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June 18, 2010



How about a tea shirt with " I dont like the dog food" on the front and a Gadsen flag on the back?

November will be a massacre that will make Little Big Horn look like a boy scout jamboree. Once the battle is over on Weds morning, we should regroup and proceed to surround the few survivors and ask them to pick their side. More than a couple switch and then off we go to defund massive amounts of Washington DC.

"One of the elements of the intelligence that contributed to the decision on the phased adaptive array (approach) was the realization that if Iran were actually to launch a missile attack on Europe, it wouldn't be just one or two missiles, or a handful," Gates said at a congressional hearing.

"It would more likely be a salvo kind of attack, where you would be dealing potentially with scores or even hundreds of missiles."

Gates voiced confidence that upgraded missile interceptors in development "would give us the ability to protect our troops, our bases, our facilities and our allies in Europe."

Rick Ballard

The problem with "don't like the dog food" is that the particular dog food served up by this crew of Dems is especially tailored for the delight of the denizens of the Deep Blue Hells from which the current Dem "leadership" is drawn due to seniority rules. The continuing politicization of the DoJ makes me wonder if the prog felons currently stealing more than they can carry will be fitted with the cheap orange suits they deserve to wear even with the return of the WH to rationale control. I no longer have either faith or confidence in the "non"-political employees of the DoJ being effective in pursuit anything resembling justice. DoJ is now just as rancid as State.

Oh, the turk comedy.

Also WKRP in Cincinnati.



Holder gone and DOJ returns to normal incompetency and less malignancy. Zero is going to have to have a move to the middle moment or he is a goner politically. Who does he pull closer and who does he jettison?

My bet is that Rahm and Holder have to go, and he clutches to Hill as its rebounding position for the primaries which will soon be within sight.

On the internet nobody knows you have furballs.

Instead of bark, bark, it's barf, barf.

That's Elliott bait.

Anybody else see the 'Children's Book of American Birds' dedicated to Mr. Worple in Laurie David's paean to Gore, now banned in Nebraska?

Joe Wilson wonders why his wife hates him.  And his hair.

I still betcha Hillary runs against him in 2012. How is he going to improve in the meantime with his worsening radioactivity? Bill's off to Africa, or the Planet Claire, for a supply of Kryptonite Kake.

The ensuing tensions following the Kuwaiti arrests, details of which remain scant, may further polarize Gulf states against non-Arab rival Tehran as a global row over Iran's nuclear ambitions heats up.

News of the round-up, if proven, could also prompt security clampdowns by Gulf states aimed at ferreting out any more potential spies governments fear may be scouring their land for retaliatory targets in the event of a U.S. strike on Iran.

JM Hanes


You're probably long gone, but here are a couple of additions to the New York list that others have already filled in.

Order the Frozen Hot Chocolate (you'll definitely want two straws) at Serendipity, a hole in the wall on East 60th, between 2nd & 3rd. They used to serve a great grilled chicken sandwich on Irish soda bread too (take it from someone who doesn't even like chicken sandwiches). You walk through a funky little store to get to the restaurant. There's a recipe for the FHC at the link, but personally, I'd say don't try this at home.

Alas, the most fabulous chocolatier has moved to Great Neck! We always made a stop at Krön's for orange sections wrapped in chocolate, made daily. But if you find yourself in Great Neck....

The Japan Society usually has spectacular changing exhibitions, if you like oriental art. Go to the Frick for the most masterpieces of painting collected in one small, navigable spot in New York. For design/build books, and related monographs that you're less likely to come across elsewhere, the American Institute of Architects has a terrific little midtown bookstore, at least I assume it's still terrific.

Afternoon is a great time for the Metropolitan Museum. You'd have to check to see if it's a daily, or weekly thing, but on the balcony running around the great hall, around teatime, they set up a bar with small tables, interesting cocktail food, and, when I was there last year, a trio of piano and strings.

JM Hanes


With nothing but four years of crap diplomacy under her belt since '08, and Bill put out to pasture for the interim, I think Hillary may even have trouble putting an exploratory committee together.

Captain Hate

With nothing but four years of crap diplomacy under her belt since '08, and Bill put out to pasture for the interim, I think Hillary may even have trouble putting an exploratory committee together.

After firing a pre-emptory shot across Arizona's bow from Ecuador, how could she present herself as "change anybody could believe in"?

Remember, Bill still wants the whole world in his hands.

Doesn't matter. Who else they got? Schumer, Emanuel, Pelosi? What remains of Congressional Democrats may prefer her to him. And the PUMAs? Organizing, now, I'll bet.

JM Hanes

Maybe Obama can sell the perch for that AbFab vacation house on the Vineyard.


A couple other ice cream related destinations in NYC:

Sant Ambroeus for italian gelato.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory if you're curious about such flavors as wasabi.

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