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June 17, 2010


hit and run

That Buffalo Jills cheerleader carries herself with the poise and confidence....&c.

Daddy,don't click that link.


It's all so sophisticated.

Captain Hate

I love it when quislings start turning on each other with all the integrity of cornered rats. More popcorn; more beer!!!

Danube of Thought

Reminiscent of the Iran-Iraq war.



Captain Hate

Ugh, I clicked one of TM's link to Kos. I need a wire brush and Lysol.

Daddy, click the lower link to find two very nice reasons to go to Buffalo.

Thomas Collins

Solid gsme so far. Great offensive rebounding by LA. 'Sheed is doing fine so far in place of the injured Perkins.

Thomas Collins

Great move by Big Baby for the hoop!

Don't worry, this won't be nonstop NBA Finals blogging.

It's the magic of the movement.

I'm worried it won't be. Where's Captain HaHa when we need him?


">http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/06/17/AR2010061703463.html?nav=hcmoduletmv"> Sally Quinn, making CheerLeaders (even Buffalo Jill's) look like brain surgeons and rocket scientists since she slept with Ben Bradley.

Thomas Collins

Pace of the game so far is to the Green's liking. Boston 23, LA 14 after one quarter.

Will LA miss Bynum (who is limited to 10 minutes per half) more the the Celtics will mMss Perkins? Stay tuned.

To the JOM fashion committee: check out Kendrick Perkins' striped green shirt!


The Obama Effect ...

PPP's most recent national survey found that while Obama had a positive approval rating at 48/47, only 33% of voters were more likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by him while 48% said support from Obama would make them less likely to vote for someone. That's because only 64% of voters who approve of the President say his endorsement would make them more inclined to vote for a candidate, but 91% who disapprove say Obama's support makes it less likely they would vote for one of his preferred candidates.
This certainly explains Bob Etheridge's reaction to "Do you support the Obama agenda ?"

hit and run

Seems some may have mistaken my admontion above for daddy to "don't click that link" to be to my blog.

It's confusing,I know,I never intended it -- Hit&Run at Reason magazine,(the last link in TM's post) and I are in no way affiliated.

There's nothing new at my blog that relates to the Buffalo Jills. Do NOT click on the LUN thinking you will get anything of the sort. There are no scantily clad women at my blog. Trust me. I swear. I wouldn't joke about something like this. Seriously.

hit and run


hit and run

Jump shot.

hit and run

Time out.


From daddy's link -
Clinton has done an incredible job as secretary of state.
So Sally Quinn has been drinking too much?
and still looking good.
smoking too much pot?
Whatever Palin came up with, Hillary could best her -- and the Tea Party crowd as well
using crystal meth?
Hillary is far more qualified to be president than any of the Republicans
a heroin addict?


I'm sicking of going to the WaPo and making fun of her in the comments section. It's someone else's turn tonight.

hit and run

The NBA finals really could use some vuvuzelas.

hit and run

I'm sicking of going to the WaPo


Whose on first.  I dunno, what's a hat trick?

I'm on the edge of my seat, h&r; your terse play by play allows full play of imagination. I've never seen a game like this.

hit and run

Jack Nicholson gets a new courtside chair.


**sick** I'm also tired and angry about the mess we're in. But today's bread was quite delicious. Thank goodness for something going right.


That word you're using. let see castigating
Honduras, throwing Israel, Poland, UK under
the bus, how's that reset going. Why is she announcing the lawsuit against Arizona, they took away her negotiating authority, which is your real power as Secretary of State


hit, great posting . What are you watching?


Hit, Cap'n, TC, etc

Thanks for the cheerleader links.

Air Asia is a Malaysian low budget people hauler. Yesterday landing at Kuala Lumper found out we have been booted off our regular parking spot, which has been handed over to Air Asia's expanding fleet. Our Mechanics were griping about it, but I didn't mind, because looking just left to our old parking spot, ">http://blog.airasia.com/index.php/airasia-x-airbus-340-oakland-raiders-xce"> this is what I spotted. (Scroll to 2nd pic.) Crazy.

hit and run

Clarice,I think I should come sample some bread. I'm not inviting myself,mind you,I'm just thinking out loud and outside the box.

mrs hit and run called,they spent the day in Luckenbach,TX.

