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June 06, 2010


Danube of Thought

My father at one point commanded Cruiser-Destoryer Flotilla Two, and it would have been unwise in the extreme to consider it a rag-tag underdog outfit.

This was at a time when the US ruled, and I mean ruled, the waves.

Melinda Romanoff


I think the inventory build is still going on, so it will be positive, but hollow.

I have a file dump for you, in between boxes, but it will come from an addy that can ship big loads. I will e-mail in advance the new addy to expect. It's the last 92 pages of the Reinhart/Rogoff book in a slide show.

Get some rest from your move, I'm going to calm down from the Hawks win and negotiate with my brother about seeing the game in Philly.

I'm fading, so have a good night, all.


All right, point taken DoT, but I don't think
they intended it in that sense

Rick Ballard


Q2 will be weakly positive, Q3 will be "Order? What orders?". If it weren't for big USG fleet buys the Govmo zombie would be shedding limbs and current new housing sales have expired right along with the tax break. Local and state governments are going to have to shed employees like autumn leaves within weeks or risk their bond ratings.

The Dem Job Killers didn't let a crisis go to waste - they just exacerbated it to the point of guaranteeing very significant losses in November.

Melinda Romanoff


I agree, but I think what was being referred to is a mechanic. And we have seen them in the lab, particularly someone like George Rathmann (although if he had a dog named "Magic", I've thrown off his train of thought more than once.").

Just a matter of perspective, in my opinion, a blunt statement by someone, and a sensitive response.

Each taken seriously.

And precisely why we come back here and learn from each other.

And now I really have to go, but I feel better, not just by the Hawks HUGE win.

G'night all.

Melinda Romanoff

Q3 is shipping now, and I know it is through a client. I"m not looking past that right now.

G'night all.



I think what was being referred to is a mechanic. And we have seen them in the lab, particularly someone like George Rathmann

Rathmann has created more wealth than anyone I know personally. Yes, there are lab techs who do their rote work. But I take exception to those who claim, in any form, that lab work is divorced from reality. Lab work is an integral part of wealth creation, and that requires good and timely decisions to be made every time. And it has been done time and time again to create companies that have built the technology base of our country.

I reject absolutely the concept that one has to be in the field, or be an engineer (though that is my training) to be able to make good decisions. This is abject nonsense, and any such statements deserve to be derided as I am doing now.


Charlie (Colorado)

Charlie, no offense intended. Have you ever hung out with the theoretical chemists or biologists? Quite a different sort that straight CS, even those active in one of those fields.

Oh, none taken, I'm just teasing you. But having spent a good bit of time trying to make something of the intuition that there's a connection between D'arcy Thompson's morphological transformations and information-theoretic limits on gene expression, I'm not sure I don't still end up in the same category.


"Barack Obama’s boiling point."

His boiling point is another liberal distraction. Frank Rich the critic wants narrative and theatre. What we NEED is a President who isnt a post turtle, who actually can marshall resources to SOLVE problems instead of pointing blame or talking about them.

"I'd take any random first-line engineering manager over Obama in a situation requiring a real solution. The only problem Obama has ever managed was how to take out an opposing candidate. "

YUP ... don't send a lawyer to do an engineer's job.

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