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May 17, 2010


Thomas Collins

Looks as if Palin has her Ag Secretary when she takes over the Presidency in 2013.


lol, Tom Collins! I couldn't agree more - and it is a great ad.

Bill in AZ

Looked like my most favorite gun in the whole world - model 94 30-30 lever action Winchester - the gun that won the west.

I especially liked the horse's ass at the end.

I defer to Bill. I was afraid it was a little varmint plinker.


I'd prefer Palin not have an Ag Secretary, or an Energy Secretary, or an Education Secretary--close them all down. Maybe this guy could be her press secretary.


At least this guy has some life in him.
Here in PA, Specter looks literally like a "dead man walking" and Sestak is running as the guy who isn't dead. Perhaps that is why the original "Night of the Living Dead" was in PA.

Danube of Thought

The lever-action Winchester looms large in the dreams of red-blooded American boys.

The Winchester '73 was mainly a .44-40 caliber.


And sanity is returning to Florida, well what passes for that, in the LUN


is it wrong of me to so enjoy watching Specter squirm as he prepares to get reamed in the primary of the party to which he switched because...he was going to get reamed in that party's primary?

Danube of Thought

Very encouraging poll, Narciso. If the leader has less than 50%, does Fla. require a runoff?

On a gloomier note, the viper Specter has pulled even with Sestak. The union thugs are likely to put him over the top.


On a gloomier note, the viper Specter has pulled even

That just gives the general electorate the chance to dispose of him themselves.


Perry is up 51% to 38% over White, according to Rasmussen.

Thomas Collins

See LUN for an example of a dissenting opinion (this one by Justice Thomas) that destroys the majority opinion. I think this type of dissenting opinion demonstrates that the majority opinion is really not a real legal opinion, but an exercise of naked judicial imperialism.


is it wrong of me to so enjoy watching Specter squirm

If it is, you are in good company. We are all enjoying it with you.

Thomas Collins

See LUN for an interesting article on Israeli war gaming on the assumption that Iran will successfully go nuclear.

It is quite possible that we are headed for the worst possible result, namely, the US and Europe talking big about the unacceptability of Iran as a nuclear power, but doing nothing to stop it. The issue of whether to take military action to stop Iran from going nuclear is one on which people of good faith can disagree; the current policy of talking big but carrying a twig and making believe it is a stick (sanctions talk) is lunacy. If Obama has decided he can live with a nuked up Iran, he should say so right now.


Sadly so, TC, of course, he has said as much, when you read between the lines

Rick Ballard

Jay Cost has a very good piece on the coming change in DC.

This is the thunder on the mountain, the early warning that something bad is about to blow through the District of Columbia. I don't think there's anything anybody there can do about it. The people have a limited role in this government - but where the people do possess power, they are like a force of nature. They cannot be stopped.

I believe his point to be correct. 2010 is not going to be an ideological test as much as a Final Exam for Incumbents (with a whole bunch of failing grades issued). Bozo and the Democrat Clown Posse will take the brunt because of majority status but we will see several more Rep incumbents knocked out in primaries this spring and summer.

Specter is going to leave his fingernails in the doorjamb of his office but I believe Sestak will boot him tomorrow.

Thomas Collins

Also from the Jay Cost piece linked by Rick Ballard:

"The entire political class needs to understand that the coming events transcend ideology and partisanship. The electoral wave of 2010 will have been preceded by the waves of 2006 and 2008. That will make three electoral waves in a row, affecting both parties and conservative and liberal politicians alike. The American people are sending the establishment a message: we're angry at the way you are running our government; fix it or you'll be next to go."

Let's hope GOPers who still snicker at Tea Partiers are reading Jay Cost. It is most likely the case that the Tea Party, which is not a political party (yet) but a true grass roots movement, is most in tune with the disgust most working Americans feel with they way they are being governed.


TC -

I saw that one. I was perplexed by the ruling in LUN.

If someone has been deprived of Liberty, Under Due Process of Law, for a specific time frame (sentence) for a specific crime, how can they be held legally beyond that? Shouldn't their sentence be "life" in the first place?

