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May 28, 2010



Chicago on the Potomac.


This reminds me of a domestic beating case in which the 911 call is walked back after the loving couple meet and discuss their testimony and the benefits of refusing to testify.

The facts surrounding the initial claim, including the weeks of planning a response and the meetings with the brother flown in from Italy (wrong movie) tell this seasoned observer that there was a felony, one that should be taken to a grand jury because of the high level at which it occurred.

It does not bode well of our country that this has been and likely will be ignored.

How far behind the line of scrimmage will the sacking be?

It's right at the head of the beast. The beast's own lawyer is running the interference.

Nancy and Hillary do lunch.

I've got too much respect for Judy Curry to call Bill a Ramblin' Wreck.


Well, Greg Sargent at Washington Post claims to have an exclusive - it was Bill Clinton who had the discussions with Sestak.

The plot thickens (or just gets murkier).

Drudge has the link.

Time to plant some dim bulbs.

It's plant food.

Paging Dr. Soros.  Code Stern STAT.

I know knossing, cc! I just see fault lines yawning chasmically, and not in the central valley.

Tom R

This kerfuffke keeps getting better and better. Now Bubbba is involved in the equation. Along with Sestak's brother, Bubba apparently had meetings yesterday with the Obama administration. The situation reeks so much of coverup that even the most inept GOP spin doctor on the planet could have a hey day with that scenario.

Quiet as mice, those murine Cs, the B&H envermination; or termites.

Wouldn't it be a hoot if this were the crisis that wasted the ugly troika of Obama, Emanuel, and Axelrod. Especially with the climate and CO2 fiasco, these guys are becoming a liability to the big money and big power boys(et femina) of the energy putsch.


No one knows lying under oath like Bill.

Make hay while the sun shines.  Rain, rain, go away.  For this May Day is Hay Day.

Hey, I resemble that 'iGsd' comment. Payment is expected at time of service.


Wow... ABC Radio News just reported that the NYT is saying it was Rahm who asked to Bill to ask Sestak if he would drop out for a high level political advisor position. The newsreader sounded like he was choking on the words as he spoke them. If that's true, it sounds like they were offering Sestak a position in the White House itself.

He(she) can stick his bill up his(her) ass.

What can a doctor do that a duck cannot?


The Chicago Mafia Administration is probably blackmailing Clinton to take the heat. I think the WaPo wanted to just ignore the story.
It'll be like the child that is lying...they offer TOO MANY explanations...they go on and on and on....so the parent knows they are lying.

BB Key

Barack sure is lucky to have an ex-president and ex-lawyer to take the fall in the Sestak bribe.

I can here Slick Willy now:

'I guess that old navy guy got his commanders in cheif mixed up. It happens all the time. What are you going do to Disbar me ?'


Yeah BB Key...shove a cigar in the hole, the paperwork in your pants, and let's move this circus on down the road. Someone tell our MSM Promotion Dept. that the show is moving on. Let's Move!


Well, at this point, they are saying the job is a non-compensation position on the President's Advisory Counsel on Intel. That may make the offer technically legal (though I think a Fitz style prosecutor could still build a case), but this is going to destroy the entire 'Hope and Change' narative. Dirty back room deals is how Obamaco works. And now they are openly admitting it.

I'm in a fowl mood.

I wonder how the duck feels about all that 'non-compensation) shoved up his ass?


--Well, at this point, they are saying the job is a non-compensation position on the President's Advisory Counsel on Intel.--

Oh brother. I'm sure they would waste their time offering a guy running for congress a non paying job to get out of the race.
That's the equivalent of saying the duffle bag was full of Monopoly money not greenbacks; only a drooling idiot or a member of the press would pretend to believe it.

Tom R

The WH offered Sesteak a non-paying position on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board? That does not pass the common sense test.

Months ago when the job offer was extended, Sestak was looking at the possibility of becoming a US Senator, which still has a lot of prestige and power despite the currect political climate. To entice Sestak to give up the possibility of becoming a Senator, the WH would have had to make him a lucrative offer for a different position that also has prestige and power. SecNavy would fit the bill, but not a non-paying position on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.


yup. That sounds legit...give up your seat as a Congressman, drop out of the Senate race, and get a laurel and hearty handshake....

