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May 22, 2010



I hope it was not a crowded theater.

My kid who loves historical fiction and knows quite well who Eleanor of Aquitaine is said it was so preposterous it was entertaining.

But primarily if you were free to point out the absurdities.

Something about archers and a cliff and an impossible trajectory.

She was also really alarmed they were using landing craft in the 12th century to get across the channel.

The Liz and Marlon Show.

Where's 'Reflections in a Golden Eye' when we need it?


You obviously haven't seen Kingdom of Heaven, that was a tendencious work on it's own terms

Thomas Collins

Did Robin Hood sock it to the Taxman in the movie?


OK, totally off-topic... This morning the community chorus that I sing in drove up to the send-off ceremony for our local National Guard battalion which is deploying for a year. We sang the national anthem and the battle hymn of the republic. Patriot riders lead the troops in to the arena, then posted the colors, and we sang the star-spangled banner, and then the kids of the troops came down in front of the stage and lead the recitation of the pledge of allegiance. I almost made it through, except Ellen was beside me crying and I lost it too...

Thomas Collins

Sounds great, cathyf. Any video?


cathy, Now you made me cry.

Danke c&c.

Reflections in a tearbright eye.


I am becoming more and more fond of Governor Crist of Florida.

Anybody can lie (Blumenthal/Clinton/etc), be stupid ("Paying your income tax is voluntary" Harry Reid), but ">http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2010/05/21/crist_says_he_would_confirm_kagan_forgets_why_he_opposed_sotomayor.html"> to forget in less than 1 year why you opposed the nomination of Sonya Sotomayor to the Supreme Court ---Man, that is a breathtaking ability in a Politician. That is a quality of amnesia I've not seen outside of Andrea Mitchell forgetting that everybody at ABC News knew you know who was CIA.

With that ability in Deja who? Crist wouldn't even have to say he voted for something before he voted against it. He'd simply have to say "I can't remember so far back." Even better, he could straightfacedly say, without either lying or being stupid, "Yeah, I read the Arizona Law that I'm opposed to, I just don't remember anything about it that I read," and who among us could fault him for that. Certainly not Marcel Proust.

So I'm for Crist. Proudly standing up for amnesiacs and Altheimer's voters, and for amnesiacs and Altheimer's voters also.

And for Amnesiacs.


Now daddy, you know that's just poking a stick there, I think it's the neuralizer or it could be the thingmonger, that's at fault

How about the near sub-human?

Heh, the mediocre need representation, too.

Deja view all over the news.

In 'A la Recherche du Temps Passe', 'temps' refers to temporary political positions.


It is a thing of beauty s daddy notes. A rare crystalline moment in the annals of lethe.

Janet the mediocre

I'm for whoever daddy is for..whoever that is.


Cathy, Sounds like a ceremony that most of the troops will remember as long as they live. Thanks to all who made it a day to remember, thanks to our troops as they protect America, and thanks for your report.
It was especially meaningful after reading that West Point address by the President.


I just watched most of obama's USMA commencement address. I guess they drilled it into him to pronounce "Core of Cadetssssssss". To think he's their commander - pfft

Although I never served in the military, West Point is a special place to me. I grew up near there and a friends mother was the manager of the Hotel Thayer so we were able to use the ski area. I think it was the first place I took my eldest daughter skiing. On summer evenings, at the bandshell, with the sun setting over the river, it's just spectacular. I've sailed through there on a friends 19 ft cuddy a few times also.

But I am mostly very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the climbing comp that Coach Crosswell(?) put on down at the PI wall on a couple of occasions. They would pair us up with a cadet and we'd get to spend the day together and just pull down. Some of those guys cranked pretty hard and were very appreciative of the local climbers (some big names) coming down from New Paltz to tie in with them. As I'm sure you all know, they are just exceptional young men. We owe it to them to make sure obama is soundly trounced next time around.


short term memory loss turns into long term memory loss. Either that or early onset Alzheimers.....


I put this on an earlier thread, which sadly appears to have died.