It seems like abuse to me. Not that I am for letting them go...


Jim Geraghty went to the NRA convention and posts the following factoids at NRO:

* I’m informed that David Keene, member of the NRA’s Board of Directors, said Smith and Wesson sends a survey with every gun sold. In 2008, 9 percent said that it was their first purchase of a firearm. In 2009, it was up to 30 percent.

* This year’s turnout at CPAC hit a record with more than 10,000; this year’s NRA convention had “close to 80,000 attendees.”

JM Hanes

Apparently the special PA election tomorrow between Burns and mini-Murtha is too close to call. Burns is up a point, but this is the district that doesn't mind sending a money grubbing, incoherent, Democratic idiot to DC time after time after time. When it comes to symbolism, this one would be almost as big on the house side as Scott Brown was in the Senate.

JM Hanes

TC & PD:

South Carolina does a lot of questionable, if not bizarre, experimenting with law enforcement and incarceration. Several (maybe more) years ago, they passed a short-lived law requiring doctors to report any pregnant women who admitted to having used drugs. They then picked 'em up, threw 'em in jail, and pregnant women carrying at risk babies quit seeking prenatal care completely.

Thomas Collins

JMH, the law you mentioned seems shortsighted. The civil commitment of sexual predators doesn't have that problem if it only applies to folks already in prison (it is not as if a sexual predator already in prison is going to fear imprisonment if he seeks treatment).

The problem with the SCOTUS decision covered in the article linked by PDinDetroit is that it is questionable whether the Feds have the constitutional authority to enact a civil commitment scheme for an individual whose prison term has expired. Thomas covers this in his dissent.


The particulars of the Florida case, too wit,
the release of many habitual offenders, on 'overcrowding issues', might have some influence here, but Kennedy is once again, known for using the wrong logic for a seemingly right outcome, There's a lesson, there, for those who think the Bork hearings
were a temporary loss

Captain Hate

Not to mention that the Amiraults were thrown into to jail for sex crimes against children which never happened. Adding another layer of punishment by assuming the infallibility of juries, particularly given the draconian rules of what can be presented to them in arriving at their decisions, is a huge mistake.


EU Referendum presents wind farm ,a href="http://eureferendum.blogspot.com/2010/05/trouble-in-wind.html">Info the fraudsters don't want you to know.

" Many gearboxes, designed for a 20-year life, are failing after six to eight years of operation, the report finds."

Insanity rules.


Insanity rules...and our culture is rotten.
LUN a video clip of the show Family Guy mocking our veterans.
I feel overwhelmed sometimes by our disgusting culture.

Dave (in MA)

No special treatment here.

None whatsoever.


Check out Miss USA Rima Fakih when she won Mojo In The Morning’s “Stripper 101″ contest in 2007.

She brings a whole new meaning to “radical Islamist”

Donald Trump seems to attract a strange set of people to the Miss USA events. I guess it’s his lot in life.


I don't quite get why she would be at risk from tribes given her nephew is the leader of the free world, but what do I know? She has already gotten herself a hip replacement on my Massachusetts dime. Sheesh.

In my mind I'm still in Portugal so another episode awaits.


This must be the best PA ad this year. LUN


Sorry if already linked:

The Hill: Thousands of bees swarm White House

The comments are totally hilarious.


Porchlight, that link goes to a Mort Zuckerman article on public employee unions. It's a good article, but no bees are involved.


LUN is the bee article...the comments are funny.


A poster on that thread, reminded me of the Belushi "Killer Bee" sketch, which got old
by the third round


Thousands of bees swarm White House

Don't you realize what month it is?

Those were MayBees!


it is questionable whether the Feds have the constitutional authority to enact a civil commitment scheme for an individual whose prison term has expired. Thomas covers this in his dissent.

While I'm no lawyer, Thomas's dissent in this case (as well as in the one TC linked earlier) is a thing of beauty. He cites chapter and verse of the Federalist Papers to demolish the idea that it was ever the framers' intent to give the Federal government this kind of authority. He also cites the 10th amendment and reminds everyone that the Federal government's powers are strictly enumerated.