I wonder if they will get to "What did the President know and when did he know it?". This stinks to high heaven but in today's political climate they'll try to put it down to business as usual.


Isn't Raum in Israel at the moment? Wasn't Raum out of the country when Massa was doing his "I was buck naked when Raum accousted me in the shower" media blitz? Until he becomes Mayor Emanuel, I wonder how much taxpayers will end up paying to fund his conveniently timed foreign getaways?


As another reporter (sorry forgot where) wrote, they even screwed up the Friday news dump. It is supposed to be dropped at 5:00 pm (edt) before the long holiday weekend, not early in the day.

Complete morons.


Peggy Noonan's column today is one of her best in a while. LUN


The problem for Obama is that he ran as the candidate of "Change." If his defense now is that this is 'just business as usual in DC' he is toast. Even if no one is ever put under oath, the fact that this is the only defense they can claim is devistating to the image of the regime. Combine that with the collapse of the 'competence' front means there is little left of Obama's political persona.


So now we know why Bill had lunch at the WH yesterday - and we know why brother Rich was brought in too. And perhaps that is also why Sandy Berger was at the WH this week as well.

Thomas Collins

Nothing to be concerned about here. Time to move on. Because it was Slick Willie, we all have to realize that it depends on the meaning of "offer."

Thomas Collins

Jane, what luck! You can do a "what did Barack know and when did he know it" radio show next Tuesday!


Let me rephrase my original post;

Chicago on the Potomac, via Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Thomas Collins

Whoops! I inadvertently stole your line, Matt. Well, actually, I guess we both stole it from Howard Baker!

Tom R

Let's pretend the WH is telling the truth and used Bubba as an intermediary to offer Sestek a position on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board if he were to drop out of his race against Specter.

Regardless of the fact that it was a non-paying position and Sestak could not serve on the board at the same time he was a Congressman, doesn't their action of offering a (lame) quid pro quo deal to get Sestak out of the race still violate the federal law?

It sounds to me like the WH just admitted they broke the law.


"Unexpectedly", AP's description of Obama's trip to LA today seems to reveal it as the self-serving photo op it is.


That brought in Sandy Burger to make sure all relevant documents went "missing". LOL

God Save America with these crooks running things.

Because the media propagandists won't.

Melinda Romanoff

An impartial investigator, or sitting State Supreme Court Justice, would be helpful in this situation. Maybe the administration should put a call into a friend for some guidance in this matter.


Every morning Obama can ask Clinton, "Did you plug the hole yet, Bubba?"


LOL, Janet.


This latest version --a non paying job--defies belief. Maybe it's a plot to ascertain the most gullible Americans of all.


Why this loyalty to Spectre is beyond belief.

Was that sixtieth vote that important to this administration to go through--down the road--all this sturm und drang for a victory over the R's worth it?

How horribly short sighted of Zero and his administration.


Let's see? give up a congressional seat, drop out of a Senate primary against a turncoat republican for? -- an advisory commission seat? You know BHO and Rahm are arrogant enough to try it!! Their mistake was using BIG BILL to close the deal. why? now BIG BILL and Sestak are in the U-Boat together at periscope depth and the SS Obama is in the cross-hairs. the only thing BIG BILL and Sestak have to decide is whether its worth the torpedo now, or follow along in the wake for bigger targets a few months from now-- like after the Blago trial or a special prosecutor is appointed. Then they could sink the whole damned Chicago on the Potomac fleet. Then Big Bill has a shot to get back into the WH and Sestak gets a real job. Admiral Daley must look at this everyday and say "Amateurs!!".

Rob Crawford

This latest version --a non paying job--defies belief.

And -- IANAL -- may be immaterial. A position on a committee or panel or whatever could still be considered an award. The law isn't simply against offering people a bag of cash.

Tom Bowler

So, it's been announced that Sestak was offered an unpaid position, but does that mean no law has been broken?

Whoever, directly or indirectly, promises any employment, position, compensation, contract, appointment, or other benefit, provided for or made possible in whole or in part by any Act of Congress, or any special consideration in obtaining any such benefit, to any person...

A distinction is made between "compensation" and "appointment", "or" being the operative conjunction. So the appointment had no compensation attached. So what? There are other benefits in high profile positions. Or could it be the advisory board was not made possible by any Act of Congress?


there is little left of Obama's political persona

He's still black, isn't he? And a Harvard grad.