EU Referendum reports with a story from the Telegraph.UK.that "The Euro as we know it is Dead". No word on services planned.

As has been said before, "we live in interesting times".


Daddy, my cousin's ex-wife, who is a saint for not having shot him years ago, is in Anchorage on a two-month basis training claims processors for Blue Cross. Would you have any recommendations on things to do and things to see? The company provides her with a car. I already mentioned the Glacier Brew House to her.

I will see the new iteration of Robin Hood, but I'll bring an airsick bag. I descend from Eleanor's marriage to the king of France, as well as the king of England. Unfortunately, it is Prince/King John my line passes through in England. Sheesh. It had to be one of the iconic villains in popular history. I almost wish that I hadn't discovered the royal bastardy in my lineage. Although, I've been called a royal bastard more than once.



I think you are going to like this:

Idiots On Parade

My favorite is the girl that cut off all her hair. Her father carved the message "NO OIL" on the back to help raise awareness about the BP spill.

What a Dad!!!

Danube of Thought

When an opposing lawyer would object in deposition about whether something I had handed his witness might be used to refresh the witness's recollection, my response was "hell, a Madeleine worked for Proust and he went on for seven volumes." Not once did I encounter an effort to respond.

At the time I had not read a word of Proust, and my efforts to do so in retirement have bogged down in a hurry. But my opponents had no way of knowing this...


DoT, you are ahead of me, since I do not plan to read any Proust in retirement. Perhaps I am missing out on a great deal, but that is my loss.

Danube of Thought

I decided very early on that it was a loss I was willing to endure. I was prompted to make the effort because the very enjoyable essayist Joseph Epstein is a big Proust fan. But it didn't come close to wurking for me. (By the way, I think it's temps " perdu," meaning lost.)

Wonderful story, Cathyf. Good luck to those young people. I almost feel that they're better than the country deserves.


I'd love to have some video, although our rendition of the Battle Hymn was a little rough maybe it would be better if that went down the memory hole. (On one of Wynton Marsalis's albums he has a dedication to "all the horn players who play in church". Roughly paraphrasing: the director keeps saying to play quieter because you're drowning out the singers, and then you are squeaking all over the place, and the people are thinking who is this idiot and where did you get the idea that he could play?) This morning the trumpet players were squeaking, and we were speculating afterwards that maybe they didn't appreciate that the choir had pretty good amplification and they didn't need to be worrying about drowning us out...

We have a bunch of local guys in one company of this battalion, and they hosted my girl scouts for a tour of the armory two months ago. We put the girls in body armor and their knees buckled! They have this cool electronic simulated firing range (they are an artillery battalion) where the weapons have the same weight, shape & recoil of the real thing but it's all electronic and you fire at the screen -- like a giant video game. That's where I fired the anti-tank weapon!

These guys don't realize it yet, but I've got 16 cases of girl scout cookies in my living room that our troop raised donations for. They will be mailed off to them as soon as they get settled in their deployment. Our Council had a council-wide cookie fundraiser for troops in Iowa guard units, and here are some great pictures on our facebook page of cookie arrivals.


I've skimmed his stuff several times. It's like being locked in a stuck elevator with an extremely neurotic person and I say that even though he is a distant relative, his nephew having married one of my dad's first cousins.


I'm having a Crist moment--It's Kafka I'm related to, not Proust. Same genre.

Danube of Thought

Kafka vs. Proust is going off as pick 'em.


Clarice, I'm sure that almost everyone in here, with the exception of Anduril, will cut you enough slack to cover that little slip.


A check of Kafka's bio indicates all his sisters and their families perished in concentration camps so my memory is worse than I thought. Hadassah's husband is apparently a cousin, not a nephew, of Kafka's and I am not about to check thru the genealogy to find out more detail.


Cathy, in honor of your contributions, I'll stop saying half the nasty things about Iowa that I normally do, as a Minnesotan. (And don't pass along the secret than my father was born in Iowa.) Seriously, thank you so very much for all your efforts.


