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May 30, 2010


Jack is Back!


As Arte Johnson would say, "very interesting".


Jack - what an intersting link. I am dumbfounded - they really call themselves the Fruit of Islam?

Sounds like a parody.

Wonder if Farrakan was at the bbq, too? We know the Fruits weren't.


LUN The WaPo ombudsman acknowledges they should have covered the SEIU mob in Chevy Chase.

Outside my house I can hear the rumble of Rolling Thunder in the air! Motorcycles are everywhere!


but the fact that Farrakhan’s security force is close to the president’s home is likely a matter of continuing concern to the Secret Service."

I think the President has long ago made it clear who his friends are.

What?  He's a hockey fan?  I knew he was a hockey stick fan.

Gangbanger turf battle writ large, by bored journalists.


That Fruit of Islam story is a perfect contrast to the SEIU mob story. Stay off the grass at one place vs. bull horn on the front porch at another.
Does ANYBODY know what the "rules/laws" are anymore?...I need to know, because I have to obey them being a white, Christian, conservative and all.


I'm trying to figure out why Sestak, Clinton, and the administration all had the chance to get together and coordinate their lies. If this were a normal felony investigation the police would have had each suspect in separate rooms. It would have been quite revealing to hear what they each had to say separately.

Captain Hate

That Secret Service people don't tell Calypso Louie's band of thugs to stfu and gtfo is an amazing breach of minimum security standards. Too bad we don't have a real Attorney General to re-open the cold case on who killed Malcolm X.


Atlas Shrugs tells the Nation of Islam story a little differently.

""Indeed, another pooler found a county Web site that confirmed this property is tax exempt for being a religious institution"

So did he watch the game or not?

Now wait, is this two houses across the street from each other, or all one house, which it seems the Fruit of Islam and the Secret Service were both defending? I'm confused by the reports, so far.

Charlie (Colorado)

I'm trying to figure out why Sestak, Clinton, and the administration all had the chance to get together and coordinate their lies. If this were a normal felony investigation...

There's your answer.

Thomas Collins

Did David Brooks, on Meet the Press, really just refer to Obama's Presidency as "heroic?" Did I mishear that?

Thomas Collins

Watching E.J. Dionne and David Brooks on Meet the Press is the one lousy TV experience of my life. I'll never make fun of Rosie O'Donnell and her cohorts again after watching these two bozos.


People still watch Meet the Press?


Did David Brooks, on Meet the Press, really just refer to Obama's Presidency as "heroic?"

Quick, somebody call Joe McGuiness.


How far into the cerebellum has that brain slug traveled, for Brooks to say something so
cringeworthy at this late date


A little bracing clarity on this Sunday Morning in the LUN

Bill in AZ

Janet asked a couple of threads back about the StandWithArizona rally last night in Phoenix. Since this is the open thread, here are some highlights.

It was an inspiring and fun event. Wife and daughter arrived from USC in time for the event, and two of my boys attended. Got home way too late this morning (2:00AM) to write up anything.

For more info on speakers, etc, see the StandWithArizona website.

Several of the speakers were radio talk show hosts from around the country. They were on target, knew how to work the crowd. Organizers were from all over the country, primarily from Texas which shares the same problems with illegal immigration. One featured speaker was Dr Gina Loudon from Ohio who is active in politics, apparently has a radio show, and has organized a number of Buycotts, including Buycott Arizona. She was awesome. Maybe Ann knows more about her?

It was mentioned that Gov Janet Brewer "fired" leftist anti-business idiot State Attorney General Terry Goddard from defense team of SB1070. BTW - He is running for Gov against Brewer. Wonder if he has read the bill yet. I guess he can't read polls either.

It was mentioned during the event that some of the protesters who were bussed in for a protest march earlier the same day actually stayed in a warehouse and brought their own food, sleeping bags, cots, so they could protest here and maintain there "boycott" of AZ. I am so proud of them maintaining their principles. Too bad it has been such a mild spring here. It was only mid 90's. Normally could expect well into the 100's this time of year and that warehouse would have been hotter than hell. The "protest" was supposed to draw 50,000. Numbers I have found (errr... without any supporting pictures) allege 20,000. right. On the drive down, the talk radio station was covering "road closures" due to the protest march. The only comment I heard was "well, there wasn't much to that was there?”. I did note that at our rally, a camera with "ABC" on it was focused on one section of bleachers that had less people in it (because it was one of the last sections exposed to the hot sun before it went down). So, I'm sure there were only a few hundred at Sheriff Joe's poorly attended rally. The stadium has gate counters, and the official count was 7000. Should have been more, but it IS Memorial Day weekend.

Many speakers, including Sheriff Joe, riffed on Calderone. One of the speakers even showed the video of Calderone and the standing O he got from the dems, really got crowd worked up.

Comments from Sheriff Joe – Attorney General Holder stripped some of Sheriff Joe’s enforcement capabilities 60 days into office. Has had Sheriff Joe under investigation for “racial profiling” for 16 months now. In the meantime, Sheriff Joe has arrested 38,000 illegals, and the Justice Dept has not found any incidents of racial profiling. In a nice pointed comment regarding another incident of police acting stupidly and racial profiling, he says Obama should thank him, invite him to the Whitehouse for a wine summit (He's Italian). He’s helping the unemployment problem one illegal alien at a time.