(But not with)...Waylon and Willie and the boys....(But rest assured)...ain't nobody feelin' no pain.


Maybe it's time we got back to the basics of love

hit and run

hit, great posting . What are you watching?

Bags & Shoes on QVC

Wait. What?


Daddy, that picture is better than the picture of Barbara Bush on the Air Alaska stabilizer


Those girls in daddy's link do just what I tell all my female customers--hold you stomach in:-)

hit and run

Oh gosh. Caddyshack just started on AMC.

So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

There's no where where?

So if it's the Buffalo Jills would it be the Oakland Maters?


Kobe shot it in the lumber yard.



We used to have a very homely gal Captain, Mary F...., (no, not Luana the Iguana-inside joke) with a very good sense of humor who always claimed that that was her picture on ">http://cdn.wn.com/ph/img/0d/c4/2329fde4f620229b1a222828b0ec-grande.jpg"> the tail of Alaska Jets.


I can never figure out how to comment at the WaPo, but man, that Sally Quinn is seriously, seriously stupid. Why even bother having elections. Lets just ordain Hillary as VP, plug Joe Biden in as Sec State, and press on to the next cocktail party. Geezus K-street.


What Joe Barton should have said... but Ace did.


In the LUN


What should have been said today



Sorry bout that. Blog seems to have the hiccups.

Captain Hate

Would you please stop posting about the NBA finals; I've only watched a couple minutes of one game in the series at my neighbor's house at which point I told him to turn it off (I was there to listen to music and drink beer). Kudos to both teams but David Stern and everybody at ABC should die in a fire for ruining the sport that I've followed since Cousy, Sharman and Bianchi played and which I still do on Saturday mornings.


I'll bet you get a fee bowl of soup with a hat like that.

(looks over at Judge Smails)

Oh! But it looks good on you!


And Dan Mitchell presents an interesting graph..

The Moocher Index


Danube of Thought

Norm Nixon puts Chick Hearn in the popcorn machine... the mustard's off the hot dog...

hit and run

Offensive interference!

Captain Hate

Ok I'll be back after the game. Pricks.

Neither of us will lose dancing to that music.

Well, Cap'n, you can root for Tex Winter, and I'll root for Bill Russell.

hit and run

I was commenting on Caddyshack...


Yeah Peter,

Wouldn't you love being ">http://blog.airasia.com/index.php/airasia-x-airbus-340-oakland-raiders-xce"> the fuel shroud drain on that Air Asia airbus 340! (Tho lots could be said I suppose for the aft rear cargo door on that baby:)

hit and run

Captain Hate:

What's the title of this post again?

Rick Ballard

Couldn't have been, Hit. The ball raised chalk inside the twenty. In Calvinball that's a clear goal.


You're always welcome, hit..Tomorrow night is ratatouille,homemade baguette, Lasagna, mesclun salad and raspberries with marscapone sauce.
Email if I need to set an extra plate.


I just prepared the dough for tomorrow night's focaccia (with garden herbs and sea salt)


Gee, Clarice, you're making me hungry, 1500 miles away


well, peter, that sounds yummy. Tonight's bread was Lahey's stecca. I made it with cloves of garlic, olives and cherry tomatoes. It's the easiest no knead bread yet and is wonderful==kind of crunchy focaccia sticks.


Waylon's dead, Hit. In the event you didn't already know that. Willie and the boys are still an option, though Willie looks deader than Waylon really is.


This is like Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride, in the LUN, there's no way ti can end
well for the challenger

Thomas Collins

This is like the type of playoff game the Knicks and Heat used to play. Boston up 57-53 after 3 quarters.

And what is Van Gundy doing criticizing the play. This is tough defense by both teams.


FWIW, there's the Sarah Palin segment with doofus Orielly on youtube.


Ya know, sometimes I don't like how she says things, but, she ain't wrong.

hit and run

Yes,I lived through Waylon's death. It was taken very hard by 103 FM, WKDF in Nashville at the time...(the last radio station I listened to in my car on my commute). I used to drive by his house 2-3 times a month when I lived there.

But the point is, lyrics don't die.

Let's go to Luckenbach Texas
with Waylon and Willie and the boys
This successful life we're livin'
got us feuding like the Hatfield and McCoy's
Between Hank Williams pain songs,
Newberry's train songs
and blue eyes cryin' in the rain
out in Luckenbach Texas
ain't nobody feelin' no pain

Luckenbach now claims a population of . . . 3.


