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June 26, 2010


Thomas Collins

No problem for the US beating Ghana in football today. We have Manning and Brady and Brees as the quarterbacks (great depth there), an offensive line anchored by "nobody gets by me" Jahri Evans, a fleet receiving corps led by Larry Fitzgerald, unstoppable running backs such as Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson, and a defense anchored by stalwarts such as Richard Seymour, Dwight Freeney, Ray Lewis, James Harrison and Darrelle Revis. Ghana can't match that.

Oh, what's that, you say? It's not that kind of football? Never mind.

Thomas Collins

See LUN for a terrific essay on why the G-20 summit is not worth much of our attention. Although Mead's essay focuses on the G-20, the essay is a useful reminder that most of what MSM touts as news is not that important.

Thomas Collins

Clarice, I think the lady in the LUN should be in the running for a Clarice's Pieces Letter of Commendation!

Thomas Collins

Then again, I can see that each of James Clyburn, Tavis Smiley and Hyndai is also worthy of a CPLOC. See LUN.

Danube of Thought

Minus 14 at Raz today.


I think all this attention is silly. First of all I think any extreme spectator attention to sports is ridiculous and primitive. The shots of people screaming in ecstacy is proof of that.

And btw, do any of those same guys scream like that in ecstacy for any women teams? How about the US woman's soccer that has always done so well. Do they scream like that when they make a goal. Do the town's bar and restaurants fill up in anticipation for the game? No. Nobody cares.

So that is proof right there it is part of some primitive tribal agressive impulse. It's not about the game, it's about delighting in the idea that your men are stronger than the other village's men. The impulse that in times of yorn would have been spent on raping and pillaging. And in times today in extreme cases still results in rape and murder of women occasionaly.

Although better to channel all that into harmless activities like soccer I suppose than pillageing. But we should still recognize it for what it is. A relic from our primitive past.


And although one could argue this male testosterone impulse helped maked humans what they are today, and built empires, I kind of disagree. There are plenty of primitive tribes still existing today with lots of male testosterone, and lots of killing and tribal fighting. It didn't really do anything for them.

No what advanced the human civilization was not all the fighting and killing, but the rare geek. The geek who took the time out from fighting to investigate our world and come up with new inventions and ways of doing things. As Jesus said, the meek will inherit the earth, and he might have meant "the geeks will inherit the earth". Without them, we'd be nothing. All of us live off of them. So all this overloaded testosterone is not really necessary.

Jane says obamasucks

What is "yorn"?


But we should still recognize it for what it is. A relic from our primitive past.

Human nature is so confusing, isn't it?

hit and run

You had me at...

I think

...after that I was laughing too hard to read the rest.

My loss,to be sure.


A relic from our primitive past.

Or just a couple of hours of release and a few too many frosty beverages.


Obama: 'You've got a lot of golf courses here, don't you?'

WSJ: Obama gives press the slip

Connect the dots


If I didn't know better I would say that Jeff Goldstien, posting as "sylvia," is having some fun with us. Wow.


Something like that.

That was something wasn't it TC, but the article went to bed already .

Captain Hate

Then again, I can see that each of James Clyburn, Tavis Smiley and Hyndai is also worthy of a CPLOC.

Even the ignorant scrunt, Marcia Fudge, who misrepresents me got a mention; I don't know whether to feel embarrassed or proud. On second thought....

You may as well give Tavis Smiley a lifetime unachievement award because there's no way the PC drenched mavens of PBS will ever give such an obvious hustler the bum's rush he so abundently deserves.


"Or just a couple of hours of release and a few too many frosty beverages."

No I think that's okay. But there are many people who are way more into it than that. And I've a known a few. You don't cry and scream like that just for a couple hours release. Whatever is happening, is happening on a deeper psyhcologocal level.

Jane says obamasucks


You really need to learn out to spell that syl, since you use it enough.

hit and run

Or just a couple of hours of release and a few too many frosty beverages.

What is this "too many" of which you speak? I am not familiar with this "too many" and doubt its very existence.


Sylvia, I like men. Lots of women do. Real men. Men with testosterone. Chest hair.
What I can't stand are women who think they are morally superior to men and want to geld them.


I know Clarice. There are women who like to date serial killers on death row. They consider them "real men" too.

JM Hanes

It's hard to beat screaming in ecstasy, sylvia, at almost any level. You should definitely give it a try.

Captain Hate

Since this is the gelding thread, I guess it wouldn't be O/T to wonder what everybody thinks about Elin wanting $750 meeyun from wandering Eldrick. As for what I think: 1. This keeps her from writing books or having interviews where she discusses matters like him shagging underaged goats while doing rails off pornstars's implants-enhanced assets, or using performance enhancing drugs, or other matters the USGA/PGA would frown upon. 2. This is a figure being tossed out by his people to make such a pathetic heel look sympathetic.