Maybe it's a plot to ascertain the most gullible Americans of all.

I thought that plot came to fruition on Nov 4 2008.


Maybe he was offered an unpaying position before he was offered Sec of the Navy.

Not a lie is it?

Captain Hate

Why this loyalty to Spectre is beyond belief.

This is what's the most hilarious out of the whole thing; to engage in any not completely above board activity, not to mention possibly impeachable (not that I think that will happen), on behalf of one of the biggest back-stabbers ever to stain the Senate, is just mind-boggling.

And he lost!! Dumbassery times infinity.


As George Costanza says, "It's not a lie if you believe it."


glasater, Cap'n,

It is truly, truly sweet that the wretched Arlen Specter has bitten the WH in the ass in this roundabout way. Karma is a bitch, is she not?


This whole episode - especially today's revelations - are Obamateurish to the nth degree.

I don't think there is anybody anywhere falling for it.

However, the Obamamedia will grab onto this convenient fable.


So Bill CLinton has another ethics problem. Perhaps Obama has promised to fire Biden in 2012.


BTW has anyone asked Joe Sestak if that was the only job offer - cause Bill Clinton is not in the White House and he said the call came from the White House.


When Malaria Obama asked her daddy.
"Daddy did you plug the hole yet".
Opie resonded. Only twice.


I totally agree Porchlight. This is Karma to the nth degree. What goes around comes around. When you put out garbage it cycles back as garbage. They tried to be too cute by half and now they are paying the price.Only in Obamaland would they ever think this would fly..


I read somewhere that Sestak had not been retired from the Navy long enough to be Navy Secretary. Maybe that is why Sestak turned down the offer. He knew it. The WH didn't.


On a totally different matter, yesterday, in the Hot Air headlines, there was a story to Red State about the SC governorship and how Erik had the goods on the person paying some guy named Will Folks. I predicted Erik was lying about knowing because of the way he was unfolding the story and guess what? He was lying. He doesn't know anything and all he has done is ruin his own reputation by lying on his blog. Politics makes people do weird things.


Are you serious, Sue? I last checked RedState early, early this morning and was so peeved with the childishness of Erik's post on the Haley thing, that I refused to go back.

He was lying????? I have never cared much for him, although I think he has a couple of good contributors to his site.

Well, his reputation should be ruined.


"on the Haley thing"

Now, they've got Jake Knotts and Rod Shealy involved.

If anyone wants to wade in this sceptic tank, they're going to need a lot more that hip waders to keep the carp off.
What is needed now is for Lee Atwater to rise up and apply his magic touch.


Erickson is a strange one - he's always seemed a bit too hyper aware of his reputation in the wider blogging world. Rick Moran is another like that imho.


Why this loyalty to Spectre is beyond belief.

I would assume Obama or Rahm or Axelrod made some kind of promise to Specter in exchange for his changing parties and/or voting for Obamacare.

Jane says obamasucks

I think the offer was to make sure he had no opposition in the primary.


Specter could still vote against Kagan in committee and in the full Senate.
Someone on another site was speculating just that very thing.

I'll never forgive him for the Bork hearings...the old toad.


So what if they decide what the White House did was illegal. Who's going to prosecute it. Eric Holder?










The Grey Man

iLie. Yes, there's an app for that.

Politeness Man

Amateur hour at the Roxy. This story is weak, unbelievable and an insult to anyone with an IQ above that of a rutabaga. I'm guessing that the MSM and the rest of the Left will buy it, defend it and run with it.


So if everything is on the up and up, just tell what happened in individual interviews around the world.

Who was it who said if you told the truth you would never have to remember what you said?

If they are telling the truth they wouldn't have to have Sestak's brother and Clinton meeting in the White House.

Army of Davids

It's a Fn Senate Seat!!!!! You don't Fn give those away!!!!!


"Still, this will probably be enough to rally Obama's base."

Are you kidding? He didn't have to do a damned thing to rally his base. His base is perpetually aroused.

Barry Soetoro (D-King Of The World!)

Hmmm,, Sestak,, S.e.s.t.a.k. Hmmm, Not ringing any bells here,, nope never heard of 'em!!

OsamaHusseinIslamObama 2012′
(the terrorist-Uighur-ACORN-media choice)
-It’s never too early to campaign-

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