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May 21, 2010



John Kass has a really good piece on this, also.

Another Dog and Pony Show at City Hall

Buford Gooch

Do you get the impression that "Da Mayor" isn't the brightest bulb on the tree?


I get the idea that a 20 watt bulb is the brightest bulb in the Chicago govt.


Nothing could more clearly and aptly show the overweening arrogance of our "political class" and their contempt for the rest of us than this episode.

Note that he has most likely committed a couple of felonies where to boot.

Not that we will be prosecuted for them.
If we do not stop them now they will take the away from us.


I found Kass's story on this quite poignant. A grieving mother, who feared every day for her son while he served in Iraq, loses him in a place she probably didn't worry about as much - home.


it's the Chicago way. a reporter asks a question, you bring a gun.

Rick Ballard

I'm thinking that one of the smaller tulips might be more apt. 20 watts is positively incandescent wrt any honest thought processes within Chicago's government.


D.C. cops have some 'splainin to do, too:
http://bigjournalism.com/acary/2010/05/21/d-c-metro-police-escorted-seiu-protesters-to-greg-baers-home/>Helping Seiu create a disturbance in Md.


Brandishing nothing. Mayor Daley threatened to stick a bayonet up the reporters ass and joked about firing a round up his butt.

My kind of town, Chicago isn't.


aren't firearms illegal in Chicago? LUN

Melinda Romanoff

Unless owned by aldermen whom might be Father-in-Law to a weel-known indicted ex-governor, matt.

Or other, similar, concerned Chicago residents whom are similarly qualified.


I read the whole article, and Daley didn't have one word of criticism for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He just joked about shooting some guy's ass off. So what's the big deal?


The SEIU story is very troubling, for a lot of reasons. The cops (all 2 or 3 of them) apparently told Nina Easton they were afraid to do anything lest the thugs got out of control.

Good grief! Note, also, that the press wasn't on hand to record their pals thuggish tactics.


Sorry, forgot to mention, my comment was responding to Clarice's link, and not the subject of this thread.

Rick Ballard


Interesting piece. There appears to be a decent correlation between the level of lawless predatory behavior of a certain class and the rate of death by murder of those who allow them to remain in office.


It looks to me like that John Kass article Left out a whole lot of information.

Like the action the father of the victim was able to take because he was armed.


Jonah Goldberg has a pretty good line:

I was on Fox News recently and was asked to debate the proposition that Obama's candidate endorsements are the "kiss of death." My response: No, they aren't the kiss of death, but they certainly aren't the kiss of life either. They're more like a kiss from your sister. They add little to no excitement while inviting many unwanted questions.


Pagar, thanks for that link to JWF, which fills in much more of the story, and makes it more, not less, poignant.



About to go for a bike-ride in beautiful weather (Yippee!), but do you recall the black Wapo Reporter who wrote about the benefit of banning guns and then got caught trying to stop an intruder with his own illegal handgun. The hypocrits name escapes me.


And for some really important breaking news:

">http://news.bbc.co.uk/earth/hi/earth_news/newsid_8693000/8693794.stm"> Turtles breath through their tongues.


Yes, he was a former State dept Official . His house was just blocks from here. I believe he is deceased.He was Carl Rowan.

I do recall this. Decades ago he was mowing the lawn in his front yard in a neighborhood which had only recently been integrated. A white woman pulled up and asked what he charged for lawn work. He said ,"Nothing, but the lady of the house sleeps with me."


From Wikipedia:

"Rowan gained public notoriety on June 14, 1988, when he shot a teenage trespasser, Neil Smith, who was using Rowan's swimming pool in Washington, D.C.. Rowan used an unregistered .22 LR pistol. Critics charged hypocrisy, since Rowan was a strict gun control advocate. In a 1981 column, he advocated "a law that says anyone found in possession of a handgun except a legitimate officer of the law goes to jail—period." In 1985, he called for "A complete and universal federal ban on the sale, manufacture, importation and possession of handguns (except for authorized police and military personnel)." [3][4]

Immediately after the shooting, Rowan offered several conflicting accounts about where he got the handgun. He first said that he had purchased the gun himself in response to threats on his life (which he later claimed had been made by the Ku Klux Klan). He also initially claimed that the gun had been properly registered. However, when District of Columbia police disclosed that the gun had not been registered, Rowan changed his story, claiming that the gun belonged to his son, who "was an FBI agent and did not have to register it [because it was] properly registered federally." Police officials pointed out that under D.C. law, all guns must be registered locally; failure to do so was punishable by up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Rowan was tried but the jury was deadlocked, the judge declared a mistrial and he was never retried. In his autobiography, Rowan said he still favors gun control, but admits being vulnerable to a charge of hypocrisy.[5]

Rowan died in Washington, D.C. His alma mater, Oberlin College, holds his papers."


This UK Telegraph story on Plame's new movie at Cannes, ">http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/film-news/7747342/Hollywood-film-blames-Britain-for-war-in-Iraq.html"> Fair Game (starring Sean Penn as Joe Wilson) says, unlike the early link, that "the film won a strong ovation", and no mention of any boo's.

If boo's were heard, it may be because the movie consistently lays blame for the Iraq War on Britain, instead of completely on George W Bush. Regardless, this is not the new movie Plame is working on about Nuke Disarmament, by the makers of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."

