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May 21, 2010


Danube of Thought

This guy illustrates why Libertarian Party candidates consistently draw around 1% of the vote when they get on a ballot.

Rob Crawford

I was unaware Rand Paul was running on the Libertarian Party ticket.

Huh. Why is he getting so much attention?


Just a guess here, but I assume the Mrs Murphy exemptions are a reflection of majority views on what should not be covered and --whoa--they match Paul's. Not that the media will draw that straight line.

soccer dad

And of course the Congressional Black Caucus may legally bar Steven Cohen for joining on the basis of his skin color.


I don't know much about Rand Paul, except that the Dems, the media, and establishment Republicans seem to have the same reaction to him as they do to Sarah Palin.
The more I hear from Mr. Paul's detractors, the more he sounds like an overly analytical guy who has an unfortunate tendency (for a politician) to say what he actually thinks rather than what sounds acceptable to the media. Freedom of association, while under attack, is still a recognized constitutional principle. What's wrong with saying so?
(Just because his father is pretty far out there doesn't necessarily mean he agrees with him--remember that GWB and GHWB didn't see eye-to-eye on many things political).


It's not a coincidence Boatbuilder, he's the most high profile Tea Party win and Sarah did endorse him


"Why is he getting so much attention?"

IMO, there are several reasons.
(1) I understand he actually has skills and performs useful services for people. That really upsets the Democrats. They want every American totally dependent on the US government.
(2) He seems to believe in America. That really, really upsets the Democrats. They don't want those kind of people around.
(3) He was endorsed by Sarah Palin. That really, really, really upsets the Democrats.
I suspect they will concentrate their main efforts to defeat America on those politicians she endorses.


Sarah also endorsed Carly Fiorina, who is an absolute joke.....


Huh. Why is he getting so much attention?

Because the dems decided he was the "first tea party candidate" and thus he has to be destroyed.

Make no mistake.

Cecil Turner

I suspect they will concentrate their main efforts to defeat America on those politicians she endorses.

And I suspect that'll prove to be counterproductive. (Hell, I'm starting to warm up to him just out of contrariness.) And remember whose seat he's running for (Jim Bunning). The obviously out-of-state commenters on that Page 1 KY link (e.g., the one claiming he'd have to resign) made me smile.


I've never understood why "retirement communities" get special dispensation (except for the fact that retirees vote in much higher numbers). Once you carve out special dispensations for one politically active group, how do you justify not making more?

On a side note, but election related, some Rs seem to have learned to play the game:

http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=YzQ0YWY1MmM2Nzg3ODJjMGQ4Y2ZkMTNlOGI4NjRmMmQ=>Sestak Could Face Ethics Inquiry

"If Congressman Sestak will not tell us, then to be honest the only choice we have is to deal with this from a standpoint of congressional integrity," Issa told The Washington Examiner. "Under our ethics rules, either Congressman Sestak is lying, which would be an ethical violation, or he is covering up three felonies by members of the administration, which of course would be an ethical violation."


his logical position might be that Donald Trump could do whatever he wants in all his many buildings, and that Donald Trump's many creditors and the universe of prospective tenants could use his decisions in their evaluation of whether to do business with him. It all sounds very messy.


I wish I had a method to discriminate against the unspeakable Trump and the unidentified pet that lives on top of his head as well.

Captain Hate

In Rand Paul's favor, the right people seem to hate him. I've yet to experience that being a bad thing.


"...the unidentified pet that lives on top of his head..."

No kidding, Ignatz.


He seems to be attempting to change the subject. Not a dumb move.

Rand Paul Calls Obama Slams of BP "Un-American"

Tom Maguire
I've never understood why "retirement communities" get special dispensation (except for the fact that retirees vote in much higher numbers).

Things like taxes for schools/pools/playgrounds emerge as a divisive issue.


Clever headline by Jonak Goldberg:

">http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=ODU1OTRiYjhlNDU0Y2Y1Yzg3MzZlOGE4MWZhMmQ3YzI="> Eye'n Rand


Apparently he's pulling out of a Meet Depressed appearance this Sunday and the NBC crowd is twittering like mad about it.


From the WSJ: ``Paul — who says 50% of his patients are on Medicare — wants to end cuts to physician payments under a program now in place called the sustained growth rate, or SGR. “Physicians should be allowed to make a comfortable living,” he told a gathering of neighbors in the back yard of Chris and Linda Wakild, just behind the 10th hole of a golf course. ...''

I'd thought maybe Paul was some kind of principled libertarian, willing to take the consequences for taking unpopular stances in defense of fulsome liberty. Turns out, he's just a garden variety Republican with loose lips. And not the Larry Craig kind...
He's against legalizing drugs, and wouldn't even be willing to leave abortion law to the states.
Turns out his support of true liberty is a figleaf for rationalizing predatory behavior by the powerful against the weak. This is the core Republican philosophy, but most are at least smart enough not to demonstrate that as vividly as Paul has.
This too from WSJ:
``He also said he plans to continue practicing ophthalmology if elected.''

Captain Hate

He also said he plans to continue practicing ophthalmology if elected.''

lol @ somebody providing something of value to a client base that can be done on weekends or a vacation instead of clogging up the golf course or attending fund raisers. lol @ anybody who has a skill that benefits people. lol @ people that have a life outside politics.


I'll believe that, Captain Bigot, when I see it...

Ellie Light

If the government can trump the freedom to associate, dictate to business, and rule on private property where does its power end?

Will it deem one race superior to another and give it educational and career priorities?

Will it give them contracting advantages in dealing with the government?

Will it establish a dual standard of justice and determine what crimes are motivated by racial hatred?

Someone will have to remind me of what rights we have again.

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