Actually, we're in Illinois, so we say all those things about Iowans, too! (That's actually the reason we did our own fundraiser for our local guys -- the council is mostly in Iowa, and so the council-wide fundraiser -- the one in the pictures -- went to Iowa Guard units.)

Jim Miller

Djou won Hawaii's 1st district special election!

(R) DJOU, Charles - 67,274 39.5%

(D) HANABUSA, Colleen - 52,445 30.8%

(D) CASE, Ed - 47,012 27.6%

Believe it or not, Djou has a reasonable chance to keep the seat this November. (Bush got 47 percent of the vote there in 2004.)



Aha, well, my appreciation does not lesson with the news that you are from the state that gave us Obama.


Ann Althouse nails the WaPo's Birnbaum who completely misrepresented the new social studies text adopted by texas.

http://althouse.blogspot.com/2010/05/if-youre-going-to-criticize-new-social.html>New media land Birnbaum



Stop, you are making me cry all over again. Last night I posted two videos here, if you missed them. Didn't make it through either video with a dry eye.

I take it Ellen is your daughter? Anyways, when I was a leader, my daughter and I always had tears in our eyes singing the star-spangled banner so I can relate.

And long ago, Iowans were made of better stuff than today. Just ask Porchlight.

Thank you and all your girls for your hard work.



For your Inlaw visiting Anchorage I would definitely recommend the $565,000 taxpayer funded "Poopin' Lego" outside our Museum as her first stop. Nothing else really epitomizes Anchorage to me like that bit of concrete. It doesn't exactly jibe with the slogan we payed $235,000 to some Madison Avenue Advertising firm 3 years ago to come up with as our new city slogan "Wild Alaska---or maybe it was "Alaska Wild"---me and Governor Crist forget) but anyhow, at half the price of the "Poopin' Lego" it was a bargain. She definitely ought to tour our new bus-stop on I think 7th and F street which cost $750,000 dollars, and most definitely she should not forget to see the heated sidewalk taxpayers put in outside Senator Begich's wife's downtown Coffee Shop at many millions of dollars. Best of all she should attend our City Assembly Meetings where she can listen to arguments about why no investigation should be undertaken of corruption by then Mayor Begich because that is simply opening old wounds and we should not spend any money on that and just look forward. For a day trip I would recommend driving to Girdwood to see ex-Senator Steven's A-Frame shack, and see if she can figure out where the supposed $250,000 he secretly took under the table as improvements on that shack, which he already completely owned and had paid, for disappeared to. Best of all, now that we have supposedly just approved an Art Museum, and since the Law states we have to spend 1 percent on outdoor Art, if she can come up with some avant garde idea for a half million bucks of some defecating sculpture, she might submit that proposal and win the contract. No need to be a citizen or resident, its open to everyone. All I would caution her about is going to anyplace where cake is served, as the writing on the topping might appear the next day on the front page of the New York Times.

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head, but forgive me, and trust that when I do sober up I will be serious and recommend some decent stuff for her as it really is a beautiful city.


I have been following the text book story in Texas. I gotta believe bad is upstairs orchestrating this achievement.


daddy, there's a great blog there:"Visit Stimulated Anchorage"


Robin Hood a flop. All the stupid stuff they did and it really looks stupid.

Iron man is made of tin. Why use creation to make a tin man?



That is priceless.

You should send that off to: http://Conservatives4Palin.com

or better yet write it up for AT as an Anchorage travel bulletin. Too funny!


Yeah, it is hilarious. But it doesn't help my lonely and bored relative. I eagerly await Daddy's sobering-up. But I might deliberately scout out the place with the homeliest and stoutest waitresses in all of Anchorage for our meeting, just as payback.



I would like to take on the commission for that artwork, if you have any pull up there. I am envisioning a giant moose. Stylized of course.

Stainless steel antlers, ferret sharp Iron Man facial features (do meece have faces?)....mechano shoulders....streamlined Richard Serra cast iron torso....I'm tellin ya...it's better that a defecating Lego.....


