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June 12, 2010


Creeping down a dark defile.

Shot like a rabbit, in a run.

The Stockholms in the Hindu Kush were overun millenia ago.

Insulted and abandoned.

Thomas Collins

Pak's former ISI head, Hamid Gul, has stated:

A: "The Americans are defeated. It isn't necessarily because their firepower and their might has been weakened, but because their own people are sick and tired [of the war in Afghanistan]. Now… they are threatened by fatigue, and fatigue is the worst thing a nation can suffer from. There is no way that the Americans can hold on to Afghanistan."

Q: "Could that lead to the toppling of [Afghanistan President] Hamid Karzai's government?"

A: "Karzai is no more. He is currently fighting for his life. They have already started telling him that by the end of this year he will have to shoulder the responsibility for security in Afghanistan. But what are [the Americans] giving him [so that he can do] this? Nothing at all. In fact, more civilian casualties in military operations are [only] going to weaken Karzai's position."

I suspect that Karzai sees things in the same manner that Gul does, and is trying to cut a deal to save his own head (perhaps literally).

Dealing with the Afghan/Pak situation would be tough no matter who is POTUS. However, with a POTUS who is not taken seriously by the world's power players, it is likely that things are going to become bleaker.

Asking the US's military to keep things together in the hope a real leader becomes POTUS in January of 2013 may seem too much to ask, but I think that is the best we can hope for.

Danube in L.A.

The U.S. and much of the world will pay a very heavy price for the election of this fool.


Gul is a vicious bastard, how much so, read Christina Lamb's sewing circles of Kabul, but
he is probably right, on this score. I mean we
have the last member of the "Dump Diem" team on board, what could possibly go wrong (sic)

Old Dad

Karzai is waffling because he knows Obama is weak and that Obama doesn't know what he wants. Karzai knows what he wants, personal security and money. He's looking for the strong horse, ahem, peace partner.

Message to Obama: You want dead Taliban and dead terrorists on both sides of the border. You want the Pakis in your pocket no matter what. If Karzai can help, fine. If not, make arrangements. Take the firm withdrawal date off the table. Let the Taliban know that we will stay until they are all dead, or "friendly." Play hard and play dirty--they expect that.


but that would upset our hugs and kisses offensive in the South, Old Dad....

We go out during the day winning hearts and minds, and in the evenings the local Taliban stroll back in and assassinates anyone who cooperates with us. What could possibly go wrong, as narciso says?

I'm waiting for the Buddhist monks with matches and gasoline moment.The Taliban sense victory and will probably try something spectacular like assassinating Karzai.What then?


I'll bet Petreaus is going nuts with the awful situation he has to deal with.


'...the US president said he recognised BP was a multinational company and he had no interest in undermining its value.'

China won't devalue. Hilly says buy bonds. Maybe we should check on foreign aid and loan forgiveness. So, is it a button like direct deposit or real cash?


Saw this bumper sticker yesterday:

God bless our troops
Especially the snipers.

A measure of the times.

Unaccountably, cryptic makes complete sense.


I've told many lies over the years. During the commission they understand the bars. They know what they did and they know the cost.

I Won

Look, I cannot suck up the Tolly-bahn with a bendy-strawy-bahn.

The American people know that

1) This is Bush's war

2) This is Cheney's war

3) This is a war I never asked for

4) And I will continue to take full responsibility for Betrayus and McCrystal's failed plan.


Looks like an international thread, therefore I am not offthread with the comment:


England 1



Blame Bush for the Gulf spill? What a crock. LUN.





British wankers will fill their papers with whining about the tie to the Yanks. Laugh at them.

Frau Witzbold

How about dueling anthems? At the same time, we sing "My country, 'Tis of Thee" ("America") and the Brits sing "God Save the Queen." The loudest wins.


Our strategy for winning hearts and minds should be two in the heart, one in the mind.
(stolen from a returning Ranger)

Jane says obamasucks

If I were Karzai I'd worry that Obama might nuke Afghanistan if he learns that he is not adored by the Afghan leader.

That'l show him

Jack is Back!

More Americans in the stands at Royal Bekofang in Rustenberg than Brits. The Brits had more banners and more loud horns but the American's bought over 25K tickets. Talk about a fan base.

The QM2 is quiet today. The Brits are pissed and the Yanks are bored - but I am quite positive that if we can get past Slovenia and Algeria without loss we can go through as long as no one actually wins and a game and gets 3 pts. Then we would have to win against Slovenia or Algeria instead of play for draws. Soccer is the only game I know where they actually play for draws instead of losing a game. Sounds to damn strategic for me. Sort of like Bambi's strategy for Afghanistan.

Jack is Back!


I saw your comment on a previous thread about "allowing dogs on cruise ships". To paraphrase Commodore Bernard Warner the QM2 master, "we are on an ocean liner, not a cruise ship". Of course, when the QM2 is in the Caribbean or the Fjords of Norway its not an "ocean liner" but when it is just crossing the pond you are on a "liner".

Yes the do allow dogs. Always have and we have been taking it since 2004, its inaugural year. Usually, they are kept in the kennels on Deck 12. But this is the first time I have actually seen them walking around the public areas - inside!! They even have a section of photos in the Image Gallery (where you go and buy at an inflated price those poses of you and wife with the Commodore) of the dogs in the kennel with their owners.

Watching Sky News (the Brit version of Fox) and for the 60 minutes main morning news on a Sunday, fully 59 minutes have been taken up on the game last night. We are in their heads and it could affect how they perform from here on but the American team is now very confident keeping a team as strong as England to one goal. Funny how the Brits take these things versus the way we handle them - its almost bordering on inferiority, paranoia and conspiratorial.

Quarantine feels like stone walls.

'inferiority, paranoia and conspiratorial' was on the mind of the dog at the bar, too. And the victim at the end of the rope.

Mirror, mirror, on the whitewashed wall, who's the fairest doctrine of them all, all, all?

We will fight them in their sinkholes, we will mock them in their memes. We will place right back their images with their faces on the wall.


Can't not expect that from Karzai.


Now Karzai has real problems as it seems peace in Afghanistan is imposible without the support of Talibans and Mr. Karzai have to rely on Taliban for peace and stability in Afghanistan.


the London Times article on the ISI. This seems to be one of the best so far. LUN

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