Another nice face-mashing pic for you, DoT.

Jane says obamasucks


I expect he can afford it, and I'm sure it is to buy silence - on which I might point out she has a perfect record. He probably doesn't begrudge her it, either.

hit and run

WSJ: Obama gives press the slip

Whoa. Reading your link,Obama's in Muskoka?

What an amazingly beautiful place. I wrote JMH to suggest that Drew and beau check the area out if they were travelling across Canada.

Honestly,our trip last year with neighbors to Muskoka is on my top 5 list of vacations. Beautiful.

He's in Huntsville,which is east of where we were by about an hour. Find Port Carling and Windermere on a map and you can triangulate our location. But Huntsville has a great skate park where we took the kids. If you've seen my pics on facebook,you've seen it.

Oh,and BTW Canadians are http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/27/business/global/27security.html?src=busln>a little less than enthused with the cost of security in hosting the G-20


Hit, I did see your pics from last year - really gorgeous. Did you play golf? :)

Captain Hate

Jane I think you're right with everything you've said, particularly pointing out how Elin hasn't made a spectacle out of herself throughout this since the Thanksgiving incident. In doing so she's made it clear what an idiot Eldrick was to squander that for a series of trysts with brainless bims; I wonder if he reflects about that.

hit and run

Heh,no golf. The husband of the family we went with is from the birthplace of golf ... but he doesn't really golf.

But he looks very striking in his kilt.


From an editorial in Friday's Wall Street Journal

The Black reversal is another blot on U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who has previously abused legal process in his extrajudicial public declarations against I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby and former Illinois Governor Blagojevich. In Mr. Libby's case, Mr. Fitzgerald gave reporters the impression at a news conference that Mr. Libby had obstructed his ability to find out who leaked the name of CIA analyst Valerie Plame when he already knew the leaker was Richard Armitage. This was a decpetive attempt to poison media and public opinion againt Mr. Libby.

The Black and Skilling cases are precisely the kind involving high-profile, unsympathetic defendants in which willful prosecutors like Mr. Fitzgerald are inclined to abuse the honest services law.[/quote]

Thanks, JMH.


Just so ya' know.

1-1, Pofarmer.

Jane says obamasucks

I wonder if he reflects about that.

I think the state of his reflection is reflected in the state of his golf game. If he can come to terms with it, he has a chance to return to greatness. If he can't he won't. But it's pretty clear you don't have to worry that it isn't hurting him to his core, as many would argue, it should.


Query, If the US and Ghana tie, does the US team stay in the tournament?


Obama should go up to Sudbury and check out the deforestation from the nickel smelting. Thats where the nickel for the prius batteries comes from, I beleive. It's the perfect illustration of the green technology joke. There isn't a living tree or other green thing within miles of the downwind side of that place. It's really quite shocking when driving through. I just checked the google satellite map and it shows a big plume blowing from the stack and a clear expanse of deadness to the east.

Lions Head ,on the other side of Georgian Bay from there, is one of the most beautiful places around. Big limestone cliffs over the water.


Peter, From this point on someone HAS to win. It will go into overtime...then a shootout.


and when a team loses...they are eliminated.


2-1 Ghana. :( In overtime. It isn't sudden death though. They play the full 15 minutes.


If we can't win, can someone at least kick the ball into Clinton's face?


I confess, this is the first World Cup match I have watched. Is this vuvuzuela level exceptional?


US is out.

It's in Asia, you know.  Heh, I'm serious.  It's Asiatic.

Go Uruguay.


Clinton plus mccaulif. ... One too many anti-Americans in the stands!!!

A Nobel in Econ. for Mick.

You can't always get what you want.


LUN is a really good short article and 4 minute video at Am. Thinker. A Las Vegas hotel owner describes the business uncertainty in the USA. So sad....

And we're not going to take it any more.

It's Got to Stop.


A note:

I love New York! And fortunately, until my back went out on Wednesday, so did my wife.

Juniors - Ate a tongue sandwich. Well part of a tongue sandwich. Also cheescake. It was the best piece I had (Tried it in Smith and Wollensky's and Basilica). Thanks Kim.

MOMA and River City Club - MOMA was pretty damned cool for hicks like us. I felt sophisticated. However not sophisticated to go into River City. I was intimidated, but after an afternoon of strolling around Brooklyn Heights (I was completely blown away by the whole neighborhood and it's history coming clear to me). We settled for Petes across the street at the corner where we were treated like royalty, and comped a Ketel one dry vodka martini up, no olives thank you. Thanks Clarice.

I damned near cried at Ellis Island, and I got real pissed off at the WTC site.

We did so many other cool and wonderful things and the people were so nice that we have to go back. I won't bore ya'll with the rest of the details, unless you need to know abourt a really good small italian resturaunt.

