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May 26, 2010


Danube of Thought

CCal, I saw something on the web earlier today about the CA Dems' response to Arnolds' proposals: raise taxes. Who would expect anything else? As an institution the Democratic Party believes that any increase in taxes will result in a corresponding increase in state revenues without any other economic effect. I really think they believe that tlhe state's unemployment rate is simply something that blew in on a Santa Ana wind.

They have become caricatures of themselves.

Jane says obamasucks

So the guy who is trying to bury all the Sestak stuff is Anita Dunn (I love Mao's) husband who is O's personal attorney and has been getting him out of similar situations ("It's racist") for years.


Holy smokes Daddy. Considering the approval ratings Sarah had as Governor, where do they get all the lefty loons to comment?

Melinda Romanoff


Care to place any small wagers on police effectiveness on demonstrations?


Personally I would love to see the SEIU decide to protest Sarah Palin instead of some banker in Maryland.

Lets get the DC Police as an escort across State Lines for that red-shirted SEIU thug bunch from DC to Wasilla. Do the whole Al-Can Hiway bit, all 3000 to 4000 miles of the damn thing, plus get Border International Crossing experience to boot.

Why the heck not? How come SEIU thugs only get special escorts from DC Cops when harassing private citizens in Maryland and not the rest of the 57 states? I'm livid I tell ya', livid.

Plus I hear there's a really deserving, horribly obnoxious A-hole living in Wasilla who needs a howling mob protesting on the front yard.

And his next door neighbor is Sarah Palin.


I don't get Facebook.



The same crack team of Editor's that determined that Ellie Light lived in Tupelo and Sweden and Manhattan and LA and Boston and Omaha and Salt Lake and Ok City and Madison and Chapel Hill and Anchorage and Boseman and Pensacola and Leavenworth are the same one's who determined that the anti-Sarah posters to the ADN live in Alaska.

Melinda Romanoff


A condition for the Alcan run.

No A/C. (Bonus points for "Three on the tree")


Melinda Romanoff

And this has all sorts of Illinois goodness written all over it.

I've never seen this level of corruption before in my life (Eyes rolling).

Melinda Romanoff

And, on that note,

G'night all.


And this has all sorts of Illinois goodness written all over it.

They might as well just mainline cash into their accounts.


Hey Daddy.

In other developments, the Obama administration today will suspend planned exploratory oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska until at least 2011.

The suspension will be part of a report that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will give to President Barack Obama, who's likely to address the suspension as well as other proposals stemming from Salazar's report, at a White House news conference today.

The move will stop Shell from drilling five wells in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas off northern Alaska weeks before it had hoped to start work, an administration official told McClatchy Newspapers.


Thanks for that Pofarmer,

Hadn't seen it yet, but having paid close attention to this for a long time, and listening to the Shell VP in Alaska discussing his difficulties and his logistics costs, my impression is that this is many, many millions of dollars down the drain for Shell and that in no way will this effect jobs in Alaska, the price of gas at the pump, or Oil Companies future willingness to throw millions of dollars at oilfields in Alaska without previously obtaining full permission to drill.


Oh, I don't think there will be any drilling, except in your wallet, as long as this clown show is in office. They have their excuse now.


What? You mean we might lose jobs and tax revenue, and we might even get increased unemployment and higher taxes as a result of this decision. How unexpected.


What? You mean we might lose jobs and tax revenue, and we might even get increased unemployment and higher taxes as a result of this decision. How unexpected.

Awww, hell, those are the mild side effects.


Interesting how when a cake in some Alaskan office says "Drill Baby Drill" it immediately makes the front page of the NY Times, but when the Administration shuts down drilling in the Chukchi that has been planned for 3 years, I have to read about it in the Seattle Times, but its not in the ADN.

I suppose the staff is still verifying that all those anti-Sarah posters all live in Anchorage.


i did a double standards piece on James O'Keefe, the SEIU, and Palin today. LUN.


Finally the ADN gets the Drilling Halt story at 12:02 AM Blog time.

It says Shell paid 2.1 Billion for the leases, but no input whatever on the cost of obtaining the 32 previous leases they were required to get, the costs in fighting the many, many Eco-Lawsuits, the 30 million spent retro-fitting their primary drilling ship, the associated logistics costs etc.