I suspect he could just pull this argument out half the time he dissents (and maybe he has), but he should continue to do so.


Here is an irritating tidbit -
When I Google "Arizona Governor" the first listing is Janet Napolitano.
When I do the same for "Virginia Governor" the first listing is Timothy Kaine.

I'm about to cross over into conspiracy theory territory.

The science is settling around them like a shroud.

Whoa, did I just hear the opening salvo of the 2012 Democratic Presidential Primary season? Bill Clinton called CO2 plant food.


Heck Janet, that's small beans...

I Googled "President United States" and got Obama--now THAT'S a conspiracy.

Ann Maggie Thatcher


Read this: 2010 The Tipping Point That Could Change The World - Gen Paul Vallely

Watch this: Middle East On The Edge 2010

Conspiracy? It doesn't sound like it.

Bill in AZ

Ann, definitely some things to make you go hmmmmm....

Rick Ballard


Isn't "CO2 is plant food" more of a recognition that the AGW/Air Tax fraud has run its course? Zapatero is giving up on the "leading edge" solar/wind theft in Spain so the Bubba Babble isn't exactly surprising. I don't even recall Bozo pimping the fraud much lately.

This sick charade is having a plethora of dying agonies.

Bozo's playing all sides against the middle on energy. His EPA is still hell bent on regulation and his science advisers are all creepy tranzis to the core. They've got to try to maintain the charade, but the Clintons don't.

Captain Hate

Hey guys; I just took part in a Ras phone poll. Suck it, ear leader.

Thomas Collins

See LUN (via Instapundit) for commentary on SCOTUS's upholding federal legislation providing for the detention of sexually dangerous federal prisoners who have completed their sentences.


"pimping the fraud

"But new benefits to Israel have recently been negotiated, which might be all it takes to make Joe Lieberman happy."

Then from the 1st link Ann posted above we learn: "Gen. Vallely tells PJTV’s Bill Whittle, that Iran has stockpiled “50 to 60 thousand rockets and missiles” in Lebanon."

The only thing new is that Iran and her friends have amassed enough fire power to wipe Israel off the map and Sen Lieberman thinks he got some thing out of selling his soul.


Meawhile back at the ranch, CNN is puzzled about Shahzad's motivation,in the LUN



That last paragraph of your fraud link is worth pasting:

I don’t think anyone today can reasonably claim that America’s political system is working. From hiring ACORN with public money in violation of campaign finance law, to destroying the nation’s health care to increase kick-backs, to destroying the economy to steal money based on energy use; it simply doesn’t matter any more how obvious the scam or how completely corruption is exposed. The American Political Class count themselves as the modern “untouchables.” They’ll do it anyway, mock the American public and laugh in the face of protests while they do.

Clarice is right. It is exhausting running around with your hair on fire everyday. I am tired.


they're always puzzled, and will never again use the terms islamic radical, islamic terrorist,terrorist, etc...

O'Reilly had Holder on squirming before a Congressional committee when a congressman asked him as in cross examination if people who acted in the manner in which terrorists do and if they use Islam as the pretext, were they perhaps Islamic radicals. Holder refused to answer. It was utterly disgraceful.


as to the missiles, Hezbollah also now have SCUD's according to Israeli intelligence. Transit time to tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or wherever the hell they fall has been reduced to minutes. with those morons, they'll probably hit the West Bank.


IMO, the reason we are seeing all the verbal attacks on Israel by the leftists is to enable the leftists to claim that Israel was bad and wiping the country/people off the earth is justified by the terrible things Israel did.

Jane says obamasucks

What did you guys think about that SCOTUS decision? I haven't read it, and I like the thought of not letting pervs out, but it certainly doesn't sound constitutional to me.

Ann- re:your link. I frequently remind myself that I thought Nixon was going to do the same thing, and I was wrong.