Morning coffee video, friends:

Governor Palin's Speech at the University of Denver

My guess on the headlines tomorrow:

Huffington Post will lead with "She don't have to shoot her meat before she eats it" :)

Fox will lead with "A Cry For Help, Do Your Job, Barry!

Mine would be: Under His Skin

He Is Under Her Thumb.


Just for interest to you guys:

In 1927, the Territory of Alaska had enough faith in the common sense and ability of Alaskan citizens that they decided to have a contest for an Alaskan Flag. The story of Benny, the 13 year old Native kid that designed our beautiful flag, now our State flag, is ">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Alaska"> here.
Our local school kids are all taught it and its a very motivational story. Benny got 1,000 dollars and a watch for his great flag design.

In 2007, under Mayor Begich, a decision was made to spend big bucks to come up with a catchy slogan for the City of Anchorage, in order to supposedly let Outsiders know what Alaska was all about. In ">http://www.allbusiness.com/north-america/united-states-alaska/4492896-1.html"> this propaganda written by Begich he says it was a great idea and most of the $200,000 cost was spent in Anchorage. But in this story written by the Publisher of Alaska Business Monthly, it says the contest overall cost us up towards a million tax payer dollars, that we wound up hiring ad firms from the East Coast and from Colorado to deliver a slogan to tell outsider folks what Alaska was all about, and that each of the 4 words of the new slogan cost us over $200,000 dollars a word. Here is that story and the winning slogan: ">http://www02.entrepreneur.com/tradejournals/article/165939750.html"> Anchorage Big Wild Life. Read that link and weep. So either we paid a bargain basement $50,000 dollars a word (if you believe Begich) for some stupid slogan none of you have ever heard of, or we paid top dollar $200,000 a word, for that selfsame stupid slogan.

As for the Logo, I can't even find a picture of the damn thing, though I recall it looks like a bear paw smudging a white pigeon dropping. It is truly that bad. And I also bet that as of today, I couldn't find 1 in a hundred Anchorage citizens who even know what our million dollar slogan is or what the logo looks like.

Our recently erected $565,000 "Pooping Lego" went to some English snot artist, who spent less than 3 days total in State. That decision went down under Mayor Begich.

I'm not making this stuff up. The insanity of our current leaders, having zero faith in their citizens, and a mania to waste taxpayer money idiotically on completely stupid stuff is simply out of control. Sadly I think all of you guys can easily come up with just as stupid stuff for wherever you live.



Just for fun.

Without telling the answer to your relative In Law up here, please ask her if she even knows if we have a City slogan, and then if so, what it is. And please don't have her google it. See if she can pick it up around the office.

I'd really like to know if she had ever heard of it.

And also, again just for a fun informal survey, did any of you guys even know:

A) That we had a City slogan, and if so
B) What it was?

Jane says obamasucks

Djou win is very very big.

Take that Bambi!

Jane says obamasucks

Djou's win

and good morning!

Cecil Turner

Iron Man II was fun. (Mickey Rourke was believably creepy as the bad guy, and Sam Rockwell as the sleazy competitor was entertaining. Scarlett Johannson was smokin' hot.)

It's hard to justify watching a movie based on a comic book, but I'm feeling a little better about that decision 'bout now.


Ditto, Cecil, although Downey's kind of self pitying turn was a bit much. But Johansson more than made up for it, and it's a meditation on the dangers of drone warfare, no it's not.

Meanwhile, the Zelig of Disaster, Gorelick is representing BP now, so expect the asteroid
any day now


Good Morning to all!
A few days ago we had a report that Sen Casey's Bill would tranfer 165 billion in union debt to the American taxpayer.
Now we have Reports to help the Democrats hold seats in Congress. Actually the figures are going to be much higher than that as only two unions have reported the amount they have committed. The AFL-CIO, for example, has said they will spend a lot but not how much.

This is insane! Taxpayers are under attack.

Thank God for the Republican win in Hawaii. That has to hurt the Democrats.