That sounds delicious, Clarice.

Mind sharing the lasagna recipe? please :)

Dave (in MA)

TC, what the hell was that traffic on 128 tonight?


I liked Willy Nelson's recent comment on some interview about his tax Problems.

Something like, "When you owe the Government $50,000 in back taxes you have a problem. But when you owe the Government $50 Million in back taxes, they have a problem."


No, she isn't Po, she put him in his place, on the other hand, there were some like Dana
Perino, who actually liked Obama's speech, double facepalm


Narciso's last link to ">http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=OGNjMGJjMDdjYmNjYTk2OTcyMDljZDQ5YWFkMWE4ZmM="> Mark Steyn is excellent. Thanks for that.


Did I mention Duke won?

Thomas Collins

There are people in the world who think the World Cup is a bigger event than the NBA Finals? No way!!!


Wasn't it though, although I've gauged the caliber of the esteemed Conor F. and he's as shallow as a beach at low tide, so ended up
being one of Sullivan's 'pooper. . .editorial

Thomas Collins

It was quite the parking lot, Dave(inMA). I don't know what was going on.

Thomas Collins

Lakers up by 4 with 5 minutes and 21 seconds left, as Bryant hits a jumper.

hit and run

Duke won what? Spelling bee?

Oh,wait. I see it now.

The kid who scored the game winning goal is from just up the road from TM.


Ann--it's the best and easiest lasagna recipe I've ever used.
http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/turkey-lasagna-recipe2/index.html> fast and good

Thomas Collins

Gasol's great inside play puts the Lakers up by six with a minute and a half to play.

Dave (in MA)


Danube of Thought

This ballgame's in the refrigerator. The door is closed, the light is out, the butter's getting hard, the eggs are cooling and the Jello's jiggling.

TC, notice they settled for confetti--they'll never put ballons up there again.

Thomas Collins

Close but no Red Auerbach cigar this time. Lakers take the NBA title, 83-79. Congrats to the Lakers and their fans.

I thought it was a great game. Both teams played great D, but the Lakers rebounding was the difference. Gasol, Bryant, Artest and the rest: my hat is off to you.

Artest just thanked his psychiatrist for helping him to relax. Is that the first psychiatrist to be thanked by an NBA player on the NBA Finals winner?

In any event, now the balloons (metaphorically) can come down from the rafters in LALand. Thanks to DOT, Captain Hate, Kim and the other JOM NBA fans for posting on the playoffs. Your posts made this more enjoyable for me.

Thomas Collins

DOT, there may have been no balloons, but I hope there is a bottle of your favorite beverage nearby so you can celebrate. And I hope in a future NBA playoff we'll have another chance for some back and forth!


When I started posting here I was a cut and paste junkie. I have improved, but I picked a cryptic name, "Threadkiller", and I tend to live up to it.

Bill O'Riley has pissed me off to no ends and I wish to cut/paste a lenghty response here. No birther stuff. This is personal and it is about parenting.

I ask permision to vent as I am still your guest. I would like feedback without killing the thread.

May I post?

Dave (in MA)

You're not going to sign it "Anduril", are you?


Dude, this thread started with Kos and Olbermann and moved on to the insufferable Lakers winning again. Whatever you're going to post will be an improvement.

Dave (in MA)

TC: http://www.sadtrombone.com/>Sad trombone.

Thomas Collins

I don't mind, Threadkiller, but the feedback will have to come from others, as I am ready to pack it in for the night and lament my beloved Celtics losing their first seven game final to the Lakers.


I have an abiding, visceral hatred of the Lakers, almost as deep as my detestation of the Denver Broncos.
Bad day at black rock.


I have an abiding, visceral hatred of the Lakers

Me too. Sorry about the game, TC.


Thanks so much, Clarice.

Goat cheese, yum. I think I will try it for Father's Day this weekend.

My "hair on fire" day number 512, made me make this:

The Best Coffee Cake Ever




Let it rip. Who sleeps these days?


Thank you,

O'Riley was spewing forth his concern that parents of a 16 year old would allow their daughter to sail the world alone. He couldn't fathom the lack of judgment of the parents.

This kid is not hanging at a liquor store in the dead of night, while her parents get a fix.