Ann, thanks for the links. My hair is on fire too.
Asking questions of these leftist idiots seems the way to go. Let them prove their ideas...we have been on the defense too long.
*Did you read the bill?
*matt's example above...With Holder refusing to answer.
Our MSM is incompetent...too dumb to even know which questions to ask. They accept the underlying premises of the left....which are not true.


Captain, I will look at tomorrow's Strongly Disapprove number with a smile on my face. I remember when Hillary Clinton was first running for Senator, and Quinnipiac called me. I asked the interviewer if she had a half hour for me to let her know what I really felt

Captain Hate

Peter, it was amazingly cathartic. Every time I hit the number for "Strongly Disapprove" it felt like Moochelle's tree trunks added another growth ring, I sent one of Bammy's weak-assed jump shots into the third row and destroyed a carton of Kools.

In a similar story, when Weird Al was competing in the 2000 primary, the local fishwrap polled me and was so taken by my uncharacteristically outspoken and opinionated answers about that fat, dull turd that they sent somebody out to take my picture to go with the quotes.


Coming in late, but according to this">http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2010/05/17/napolitano_admits_she_hasnt_read_arizona_law_but_says_she_wouldnt_sign_it.html">this story Napolitano hasn't taken the time to read the Arizona Law either.

So Obama hasn't, Holder hasn't, and Napolitano hasn't, but they all know whats in it and that its racist and unConstitutional, and they all feel confident to denigrate it. It seems to me that such grossly unprofessional and irresponsible behavior on the part of these 3 Officials is inviting insurrection.

Danube of Thought

I fear that if I am ever questioned by one of these pollsters I will promptly be taken away in chains.


who the hell puts the family dog down as an asset? Just guess.....

daddy, I hate to say it, but is it any surprise? they feel they are above reading the law of the land (or Arizona). The law is what they say it is.

Janet hasn't made enough money

Own an expensive dog...but we gotta take care of his Aunt. The left is all compassionate and generous with our money...not their own.



This story linked by Instapundit ">http://www.transterrestrial.com/?p=26840"> Fact Checking The Epa was worth reading.

Basically says that the EPA's math in figuring out how much water is in the gulf of Mexico is off (too small) by a factor of 3.

Is this bit of info making the Climate rounds?


They don't know how much water is in the gulf of Mexico, that's inconceivable, with
apologies to Inigo Montoya, in the LUN

Danube of Thought

If you genuinely hate Arlen Specter, you'll relish reading this from Allahpundit. Oh, how I yearn to see this craven, unprincipled gasbag opportunist get rejected by the second of the two political parties in less than a year.


I genuinely hate Arlen Specter, so yes I did relish that.

Thank you DoT.

Captain Hate

Yeah I read about Yawning Sphincter at AoS, where I could avoid AllahPerezHilton, although to his credit that was atypically well done.



If they at least went thru the cosmetic motions of saying "Yeah, I read the Arizona Law, and here's why I disagree, blah, blah, blah," I could understand it.

But to brazenly admit that they haven't even take the time to read the thing, nor that they need to prior to damning it, is a level of contempt for citizens and the Law I've just not seen.

We all know how pompous and self important they are, but the part that strikes me is their utter cluelessness at how their behavior is being perceived out here in flyover land by ordinary citizens. It is not simply mind boggling stupidity. It is poking a sharp stick in the eye of every citizen out here who knows and cares for The Constitution. By their actions they are inviting repercussions.


Maybe bi-partisan will be redefined to mean nobody wants them.
"They were bi-partisanly loathed. Only the media still loved them."
A first sentence for a new best seller!


Suppose you heard a political candidate unambiguously - well, I don't want to put words in your mouth.

Suppose you heard a political candidate say, “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam,” and you knew he had never left the country in uniform. If you wanted to tell people, how would you phrase that?