Didn't have my Coffee yet.
The second sentence should read--Now we have reports that two Unions will spend over 100 million dollarsto help the Democrats hold seats in Congress.


Anchorage Big Wild Life - I've never heard about it here in Northern Virginia. It might be in travel magazines and such that I never read.
I have an old t-shirt with "The Wildlife" printed on it from the King Ranch in Kingsville, TX.
A play on wild life and wildlife...showing quail, rattlesnakes, javelinas,...
Maybe the ad firm recycled an old idea. "Green" ideas, recycled from other people. New leftist phrase for plagiarism!


tranfer 165 billion in union debt to the American taxpayer.

So my family must fund unions, Planned Parenthood, every d#@n environmental group ...? We can't even vote with our money once government starts paying these groups.
What did Hit say?...I don't know about you, but they're running out of my money.


This was the story I was referring to earlier about Gorelick, so Goldman has Craig, I don't know who Massey has retained, in the LUN


My response to the Republican win in the district that reportedly gave us ZERO?

Si se Djou!


Ah, an Andu-free thread. What a pleasure.


Steve Sailer, remarkably, calls on Nicholas Kristof to explain What Ails Africa: A Drinker's Paradise. Those up on their Obama family biography will be unsurprised that the President's family enters into this. He also gets off a zinger (relating to Kristof's "solution":

(By the way, I see little evidence that the President has really any personal regard for feminism. He seems to view feminists much like he views pro-Israel people such as Rahm Emanuel and feminst bete noire Larry Summers: as a power bloc whom you want in the tent pissing out rather than outside pissing in.)

Sailer also has More on Harvard's Undocumented Studier, and defends himself against charges from a commenter that he's a "Cheatist."

Captain Hate

Sarah Palin on FNS being interviewed by squishball Chris Wallace on the need for Repukes to get off their country-club fat asses and not take anything for granted. Frumsie, Nooner and Porker are being rushed to ERs with extreme attacks of the vapours.

Steele versus Kaine is coming up; I'm not expecting this to end well.

Melinda Romanoff

Good morning all-

An embedded link to Hugh Hendry's Eclectica Fund letter and his strategies and worldviews. It's long, but well worth the read.

Back to the paint booth.


Thanks for the Drinker's Paradise link Anduril. Really interesting.


The WSJ has a Rand Paul article this morning: Paul Remarks Have Deep Roots. Excerpts:

Mr. Paul, the newly elected GOP Senate nominee in Kentucky, again made headlines Friday when he told ABC's "Good Morning America" that President Barack Obama's criticism of energy giant BP and of its oil-spill response was "really un-American."


In an interview, Mr. Paul expressed support for purely in-state gun industries, in which firearms are produced in one state with no imported parts and no exports. Guns produced under those circumstances can't be subjected to a federal background check, waiting period or other rules, he reasons.


"Rand Paul apparently has a deeply held conviction that corporations should be allowed to do what they see fit without oversight or accountability," Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, Mr. Paul's Democratic opponent in the Senate contest, said Friday.

Mr. Paul's views differ from those of the Republican Party on some fundamental matters. Mr. Paul opposes the anti-terrorism PATRIOT Act, which he says infringes on civil liberties. He opposed the war in Iraq and says any war cannot be waged unless and until Congress formally declares it. And he has expressed misgivings about the nation's drug laws.

Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R, Ariz.) told the newspaper Politico that Mr. Paul's civil rights comments were comparable to "a debate like you had at 2 a.m. in the morning when you're going to college. But it doesn't have a lot to do with anything."

I'd say that, as long as Paul continues to open his mouth and speak--and there seems little chance that he'll stop doing either--he will continue to garner headlines and publicity, taking it away from more deserving candidates and portraying a false picture of mainstream conservatism. I might also add that, while I sympathize with one or two of his positions on policy grounds I find some of his Constitutional arguments (such as re the Patriot Act) dubious at best and potentially extraordinarily harmful.

