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June 25, 2010


Danube of Thought

"'Guantánamo is a negative symbol, but it is much diminished because we are seen as trying to close it,' the official said. "

Great bleeding Scott. They actually think that way!


I understand the Saudi officials like Hadlaq, being in denial, but it really stretches credulity, what am I thinking?


The Left -
fine words over hard action
pontificators vs. doers
intentions over achievements

...that said, I'm glad they aren't closing Gitmo.


anybody else blocked by mozilla from accessing gateway pundit. Mozilla says it is a "badware" site. Hmmm.


Yes Laura...me too. I wondered about that.


Here's the message from Gatewaypundit:

First Things website had a Malware attack today. We are working on the problem now. The warning messages should go away by tomorrow afternoon. We have removed the ad script that was causing the problem so there is no chance that you will get an infected browser. It looks like if you run Internet Explorer you won’t see the warning messages but, with Chrome and Firefox you will still see the messages.
By the way, the attack came from China.


I've wondered about that, I've had three malware attacks in the last seven monthes, the last sort of resolved itself about a month
ago, that's why I didn't contacy you about it


--It looks like if you run Internet Explorer you won’t see the warning messages--

IE wouldn't let me go there either.


there is no chance that you will get an infected browser.

Your browser never would get infected. It would use your browser and plugins (probably Flash) to infect your OS. There's a difference.

Melinda Romanoff


I would venture that all my problems have come from embedded ads, on-line-wise.

G'night all.


Advice: use the flashblock plugin. You can see flash plugins if you want (click on them manually), but if not they are not displayed or executed.

Most flash is noise anyway.


Well, Holder blew Gitmo, the NY Trial and the Black Panther case. Time to give him the hook. As for the last debacle, here's the inside scoop.
http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/jun/25/inside-the-black-panther-case-anger-ignorance-and-/>Under the bus, Eric


OT gearhead humor (but still concerning kicking losers while they're down):

Gov't Motors-fan Hitler gets the bad news about the new Mustang GT.

News of the Shelby GT500 crushed all remaining hope in the bunker, prompting poor ol' Adolph to take the cyanide and reach for the Walther.

hit and run

Signing the executive order to close Gitmo was a big deal for the Nobel committee,who awarded the peace prize to Obama for his "potential".

So,like,it was totally worth it and all.


I'll add that one - potential vs. merit


Wow clarice. That Wash Times piece is pretty disturbing.
I'd like to drive a bus over this entire crew.


So Obama is a right-winger on national security policy.

... and you guys are angry about this?


you guys are angry about t h i s ?

No. When W was prez the O said he would rather lose the Iraq war than vote for the surge (even knowing it would work) to oppose "right-winger national security policy".

So now when losing a war would be on him ... right-winger national security policy is just fine thank you very much.

Maybe we're just sore over the double standard.


--So Obama is a right-winger on national security policy.--

There is a rather large difference between actual right wing policy and left wing policy with a veneer of sensibility, but so ineptly implemented and disingenuously presented as to be neither sensible nor effective; merely politically expedient.

hit and run

Obama's no right-winger,he's simply impotent to effect the change you thought you could believe in.


I put my master exit strategy out there sometime ago ...

Rename Gitmo to "Chez Guevara"

... I promise the media will ignore it after that.

Giggle T

I agree with the comments made by Janet and hit and run.

How is Gitmo a negative symbol for the Muslim world? Gitmo is not the problem with America for them. I doubt seriously whether the average terrorist is angry with America of Gitmo and that's the reason why he decided to become a terrorist. They don't like our wealth and our values system.

Jack Klompus

You have to keep in mind that AJB's life consists of being a troll on conservative blogs. You should see some of his delightful anti-Semitic remarks he leaves at protein wisdom. He's a real charmer.

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