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June 30, 2010


Just another reason to vote against Obama.

The weasels have found no conflict between the original statement and the revised one. Bah.

Jack is Back!

I find it difficult and absurd to believe any organization that has people as members who have absolutely no problem sticking and ice pick in some babies cranium and then washing up and going home to a 'tini and TV with wifey.


“An intact D&X [the medical term for the procedure], however, may be the best or most appropriate procedure in a particular circumstance to save the life or preserve the health of a woman.”
Is that true? Can killing the partially born child EVER improve the heath of it's mother?

With patients sent by the abortionist.  That was Tiller's modus.

Most of the third tri-mester abortions are for psychological reasons, documented by an idealogue who is a piss poor doctor.


MikeS, Mary Davenport and ob.gyn , has the BEST article on this at AT,,


Is that true? Can killing the partially born child EVER improve the heath of it's mother?

No. Once the head is out, the delivery is essentially over. Done deal. Getting the baby the point where PBA can be performed (just before the head comes out) is pretty much getting to the end of the delivery. It's the same experience for the mother, it's just that one method results in a live baby, the other one in a dead baby.

Hippocrates weeps.

The point being that a dead baby resolves the lethal psychological consequences and a live one doesn't. It's quite a racket.


For a long time, the pro PBA crowd argues that in cases of extreme hydrocephalus this one the only option. Whether that was once true or not, it hasn't been true for years. With sonograms, doctors can locate the skull, remove a great deal of the fluid and proceed to a Caesarian birth,
Honest physicians say it always end in (a horrendous) death of the infant and never is for the benefit of the mother's health.

It has been a scam from day one.

Buford Gooch

It's difficult to discuss murdering babies. I'm truly amazed at the leftists being able to control language to such an extent that we can even have this discussion.


It seems to me the Kagan language is not merely deceptive, but an outright lie.


I suspect it went like this: ACOG was opposed to the ban on PBA and made their argument in the original document. The more politically astute Kagan realized that the language they used would kill the case and told them as much. Because they also wanted the ban overturned, they went along with Kagan's change.

I disagree with Adler's view that the whole text of ACOG's initial and revised statements weakens the charge. It's clear that ACOG put getting the desired outcome ahead of honesty, replacing a clear statement with a muddled and misleading one. No doubt it's the sort of thing lawyers do all the time with expert witnesses, but ACOG was representing itself as the voice of science. And it hardly makes her appear to have the temperament one would want in a SC justice.

Just trying to help them express their true opinion.

"The document is certainly in my handwriting" in response to a direct question about whether or not she wrote the memo.

I don't want this woman as a Supreme Court Justice. It is a travesty.

A left wing political operative, not a Justice.

John at Powerline is still pretty hot about this.


Will there be PAYBACK for Dr. Tiller?

Will there be COUNTERTERROR against right-to-lifers?

Will it be murder, or JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE?

WHO will be the most effective and deserving TARGETS of anti-right-to-lifist counterterror?

WHERE do they LIVE?



Go away moby

Expect bloomers.

Coburn's hot because she sees no limits to the Commerce clause and believes precedent trumps founders' intent.

Rob Crawford

That's not a moby, narciso -- that's a lefty threatening violence.

(Of course, it could be a right-winger imitating a lefty threatening violence...)


I used to be an abortion absolutist, and I absolutely believed the life of the mother thing for even late term abortion.

Then I was chosen to do a commercial against the original abortion bill. I had a hard time deciding, and asked my mother in law- a hard line pro-choicer what she thought. "Take the money" she said.
But I tell you, it changed my mind. Listening to the doctors sponsoring the commercial talk about it convinced me that killing a the baby doesn't save the mother.

It is a horrific procedure, and I wish at the very least we could have an adult conversation about it. The worship of Tiller showed me that isn't going to happen any time soon.


I just don't see how "kill the baby" is the answer to a problem.
Poor & pregnant? Kill the baby.
Unmarried & pregnant? Kill the baby.
Very young & pregnant? Kill the baby.
Nothing has changed in the lives of these women..still poor, promiscuous, exposing themselves to STDs, ...but now they have killed a baby too.
Just on the most basic level..."Kill the baby" cannot be the correct answer.
and related -
LUN the Planned Parenthood missing 1.3 Billion.

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