Oh well, perhaps they'll still earn a Certificate of Merit of a Silver Gavel of the Bar Administration Award for whatever they did happen to mention in this photocopied McClatchy press release.


"the cost of obtaining the 32 previous PERMITS..."

My bad.


Slow news night TM, so I took out the trash and mopped the floor and dusted the window-shades etc, so it'd all look spiffy for you morning guys.

I did see where Elton John has caused a big stink in Morocco as ">http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100527/ap_en_mu/af_morocco_elton_john"> Islamists in the North African kingdom were outraged by the gay pop star's visit:

"No riots or violence was reported... but in Egypt,... plans to schedule John were canceled... the head of the Egyptian musicians' union warned against the singer's possible visit in a statement that said he was "a symbol of homosexuals in the world."

This may be a good development. So far neither Bhurka's, Sharia, Mercy Killings, stonings, 9/11, beheadings etc has done anything but "capture the West's imagination", but if Elton Liberace John gets booted from singing Crocodile Rock by the Mullah's, this just might push the left to finally join the struggle. And if we could just get Air Supply to tour with Elton John as opening act, man, would that really stick it to the Islams. Harsh I know, but harsh times call for harsh measures.

In other news, the freed Lockerbie Bomber murderer ">http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/scotland/article7131223.ece"> is still doing nicely and living in an all expenses paid villa in Libya. Hopefully he'll catch Sir Elton's show when in Tripoli. I hear its to die for.



If DC is still plagued by an epidemic of cheap, free give-away condoms, might I suggest we send them all to India and order better stuff.

This BBC story tells us that ">http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/6161691.stm"> Condoms are 'too big' for Indian men:

"A survey of more than 1,000 men in India has concluded that condoms made according to international sizes are too large for a majority of Indian men.
The study found that more than half of the men measured had penises that were shorter than international standards for condoms."

""It's not size, it's what you do with it that matters," protested Sunil Mehra, editor of India's Maxim Men's mag. "From our population, the evidence is Indians are doing pretty well."

From the look of their ">http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_R49wOxKAaNo/S5s3ClBTMZI/AAAAAAAAEt0/ZKKvevTpRKg/s400/ipl_cheerleaders_pics117.jpg"> Bombay Cricket Cheerleaders I'd say so!


Shell has spent about $3.5 billion preparing for the chance to find out just how much oil may be recovered beneath parts of the Arctic Ocean. In defending against a challenge to its permits in federal court this year,">http://alaskadispatch.com/dispatches/energy/5469-shells-offshore-drilling-plans-in-alaska-delayed-at-least-a-year"> Shell revealed it could lose up to $135 million if it couldn't move forward with exploratory drilling this summer.


Air supply! heh.



I stole your 6:10 - sort of.

Dave (in MA)
And if we could just get Air Supply to tour with Elton John as opening act, man, would that really stick it to the Islams.
I knew Air Supply wasn't exactly Motörhead, but was not aware they were in the same category as Elton John.
bio mom

Just found this at Instapundit: Loved it.

THE PRESIDENT SAYS you’ve got enough money. “During a conference at which I just spoke, the owner of several companies showed me a pair of cufflinks he’d just had custom-made, engraved with the words ‘Who Is John Galt?’ If the president isn’t familiar with Ayn Rand’s Galt, he might want to read up. This business owner said the cuff-links were the last item other than absolute necessities that he would buy until Obama was an ex-president. He said he was sending out a letter to the restaurants and shops he patronized, his dry cleaners, the service companies that tended his lawns at his homes – over 200 different business owners – letting them know that President Obama had determined he was making too much money and was too rich for reason. Therefore, he was going to cut sales and production at his companies by half, himself work but one day a week, cut business spending to the bone and personally buy nothing – other than vacations out of the country – until the president exits.”


if Elton has that effect on the iMams, i recommend a followup tour with Rufus Wainwright and the Indigo Girls. they'll run all the way to Tunisia.


Dave in MA,

Had to wait tables on Air Supply during their 'Glory Days.'

A more miserable, mean, talentless pack of obnoxious, odious, and oily self important vile s$%#heads I never met.


""Edwards fears there is more going on here, that there is an effort to just keep expanding such programs.""

That is not due to Obama. Food Stamps expansion was part of GW Bush's compassionate conservative bills to benefit the food industry.

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