16 year olds in other countries are expected to do far more than this kid.

I know of a 16 year old girl who did something in 1777. And if O'Riley was around then, who knows.

Sybil Ludington


Sybil Ludington (April 16, 1761- February 26, 1839) was a heroine of the American Revolutionary War who became famous for her night ride on April 26, 1777 to alert American colonial forces to the approach of enemy troops. Her action was similar to that performed by Paul Revere,[1][2][3][4][5][6][7], though she rode more than twice the distance of Revere and was only 16 years old at the time of her action.

Ludington's ride started at 9:00 P.M. and ended around dawn.[8] She rode 40 miles, more than twice the distance of Paul Revere, into the damp hours of darkness. This is especially remarkable because modern day endurance horse riders using lightweight saddles can barely ride such distances in daylight over well marked courses - see:endurance riding. She is also known as the "female Paul Revere." She could see the sky aglow from the burning town. "Muster at Ludington's," she shouted at the farmhouses of the militiamen. She rode through Carmel on to Mahopac, thence to Kent Cliffs, from there to Farmers Mills and back home. She used a stick to prod her horse and knock on doors. She managed to defend herself against a highwayman with her father's musket. When, soaked from the rain and exhausted, she returned home, most of the 400 soldiers were ready to march.[9][10]

The memoir for Colonel Henry Ludington states,

Sybil, who, a few days before, had passed her sixteenth birthday, and bade her to take a horse, ride for the men, and tell them to be at his house by daybreak. One who even now rides from Carmel to Cold Spring will find rugged and dangerous roads, with lonely stretches. Imagination only can picture what it was a century and a quarter ago, on a dark night, with reckless bands of "Cowboys" and "Skinners" abroad in the land. But the child performed her task, clinging to a man's saddle, and guiding her steed with only a hempen halter, as she rode through the night, bearing the news of the sack of Danbury. There is no extravagance in comparing her ride with that of Paul Revere and its midnight message. Nor was her errand less efficient than his. By daybreak, thanks to her daring, nearly the whole regiment was mustered before her father's house at Fredericksburgh, and an hour or two later was on the march for vengeance on the raiders. [1]

The men arrived too late to save Danbury, Connecticut. At the start of the Battle of Ridgefield, however, they were able to drive General William Tryon, then governor of the colony of New York, and his men to Long Island Sound.[9][10]
Sybil was congratulated for her heroism by friends and neighbors and also by General George Washington

After the war, in 1784, Sybil married Edmund Ogden. They had one child, Henry.[20] Sybil lived in Unadilla until her death on February 26, 1839, at the age of 77. She was buried near her father in the Patterson Presbyterian Cemetery in Patterson, New York.[21]


In 1935 New York State erected a number of markers along her route. A statue of Sybil, sculpted by Anna Hyatt Huntington, was erected along her route near Carmel, New York, in 1961 to commemorate her ride. Smaller originals[22] of the statue exist on the grounds of the DAR Headquarters in Washington, DC; on the grounds of the public library, Danbury, Connecticut; and in the Elliot and Rosemary Offner museum at Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

In 1975 Sybil Ludington was honored with a stamp in the "Contributors to the Cause" United States Bicentennial.


Each April since 1979, the Sybil Ludington 50-kilometer footrace has been held in Carmel, New York. The course of this hilly road race approximates Sybil's historic ride, and finishes near her statue on the shore of Lake Gleneida, Carmel, New York.[9]

My daughters will learn something other than what O'Riley teaches:



Thanks, Threadkiller. I enjoyed that.


p.s. forgot to mention, we were living not far from Danbury and Ridgefield when I was sixteen. I used to drive all around that area "collecting" old cemeteries. I had never heard of Miss Ludington before tonight, however.


Can you imangine if Miss Ludinington could have been on her parents healthcare policy untill she was 26.?">http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=NjRjOGRjNGZlMGU2NmQ2ZjczYzI0ODU0Yzc0MDgxOGM=">26.?

Is that what O'Riley wants?


Excellent story TK; news to me.
Reminiscent of Wentworth Cheswell ; Paul Revere's black co-midnight-rider.



I was just going to mention Cheswell. Glenn Beck did an entire hour on black patriots. History, that our schools should teach our children. It is a shame they don't.

