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May 11, 2010



That's why it's dumb to give a pull out date. DUH

steve sturm

One shouldn't be surprised. For all the talk of the surge having worked, all it did was quiet things down for a while, it didn't lead to an Iraq where the warring factions decided to live together in peace and harmony... and as soon as our troops leave, the Iraqis will go back to using violence to settle their differences. And in some cases, they won't wait. They don't like one another and they have no plans to peacefully share money and power.

Steve C.

If the President were smart, which he's not, he would act preemptively announce that he has given Gates/Patreaus/Odierno the authority to retain X brigades in Iraq if the Iraqis request additional support. It would be a one day story.

Instead, we will doubtless be subjected to weeks of handwringing come July.


let's see, the Brits, Canadians, Dutch and a bunch of other allies are out of Afghanistan next year. Iraq is a mess after we put it back together again under Petraeus. Hey, what could go wrong with this scenario?


Hmmmm... I thought this was Obama's big achievement in foreign policy so far acording to Biden?

685 is still alive

Global warming super bubbles.

Foreign what? His policy is a crown where he went to school.

Joe "mama" Biden

"Hmmmm... I thought this was Obama's big achievement in foreign policy so far acording to Biden?"

Did 8 say Obama? I meant Bush.

Stand up, Beau!!

Jack is Back!

No surprise here. The closer we get to Obami's deadline the more bodies will pile up. The general's are rolling their eyes. The only thing they are thinking and doing is keeping their troops safe until July unless the Prez doubles down and gives them carte blanche and no timetable. If we start losing lots of troops as we get closer to July the PAI at Raz is going to go through the roof.

Once again, never trust your country to a charlatan and an amateur leader.


My brother leave's that place in 5 weeks.

He said on his first tour, 4 years ago, they would go out and aggressively kick bad guy butts.

Now, it's hunker down and don't break anything. When they ask commanders why they can't engage 'they just point up in the air and shrug their shoulders'.

He says it's completely different this time around. He had hoped to make full bird for the bump in pay he'd get from major but is giving up. He doesn't like this Army and is retiring as soon as he can once he gets back.

Sandy Daze

11 May 2010

The surge worked, by any and every measure.

To suggest otherwise is ill-informed.

That there are those who hope to derail the political process in Iraq is no surprise. That Shia, after years of being under Sadamn's boot, are less than accommodating to the Sunnis, should not be a surprise.

What we are seeing now is akin to kinetic elbows under the basketball net.

I grieve for the loss of Iraqi life, and for the many wounded in these attacks.

And yet, in spite of numerous prior attacks, totaling multiples of casualties greater than yesterday's losses, Iraqis still went to the polls on 7 March in numbers that easily eclipse our (USA) percentages.

Why ?

Because Mr & Mrs Iraqi citizen want the freedom of electing those that will govern them. They want the freedom to succeed or fail on their own merits. They want the freedom to offer their children a better life than they themselves had.

The democratic processes put in place through much sacrifice of National Treasure (both lives and dollars), will help Mr & Mrs Iraqi realize those freedoms. They know that.

Mr & Mrs Iraqi appreciate and are grateful of the coalition effort, including almost 4,400 US troopers, almost 220 coalition troopers and many civilians killed in action and thousands more wounded; not including Iraqis themselves. May they all Rest In Peace.

Should the US presence in Iraq be sustained for an extended period, perhaps at numbers greater than the 50,000 currently scheduled for 1 Sept 2010 and beyond? I'm with Sen McCain; we should keep troops in Iraq for a hundred years if wanted. Golly, there are ~ 60K troops in Germany still today, what, oh just 65 years after the end of World War II. That's all.

I reflect on almost a hundred years after American independence, America experienced the horrors of the Civil War. I also reflect upon the 2000 election, and the delay in certification of the winner of that contest.

If democracy is so difficult in the USA, why would we, why should we think it will be any easier in Iraq?

Democracy is not easy.

As President Reagan said:

"There are no easy answers' but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right."

Just so.

Take good care,

Cecil Turner

"There are no easy answers' but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right."

Very apt. But this being a military issue, we probably need a Dead Karl quote to round us out:

“Everything in war is simple, but the simplest thing is difficult. The difficulties accumulate and end by producing a kind of friction that is inconceivable unless one has experienced war.”
Unfortunately, the group in charge acts like the difficult thing is making a decision.

S Bob S

Sandy Cheeks?


Sandy, Nice to hear from you.

In related news--AP reports (not surprisingly)
Assocated Press ^ |
Following high level complaints about "imperfections" in international law, Russia announced Tuesday that captured Somali pirates "have all died." A Russian official claimed that 10 pirates seized by Russian special forces aboard an oil tanker last week were quickly freed but then died on their way back to the Somali coast.


If you recall, the Russians claimed they put the Somali pirates on boats and sent them to find their own way home. We should all fly Russian flags when traveling along that treacherous coastline now.


Unfortunately, the group in charge acts like the difficult thing is making a decision.

Posted by: Cecil Turner | May 11, 2010 at 05:03 PM

Yes, it is known as analysis paralysis. It can happen when anyone suddenly realizes the magnitude of the decision they must make, and therefore choose to avoid decided by engaging in round after round of additional analysis. I think it finally hit Obama when he was starting to deal with Afgahnistan that if he made a decision, young men and women might die as a result of it. Much more dificult than ordering unmanned drones into the skies. Thankfully, someone was eventually able to convince Obama that not decided was also going to cost lives, and he'd be blamed either way. I wish I could say that having been through this once already, Obama would have learned, but I don't see any evidence that he is capable of learning. So, I exspect endless foot dragging here too.



I am hearing some bad rumblings from A-Stan lately. Of an officer corps that is afraid to challenge the accepted wisdom and is rolling over from field grade upwards; of a company level dissatisfaction with leadership for a wide spectrum of reasons, including ROE's; of disgust with the Afghan mindset and corruption; of a loss of hope that any lasting change occurs. There is tremendous burnout occurring that will damage our defense posture significantly.

I've kept my mouth shout for a while now, but this is not Petraeus' way or war. This summer is the schwerpunkt, and frankly, Obama and most of the Allies want out next year. That is the sure road to failure. Afghanistan can not be fixed in 5 years, or maybe 50. And the Afghans really don't seem to care.The light bulb has to want to change. LUN


mouth shout? was that freudian or what?


The Iraqis need to bring in Nick Clegg to help with forming a new government.

Dr. Zeus.

Mouth Out, or moth closet.

Flit Wit.

Bush win some, Obama lose some.


O will tell you he gave the volunteers another 9 billion now. or 65 billion.



1 trillion for 10 years, what a deal

It's more O Care cause of programs to feed children like we do overseas. It's just right.


Be rational.

1 trillion for 10 years, like them euro  people

Programs are now open for scholarships to become a nurse or practitioner now too. It was underestimated to help these poor people who want to help.


The President wants you to apply and you should; it's a deal, but he had to cheat first, just so you know.

1 trillion for 10 years, dont forget food and poverty

You can also answer the national service call with your 5 year old kindergartner. Equal exchange here.


1 trillion for 10 yearo

It's the new class of fat


Kryptics gots linx.

Get your gnarly deep right here.

'Smart' Governance.

Very vasty scary links, old pal.

Peeling the orange is bad

That British guy was going to invent air scrubbers like that, but everyone said we should terra form mars instead.

Energy and pollution. Jong says he has it figured. He's telling you he has found fission, not the fusion game everyone played. It's gonna be those satanic robots from hell's creation with that red fission eye like battlestar before they were perverted into humans; fissioning all existence unless you pay 100 billion...... 2 trillion dollars.

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