully reasoned and composed posts and the type of truly mindless drivel that kills threads. “

Mindless drivel that kills threads? I thought I was winning!

Well as Dudley Moore said in Arthur:

”You're a hooker? Jesus, I forgot! I just thought I was doing GREAT with you!”

This visit is KILLING the Wh. Today MO visits a Silver Spring school with Ms Calderone (picked undoubtedly because of its large Hispanic population) and one of the kids says her mom is here without papers.

At the same time, Obama is planning to visit Kalamazoo HS and each student is required to fill out a secret service form which, among other things, asks their immigration status and I.D.


Kalamazoo HS

That would be Kalamazoo Central HS. There's two (Loy Norrix is the other).

A snit, I know, but I grew up there.


No kidding, Clarice. And, the little girl begins by telling Michelle: "My mother says Barack Obama is taking everybody away that doesn't have papers."

I love it! Not bad old Arizona. Not the mean Governor of Arizona. But Barack Obama!

tee hee.


A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I've got a gal in Kalamazoo!">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR1l7ST05Z4">Kalamazoo!


Remember that guy Madoff who was a small time con Artist?

Compared to these Senator/Representives (and of course one claims to be a Republican), he was really, really small time.

":Operating under the benign sounding title, “Create Jobs and Save Benefits Act of 2010”, [Senator Robert] Casey’s [D-PA] bill is actually nothing more than a transfer of approximately $165 billion in Big Labor’s pension debt over to the U.S. taxpayer."

$165 billion to be stolen from US taxpayers without a single thought that it might be wrong.


Anduril says:

"Generally agreed. However, no one else has posted that sort of crud. I wouldn't even put Clarice's recipes in quite that category. The only things that come close, IMO, are:

1) Clarice's utterly unformatted paste jobs (see just above), and

2) daddy's personal diary entries."

Anduril, I have to say that you are uniformly a bore.

As long as you're getting personal about two of my favorite commentors, I'll just tell you that you add nothing whatsoever to this forum.


Yeah, daddy, everyone who played in a Big Band in the area had to know that one.


Forget about birth certificate hallucinations, the problem now is tacos! LOL...
When anyone says "wingnuts" aren't driven by paranoia, I can just send send them here.
BTW, I don't want to paint all the conservatives here with the same brush. Certainly some here don't by any means fit the wingnut description. But many, alas, do, (and, indeed, there are left wingnuts aplenty as well) and I'm looking for a fair'n'balanced way to describe them as a group. Any suggestions?


When anyone says "wingnuts" aren't driven by paranoia, I can just send send them here.
I'm looking for a fair'n'balanced way to describe them as a group. Any suggestions?

How about Nutter-busters?

Jane says obamasucks

How about ignoring the troll threadkiller?




Happy birthday, glasater and Thomas Collins!


Thank you Elliott!

Still have about an hour and fifteen minutes left of it in this timezone:-)


Hi glasater,

Hope I get my Happy Birthday in under the wire.

Saw your link yesterday to that guy who pretended his way into the cockpit for a few thousand hours, but I forgot to comment.

For years I have maintained that the hardest part of this career is not the job, but is instead simply getting the opportunity to prove that you can do it. Probably like getting accepted to Harvard, except that in this business you have to demonstrate a modicum of intelligence and coordination and common sense after being given that once in a lifetime opportunity. Other than that its pretty easy. Somehow that guy just avoided the hard part.


Thank you daddy and you are just a dear to respond:-)

Love the NOTAMS--you picked out the one that showed 'cranes' in the vicinity and what a hoot to read through....quickly. More like glances.
When my better half and I were flying--I remember reading those bulletins all the time. They must come in via a computer nowadays...It's been awhile since we were in in the piloting game.
Love your stories and comments and are grateful you are in the JOM community.
I photograph real estate listings and the agents have been keeping me pretty busy but I do try to keep up with the dear and funny commentators here in this great forum.


Forgot to add that if I can get a PP license anyone can... :-)

Shouldn't make it sound easy though and as you say--the "fake" pilot avoided the hard part.

When I got my license the examiner said he didn't pass anyone unless he felt comfortable with letting that person pilot an aircraft with his wife and children on board.


Speaking of explosions, it's Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! Since I can't draw, I put this together instead:


bgates! Fabulous.


That should go viral and worldwide, bgates.



Well done, sir. May I copy this and send it around?


Gosh, the discussion on the new thread had got so many posts of Christians threatening to murder each other over theological disputes politely expressing their thoughts on different denominations I didn't know anybody had responded to this.

Like with anything I put on here, please copy and paste as desired.


Ditto on Caros "fabulous!" bgates.
(You know you've really always been my true, true, favorite. Don't tell the others.)


I sent it to AT. I hope hey'll run it. C

Dave (in MA)

Hey, look... It's MO^2.




Excellent bgates.

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