OK, how about if it was a Connecticut politician, and you were working for his New York PR firm. Could you come up with a better line than, Candidate's Words on Vietnam Service Differ From History? That's softpedaling that makes Fred Astaire look like a drunken rhinoceros.


another day, another hair on fire story.
http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=MTQ0OTFkNzMwMTg3MmFiNzc4M2RjOGZiNzllZDRkOTM=>Give us a damn break, you imbeciles


True, but Joseph Ellis, who still walks
through the world of publishing without shame, probably ran the trifecta, Vietnam vet, special forces, aide to Westmoreland, except he was nota


Oh dear, DoT, I am on my second cocktail, but I vote your remark the best of the day:

"Oh, how I yearn to see this craven, unprincipled gasbag opportunist get rejected by the second of the two political parties in less than a year."

I so hope to see it come to pass!


The Iranians have been playing the international community like a Stradivarius. Good mullah/Bad mullah; confusing signals; I'll bet they bribing the Chinese and Russians along the way, although it seems Sarko (cut to photo of hot wife) is now on board.

Now they have Islamonuts in Turkey to play revolving door with their enriched uranium. You can bet this is going to be a game of 3 card monty. Which shell is the U-235 under?

And all the while Dear Leader looks the fool to the 3rd power.



bgates beat me, but here's another ">http://hotair.com/archives/2010/05/17/bombshell-democratic-senate-candidate-lied-about-serving"> link to what just came out about the lying Dem Candidate in Connecticut.

Stand by November!


And his possible opponent, Res, Colonel Rob Simmons, fmr Phoenix Program official, that's


You nailed it, matt. Imagine forgetting to take that idiotic deal off the table!

Thomas Collins

OK, no posts on what happened on 24 today, so that it is not ruined for those who haven't seen the next to last episode. But I think lapsed 24ers would enjoy tuning in next week.

As for Blumenthal, it appears he is to political campaigning what Bellisiles is to scholarship and Kearns Goodwin is to popular history.


The Blumenthal blow up is just further proof of the sociopaths in govt. How did he imagine he'd pull this off. How can he remain as Atty General? Shouldn't he be disbarred?


It's a reference from WAr and Peace, and it's not Kutuzov


Friday is apparently the last date the Dems can substitute someone else for Blumenthal, the bold faced liar,

Danube of Thought

Bgates and daddy beat me to it. There's a special place in he'll for bastards like that. There's lying, and then there's that particular species of lying. God damn him.


I hear ">http://www.pajamasmedia.com/instapundit-archive/archives/017246.php"> Tom Harkin's vouching for this Blumenthal guy's credentials.

Can Kerry be far behind?

Captain Hate

Wow, finding a Blumenthal lower than whale shit that doesn't have a first name of Sidney is an unusual day.


Let's all write him and ask him to please stay in the race.


Does this mean Blumenthal has been swift boated* by the New York Times?

*truth comes out


Dammit all,

Now I'm going to have to watch CNN to see if they forget to cover the story. Currently it's Anderson Cooper on Racism.

FWIW, yesterday rode as a passenger on an Asiana flight Seoul to Taipei. In flight Entertainment on the overhead TV screens was some recent gala in DC with singers/dancers/movie-stars, and a 15 minute speech by Obama.

Plane was loaded with Koreans and Chinese. Not a single person from my vantage point on the plane paid the slightest bit of attention to that stupid program. How the heck whoever put that on thought it was in the least bit entertaining is beyond me. I was revolted, but thankfully had a great book ">http://www.amazon.com/Letters-Homesteader-Elinore-Pruitt-Stewart/dp/1443241903/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1274150116&sr=1-2"> Letters of a woman Homesteader (1909-1913). Found it for 25 cents on the shelf at our Salvation Army Store. Unexpectedly delightful.


Hot air's latest update on Blumy:

"Update: Marc Ambinder quotes Blumenthal’s camp as saying it’s a “hit job” and “full of inaccuracies” with promises of more to come."

Say in there and fight Blumy!

Danube of Thought

Forgive me for letting the I-phone override my curse. The guy from CT belongs in hell, not "he'll." And I'm confident that a just God will indeed damn him to that exact spot, where no apostrophe can interrupt his agony.


OMG, Blumenthal has been Swiftboated! Every conservative in the country needs to run with that so the true meaning of being Swiftboated might break through to the mushy middle.