Thanks, TK


when I was 9 years old, we moved from Washington, DC to Glendora, CA when my dad took a job in California. It was December, and I didn't realize how cold California could be.

My folks that year got me a watch, which I decided to test whether it was waterproof (it wasn't), and a radio/tape recorder for Christmas. I was the luckiest kid in the world.

The watch was dead @ 6:30 am on Christmas Day, but the recorder/radio lasted for years. The first use I made of that radio was listening to a new broadcaster for the Los Angeles Lakers, a guy named Chick Hearn, under the covers with the death penalty in order if discovered, or so I thought.

Through playoff losses and a few wins, the Lakers finally prevailed and won one, and then another, and another. Chick was there all the way. I imagine he's there still.

Tonight was one of the ugliest games I have ever seen, more akin to the California State Division III championship. My kids alma mater, Mater Dei, plays better. But it's a win. heh.....

Here’s a picture of Barack Obama in Chicago teaching the principles of Saul Alinsky.

I found this today at libertypundits.com. It reminded me of Hit's brilliant stuff.


and Clarice mentioned this last night (really good):

Day One

Believe it or not, it is a Republican National Committee commercial.



I love the way you write. Thanks for replying to my question on facebook, too. God Bless.

Have you ever thought of writing a book?

Neo: I think you have the wrong link.

Environmentalists are much more like battered spouses, returning again and again to their abuser based on another promise to do good. And nothing in President Obama’s June 15 oil spill and energy speech should offer environmentalists any hope that this is going to change.
Jack is Back!

Remember O'Reilly parrots Geraldo sometimes and Geraldo is the guy beating the drum to indict the parents of Abby. I agree with Threadkiller, let our kids discover their fears, potential and ambitions instead of being Big Nanny all their lives. My son is 6 and I want him to live "dangerously" to discover the world around him and the risk that entails. I am not allowing to mimic birds from the 2nd floor terrace or our house or allowing him to swim with the sharks off the beach but I am telling him about assessing risk and enjoying life including things like how to make a bow and arrow, start a fire with moss and sticks, using a sling-shot, building a soap-box car, learning tennis, golf and piano. Why not give them something more than X-box and Cartoon Network?

Also, Olberman is a reflection of the left and their narcissistic triumph with Obama. When the pool stops reflecting their sense of "reality" they get mad. So What. Let him and the Kossacks live in bitter acrimony. No skin off my teeth.


O'Reilly often embarasses me to no end, with his unfocused, 'seat of the pants' arguments


“I made it with … cherry tomatoes”

Try grape tomatoes. From LOCAL hothouse preferable.


what irks me to no end, is that Heyward, didn't take the opportunity to lecture the committee on how we ended up, drilling a mile
down, in a tiny section of the Gulf rather
than in ANWR, in the Bakken fields of Dakota,
or the shale fields of Colorado, to tell them
what is the alternative they suggest

Thomas Collins

Threadkiller, there is a balance. I think today the balance has tilted too much to helicopter parenting and over-protectiveness. As to the 16 year old sailor, I think the parents had a responsibility to determine whether she had acquired solid sailing skills. If they concluded in good faith that she had, I don't think they should have tried to prevent her from undertaking her voyage (and I guess they concluded the same thing).

As an example of the balance being tilted toward overprotectiveness, some folks looked askance on my youngest (she was 20 years old at the time) spending last summer in Deadhorse, Alaska. I never even thought it was an issue and was surprised that some folks would think a parent should intervene in that situation. Twenty year olds are adults who not only fight in wars but in some societies could lead armies into battle. It is understandable for parents to be concerned with the welfare of their kids, but fostering in one's children a childlike attitude toward life when they are young adults can be dangerous, too.


Comments to Clarice lasagna recipe:

Sweet onion is always better than yellow.

Turkey sausage should be without MSG and other artificial taste additives.

Tomatoes should be fresh, not canned; skinned and seeded.

Kosher (it is Koshering, BTW) salt in this recipe works the same as table salt.


Remove onion and garlic from skillet, and fry sausage separately. Then dump everything in the skillet, add couple of spoons of stock, and deglaze bottom of the skillet with plastic spade.

Noodles should be dumped into salted BOILING water, not hot tap water, and just drained semi-raw.

Egg is totally unnecessary.

Personally, I would add brown mushrooms into the skillet.

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