I'm happy that my wife would love to go back.

I'm happy that she's jamming her elbow into my back in those places the physical therapist showed her yesterday with that freezing stuff. Cause I need it.

Oh, and www.defendmichael.com, just cause I just thought about him and he could use your support.


Oh, and I saw every suggestion from everybody. And got to a lot of them, I thank ever single one of you.


Donald, I am glad you are enjoying our city.

Danube of Thought

Face-mashing is right, Ext. This one is even worse than the first.


Great news, Donald.


Oee yummy, fellow tongue lovers! My grandma used to make it for Sunday dinners -- the whole thing on a plate. I didn't like to look at it, but the soft marshmallow texture and taste was wonderful! And since then, I just love taco de lengua and Armenian plates with thin sliced tongue.


Me too, BR; we had it often when I was a kid. Great on sandwiches too.

NY is about the only place where one still can get good organ meats, like liver and onions.


You want scary? This is terrible scary....

The Telegraph speculates that the Fed may increase its balance sheet from $2.4 to $5 Trillion! That in and of itself suggests inflation in excess of 100%. Let's not forget that the Fed's balance sheet was only $800 billion just two years ago. To date, the Fed has increased its balance sheet by three-fold. On that basis, we could be looking at 300% inflation without any additional moves or 600% based on the UK Telegraph's speculation.

This is incomprehensible.

Flew the Co-op.

Ooh, I'm so glad you enjoyed New York, donald. Visiting it really is the best of both worlds. I lived in the cliff dwellings adjoining Brooklyn Heights until I moved to Third Ave. in Bay Ridge. Weekends got to be flights to green.


85% of nickel is used to alloy steel, mostly stainless steel, but also high-strength steels and superalloys like maraging steels and alloys used in jet engines. Any time you, Scott, use fork or spoon you are responsible for “evil” nickel being smelted. BTW, stainless steel attains its stainless properties not due to nickel, but due to about 14% chromium content; subproduct chromium-5 being one of the nastiest artificial toxins in our environment. Also, crystal glasses we use to drink fine beverages contain about 24% of lead, well known poison. As a certified illiterate moron, you can use this information to hurry your politically correct message, but only among same clinical idiots who skipped inorganic chemistry in high school.

That’s to speak, only antic nickel smelters (like in China) do not have 99.9% capturing of sulfur off-gases, responsible for acid rain destruction of vegetation downstream of smelter. Interesting enough, captured sulfur is converted into sulfur acid, which is used extensively to extract copper, nickel, and other non-ferrous metals from ores in mines around the world, totally surpassing energy and economically wasting smelting. It is called hydrometallurgy, moron.

With current price for nickel close to 10$ per pound, all nickel, including car batteries, is fully and economically recyclable.

And as a final note, Toyota (and Ford, and Chrysler, and GM, and Mazda, and Nissan, and BMW, and Audi, and Subaru, and …etc) full-scale gasoline-electric hybrids are technological marvels, which could attain any performance objectives (like frigging Corolla’s economy in iconic Prius) with 30% less fuel consumption, along with other benefits, like doubling brake service intervals.


So the erosion that exposed the fine pink granite around Sudbury was caused by what exactly? (hint-It started before the mid 80's)

They burn alot of diesel shipping nickel to china for manufacturing and then back to CA in a battery.

I don't know how much sulfur they capture now but I just read talk of lowering the superstack to reduce enviro impact. I doubt it's anywhere near 99.9%. I don't care enough about it to look it up.

I don't have anything against Prius' in particular. It's only a symbol of the green movement to me. With all the old school heavy metal mining/manufacturing it's just kind of funny. It's probably pretty well engineered as with everything else Toyota markets. I'm burning fuel in Ford V-8's and HD V-Twins till I die.


One last link to the David Weigel affair.

Topsecret has been doing a great job tweeting on this.

Captain Hate

Wow, nice to see some conservative comments at the Village Voice site.

Btw, if I had mod powers there'd be a Sunday Open Thread up.


Isn't Captain?

There was an article some time ago in VV from a lib who expressed conservative thinking. But my mind has turned to mush and cannot remember the details.

Melinda Romanoff


It was David Mamet.


You are the best Melinda! Thanks so much!


David Mamet


RBS tells clients to prepare for “monster” money printing by the Federal Reserve
As recovery starts to stall in the US and Europe with echoes of mid-1931, bond experts are once again dusting off a speech by Ben Bernanke given eight years ago as a freshman governor at the Federal Reserve.
Entitled “Deflation: Making Sure It Doesn’t Happen Here”, it is a warfare manual for defeating economic slumps by use of extreme monetary stimulus once interest rates have dropped to zero, and implicitly once governments have spent themselves to near bankruptcy.
The speech is best known for its irreverent one-liner: “The US government has a technology, called a printing press, that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost.

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