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June 25, 2010



Interestingly enough, the parent corporation of Caribou Coffee is a Saudi investment company, Arcapita, which has has one of its stated goals the implementation of Sharia.
From Wikipedia
"The First Islamic Investment Bank of Bahrain has a large financial stake in Arcapita, Caribou Coffee's majority shareholder. In 2002 Yusuf al-Qaradawi's involvement[6] with the bank led to a protest of Caribou Coffee. That same year al-Qaradawi stepped down as chairman of the bank's Sharia board.[7] In 2005, Caribou Coffee's majority stakeholder Arcapita completed an IPO of Caribou. On September 28, 2005, Caribou Coffee became a publicly traded company."


Those aren't "lobbyist" but rather "StarBuckians"

If not, forget pikes, let's do mikes and transmitters.

Whaddya bet the Caribou is mined with eavesdropping equipment.


I was thinking we should train hit in espresso making and get him an undercover job there.



It's hard to even get worked up about this shit any more.

Captain Hate

I'm listening to Mark Levin's show from last night melting down over a bill passed in the House in direct opposition to the Supreme Court's ruling on not limiting campaign contributions except for groups Congress approves. Giving out free speech permits; I'm sure the Founding Fathers would be *really* pleased with that concept. Btw, I can't find any coverage of this even in the WSJ


CH, my loser of a congressman, Gary Ackerman voted for it. It's the keep incumbents in office act.


Twiki: Beedeebeedeebeedee ... Way to Go Buck

hit and run

http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/12/21/obama.trans.taxfairness/>Obama told me...

...when big business doesn't like something in the tax code, they can hire a lobbyist to get it changed...

...and he was right!

http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,251292,00.html>Obama told me...

...lobbyists and special interests think they own this government...

...and they were right!

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/02/19/AR2008021903257.html>Obama told me...

...if you are ready for change, then we can go ahead and tell the lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda are over...

And he was right full of shit!


The picture up on Drudge of Dodd & Barney Frank is just sickening. That those 2 men are elected leaders shows how bad of shape our country is in.


Interesting that this is in the NYT. You would think they were still in administration protection mode. Perhapse they see no where but down for Obama at this point and want to get ahead of the curve so they can shape the narative of how Obama failed not because he was a big time Lib, but because he was just another pol.

Captain Hate

LUN for a nice tribute to Manute Bol


Some lobbyists say that they routinely get e-mail messages from White House staff members’ personal accounts rather than from their official White House accounts

As Gawker said just six months ago,
As we argued back in 2008 (so long ago!), the fact that [a different person in a situation that's not analogous at all] routinely flouted public records laws by conducting state business on a personal Yahoo account made the contents of that Yahoo account newsworthy. And the Alaska Dispatch's selection of [the other person who has nothing to do with the administration so why even bring it up] emails shows a lot of state business getting conducted, as well as proof that [whoever it is, and you're a racist] understood why it was in her interest to conduct said business on a personal account: so that it would not be subject to FOIA requests or disclosure laws....the point of public records laws, is that actual state business, like "discussing political appointments and administration policy," is supposed to be done with the official state email address.


Regulations for thee, not for me.


countdown for liberal outrage, in 3-2..


"..so they can shape the narrative of how Obama failed not because he was a big time Lib, but because he was just another pol"

I think it will be worse: my fear from the beginning was that when the disaster that is Obama would be so obvious that not even NYT and Co. would be able to hide it, liberals will blame the disaster not on implementation of their cherished ideology, but on the fact that the implementer was... a half black men.
They are racists at heart, so this explanation will seem obvious.

If we only give socialism one more chance, this time with proper people at the helm, it would will work, right?

Thomas Collins

Thanks for the link to that article on Bol, Captain Hate. Bol, who as far as I know never held a governmental position, did more for humanity than Gore, Obumbler and Bai Ki Moon could even think of doing. And Bol's hospitals leave a legacy of continuing good works.

Captain Hate

Glad you liked it TC. Ya know, if Stern had some functioning brain cells he'd be on the phone with HBO about doing a documentary on Bol's life. If done right (which HBO could do unlike those NBA preferred idiots at ESPN who do their best to ruin sports, most recently on their horrible coverage of the draft last night) it would be very well-received and boost the image of the league by association. Unfortunately Stern is probably spending his efforts on dragging out next year's playoffs until July 4th. And jobbing teams to subsidize the WNBA. Fannnnnnnnnnntastic.


I believe Katherine @10:42 AM is on to something here...


I hope that are not using that horrible pollutant, milk, to make those latte's, because if any of it spilled into the Potomac, it'd be as bad if not worse than the Gulf Oil Spill.

"Gayle Miller, legislative director of Sierra Club Michigan Chapter, said agricultural pollution probably is the nation's most severe chronic problem when it comes to water pollution.
"Milk is wholesome in a child's body. It is devastating in a waterway," Miller said. "The fact that it's biodegradable is irrelevant if people die as a result of cryptosporidium, beaches close for E. coli and fish are killed." ">http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2010/06/epa_classifies_milk_as_oil_for.html"> EPA labels the prime ingredient in Latte's an Environmental Hazard.


Ok, they've officially gone insane, Futurama and even the Simpsons can't properly satirize
this, btw I think the former used the same
five writers from the first Mission Impossible


liberals will blame the disaster not on implementation of their cherished ideology, but on the fact that the implementer was... a half black men.

No, they won't, at least not out loud. They will blame it on Republicans for fielding a weak candidate (McCain) and on McCain himself for choosing the vile Sarah Palin as his running mate. Had he not done that, they all would have voted for him instead of Obama. But as it was, they had no choice, you see.

I have already seen hints of this future excuse previewed by my more sane liberal friends (the ones that are smart enough to have sensed that Obama isn't all he was cracked up to be).


Yes, blame the candidate, who had his number from the get go, not McCain he gave up without
consideration to the stakes involved


--EPA labels the prime ingredient in Latte's an Environmental Hazard.--

This is the same crap that has ruined California.
They, for the most part sensibly, cleaned up the 95% of water, air, etc pollution that caused the vast majority of the problems and had cost effective fixes.
But being zealots that wasn't enough, so now they are bankrupting us to clean up the last 5% which has little effect on anything anyway.
Come join us in our CA hell guys.


I don't care who they blame, in fact feel free to blame me, just get this nightmare over with.



That was awful last night wasn't it. Ughh. Wrong Alternate Universe. Anyhow, off to work.

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