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June 30, 2010



Hot damn, TM, but you DID nail JournoList way back then.


I'll put TM's impish sense of humor up against any other blogger's.


Over at ACE, a wickedly funny parody of Al Gore's poetry.


My spy article is up.
http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/06/reporter_consultant_housewife_1.html>Reporter, Consultant, Housewife, Spy


Reading through that old thread...
Am I reading it right? Chris Dodd use to date Bianca Jagger?!
The Thread is great though, lots of funny comments.


'bart's got 'em by the shorthairs.........

Jack is Back!


They sound like they may have been members of Journolist!

Tom R

Does anyone really believe Ezra Klein when he states that no politicians were invited to join the JournoList? IMO that requires an incredible amount of blind faith for anyone to believe it true.

I think its a foregone conclusion that politicos (spin doctors) like Carville, Begala, Axelrod, Emanuel, Gibbs, etc were all part of the mailing list. The talking point of the day would originate from the White House, Congress etc, get disseminated to the Journolist, and then published to the masses as "enlightened" thought.

Rob Crawford

Does anyone really believe Ezra Klein when he states that no politicians were invited to join the JournoList?

Of course no politicians were invited. Just journalists like George Snuffleupagus and pundits like Carville.


jiB--Might be,,LOL

Janet, he did date Bianca who as we know is a shill for the left in South America.

Mike Huggins

Vicky Pelaez "doing the work journolisters didn't want to do."

Great article, Clarice, and TM, not Matt Drudge, is "on fire."

Who's not to like it?  Emanuel?  Axelod?  OK, Axelrod.

There is testimony now that Obama lied about being involved in the Blago thing.

So, here's the scenario: After the Republicans take both houses, the remaining Dems will go along with impeachment in hopes of having stronger coattails in 2012 with someone other than Obama. And they will!

Maybe in the Journolist.  Up it to $10 million, 'bart.

I mean really, with all this criminality, what is the chance there won't be a blockbuster revelation.


Thanks, Mike.


I now have 9 JOM tabs open.

Feast or famine - as they say.

hit and run

My spy article is up.
Reporter, Consultant, Housewife, Spy

I'm *not* saying that anduril telling us several weeks back that he would rather unexpectedly not have time to comment at JOM ... and then this Russian spy ring being rolled up is more than just a coincidence.

But anduril's last comment here to date was very cryptic and out of character:

Naked Man Arrested At Library With Stolen Cheese

If you're really interested you can google for the story.

Posted by: anduril | June 24, 2010 at 12:55 PM

I'm just sayin'

Melinda Romanoff


No, they won't. They'll circle the wagons and say everybody fibs at some time.

I wondered in Georgia.

Paranoid minds run to the same conspiracies, h&r.


Great write up Clarice, I was struck by that peculiar nature of "Heathfield's' site.


Dodd and teddy kennedy used to go rampant on multi day orgies and binges....They were Roman in their excess.

When one considers the uniformity of opinion of the Media and then begisn to connect the dots, it is pretty damn obvious that it is being informed by a common thread; whether David Fenton, Journo-List, or the Washington cocktail party groupthink.


Heh, hit. Thanks, Narciso.

We were working under a short deadline and some stuff got garbled or lost. For example the financier mentioned as a contact appears, per politico to be Patricof, a big Clinton supporter.
The Russians are questioning the timing (but interestingly not denying the charges) and Gabriel Schoenfield at the Weekly Standard notes that the FBI in Peace and War apparently tipped off Anna Chapaman thru some clumsiness and she was about to flee the country so there was no choice but to roll it up now.

Rank, rank, rank speculation.  But, I can dream.

Melinda, the Dems may well want to go into the 2012 election with Hillary their standard bearer.


You're welcome Clarice , wasn't Patricof, one of those players in Hillarycare, in the early going. And when will counter intel get a clue, Schoenfield has some tough words
for Szady in his latest book

Btw, so did Torricelli, that supposed stalwart who went on his burn the CIA in Guatemala campaign in order to impress Bianca, which Deutsch turned in a full slay burn of the entire covert section, along with being offthe ball when Fidel decided to shootdown the BTR fliers because Bill
Richardson's message never seem to get to Clinton


Bianca seems to have put her twat into the service of Marx and Lenin, doesn't she?