Captain Hate

Steele stabbing Rand Paul in the back; thanks again Repukes for putting this idiot in charge of what you consider your own personal fiefdom.


Darn it! I slept in this morning and missed the anduril-free air, but I see it was wonderful while it lasted.

Off to check out Ann's videos. Cathyf thanks for your comments too - a nice antidote to Obama at West Point yesterday.


Darn it! I slept in this morning and missed the anduril-free air, but I see it was wonderful while it lasted.


The Renewal is a Legacy of shit

Candidates are in trouble cause they won't acknowledge the O King as the leader of the dem party and administrator of all things dem. They guy had to look all serious as he said all this. O is lucky he doesn't have an insurgency saying he is the problem and not the government. How is he avoiding all this non king like stuff?

I heard Cathy was being held by andy again. We need to check IPs and make some phone calls.

My Own Private Leading Idaho Indicator.

I suspect the market's about to crash. Nimmie's Little Search Engine, a random walk through the blogosphere, linking whimsically, today always ends up at zerohedge.


Janet, One thing to remember about unions, especially Public employee unions is that every penny the members give to the unions comes from money paid in by taxpayers or from the government which again is money paid in from taxpayers. Public service employees have no other source of income except taxpayers and the same for governments.

Mebbe pretty hard if your desire is to escape control by the world's biggest fool.

How hard would it be, for a woman used to keeping her mouth shut, to keep her mouth shut for three quarters of a billion dollars?


Well Capt. my preference was for Kodos, I mean Blackwell, but I wasn't consulted. It looks like more and more candidates will have to work, inspite of the RNC


Kim, Is "I don't think we anticipated" the same as unexpected?

Captain Hate

narc, I don't see how anybody that watched it can justify that self-serving moron remaining in place. Kaine understood the nature of the job by trying to put the best possible face on the Blumenthal candidacy; yes, he may have looked like an idiot but the job involves taking a hit for the party's sake. Steele thinks it's all about him and to hell with the big picture. The DNC couldn't have installed a better undercover operative than that fool.


Well Kaine always looks like an idiot to me, how he ended up Governor of the great Commonwealth, I'll never quite figure out

Captain Hate

Kaine, Webb; there must be something in the water....


Rand Paul is a libertarian that's trying to be a Republican. Taking most of the same positions of his Dad. I sure wish he'd run as a Libertarian instead.

Janet the mediocre

LUN Steny Hoyer wearing that idiot blue, red and gold bracelet that says "no to Arizona's immigration law". What fools. There is something in the water in Maryland too...massive doses!

Janet the mediocre

Kaine won on Warner's coattails. There was a complete blackout on his opponent...you couldn't find his name anywhere. (It was Kilgore) Kaine was supposedly a super-duper conservative Warner with eyebrows + a super-duper devout Catholic.
Webb was also a super-duper conservative because he owns a gun.
They both always vote or voted liberal. Always. Warner is also supposedly super-duper conservative...he also only votes liberal. I think he went to church once so they used that to sell him as a conservative.
They are conservative blue-dog Democrats in print....in real life they are liberal to the core.

Manuel Transmission

mefolkes, (from last night)

My Norsk ancestors were supposedly descended from Rolf the Ganger, who was apparently Willie the Bastard's grandpa. If that is similar to your story, I think all good Viking boys were told that yarn. Might still be true, though.

Captain Hate

There is something in the water in Maryland too...massive doses!

LollaPelosi's home state? The deuce you say...


Yeah the eyebrows are part of the reason why I don't take him seriously

Janet the mediocre

LUN "Who wants to be the next DNI?"

Looks like nobody wants to work for Mr. Popular. Neo said, "Obama appears to be losing Obama." Heh!


Manuel Transmission, if you come back to this thread, my link is much closer than that. King Frederik II of Denmark and Norway fancied a handmaiden a bit too much. I descend from his bastard son Johan Garmann, whose portrait looks identical to that of his royal father at the same age. From the point of view of where my great-grandparents were all born, I'm full-blooded Norwegian, but there's a bit of Danish, Swedish, Scots, Dutch or German in just about any Norwegian, if you follow the lines back far enough. Are you a "full-blood"?