Perhaps we are too hard on Blumenthal.

Possibly, like Congress or Holder or Obama or Napolitano, he had simply never taken the time to read his DD-214, so he didn't know whether he ever was in VietNam or not.

I am sure when his DD-214 is released to the public in a couple days, just after John Kerry releases his, this'll all be cleared up.

No word on Blumenthal on CNN yet, but the nice thing is that in Taiwan, all the ads where the commercials usually go, are all CNN ads for how wonderful their CNN reporters are. Just saw a very nice one on another CNN reporter who looks just like Anderson Cooper, and am confident the next 1 will be on either Wolf Blitzer's intelligence or Christianne Amonpour's wonderful access to Saddam in Iraq.


No word on Blumenthal yet on CNN, but Anderson Cooper leaves us with this question to stay tuned to in the next segment: "How come BP doesn't want to know how bad the Oil Spill actually is?"
(I;m not making this up.)

Crap, It was a Nic Robertson ad, followed by a Richard Quest mini-ad. Shows what a lousy prognosticator I am.


Day X Exists.

Day experiment. July 23.

Truth of Bluff?

Scientists who lost laptops like this.

Salt is looking for someone and is mad about someone else. A defector?

Strawman Cometh

Hammond & Hammond posted Crystal Mangum's bail today at no charge, pro boner, saying "it was the right thing to do". They won't be getting any more of my business.


Here is video of the lying SOB Attorney General, Blumenthal:

"My good luck hat given to me by a CIA guy as we went in"....CARP

Twitter is wondering if Blumenthal is the guy that threw Kerry's medals over the fence at the WH. HA!

And the credit for the outing is given to Linda McMahon, a Republican (claiming that her campaign's research team provided the New York Times with the tip that led to the story)

Another Maggie Thatcher, Clarice.


http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2010/05/blumenthal-responds-to-vietnam-allegations/56867/>Blumenthal is outraged. But doesn't deny the story.


Thanks for that link Ann.

That's a Clintonesque quality lie if you ask me.

Sincere, sanctimonious, scolding, and full of pathos...gosh, it has it all.


Someone should ask the reporter at Slate why he thought Blumenthal was the captain of the swim team he was not even a member of.


lightning bolts, man....(looking up to heaven)...that's all these a-holes will understand....either that or a plague of the swollen tongue....


Couldn't stand anymore CNN. After 2 hours they never even mentioned Blumenthal, but heard plenty about white kids possibly being racist and cel-phones causing cancer

Jim Clancy's CNN ad though was way better than Nic Robertson's CNN ad because Clancy's said he would "Go Beyond Borders" to get "multiple points of view", whereas Nic Robertson's ad only said he was going to get us "news that we wouldn't find anywhere else".

So I swapped the channel to RT (Russia Today). There the story was on the Iranian's accepting the Nuke Fuel deal, and the anchor had on somebody who said that this is a huge personal humiliation for Hilary Clinton, and a well deserved slap in the face to the US Administration by Iran, Turkey and Brazil. Seemed very happy about it.

Thats all I can stomach for now.


``our culture is rotten.''

Why so much hate for America?

This is a great country, with a great culture. One of the best, and by many measures, the best.

Love it or leave it!!!



Valery Plame is giving an interview on Russia Today. She's making a movie "Countdown to Zero" about nuke proliferation.

Came in when she was dumping on Bush, but now she has very kind words on Gorbachez and Jimmy Carter. Says when she was CIA she worked really hard to make sure the bad guys didn't get the bomb, but now after leaving the CIA she feels she really needs to stand up and fight for zero nukes worldwide. She says the movie will be like "An Inconvenient Truth" on nukes and it will open peoples eyes, and that the movie is produced by many of the same people who did Gores film. She says many very smart people have an agenda all set up and this movie is the beginning of that agenda, made to win support of college students and activists worldwide to make their agenda a reality.

Says Obama is essentially wonderful.

Has a nice hair-do. (Plame, not Obama).

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