If you google "dated Bianca Jagger" in quotes you get a lot of interesting results. Dodd, Torricelli, Michael Caine, Rupert Everett, Camilla Parker-Bowles' brother, and....Mort Zuckerman. Among others.


I think you're right about Patricof. In any event he's a big player for the Dems

Who doesn't have harsh words for Szady?

Dave (in MA)

Clarice's article is great, but the appearance on the Moran podcast was more fun because we got to hear her say penetration a whole bunch of times.

(I think I feel a *thwack* coming.)


Fox is going nuts over the Adams DOJ Black Panther thing - it's about time someone did.


Should have put that in quotes, yes she is the original Sandinista groupie, before Sarandon and Robbins and Penn and Glover and Belafonte, for Chavez and company


Metsos the spy defendant who was arrested in Cyprus and inexplicably granted bail has vanished.

Guardian report.


Interesting theory, hit and run. Anduril has been keeping a low profile lately.

Dave (in MA)

Occam's razor Anduril theory: carpal tunnel from excessive ctrl-v.


I got all sorts of confused and started reading the old linked thread thinking it was today's thread.

Those were the days.


Clarice her what??

Janet opposes chakra releasing

Jane, It's because the issues haven't changed..LOL! Journolist, Sue brings up the White House garden, and even Frank Zappa references by Matt(there is one on the algore/Enquirer thread by Dave today!)

What's with you JOMers and Frank Zappa?

Jack is Back!

Bianca Jagger = Town Pump.

She coulda been a Duchess:)

I'll bet he just couldn't believe his luck.  Then again, his President has a little gumption.

Cypridiot. Or maybe this is what we get with a goof for a President.

Jane says obamasucks

I can't open the latest thread. Anyone else having that problem.


I did the narcissistic thingy of doing a 'find' to see if I had posted on the thread. Of course it was multi-page, so I did a find, then went to the page end for the '>>' button, find, page-end again, etc.

The first page ended with a comment from bad, the second with brilliant snark from PUK, and so now I'm posting through tears...


I know Cathy, I got the same feeling


I know cathyf - I was reading along to see if I was commenting that day and saw several comments from bad and one from PUK and just had to leave - since I am at work and bawling might be noticed.


Thanks for the warning. A day or two I hit on the PUK memorial link and it had the same effect...


Isn't Memeorandum a roadmap of the Journolist stops, whether American Prospect, Think Progress, FDL, Kos, Washington Independent, the hangers on at the New Republic like Scheiber and Cohn and Chait

Melinda Romanoff

precisely, narciso.


Clarice her what??
from Bunky


But is this a great blog or what?!

Put meeting Clarice on the bucket list.
(great thinker article, C)


Ahem, as a general rule if in the fall of '07
they were denying the success of Petraeus's strategy, (yglesias, Klein, Ackerman (who's now moved on to Wired)Wiegel, ) If they suggesting that Sarah suffered from a sense
of 'resentiment' Schreiber) if you were enchanted by Obama's eloquence, well that's
a wider category of clueless, you're more likely to have been on the Journolist, and the
first rule of "the Journolist is you don't talk about the Journolist"


It is a bittersweet thread. bad and PUK are actually conversing back and forth at one point. But on the positive side, bgates did a hilarious star turn sockpuppeting the J-Listers, and matt introduced us to his (then) new blog. Pretty neat.


The point was made more succintly by our own SBW:

he JournoList fault was not co-ordinatin, it was the secrecy. If all the members of JournoList read -- or participated in -- JOM using pseudonyms, I would be proud if they, individually, decided to write similar messages.

Their conclusions would have come in the crucible of public discussion. But to do so in the vapid vacuum of their own exclusive, limited, small minds means that they believe their ideas are the only good ideas. And that, my friends, is NOT journalism.

Posted by: sbw | March 20, 2009 at 09:21 AM

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