Manuel Transmission

mefolkes, if this thread doesn't get too stale, my dad was "full-blood". Both parents came over (separately) at the turn of the century. My mom had a Swedish mom, so that leaves me slightly conflicted. Having spent time in both countries, I am definitely 'genetically' predisposed to the more dour Norsk side, but enjoy hangin' in Stockholm every chance I get.

Definitely looking forward to swapping stories over a beer sometime. Let me know when you head to AK. If you make it through the Pac. NW, we can probably find a rendesvous someplace.


Manuel Transmission, I have family in friends in many parts of Washington, and, until a couple of weeks ago, I thought that I had a fiancee in the Portland area. If you have e-mail contact with Clarice, glaseter, porchlight, Sara, they cangive you my e-mail address. For my first run up to Ketchikan after I make my purchase of land, I will catch the ferry at Bellingham, because I will have guns and other items that I don't want to take through Canadian customs. Those fellows worked me over for an hour last July, as I tried to get to a family reunion in B.C., so I will save the cheaper run up through the gut of B.C. to Prince Rupert to catch the short ferry run for later trips. My main connections in Washington are in Ellensburg and Everett.

Manuel Transmission

mefolkes, I'm a ten minute flight from KBLI and can mooch a loaner car there, so just give me as much warning as possible. Lots of trips to the Middle Kingdom this year, so the timing may be tough. Clarice also has my email.


I had to do a search to find that KBLI is the Bellingham airport. If you're talking about flying there, you're probably out on one of the islands. Okay, as soon as my Minnesota lake home sells, I'm making a quick trip up to Prince of Wales Island to inspect the properties available and make a purchase. Then I'll return to Minnesota to ship my cargo container and start the drive with a packed conversion van.



Just some quick stuff for your in-law since you're up.

To me you have to have a bicycle to do the town proper. Should be easy to rent or hopefully borrow. Our coastal trail is about13 miles long, simply gorgeous, and well maintained. I think on any blue sky day she'd love just slow peddling up toward the airport, and when I do the full route I'd say I spot moose on the trail 3 out of 4 times.

If she's in decent shape I also recommend climbing Flattop. Very near town, just overlooking everything. Easy to drive up to the upper hillside parking lot, and there are always plenty of other hikers and climbers and puppy dogs and kids around, so that she doesn't have to worry about bear attacks, etc. Just needs a good set of tennis shoes, a jug of water, and a wrap she can take on and off as the temp changes. Even just going halfway is a very nice not difficult hike, but the last 3rd is exciting and somewhat difficult, but by then she will have made friends on the way up.

Another beautiful bike ride is to park at Bird Creek in the visitor lot, then to back on the trail south to Girdwood and back.

Beluga Point is a beautiful safe place for a picnic etc, and basically the whole drive down to Portage Glacier, which I think she would love.

Great fun (a tad expensive) is doing the Prince William Sound Cruise. Make reservations on line, then drive down to the Portage Train depot, and then ride the train thru the Whittier Tunnel. Easy to figure out, and on the other side you wander the 2 streets of Whitier, then take the Cruise back to a number of beautiful glaciers calving in the Sound. Always a good way to spot seals/sealions, massive bird colonies, and big beautiful chunks of ice peeling off the glacier front. Simply beautiful.

Our Lussac Library is great.

Chow wise I would recommend Moose's Tooth for decent Pizza and good beer. Midnight Sun as well has excellent beer but is hard to find. Cecil likes Humpy's (downtown) and so do I, but since I live south I don't spend much time in downtown Anchorage.

The Eagle River Nature Center is worth a visit.

Also recommend doing the drive to Girdwood and at the Princess Lodge taking the cable car/tram to the top of the mountain and watch the para-sailers launch.

The wife likes Simon and Seaforts restaurant, Double Muskey in Girdwood (Expensive), Glacier BrewHouse, etc. Hope that helps.

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