Says he plans to arrest and house in his jails all of the illegals he arrests. Sheriff Joe, how are you going to hold all these people you arrest? I have room for 2500, and am stacking tents in. We will always have room. Don't know how far south I can go putting up tents. Will run into Pima County eventually (booooo's because of the idiot Pima County Sheriff). Someone hollered he could put up tents in Texas. Some of the background on this is that due to state law, the outstanding Maricopa County Attorney who is running for State Attorney General had to step down for the campaign. The corrupt Maricopa County Board of Stupidvisors appointed an interim County Attorney. He is a RINO Terry Goddard supporter who has come out with a plan to undermine Sheriff Joe's enforcement of SB1070 by turning them loose again. Sheriff Joe is just going to jail them until the county attorney problem gets fixed in the election.

Thomas Collins

I plead guilty, sbw. I keep expecting a Mr. Spivak type to show up and ask serious questions. I should know better. The "Meet the Press" brand is now dead meat.


Heroic? Like how? What? No f*****g sh*t.

Jane says obamasucks

Did David Brooks, on Meet the Press, really just refer to Obama's Presidency as "heroic?"

I gagged too. And I only watched it because I heard Joe Maginnis was on it, and I wanted to hear what the stalker had to say. He wasn't.


Thanks Bill! Just got back from church. To get thousands of conservatives together is a big deal! Protesting doesn't come natural to us....what with working, raising kids, and aversion to rabble rousing. Good for Arizona for finally DOING something. Doers instead of pontificators is very refreshing1



Frau Fiesvor

Good news,BillinAZ. One local newsrag here was quoting CA Dem politicians about how CA law is really different from the AZ one. (Right!) The reader was left to think than AZ allows anyone to be stopped without cause to check legal status. We can forget about an informed populace.

Frau Fiesvor

This AT article about Elaine Kagan is troubling. While dean of the Harvard Law School, she removed constitutional law as a requirement for graduation. I am worried that Kagan is a stealth candidate by our stealth president. Didn't Clarice speak favorably of her?


She seemed saner than the other candidates, in retrospect we had reason to doubt that


IIRC Clarice considers her well educated, intelligent, and capable of sound reasoning. Depending on your agenda concerns the last two could work both ways. Not all cases will be left vs right and even when they are reasonable presuasion could depend on the ability to at least understand the issues. Personally I'm skeptical but doubt a dumb lefty would be much better.


OT but good news:

Iowahawk is tweeting:-)


There's your answer.

Well, yes, I realize that. It's just that they can be so blatant about it and get away with it is remarkable. Republicans should be all over this, but it's hard to get much traction when the MSM just rubber stamps the whole thing.


Maybe Clarice didn't know about the curriculum change.

However, in Kagen's justification for the elimination of the US Constitutional Law req, she used catch phrases such as "global networks" and "varying legal cultures". For a educator like me, this smacks not just of catalog adjustment, but in the manipulation of teaching standards. One can easily conclude that Kagen is looking for justification NOT to follow US law. "Varying legal cultures" was similar to what she used to ban ROTC recruiters. So this makes twice that Kagen is used such justifications.

Frau Fiesvor

My guess is that Ms. Kagan will be given helpful hints in defending her Harvard decisions as well as help in what to wear.

Speaking of dress, will Ann find out what kind of sandals Pres. Buck-Stops-Here wore to the Hyde Park barbecue?


TC---"heroic?" Umm, Brooks should have said “whoric”.


WhooHoo! jimmyk made the big time at American Thinker.

Great research. Great job. Congrats!


Very Good article, JimmyK! Look forward to more.


Good job JimmyK.

Hopefully in the future we can add "I can see Russia from my back porch" to a litany of media lies about Repub's in the White House.


I hope "Open Thread" means we can talk about anything.

JimmyK, very good article. I have sent it to friends and they will continue to pass it along.

As for my single issue there has been a small victory in defining "natural born."

Hot Air ran a story on Rand Paul and his view of birthright citizenship.

The story quoted a bill, H.R.1868 - Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009, as summarized by OpenCongress.org. The summary erroneously states that the bill will redefine “natural-born citizen” to limit it to children of citizens or legal permanent residents…

The bill does no such thing. The term Natural Born is nowhere in the http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c111:H.R.1868: "> bill.

I emailed Allahpundit, with the correct link, and he updated his story to reflect this.

Natural born has nothing to do with the 14th amendment. Natural Born is not defined in any immigration act. It is it’s own type of status.

This is progress. But I still have to ask why OpenCongress would try to sneak this false definition in. Curious.


daddy saw your late night post, reposted on Verum Serum


Thanks, everyone--I'm just seeing these comments, as I was lost in the "corn" thread (where I first found out the article was posted).

Liar, liar, why is my hair on fire?

TK, the powers that be want to make the average citizen believe that 'natural born' means the same thing as 'native born'. Of course, there is a distinction, made by the founders, and by numerous legal scholars. If hoi polloi can be made to believe there is no difference, or that there shouldn't be, then Obama with his British subject father is in the clear.

That there is such a push to confound the two phrases is one piece of evidence that pushes me in the direction of Obama being born in Hawai'i. There would be no need to confuse the populace over this distinction if he were not born in Hawai'i. And since there is clearly an effort being made to confuse these terms, perhaps he was born in Hawai'i.

But, it's not the birthplace, it's the stonewalling.

Exception for trolls; they are always disconnected from reality so there is no way for them to 'on topic'.

Also, tk, with this bunch, there is no such thing as 'off-topic'. We can find the six degrees of connectness of everything even if we don't feel the need to be so explicit and detail it each time.

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