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June 30, 2010



If I had to guess, they aren't the only frauds out there. They were just: a) bad at it; b) lazy in their data cooking, and; c) delivering data to True Believers who finally began to wonder why the polling was so crappy.

Lawmakers are now considering ending the $700 billion TARP program early and using some of that money to help fund the new financial overhaul bill, CNBC has learned.

Accounting tricks ... all that money was borrowed.

These folks belong together


Wow, talk about conflicting emotions! On one hand, ya just gotta give Markos a nod for owning up to being a sucker and coming clean on the matter. On the other, it sure took him a while to get there, when it was apparent early on that his polls were a joke.

Captain Hate

Kos is a liar and a deadbeat. Why believe anything that virus alleges? This is just another sign of how bad November will be for the commiecrats; they're starting to turn on each other.

Or the Journolist?

I'll tell you what's nice; we can challenge any troll with: Where'd you get that? Kos Polling?


More on Gore's sex accuser. LUN
I want headlines, I tell ya! I want speculation to run rampant...and bobble-head dolls of algore to be sold in novelty shops. I want the accuser to be the guest of some B-list actor at an award show...a guest host on The View. I want a plaque on the hotel room door commemorating the encounter.
I want it ALL...the whole torrid spectacle & screaming headlines we get with a Republican.

Wasn't 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' banned a mere half century or so ago?

I like the 'video footage' part, but am prepared to be disappointed if it just proves the timeline. I wanna see something I can recognize when I see it.


From Janet's LUN:

"He's not what people think he is - he's a sick man!"

She sounds pretty credible to me.

Turns on Gore?  What did you just say?

Maybe she came forward because she's turned skeptic and no longer believes the world will cook if she turns on Gore.

Oops, he had a big advance.   Where's Ayers when you need him.

Heh, Kos claims that 'American Taliban' has nothing in it that depends only on this outfit's polling, but he lies, and it will be pretty evident to those fisking his book. It's too late to change anything about it, but if he were smart, he'd stop it.


Ya know, I have to laugh when I think about the tailspin all the journolisters must be in today, a band of thieves wondering which thief will sell the rest of them down the river. It's a good thing the president has no yet been given the kill switch for the internet.

Captain Hate

Maybe Lady Lindsey should ask John Goodman Kagan what he thinks about any restrictions of free speech on the internet instead of the softball lobs he's serving up on a silver platter along with his "yes" votr.

Danube of Thought

I'm with Janet, big-time. Let's hope the Enquirer dribbles their evidence out, one little bit at a time, until it's cumulatively overwhelming. Video? DNA? After the John Edwards saga, one would be a fool to doubt they have it if they claim to.

And as for Breitbart and the archives: suppose he gets them, and then he outs one or two JournoListers each week with exquisitely embarrassing e-mails. All the others will have to sit and wonder when their time is coming. Oh, this is rich.

If so, it's a statistical impossibility, almost, to keep it secret.  Hoist, hoist, I say.

Do all the Journolisters have access to the whole archive?

Captain Hate

Thomas Frank dimwit quote of the day: "The costs of austerity will always be borne by others".


Do all the Journolisters have access to the whole archive?

I think Li'l Ezra has deleted it. Anyone wanting Breitbart's $100K would have to have copied or saved it before it went bye-bye.


Hoist, hoist indeed...

& maybe daddy could toss algore's sorry a** over a yardarm for us.

Tom R

A standard talking point for the Kos Kiddies is how the Rasmussen polls are biased and not statistically valid. This despite Rasmussen's proven accuracy over the past several years. I wonder if they will continue to use that talking point?


Someone on Journolist leaked to FishbowlDC. This same someone? or another? leaked to Daily Caller. One mole, or two?

Maybe Ezra "deleted" the archive, but I would imagine there are many copies of many emai exchanges still sitting in files of about 400 members/users. Of course, Ezra is assuring all that there really isn't anything newsworthy or revealing in these email discussions. Yeah, snort, that is why he immediately "deleted" them, "disbanded" JournoList, and went "public" that he had done so. Yep, nothing to see here, move along. Snort.

Just the fear factor alone for many of them is sweet.



That's it for me too. I love imagining the sweat growing - the inner arguments about how they plan to justify what they said and save what little reputation they have.

And how fun to be Brietbart.

Buford Gooch

Tom R, they won't have any talking points anymore, what with the demise of journolist.


Hugh Hewitt has a transcript up with Andrew Breibartin a conversation that implies Townhouse is more important than Journolist.

But TownHouse is apparently where the Obama administration and government officials, people on the Hill, are coordinating with the journalists in order to create the memes and the messaging.

Steal Ezra's hard drive..LOL


I just read Andrew Sullivan's response to Brietbart's offer. He must be on Townhouse too because he's got the talking points down. This is the worse thing ever, next only to all the obstruction the republicans have done to Obama's agenda. (I wish someone would tell me how you can obstruct a majority that does not need any of your votes.)

At any rate, he sounds scared.


I could have sworn they claimed to have disbanded TownHouse years back. Apparently not?

Too many threads today but I'll put this here for now:

Iowahawk: I'll Take A Cashier's Check, Mr. Breitbart

Rob Crawford

(I wish someone would tell me how you can obstruct a majority that does not need any of your votes.)

Totalitarians demand, er, total submission. Simply saying "I don't agree" is obstruction to them -- they want you to say 'yes, master' while making a deep bow.

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