My guess is Nobel Peace Prize for Plame's movie work in 2012, and one for Sean Penn in 2011 for his work in Haiti.


Thanks Clarice.

And very nice use of the KKK defense by the Hypocrite.

Melinda Romanoff


Looks like Katla wants to play too!

If Po's left anything in silage, I hope he changes his mind.


We won't need guns on St. Jane's Island, but what the hell. Target practice at my place on Saturday mornings.

Melinda Romanoff


I shot a bunch of things under discussion your way and got a very nice solicitation in return.

Did you shake the worm out of your address book yet, or is that a friendly Nigerian overlay on your inbox?


He said ,"Nothing, but the lady of the house sleeps with me."

LOL. That line almost is enough to make me forgive him for his hypocrisy. But unless there was a witness, I'd be suspicious that he made up the story. To good to be true.


Actually, I heard it from a friend who was a judge and lived in that neighborhood when Rowan was there. I believe it's true.


Gun Court has been a real winner in Jamaica.....been there since the 70's and guns are illegal in Jamaica, which, if you look at your map, Mayor Daley, is an island.

On the other hand, the murder rate in the Old West, where most males and a lot of females were armed, when factoring out massacres and such, was quite low.

I'm going to go way out on a limb here and suggest that the Paris Commune killed more people than were killed in the Wild West by acts of violence. frickin French....


Since this feels like a muppet presidency, this ad seems very apt, in the LUN


this feels like a muppet presidency

Only without the sense of humor, the sophistication, the goodwill, or the knowledge that somewhere behind the scenes there are adults running things.

Melinda Romanoff

or, they enjoy having other people's hands...


The Big Kahuna.  Don't know much about geography.

A few days ago on Watts Up I said: 'Can it, Katla. It doesn't have to get that cold that fast. We've got 'em on the run, already', and got a few laughs.

Apparently Libby was the 'fair game'.  Ooh, Fitz in Hell.

Wilson reported Iraqi interest in 1999, he and his wife outed her, and Armitage salted the trail that Russert and later, Libby smelt.


The question now becomes, who didn't Faisal knew, and do they do any type of background
check anymore, in the LUN



Remember RIF (Reading Is Fundamental)? Perhaps we should open a special RIF section for Congress and the DOJ, regarding Legislation and the Laws they pass.

Or better yet, since by their actions they prove that reading obviously isn't fundamental, we cancel RIF Nationwide and save the Taxpayers a couple zillion dollars.

BTW, Today on radio Fagan was complementary of Sara. He is now calling her replacement Sean Parnell "Sara" Parnell, but of Sara he is complementary, stating that since leaving office she has been doing her Conservative homework and getting the message correct about 90% of the time. Interesting, but IMHO one positive comment on a Fagan radio show does not a change in Sara bashing make.



The good news about Volcano Katla is that we can pronounce it (unlike her partner Eyjafjallajokull).

The bad news is that there's some management pressure on to push planes to fly closer to volcanic ash clouds. Hope somebody else goes first.

Field Trip!

Well, the models are inadequate, er, not robust.


Remember RIF (Reading Is Fundamental)?

I hear they're bringing that back, sort of.

Only they're calling it "Reading Is for Fundamentalists", to smear people who read as extreme right-wing Christian theocrats.


What would be the logic of doing that, these people would send the Titanic closer to the
iceberg, just to see what it's like

Melinda Romanoff


I wouldn't worry about the first guys through. I would worry about being on that same plane and, more specifically, engines after two or three trips through the soup.

Pumice is OK in low human doses, not so much in highly engineered ceramic bladed turbo-fans.

Be careful on your walk arounds.


After Mt St Helens blow up years ago--the farm equipment repairmen were kept very busy for quite some time.

The ash on the roads was slicker to drive on than ice...

Melinda Romanoff

There's a way around the physics of that, glasater, and I bet some did (4 copper brushes and a chain off the hitch). It deadened the "charge" that kept the air in the ash.

Still must have been hairy.


Mayor Daley is quite the joke. Back in the day (1980s) when he was running for mayor his sub-theme was "dump the bitch vote for Rich", in reference to then-mayor Jane Byrne (who won in the previous election due to then mayor Bilandic messing up the City' response to the 1979 blizzard. Richie's intelligence was always questioned, and his entry into the mayoral race ensured that Harold Washington won.


Richie often appears at "Old St. Pat's", one of the only buildings to survive Mrs. O'Leary's cow fire of the 1800s. This is my church where I serve in a number of voluntary roles (greeting/lector). The church is very political, and I always have to fight a bit of nausea when Richie or other politicos show up for mass.

Melinda Romanoff


Next time you see him, ask him what his dad was thinking in digging up the cemetary to that church.


--Next time you see him, ask him what his dad was thinking in digging up the cemetary to that church.--

And ask him while prodding the seat of his pants with bayonet fixed.
He could hardly object at this point could he?


This line from Tom's link at Hot Air is funny - "When challenged by a reporter to explain how gun control makes the city safer when it only disarms the law-abiding, Mayor Richard Daley responded by offering to demonstrate by shooting him:"

Really, beyond parody...


It is the Chicago way, it hasn't changed in 80 years, since William Hale Thompson ( a Republican as it turns out)


Mel - Must have been some "mobsters" in the cemetery. It's shameful how the elder Daley erased many of the artifacts of the St. Valentines' Day massacre era.

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